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Lucas Weiss

"All for one, and none for all? Man, that's cruel."

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a character in “To be Thrown Into the Chaos (Part 1)”, as played by RPGLoVeR213


Name: Lucarian Rodney Weiss

Age: 16

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance: Image

St. Cloud was born Ulysses Benjamin St. Cloud Junior to Mary and Ulysses St. Cloud. He was their only child, and cherished as such. They lived in a house on the banks of a lake in South Carolina, which started his love for water. His mother would bathe him in the lake since she felt it would make him more pure. His father raised him to hunt, but St. Cloud could never get himself to kill the animals. He found a rabbit, and took care of it. His mother taught him how to heal the animals, and he named the rabbit Bruce. Bruce scampered off one day, and the butcher Alex found him. He slayed the rabbit right in front of St. Cloud's eyes, not knowing the young boy was here. Alex apoligized and gave his family free meat for a month. St. Cloud vowed to help any animal in need and become a vegetarian. He grew a garden with his mother, and hasn't eaten any meat since.

Even in school, he was very shy. The older boys picked on him for his constant blushing, since the older girls thought he was "adorable". The boys his age taught him how to swim, and he learned quickly. He started to grow flowers in the garden, and give them to the girls in his class. They would thank him and give a quick peck on the cheek, which would make his cheeks turn cherry red. The boys in his class tried to do the same, but the girls would giggle and take the flowers after a hug. They thought of St. Cloud as a lady's man. He just wanted to be nice to the girls, since his mother taught him to be nice to everyone he knows or meets.

When he was ten, he was kidnapped with his father by an old lover of his father. She wanted to make his father feel the pain she had to endure when she was dumped, invited to the wedding, invited to see St. Cloud, knowing it wasn't her getting married or her child. She broke St. Cloud's arm, which his sobs were Hell to listen to for his father. Then she cut out his father's heart and chopped his body to pieces. He was left by the pond to bleed to death. One of his closest friends, Harper, found him and took him to the town medic. His mother cried by his bedside, and Harper brought him some flowers from the garden. He slowly got better and the woman was caught and sent to jail. He made a grave for his father, and put a rose in front of it everyday. He would talk to his father everyday, and would cry almost every time.

Even though he was "adorable", the girls he dated didn't really like his sensitive and shy attitude. There was only one girl who loved him and his shyness. Emily Lane. They walked through meadows holding hands and the first girl he showed his father's grave to. She held him close and comforted him when he cried, and felt him in his loss. Her mother was brutally murdered, and they cried together. When they where walking through the forest, a hunter's bow misfired and hit Emily right in the heart. She held his hand and told him she loved him, then died. He cried and begged for her to come back. He held her hand until Harper pulled him away, his heart breaking to see his best friend like this.

He put Emily's grave next to his father with persmission given by Emily's parents. He started to become silent, and the only person he would talk to was Harper. Harper saw how much his girlfriend's death affected him, and was always trying to cheer him up by showing him how to fish and even getting him a new rabbit. He let the rabbit go eventually, saying it belonged in the wild. His mother tried to cheer him up by making his favorite meals and even getting him two dogs, two greyhounds named Rosaline and Dexter. He kept them, and he lightened up a little. He started to draw, adn when his mother found out that he was very gifted and got him some sketch pads and special pens and everything he would need to make beautiful pictures. She even got him a canvas, a canvas stand, and a large arrangement of paints and paint brushes.

So begins...

Lucas Weiss's Story