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Terrance Lesner

"Ah, uh.... hello! A pleasure to meet you."

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a character in “TiV: Rebirth”, as played by FamishedPants





I'm Terrance.

β™” Full Name β™”
Terrance Maxwell Lesner

β™” Nicknames β™”
Max, Les, Lance are his most popular.

β™” Age β™”

β™” Gender β™”

β™” Sexuality β™”

β™” Role β™”
Staff aboard the Rooster

β™” Face Claim β™”
Edward Elric || Fullmetal Alchemist

β™” Physical Description β™”
Terrance is a bit on the small side, standing at 5'6" and weighing around 145 lbs. He still manages to keep himself athletically fit, which can be seen by the definition in his arms, legs, and chest, although he is by no means very muscular. Les has an almost pale skin tone. He is also gifted with both golden eyes and hair, which he tends to keep in a ponytail for the most part. Some can mistake his arm for being metallic due to his gauntlet. Terrance is typically seen wearing a crimson cloak with long sleeves along with a sleeveless black shirt and black trousers beneath it. He is also prone to wearing white gloves, too. This choice of apparel is mainly to conceal his arm, though it is not as if he hates it. But it can get pretty hot on occasion.

β™” Personality β™”
Generally kind, a bit timid, and selfless, Terrance is hard to hate. Terrance is the kind of young man who lets a lady enter first and commonly shows respect to even strangers upon his first meeting with them, assuming they deserve as much. When referring to the average person, Terrance has trouble earning enemies but can find friends in the common man with little to no trouble. That is why many would be completely take aback by the fact that Terrance is a thief and a murderer. And, of course, he is a decent actor.

...In reality, Terrance is a bit selfish, quick to anger, and is fairly stubborn, so some might call him childish. He is not above lying to get things he wants which is the foundation for developing his acting skills, but he does not tell lies simply for the hell of it and there is always a purpose, not matter how small it may be. Max is not against fighting, but does not start them himself most of the time and has no desire to inflict harm on someone beyond maybe a few bruises and a broken nose. That being said, he will do what he must to survive and if it's between his life and an aggressor's, he won't think too much about putting them down for good, it is just that he is no sadist.

Terrance has a knack for streetsmarts but when it comes to booksmarts, he is very lacking (perhaps due to not having much of a formal education). He is capable of reading, common sense (sorta), and knows how to count his money. That's about it. So some may call him stupid due to his lack of how things are made or how things came to be but he's not so dim as for it to cause problems on a daily basis. But he does try to remedy some of this by reading when he is able to, and that actually ended up as a hobby. His favorite books are, weirdly, books about the stereotypical good-guy winning against some generic evil, and he has begun to become a bit optimistic as, after all, he's made it quite far from where he started.


β™” Likes β™”
β™₯ Books
β™₯ Living
β™₯ Heroes
β™₯ Optimists/Friendly people

β™” Dislikes β™”
✘ Authorities
✘ Pessimists
✘ Being talked down to
✘ Being called 'short'

β™” Abilities β™”
βœͺ Fistfighting- When you are have to fight to survive, you have to fight to survive physically. Combat-wise, Terrance favors being as close as possible to his foe so as to overwhelm them with quick punches, strong kicks, and agile counterattacks. Well, this is assuming he doesn't knock someone out with a solid straight with his new toy.
βœͺ Acting - He's a completely different person when he wants to be. Most people ever only know him as that kind, selfless stranger. His acting does stop when it doesn't benefit him, though until that point people never really figure out his true character until then. And, of course, you would never be able to tell if he were lying or not, but that's just par for the course when dealing with a good thug, no?
βœͺ Thug Life - Climbing, running, evading, and similar things you might expect a thug to do, Terrance excels at. While he is no parkour master, he can scale smaller buildings with some ease, has a strong heart capable of supporting him should he need to flee, and, well, he isn't that slow.

