Dino Versacsh

"I know where we're going, even though we don't have a destination. Just trust me." (WIP!!)

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a character in “To Avengard”, as played by HandsomeBenders



    [What is your name?]
      "Name's Dino Versacsh. You can call me Dean or something."

    [What is your gender?]
      "I'm obviously male, would you like for me to show you, sweetheart?"

    [When were you born?]
      "Thirteenth of August, 2992.
      A good year for parents I guess."

    [Describe yourself in a few words]
      A ton of people call me arrogant, a know-it-all, way too talkative, and sarcastic. I guess I can't blame them,
      because I kind of do know how to do my job. It's not my fault I don't stop myself from correcting others.

    [Describe how others would see you]
      "I'm always wearing the ECHO suit, under other pieces of clothing, obviously, jeez, have you seen those
      oldies walking around with just the skin? Not a good view. Anyways, I wear old time sweaters that my dad stockpiled over his years,
      and that's the only notable pieces of clothing I wear? I have this platinum bangle that's on my left wrist, but that's a different story.

      My hair is pretty easy to just leave alone, I cut it myself, so it's pretty neat I guess, longer in the front and styled, and shorter in the back.
      I need glasses when reading as well, just a little warning."

    [What are your weapons of choice?]
      "ECHO gun, and whatever I can fire and hold with one hand. Honestly, I'm an okay marksman, but
      I'm no Weapons Expert. I'm a Navigator for a reason."

    [Any notable equipment we need to customize and prepare for you?]
      "Just the five enviro-drones that I've already ordered on your paycheck.
      Oh, and maybe a few of the latest tracking machinations you guys are releasing in a month or two.
      Hey, we're going here for humanity, might as well use the newest tech. Don't look at me like that!"

    [Describe your personality]
      "Wait, you want me to describe myself? Huh. All right, I tend to crack jokes at the worst of times, and puns are my
      friends. As said before, I'm told I'm arrogant, talkative, a know-it-all, and sarcastic. I can only disavow the second to last one, as I'm
      pretty sure I'm not that bad and I don't actually know it all. I like to consider myself an educator of those that know absolutely nothing.
      I'm straightforward, I lie and cheat when I have to, and I have know when to control my anger.

    [What are your strengths?]

    [How about weaknesses?]

    [What do you fear most?]

    [Any quirks we should know about?]

    [Is there anyone you would be coming back to?]
      Family, friends, etc.

    [Tell us your story.]

    [What do you think of your crewmates?]

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