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Ivrosa Selaro

Editor of The Black Horse Courier

0 · 192 views · located in The Elder Scrolls

a character in “To claim a throne - The Elder Scrolls”, as played by TomorrowsHerald


Name:Ivrosa Selaro*
*Ivrosa is his Surname and Selaro is his Forename

Age: 50*
*A young man by elven standards

Race: Dunmer

House/Family: None of relevance


Selaro casts an intimidating presence to his surrounding onlookers. Standing tall at almost six feet of height, Selaro is unusually tall for a Dunmer. His unusual black hair along with the normal dark skin and red eyes of the Dunmer are truly a frightening sight, since Selaro is prone to an almost Nordic temper.
Selaro retains much of the muscle mass and reflexes of from his days as an Imperial City gladiator, though he is understandably a bit rusty after decades away from the profession.

Selaro dresses himself quite expensively with the best the Imperial City's "Divine Elegance" clothing shop can offer. His outfit is generally comprised of a red – bronze Surcoat, white shirt, red velvet pants and a per of quality boots - ether black or dark brown. Despite the civilian clothing, Selaro straps to his side his famous poisoned Long Sword "Asmodeus", known to kill a man in five paces (the amount of steps any one stricken by the sword may walk before death).


Selaro is almost a stereotypical Nord in Dunmer skin; he is a compulsive drinker but has the money to be consistent about it unlike most Nordic drunks.
Selaro's moods can be separated into two, his mild moody one set on after his morning hangover - in which he just might talk to someone without insulting his or her's mother or the sexual habits of this or that Elder Council Chancellor.

The second mood is set on ether by drunkenness of genuine rage; Selaro becomes so livid he could actually become violent if pressed. It is believed that the most offensive of his editorials are written during the latter of these moods.
In general, Selaro is at best quite simply a pompous arrogant pig everyone has to deal with. He is impatient, impertinent, demanding, over defensive and impulsive.

Despite is many shortcomings; Selaro is known to be one of the few truly honest public figures and is trusted by the citizens of Cyrodil. He is bound by a simple code of behavior; a promise made is a promise kept, Selaro never goes against his word and though he might exaggerate or make up a little in some stories, his credibility as a trusted source to the people is dear to him.


Selaro was born in the Imperial City and is proud of having never set foot in Morrowind, which he somehow blames for all the misfortunes which befell his family.
Selaro's family immigrated to Cyrodil before his birth, after losing their land in a dispute with one of Morrowind's noble houses. Poverty stricken, the family was forced to live in the waterfront where Selaro grew up.
Selaro, in his youth, became involved in petty crime and by the age of 15 attracted the attention of a member in the thieves' guild who employed him as an informant in return for teaching the youth to read and write.

Salero was caught eventually stalking a wealthy noble who used his influence to deliver the maximum possible sentence to the youth; death by hanging or compulsive public service in the Imperial City Arena until attaining the rank of gladiator (pretty much a death sentence by itself)
Salero chose the latter and became a stunning success in the arena as a member of the blue team. Though naturally talented, his success was a result of the fact that many of the older combatants felt sorry for the young man and decided to tutor him during his first years.

Salero continued fighting in the Imperial City Arena for two decades, attaining the rank of Gladiator and the nickname "5 paces" after the effects of his poisoned blade. After retiring from the arena at the age of 26, Salero became a combat trainer to wealthy lords for a number of years and gained patronage from several of them. Salero used that patronage to his advantage when he took over management over the Kavatch arena.

Salero spent a decade managing Cyrodil's smaller arena, becoming very wealthy in the process. Salero used this wealth to buy a small manor in the Imperial City in which he retired to a life of drinking, gambling and writing. Salero wrote the bestselling book series "Blood bath" which told the story of four aspiring brothers whose dream is to gain fame in the Imperial City Arena and end up killing each other in the process. The series saw the printing of many sequels, basically compiling oaths of bloody vengeance by the original casts apprentices and heirs. Among the sequels are the notable "Second Bloodbath", "Blooded", "Blood", "More Blood", "Blood-Feud" and "Come Paint My Red Room".

After the Obilivion Crisis, the Black Horse Courier came under increasing public scrutiny as a mouthpiece to the Elder Council. Chancellor Ocato, who for reasons unknown actually had a close friendship with Salero, fired the previous staff and tasked Salero with the management and editing of the Imperial daily. Salero has since become every elder council member's enemy number one after launching numerous personal attacks and corruption hunting editorials. Salero outmaneuvered attempts to suspend him by including in the paper a new sports report which covered the latest developments from the Arena and other less popular sports.

Strengths: An astute writer, widely popular with the masses, a capable fighter skilled in evasion and quick penetrating strikes designed at delivering his sword's poison, light armor, swordsmanship, poisons.

