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To a Brighter Future

To a Brighter Future


2119 AD. The VM Wilhelm Pieck, a space cruiser of the German Democratic Republic, is sailing to join the 7th Red Fleet around Proxima Centauri, when the commander in second is found dead in his room, with a last message: there's an US spy on board...

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The VM Wilhelm Pieck is a proud capital ship of the Volksmarine der DDR. It was launched earlier this year, for the 200th year of the Spartakist Revolt in Berlin, and has been immediately sent to Proxima Centauri as to join the 7th Red Fleet there along with the Yugoslavian frigate Neretva and the Vietnamese corvette K-117. This 7th Fleet has encircled Proxima b - or, as it's now called, New Maine - where the last bastion of Capitalist resistance is located. The planet had been colonised and terraformed by NASA in the 2060s, and has now been reinforced by the American leadership and the remainders of the armies of NATO countries such as Great Britain and Norway after the final victory on Earth that covered the Blue Planet with the Red Banner.

Apart from a couple key officers, including Kapitän zur See Ewald Klein, the ship's captain, who had been promoted after a successful series of corvette raids on NATO space stations in far solar orbit behind Pluto, the Wilhelm Pieck's crew is made of the last wave of young German officers, officers picked from the first generation that never knew anyone who remembered a divided Germany, and for whom the Berlin Wall is only a remainder of when the country's capital was unjustly occupied by Western capitalists and their Federal lackeys.

The cruiser used to be a flagship of German and worldwide Socialist propaganda, with its politically reliable, enthusiastic and young crew, its symbolic launch date, its battery of railguns and its powerful air wing of Yak-401 multirole space fighters. But shortly after it sailed out of the Solar system, the news broadcasts suddenly switched topics: a mark of treason and infamy had been stamped on the ship...

Two days ago, Korvettenkapitän Jürgen Goldhorn, the commander-in-second, had been shot in the back when resting in his quarters, but had the time to upload a last message to the ship's insta-messenger: there's a spy on board.
Following that bomb-like declaration, Kapitän Klein ordered total radio silence, except for the Stasi's offizieller Mitarbeiter Werner Novak, and the ship's Soviet liaison officer Galina Fedorovna Matvienko. The ship's escorts have been since sailing with their main guns drawn on the Wilhelm Pieck, should a mutiny try to turn the cruiser against the cause of interplanetary Socialism, and it is the crew's job to find and eliminate the mole.

Key characters

[note: I don't have the time to deal in depth with each character today, I'll expand over the next couple days]

Kapitän zur See Ewald Klein
Commander of the ship. A veteran from previous campaign against NATO. 51 years old, from Rostock.

Leutnantkapitän Diana Eckhardt
The commander of the ship's air wing. More interested in flying and action than in actual military matters. Turbulent, but talented; she wouldn't be on the Wilhelm Pieck, otherwise. From Bremen.

Leutnantkapitän Peter Jünger
The ship's Political Guidance Officer. A young, dedicated Party member who's making sure the crew knows their role and their objectives, and for what they're fighting. From the outskirts of Munich.
Player: Tanker72

Werner Novak
One of the very rare civilians allowed to sail on Volksmarine space ships. He has been trained by the Stasi's own Space department, and works as the political police's on-board informant. One of the two people who can communicate with the outside. From Jena.

Kapitan 3-go ranga Matvienko, Galina Fedorovna
The ship's liaison officer to the Soviet fleet. Officially, an observer. In reality, she's the #2 in command of the Wilhelm Pieck. From Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukrainian SSR.

Oberleutnant Thomas Kreuzdorf
The ship's second veteran. He's a nuclear engineer, with a Ph.D from the university of Moscow, and is responsible for the cruiser's engines. From the Saxon countryside.

Toggle Rules

Consider this a detective story with political elements. There is a pre-existing set of roles that I need you folks to take up so that the core "casting" of the game's there, but new ones can be added if you'd like to. Each of them will have public goals, that will be present in that thread, and secret ones, that I'll discuss via PM with the players. You can also add your twist to the pre-existing characters I'm
When the game has enough characters, I will choose one and send a PM to tell them they're the spy. The rest is up to the players... Will that spy be caught? Will they reach their own goals? Will the VM Wilhelm Pieck join the Red Fleet, or betray it? Will it play a major role in the fight of the world's Socialist vanguard against the last bastion of the USA and NATO? That's up to you to decide!

Note from the author
Political themes will be present in the RP. There will be Stasi informants, Party members, dissidents, spies. This has nothing to do with any of the players' own political stances, and is just a plot element.

Taking place in...

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