β™” Equipment β™”
❖ His Arm - It is not a prosthetic or replacement for his actual arm so one might call it a gauntlet or the like. However, it is attached via surgery in such a way that it isn't possible to safely remove it without someone who knows what they're doing. It's positive traits are that it can be used to stop small arms fire and when powered on, it is capable assisting the user in crushing someone's sternum or punching through walls made of a lighter material. Downsides are that it is incapable of successive uses, and extreme temperatures can cause serious problems. Also in general it is not the most pleasant thing to wear and would attract attention were it not hidden.
❖ "Law and Justice" - Where to start here? Terrance realized one day he would need firearms at some point or other, as a means of defense or as a means to threaten, so he managed to steal two pistols without exactly knowing how they worked. He ended up naming them because he did not actually know what they were called. And yes, he realizes the irony in the names. These two guns aren't too big, but they pack enough punch to outright massacre someone if they manage to hit. However, the reload speed on these things are horrendous, Terrance would be unable to fire more than two bullets per firefight. And as you might expect, they aren't really made for long-range encounters.
❖ Small Knife - Metal arm or not, Terrance keeps a pocket knife for whatever reason he may need it for. Easily concealable and very deadly in a thug's hands, though it won't scare anything bigger than a typical civilian, unless he's already at your throat with it.

Imageβ™”Bio β™”
Born to a lower-class prostitute and never once hearing or seeing his father, one would not be wrong in assuming Terrance's life was devoid of any real luxury. His early childhood consisted of being verbally and physically abused by neighborhood bullies, while also going days without a meal or drink as his mother was never quite capable of affording much. Though it never amounted to much, Terrance had tried to thieve what little food he could for them both so by the time his mother had passed away due to an illness without a cure (lack of money meant such) right after his tenth birthday, he could successfully pickpocket a wealthy businessman who had found himself on the wrong side of town.

Orphanages did little to relieve the young boy of his hunger. Terrance's situation was not special at all, in fact it was the norm around the area. So he attempted to use his skills as a streetrat to score some grub. This, of course, was also a preferred action to just about every other kid around, and oftentimes he would end up in fights over trashed leftovers, or even moldy bread.

Necessity eventually beat the wimp out of him.

His daily life consisted of fighting for food, lying and stealing for money, and sometimes fighting to keep what he earned (stole). Or, of course, he took from somebody else when the opportunity rose (as the need was always there).

Even four years later, despite all Terrance endured and survived, nothing looked as if it were going to change. Nobody came to help, he hadn't stumbled upon some giant bag of coin, and there were no real jobs for someone like him. Until he was attacked for no real reason whatsoever, that he could think of. At the time he did not recognize the attacker so it couldn't really be revenge or something silly like that, nor did he have anything on him. Unless the boy was a cannibal, there simply wasn't reason enough, but he certainly had the desire to kill Lesner.

Since Terrance's story is still continuing, the fight could have only went one way. Terrance ended up killing the boy (who was around the same age) in self-defense.

We won't pretend as though Terrance is some innocent person who never harmed a fly in his life, as at that point he was becoming infamous to the other streetrats in the area as someone you don't screw with, but it was certainly the first time he had taken a life, and he did not just shrug it off. Sadly, his time to reflect on the events did not last very long at all, as the next day some mean-looking adult found him and forced him to follow the guy to a run-down warehouse. This place ended up being the hideout for a small but vicious gang of men looking to recruit the vermin on the streets as fellow members. And apparently as part of their initiation, they needed to beat up someone. Terrance hadn't the ability to read at the time, otherwise he would have noticed how cliche that was, but more importantly, he sorta over-qualified. It seemed that the kid trying to kill him from before was just an asshole who wanted to go overboard and commit murder, so the blow his death left on Terrance was significantly reduced when he learned this.

As you could probably guess, it wasn't really an option for him to decline the 'polite invitation' they had given him. Life took a... well, better turn for someone like Terrance. He found meals weren't so hard to come by as the gang was also occasionally 'hired' by an even bigger gang to do small jobs, mostly involving stealing or the like, which was right up the ally. It did not usually matter how he stole so long as he did it, and to whom he was told to do it to. Sometimes he needed to steal a specific item, sometimes he was just told that he needed to rob this person aggressively. So he did. It was probably the easiest period of his life, to be honest.

Fast-forwards a few years. Terrance had since left his little gang to strike out on his own. He saved enough coin to keep himself alive and well, and was definitely capable of handling himself. He bid his gang farewell in the easiest, safest manner possible (he left without a word) and soon decided he would make a true man out of himself by joining the workforce. It was a bit hard given his small pool of job skills, though. He had picked up reading at some point, and was good with people. Also he could fight.

God he was a thug.

Well he eventually settled upon doing the easiest of jobs, such as helping at bookstores or other jobs anybody could do for pretty small pay. He read up on a few things that interested him, on top of the books he actually liked reading, and sooner or later he managed to pick up skills that were applicable in daily life. Oh boy! Now he could clean things and lift! And stuff. Actually you don't need a book for those things. But reading books can only get you so far anyways. The point is that he started doing smaller jobs and wished to work his way up.

