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Leutnantkapitän Peter Jünger

The ship's Political Guidance Officer. A young, dedicated Party member who's making sure the crew knows their role and their objectives, and for what they're fighting. From the outskirts of Munich.

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a character in “To a Brighter Future”, as played by Tanker72


Jünger, aged 33, did his military service in the Volksmarine ten years ago after finishing university, and was demobilised later on with the rank of Leutnant. The sudden expansion campaign of the armed forces of the GDR сalled him back into active service, with a higher rank due to his activism in the Party.

As a native of the Bavarian countryside, Jünger grew up on a collective farm, in a little town with a MiG-29 fighter from the 2004-2007 World War III as a monument in honor of the then East German pilots who had won the air battle against NATO forces and threw the Capitalists out of continental Europe. That remainder of a distant era was a constant source of inspiration for Peter, who dreamt of becoming a pilot during his childhood, and studied hard for it. However, these intensive studies were the reason why he had to give up on that dream: the time he had spent reading and learning his lessons had left him with sight and back issues. The former were solved by laser surgery in an experimental hospital in Jena, but the latter remained, forbidding him to use an ejector seat.

However, Peter soon found himself a new interest: politics. After a featureless military service as a Volksmarine officer and an assignment as a high school history professor in his hometown, he joined the SED (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, the German United Socialist Party, the country's leading political force), organised May Day meetings and youth movement activities in his free time, and became an officer for the local branch of the Kampfgruppen der Arbeiterklasse, the GDR's volunteer militia, where he commanded a mobile railgun battery.

The main tragedy in Peter's life happened during this time: he had married in his last year in university a young exchange student from the Workers' Republic of Louisiana called Tina, and even if the first years of their relation went without issues - she had even faithfully waited for him during his military service, living in the officers' families' apartment block on Rügen Island, significant problems arose after a couple years. Tina, unable to deal with the radical cultural changes between Louisiana, which had been part of the USA mere years before her birth, and northeastern Germany, a country affected by both the austerity of Prussian tradition and over 100 years of Socialism, started being more and more wary of everything and everyone, avoiding every social interaction she could, and staying at home, reading books in her native English language.

This rejection of her new homeland (and the fact that willingly refusing to work constituted a felony in the GDR) brought her negative attention from the Stasi, and she started resenting herself for it as it caused serious trouble to the man she loved in a career he found fulfilling. The fact that her still very conservative and religious family criticised and rejected her as a traitor who sold herself to the Communists did not help, and she started abusing psychoactive medication. Jünger did try to help her in every way he could, managing to get the Stasi off her back, and bringing her to cultural clubs for people coming from the former USA, but the feeling of being a total stranger and a nuisance to her partner still weighted on the poor woman's thoughts. Even the traditional Cajun dishes her husband managed to cook for her every now and then, sourcing rare ingredients from relations in the Party, could not take her the dark and windy sky of the Baltic Sea out of her mind. Once, when Peter came back from his job, he found Tina lying down in the living room, twitching and clutching a little 3d hologram projector, which showed the two of them dancing at their wedding; the meds she took to cope were strong, and combined with the treatment for a simple flu and a missed breakfast due to oversleeping, had sent her into a state of shock.
She did survive due to Peter's quick thinking and the fast arrival of the emergency services, but lost most of her cognitive abilities and memories, and had to be institutionalised, while her husband remained alone, despite all of his efforts

When the Democratic Republic called for reservists and volunteers to join its armed forces and deal a last blow to the reactionary threat a couple months later, it was no surprise that Jünger decided to take up his officer's role in the Volksmarine as nothing would retain him home, and was assigned to the pride of the fleet, the VM Wilhelm Pieck, due to his impeccable political record and his ability to assist the head of the cruiser's artillery in his duties.

Having never cruised out of Terran orbit during his mandatory military service, Jünger was quite excited to be sent on such an adventurous and prestigious mission, which would be both a way to prove himself as a competent and promising officer and to escape the dull life of a single high school teacher in a rural town... as well as the feeling of guilt, the idea that he could and should have done more for Tina.

So begins...

Leutnantkapitän Peter Jünger's Story