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General Amir Shazly

General and commander of the 10th Leigon

0 · 220 views · located in The Elder Scrolls

a character in “To claim a throne - The Elder Scrolls”, as played by TomorrowsHerald


Name: Amir Shazly

Age: 50

Race: Redguard

House/Family: House Shazly

House Seat (Optional): Sentinel

House Crest/Coat of arms: The first banner was created by Amir Shazly himself as his battle flag after ascending to command the 10th Legion. The banner consists of a green crescent moon and the golden avatar of Aakatosh side by side on a red Imperial background. Though it has no official capacity, the banner has become the defacto symbol of the 10th legion as it represents both it's Imperial and Redguard soldiers.

Biology: Amir is physically unimpressive, if not for his distinct beard and scars running down his face. He is commonly dark skinned as per Redguard standard, and bares a pair of dark eyes and brown thinning hair. His most distinguishing feature is his thin beard running down from cheeks, around his mouth ending a slight distance beyond his chin. Amir stands at about 5.8 Feet, and has a declining but masculine body type forged out of more then three decades of service in the Imperial Legion.

Amir rarely leaves the confines of his Imperial armor, while in doors and not on duty he generally cares little for his appearance, preferring to ware a sleeveless tunic in Sentinel or a full one while he visits the colder province of Cyrodil. Amir, though wealthy is frugal and spends very little coin on his appearance. The only hint at jewelry on his person is his Legionary signet ring, which serves him in his official capacity as a general rather then for his appearance.


Amir is often considered to be the direct continuation of his father's legacy, both in purpose and in his manner. Amir does not mind the comparison at all, for he loved and looked up to his father as an example. Like his father, Amir considers duty ,honor and modesty the central pillars of his moral compass. Amir conceals most of his emotions behind the figurative iron mask of an Imperial General, never laughing and hardly ever smiling even when he sits in privacy or with his family. To newer recruits of his legion, the commander appears intimidating and distant however the experienced soldiers love him for his "command from the front and by personal example" attitude. Amir has often refused better quarters while on tour when these where not available also to his own soldiers, he has often used his own funds to buy supplies the legionary budget does not cover and he personally supervises the training of his soldiers.

The 10th Legion:

Amir's efforts have made the 10th legion known for being one of the best equipped and best trained among the Imperial legions. In particular, the 10th is famous for it's large contingent of heavy cavalry, known as Cataphracts, riding the coveted Yokudan Charger horse breeds. The remainder of legion consists of four further cores, among them the infantry, the skirmishers, the light cavalry and the engineers. Unlike the heavy cavalry, the remainder of the legion is moderately to lightly armed and posses a great deal of mobility unlike traditional Legions centered around formations of heavy infantry. Amir's normal battle strategy is to break through the enemy lines with the Cataphracts, attack the rear of his formations with the light cavalry while the Cataphracts engage and divide his forces and then have the main infantry formation attack the enemy on a broad front while he is in disarray.


Amir's family is fairly unknown in Hammerfell though they have resided in the province ever since the Redguard migration. Since the Third Era, Amir's ancestors have served in the Imperial legion, recently making it to the higher ranks of it's command structure and gaining the attention of the emperor Uriel Septim before his death. Amir's father first brought note to their family when he supported King Lhotun moderate Lhotunic faction. Thought they where vilified by the other two larger factions for their unpopular position, the Shazly's persevered in their political alignment and eventually became a neutral voice of arbitration in several disputes between the larger factions in the kingdom of Sentinel.

Though Amir's father left the Legionary life to serve in Sentinel's own armies at the request of king Lhotun, Amir was encouraged and trained for the Imperial service since the day he could hold a shield. Amir joined the legion at 16 and has served ever since, becoming general of the 10th legion a decade ago.

Amir is considered to be one of the most loyal of the Empire's generals because of his belief that no Imperial general should ever involve himself in the politics of the realm. He was a trusted and much needed reformer following it's perceived inability to contain the Oblivion crisis, though other traditional Imperial officers distrust him and consider him arrogant and theatrical for his "command from the front" attitude and his abandonment of the tried and tested traditional Imperial battle doctrine.

Strengths: Will be posted later

Weaknesses: Will be posted later

Interests: Will be posted later

So begins...

General Amir Shazly's Story

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The blanket of the night covered the Hammerfell-Cyrodil border just as it had since the onset of the mythic ages. The crickets serenaded for their mates, owls and other night time predators flew around the forests of Rihad across the Brena River attacking insectoids and small mammalian creatures alike.

Such was the tranquility of the Tamrielic sundown, a light breeze gliding inwards from the Abecean sea to the north, the twin moons of Secunda and Masser reflected brightly from the waters of river and ocean.