But then.... things happened?

Les had just been minding his own business when all of the sudden some punk belonging to god knows which of the multitude of small gangs that roamed in the area had robbed him of his consciousness via a pipe to the back of the head. It was not a pleasant experience. By the time he woke up he was already... someplace he really had no clue about. Thus Terrance had his first chance to be in a hospital bed, as rusted and smelly as it was. The straps didn't help the comfort of the bed either.

Apparently his abductor was paid to bring someone to an abandoned hospital and simply leave him there to the devices of some creep. So instead of the punk, he awoke to the face of somebody wearing doctor's clothing and simply referring to himself as 'The Doctor' - especially strange as he was an engineer, not a doctor - while spouting off some nonsense about experimenting with something or other.

Oh, and some of the pieces they were going to work with might dismember him or otherwise cause permanent damage, which was the most likely suspect for his choice to abduct someone. Lesner could see the reason people might dislike being subjects for this test.

Given the evidence provided by the man's ramblings, he could only assume The Doctor's plan was to construct some... armor-y, mechanical suit or something that was connected to the wearer's flesh. Seemed like something out of a book, though the little knowledge he had about engineering and technology in general told Terrance that this thing wasn't likely to be a successful project, what with problems with powering it. But The Doctor seemingly found a solution for the obvious problem, right? No, not really. He was just crazy and Terrance was an unfortunate victim. Luckily, however, said Doctor also was stupid. He had decided the first piece to attach to Lesner was an arm. Let it not be underestimated how painful a surgery can be, especially one by this "doctor", but by the time things were said and done, he had managed to lock it in there pretty good.

"W-what's that thing do?" asked Terrance in a feigned frightened voice.

The Doctor smiled maliciously as he answered. "It destroys everything in its way."

"R-really?" Les asked. "Does it really work?"

"Of course it does. Watch."

And so were the last words of a crazed, idiot engineer with an identity problem. Because immediately after saying this he unstrapped Terrance's arm, powered on the Arm, and failed to realize how bad that idea was before the Arm flew towards his face, killing him.

It was not too hard to free himself using his free arm so he did just that, though it did hurt quite a bit. Ignoring the deceased maniac on the floor, he instead decided to leave the hospital when authorities, perhaps tipped by the very thug that brought Terrance there, entered the place. Of course the first thing they did was notice the body on the floor and assume Terrance murdered the guy. That was only true if you wanted to be technical about it. Before he could even get a chance to explain, the Arm was spotted and one of the two authorities decided that was reason enough to open fire on him. Terrance fled that scene as soon as possible and, as you could probably tell, he earned a nice "Wanted" sign with "Murder" plastered on it on top of the whole "Theft" and whatnot he'd already had before (granted there were quite a few of those so nobody really paid much attention to a thief like him).

That was about two years ago.

Since then he has been moving from place to place, job to job, and hospital to hospital in order to remove this thing on his arm whilst not being arrested. It is a hard task as one might expect. It doesn't help that it is very easy for something like his Arm to get an infection when exposed to the right circumstances, which usually attracts attention and forces him on the move earlier than expected. His newest job happens to be aboard the Rooster, doing whatever is asked of him.
β™” Other β™”

So begins...

Terrance Lesner's Story


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Terrance Lesner

It was a simple life Terrance Lesner lived aboard the Rooster, ever since snagging a position as staff a short while ago. The days had been somewhat peaceful if you compared them to those days of not knowing where your next meal came from, and being terrified of the unseen blade across your throat while you slept, simply because you owned a loaf of bread. Now, all he had to truly worry about was whether or not the guests aboard the Rooster were making a mess, or if any authorities who might recognize him were snooping about, though that was unlikely given his efforts to cover up his tracks.

Oh, and there was also this damned Arm.

How awesome would it be if he could scratch the itches under it, or if it wasn't insanely miserable to go around in the cold or heat. When he was younger, he perhaps might have thought it cool to have a metallic arm with which to punch people to death, but that was before he realized the hassle you have to undergo daily to even keep the thing from getting infected. People would also question him if he did not keep it hidden, so wearing his red coat had become signature of him for a while now. The Arm was probably the worst thing he never asked for, on top of the poverty that plagued his early life, though nowadays he was faring a lot better.

