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Hyuna Mei Kwon

" IW ill do my best and become the best idol i can!"

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a character in “TMI Entertainment”, as played by Neon.lynxie


Hyuna Mei Kwon

Stage Name
People call her Mei in China, in Korea and Japan she is known as Hyuna

Trainee 1

Boys ♥ Girls.




Hye Young Yu.

They Say I look like...?

They Say I sound like...?

Appearance Description
Mei has long brown hair and perfect almond shaped eyes. She is very skinny from all the dancing she dose and has the body of a goddess.She stands around 5’6” and weighs around 120. She has her ear pierced multiple times as well as her tummy and a very special tattoo dedicated to her mother on her left shoulder. She likes to keep her hair wavy and its rare she has it completely straight. Sometimes she will wear her hair up when she doesn’t feel in the mood to do anything to it. Her hair is a chocolate brown that is soft and everyone likes to play with it. She has olive colored skin that is perfectly flawless. Most people can mistake her as a doll because of the way she looks.


She is a bright, spirited girl who is also adventurous and stubborn. Her curiosity and love for adventure sometimes gets her into trouble. Usually, however, she overcomes any obstacle she faces. Thought she can be a bit impulsive she is pretty mature. At first she can be seen as shy around new people but she warms up rather quickly and is very talkative.She hates meeting new people and can come off harsh and mean because she seems cold and distant--but she really isnt.


  • Music, being alone, dancing, rapping, writing, drawing, computers, water, sleeping, being warm, hot coco, sushi, exploring, water, Pocky, Reading, Singing, Piano, Drawing, Sleeping, Watching people, Friend, rain, & snow

  • Small spaces, Heights, Being stuck in one place for too long, Fire, People Teasing her, People being mean


She keeps her past a secret she feels it isn’t needed.Mei feels that people are not important enough to know- that if someone actually wanted to know they would stick around for her whole life to know and to figure out her past. All anyone knows is that her past life was very traumatic and a painful thing for her. She was born in China and came to Korean when she was 6 for some unknown reason.He past has effected her in her love life and feels love is fake.

Hex Code

Theme Song
EXO- Baby Don't Cry

So begins...

Hyuna Mei Kwon's Story

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Hyuna Mei Kwon

Hyuna had on a calm face on as she sat straight in her chair, she gave a small smile to the other trainees that had been in the room before her. She was completely nervous thought it hadn't seemed like it- She was good at composing herself and keeping everything around her calm. She could pick out nervous habits of the other trainees near her. When the president came in her smile instantly grew brighter, she had always looked up to her as an idol and a president of TMI. She watched as she spoke with confidence, poise, and yet with wisdom. Hyuna was glad she was training under TMI and would soon be an idol for her.