The sudden and violent staggering horse hoofs of a galloping black Cheydinhal stallion shattered the natural mirror of the earthbound river, multiple passing shots of arrows and spears littered the mud of the western bank of the Berna river.

A lightly armed messenger covered in matching black to that of his steed cursed and urged his horse onwards as the bandits pursued him. Thought he could easily outrun the ruffians to his rear, their comrades to his front had prepared for the possibility of a mounted traveler. The courier didn't see the wire drawn between two trees on the path ahead before it was too late. If he hand't been a Nord, and a tall one at that, his head might have well been torn off his neck.

The Nord fell to the mud with a thump and a grown of pain, clearly this hadn't been part of the plan when the Nord had accepted this mission but it was useless to complain about it now.

The bandits approached their fallen target without much care to inspect their catch or draw their weapons. Clearly they expected the rider of the valuable horse to be dead, a preconception which was quickly rectified when the Nord drew his blade and masterfully gutted two of their three dozen number.

The Nord held his captures off for several minutes, parrying and redirecting their strikes, however he was outnumbered and soon overwhelmed. With his sword torn away from his hand and several cuts and bruises added to his limbs, nothing it seemed would save the Nord from the axe wielding Redguard bandit chief as he prepared to cut off his head.

As suddenly as the bandits had ambushed the Nord they they where in return ambushed, imperial arrowheads imbedded themselves in as many as half of their score in an instant and the remainder where dispatched by steel plated riders wielding lances and swords. The Nord lifted his sword from the brown muck and cleaned the dirt and blood away using his would be executioner's sleeve.

Three of the Imperial riders dismounted their horses and strode towards the messenger. The oldest among them, a dark Redguard man stood out in his features and stepped first and foremost signifying his position as the force's leader.

"Citizen, what business do you have riding outside the Imperial-Highway and the border outposts? Do you not know that the side roads and paths of the border are frequented by bandits and smugglers alike and are outside our usual area of protection?"
Said the elder Imperial warrior, clearly angered at the Nord's assumed irresponsibility.

The Nord took a moment to catch his breath and inspect his injuries, nothing had been too badly damaged and no bones had been broken. Satisfied the Nord nodded in thanks to his rescuers and proceeded to remove a single scroll from his leather bag, written in what was clearly the Empire's finest paper - delivered almost exclusively to the Imperial City and the High courts of the provincial capitals around the Empire. As a cloud cleared above, the light of the moons reflected for a moment on what was without a doubt the emblem of the Elder Council in Cyrodil.

"I was instructed to deliver a message of the greatest importance to the 10th legion currently garrisoning the provincial border, this message comes from the highest possible channels and in-powers me with the authority to request the aid and protection of any Imperial forces that I may encounter. I ask that you escort me to Rihad with all due haste". Replied the messenger decisively without flinching, like all professionals even messengers had pride.

The Imperial soldiers examined the paper from afar but did not presume to handle it for the moment before returning his gaze to the messenger. "You have my soldiers protection, but if I may I would ask you a few questions; first why you avoided the Imperial-Highway if indeed in the service of our lords and masters. In addition, may I examine the message to authenticate your claims?".

The Nord's eyes narrowed, lightly wounded or not he was still bleeding quite badly and here was this petty officer playing 20 question with him? "I specifically avoided the Imperial Highway because I was instructed to do so and avoid the preying eyes of...certain factions, I am afraid I cannot per those orders hand over this message to anyone other then the Commander of the 10t legion General Amir Shazly. Now I am tired and wounded, may we proceed to Rihad and leave this business to the appropriate channels?"

The soldiers around the Nord inexplicably laughed at these words, even the elder soldier betrayed a glint of amusement in his eyes.

"I am the man which you seek Nord, I am Amir Shazly General and commander of the 10th legion, son of Abbas and brother of Gamal who is the Master for War in the kingdom of Sentinel". Said Amir, showing his ring of office to the messenger before removing the scroll from his hands without resistance.

A few long minutes passed as the general read the scroll, the soldiers betrayed several nervous and excited stares as if they had some idea of what was about to happen next.

"Centurion, give the messenger a new horse and bandage his injuries, make sure he is well attended once we return to camp"
Said the general to the soldier to his right.

"Yes sir, may I ask what are our new orders?"
Said the Centurion gesturing towards the scroll.

The general relented a small smile "You may, instruct all the officers upon our return to camp; all outgoing seaworthy ships in Rihad harbor will be impounded until further notice. We are to assemble our forces and set sail to Anvil at dawn, local garrison forces will enact a curfew in the entire city for the next 48 hours. No one can know of our arrival to Cyrodil until the Elder Council officially sanctions it".