Terrance snapped back to reality and then sighed to himself. He needed to get work done so he could get paid. There was no incentive to think about things he was unable to change. In fact, he decided to tell himself that if he worked harder then he would eventually earn even more than he was now. This would be great if it turned out to be true, considering people had just finished breakfast and weren't too clean about it, so dishes and trash were in abundance anywhere a guest had recently been. He made his objective to retrieve any dishes that were dirtied by guests, and clean them to the point where one could safely eat off them as quickly as possible. Achieving this, he then dealt with the floor of the train, picking up any trash and throwing it in a bin with accuracy only one who had spent the past few months straight doing so could accomplish. He worked with the determination of a proud warrior, and soon enough, the areas he had been managing were spotless and beautiful. Some could even say the train was a bit more presentable than it was before, and in regards to dishes and the floor, perhaps they were correct.

He was moving up in the world, wasn't he? Though it was not that great of a leap, considering he just moved from being a thief to cleaning a train. Oh well.


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Doc listened to Ms. Vrahl as she spoke about the ease of dealing with the vents. One less burden on his shoulders, security wise then, as he made small notes into his journal as she spoke. It was equal parts tracking addressed problems, complications in others, and possible solutions. The other part was a further documentation of each person on board the Rooster, expanding on Ms. Vrahl's entry in this case. Each crew member on board the Rooster had an entry, entailing various ailments and injuries each might have sustained over the years he had been the medical professional on board the Rooster, the cure and any necessary follow up. He also had tried his hand at analyzing people in his footnotes, based on his observations on each person. Everyone from the Captain to the humblest cook or janitor had entries, some more in depth than others. But Doc looked at Ms. Vrahl as she finished her brief with a comment towards their ever so beloved mage.

"Believe me Ms. Vrahl, Mr. Caeronvar has not made himself many friends. But his powers are necessary, even if his pride is not. Or he would have no doubt been removed already. I cannot promise anything with the windows, last time I mentioned them, the Captain effectively told me it was not a top priority. I can bring it up next time he asks about issues with the train, but I cannot promise any progress. I appreciate any work you can do, jury rigged or otherwise. And boarding up some of the windows in places not used for passengers might be wise. It is not a perfect solution, but it could be considered a stop gap measure until more permanent means to fix them might be enacted. And, frankly, leave Mr. Caeronvar's window for last to be replaced, should it suit you. If he has any further complaints about the window, feel free to direct him to me. I will explain, in detail, why his window clattering holds a low priority in the list of problems that need to be addressed for the Rooster."

Doc inclined his head towards Ms. Vrahl in a bid farewell. She was smart, and would probably have the issues she could fix figured out in no time flat. Good hands were so hard to come by, so the fact the Rooster was such a condensed number of them was an oddity indeed. Walking down to help deal with the passengers, on going and off going, he checked in on random locations and places, spot checking for problems. One such place happened to have him stumble upon Mr. Lesner, a rather new addition to the crew with an interesting choice in attire. He had little documented information on him yet, but that did not stop the older man from being polite towards the young man. Especially if he was handling dishes, which could be a possible sanitary problem if not done properly.

"Good morning, Mr. Lesner, does the day find you well enough? Any problems you might have noticed, or are suffering from, that I might be able to address?"


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Terrance Lesner

"Good morning, Mr. Lesner, does the day find you well enough? Any problems you might have noticed, or are suffering from, that I might be able to address?"

The voice that tore his attention from the sink and plates he had within it was the familiar voice of the train's one and only, Doc. His limited experience with the man meant that Terrance could not exactly say he knew what the guy was thinking, but generally he saw the Doc as a kind, calm man who lived by that old "treat people as you wish to be treated" motto. That was good considering that he'd at least heard chatter about the Doc getting serious about something, and it did not seem like something Terrance wished to witness, if possible. Terrance was, after all, doing his best to avoid bring any attention on himself so as to give the authorities as little as possible to work with.

"Oh, hello there, Doc." Terrance replied with a warm smile as he continued to scrub the dishes in his hands. "I have not seen anything of note. But I might be inflicted with despair at the sight of all these dishes. Seems people want to eat quite a bit before the next stop or something like that, I would guess." giving himself a small chuckle and changing the now-cleaned dishes out for dirty ones, he continued. "And how have you been? You and some others had a meeting earlier, right? Or was that simply a codeword for breakfast?"