Weaknesses: His temper, a weakness to drinking and gambling, loves fighting too much, powerful enemies, comes across as a complete A hole, has very little self-control or restraint.

Interests: drinking and gambling, fighting, poisons, writing and blasting key public figures in his publications.

So begins...

Ivrosa Selaro's Story

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The massive printers where pressed and released several times over every minute as edition after edition of the famous Black Horse Courier was produced. Selaro presided over the chaos as clerks raced between the machines, struggling to maintain the unnatural pace, while messengers fought with gravity to carry large piles of the completed papers away to be delivered.

Selaro was not happy, he was never happy, but at that moment he wanted to snap someones neck or draw out the theoretical enemy's intestines. A small Bosmer lad crossed Selaro's gaze - which flinched when he noted that the papers he was holding where shorter then they should be. unapologizing, Selaro snatched one of the copies and for a moment seemed likely to go on a murderous rampage then and there.

"What in the name of Shinji's bleeding ass are you doing taking these copies without the sports edition! what district are you on?!"
Snapped Selaro, barley holding back his sword, let alone his fists.

The young Bosmer yelped in fear, which was appropriate under the circumstances before stuttering some horse shit answer.

"S-o-r-r-r-y, sir, ah... I thought that under the circumstances it would be best if I delivered as many copies of the headlines as possible, so-o I didn't take copies of the sports reports with me...."

"I asked you a question whelp, what district are you" - cut in Selaro now a bit calmer, the explanation did make sense in a wired logical way.

"I-a-m suppose to deliver these to the eastern water front district"
answered the Bosmer, stuttering a bit less.

Selaro grinned manically and let out a short sinister chuckle which unnerved any courage the Bosmer may have gained, Selaro laughing was never a good sign.

"Well then you better take those sport reports after all, them waterfront boyos don't give much of a bugger on what the pansies in the council have to say. If they don't see their sports report in their morning paper, they might just decide ta make you the latest example in the case of the headless floating corpses". Sneered Selaro, marveling at the Bosmer's stupidity, must be new blood.

The Bosmer yelped again some cluttered excuse and proceeded to rearrange the papers, Selaro hummed in boredom before picking up one of the discarded sports-less papers, reading the front cover which he must have read at least half a dozen times already today. To think the old Black Horse Courier only included one to three pages in each edition, Selaro tried to keep it short but even he didn't go less then four, exuding the Sundas end of the week edition and the particularly big arena fights which made the paper significantly longer.


Gaius Lasur Appointed High-Chancellor!

Imperial - Redguard Alliance establishes a narrow majority

Imagehe Elder Council voted yesterday evening (Middas) to appoint Chancellor Gaius Lasur High-Chancellor and ruler of the Empire. Chancellor Lasur thanked the representatives of Cyrodil, Hammerfell and independent representatives who supported him, for uniting behind his leadership;"We have achieved a great victory for the people. I am proud of the council, which in the moment of truth, knew to draw the line between petty politics and the greater good of the Empire" - said the Chancellor in a speech to the house following the fateful vote.

By ancient tradition, Chancellor Lasur shall be confirmed as High-Chancellor by the High Priest of the Temple of the One sometime later today in a private ceremony, prior to assuming the role officially.

Imagehe sudden announcement was put in motion in an emergency session of the Elder Council at Eight O'clock last night, following several days of gridlock between the Imperial and Provincial factions in the Council. The vote was carried by Chancellor Lasur, favorite of the "Imperial Faction" in the house, when the representatives of Hammerfell and scores of independent representatives declared their support and loyalty to the Imperial candidate.

Earlier attempts to elect a new High-Chancellor or decide on a temporary leadership solution, such as the "Council of three" proposed by Chancellor Eadmond Virane where foiled by what anonymous observers to the deliberations described as "conflicting points of interest".

Imagehe final tally of the vote was 37 chancellors in favor of Chancellor Lasur's appointment out of the total of 78. Though not a majority, five chancellors failed to return in time to the Imperial City in order to take part in the emergency session. Due to the discrepancy in the number of chancellors present during the meeting, the opposition was asked to present a challenger to Chancellor Lasur's appointment. Though several challengers did oppose the appointment, the opposition failed to unite behind a single candidate. Consequently, Chancellor Lasur was ratified as the Elder Council's recommendation for High-Chancellor to the ruby throne.

"Since the Empire is currently without and Emperor, who would normally review the Council's recommendation for High-Chancellor, the decision cannot be opposed; despite the misgivings of many chancellors with the vote's legality" - said Chancellor Kasero Matale of Summerset in a short interview to "The Black Horse Courier" this morning.

Chancellor-General Engar Oakenshield of Skyrim, one of Lasur's long standing critics, refused to comment on the appointment but said that his delegation would consult with the other provincial representatives before deciding on their next course of action.