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Kasero Matale Av Cassius

Elder Council Member Kasero Matale, leader of the Tam Sunna-riel

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a character in “To claim a throne - The Elder Scrolls”, as played by TomorrowsHerald


Name: Kasero Matale Av Cassius

Age: 31

Race: A mix of Imperial and Altmer blood – technically Breton like, though not of their lands.

House/Family: Matale branch family

House Seat (Optional): The Matale branch handle the Cassius clan's business in Summerset and Valenwood. They have a fleet of galleons which import and export goods between Summerset, Valenwood and Cyrodill. The main branch of the Cassius family resides in the Imperial city and has several estates along the Gold Coast and the West Weald and handles the clan's trade in human lands.

House Crest/Coat of arms: Two golden anchors crossed and adorned with grapes and vines, the Matale use a blue rather than imperial red background for their crest; thus paying homage to the Abecean Sea rather than the Imperial Province for their wealth. Their crest is also inscribed with the words Summerset – Alinor, a recent public relations stunt designed to give the company a more "Elven" appearance. The patron god of the Cassius Clan is Zenithar, though the Matale honor Kynareth. Kasero and his wife however honor Akatosh as their household's patron god.

Biology: If not for his bright blond hair, probably the result of spending much of his childhood in sunny summerset. He is otherwise rather imperial looking, except for his distinctly Elven ears. Kasero is Dark eyed, average of height at 5.7 bearing an olive skin color. He bares his hair rather longer then the norm, much to mage convention but generally wares fairly modest clothes – consisting of a green tunic and white trousers. In Council Chambers and when entraining Altmer guests, Kasero tends to ware his faded white Tam Sunna-riel cloak, barking the golden dragon of Akatosh.

Personality: Kasero is refreshingly modest for a Summerset mage and tries to portray himself as a man of the people rather than a member of the elite. He views frivolous spending as shameful and views the roles of the elite as more of a duty then a privilege. Though a bit of an "odd ball" in the Elder Council for his pro periphery positions, Kasero is no radical; he believes in the system and is quite conservative in his views. Kasero finds true confrontations too troublesome and prefers to compromise. This is not the act of a weak willed leader, rather a leader who considers every opinion and position inherently flawed by prejudice. Kasero is a charming man, quick to make acquaintances but slow to keep friends. He wears his political mask well, though he is in reality a scheming bastard just like the rest of the council.

Backstory: The Matale branch family was formed out of the disgraced members of the ancient Cyrodillic Cassius Clan, form by a famed general of the Alessian revolt. Dismissed as tainted half breeds for being sired by the Ayleids, masters of Cyrodill prior to the Alessian era, the Matale were forced into servitude by their "pure" Imperial relatives in return for their lives.

The subordinate relationship of the Matale to the main branch of the Cassius family continued until the Third Era, when the Matale branch was entrusted with expanding the Cassius Clan's trade lanes to the Elven lands.

Kasero Matale was born in Summerset, to a junior member of the branch family. The Matale elders discovered Kasero's magical talent at a young age and tutored him in the arts, eager to increase the potency of magical powers in their family's blood. During the Oblivion Crisis, Kasero was a junior conjuration instructor in the Crystal Tower of Summerset and survived the massacre which destroyed the Tower.

Enraged by the betrayal of so many fellow mages to the Mythic Dawn, Kasero and 8 other mage survivors of the Crystal Tower formed the "Tam Sunna-riel" which Kasero led in a personal mission of vengeance against the Daedra and their worshipers, culminating with several incursions into the Planes of Oblivion.

After the War, Kasero married Carina, a powerful Altmer magician who had specialized in destruction magic whom he had fought with during the Oblivion Crisis. Two children have thus far been born of this marriage, but Kasero and Carina decided that they would stay with the latter in Summerset to consolidate the power of their family.

Kasero has since represented family interests in several prestigious Altmer magical circles and remains popular in the province for his exploits during the Oblivion Crisis. This popularity eventually secured Kasero a seat on the Elder Council five years ago. Kasero has looked after Matale, academic and Summerset interests ever since.

Kasero is notably popular in the Imperial provinces for opposing the Elder Council's "Cyrodill first" mentality and among the counties of Cyrodil for a similar view regarding the council favoritism of the Imperial City.
Strengths: Accomplished magician in the schools of conjuration and alteration, a crafty public speaker, Academic education, speaks both Imperial and Altmer languages, the backing of his family, economic and academic connections

Weaknesses: Not particularly trained in fighting or stamina, has only a rudimentary skill with swordsmanship (more as a sport then actual fighting), is at times too compromising negatively effecting his position.

Interests: Sea trade and economics, conjuration theory, architecture, the 9 divines and their monastic orders,

So begins...

Kasero Matale Av Cassius's Story

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane. Character Portrait: Kasero Matale Av Cassius
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#, as written by Alator
Eadmond sighed for himself. They had been sitting for three hour without a pause now. And still had gotten no longer than they had when they started. There was too many candidates that did not back, no one could achieve a majority. As Chancellor Clagius finished Eadmond spoke "I say that we put a council of three to rule while we find a new solution!"

A few muttered consent, however more looked angry or annoyed "And your plan is to be one of them?"

It was Chancellor Beric Lerryn that spoke, a lapdog of Wayrest and Eadmonds foremost rival. Eadmond looked across the round table and exclaimed "For the sake of the divines! This isn't about Power. Ocato lies dead, we are leaderless, and our rivals are sure to take advantage of that. We need to show up unity, what else do you think keeps the Empire togheter!?"

Beric snorted "Hollow Words from a hollow man, you have clearly shown that you are just a puppet of you brother, your loyalty lies in the west, not to the Empire.

Eadmond replied coldly "If you didn't know, as you often do, my brothers armies is one of the main reasons why this Empire is still intact. Without them the Imperial Legions in High Rock would have been utterly destroyed. I have Always remained loyal to the Ruby Throne, you however, you are only here to ensure that Septims keeps flowing into Wayrest! If you do not have a suggestion I sugget you sit down and keep your mouth shut!"

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane. Character Portrait: Kasero Matale Av Cassius
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Kasero's hands had twitched half a dozen times during the deliberations of the council, he was barley containing his habit to fiddle around with a loose Septim coin by his seat. Though such a transgression would have gone unseen in a usual and largely unattended gathering of the council, even the unceasing petty arguments could not reduce the significance of this meeting - or the perils it represented.

High Chancellor Ocato lay dead; slain by the hand of the Dark Brotherhood, if one was to believe the Black Horse Courier's sensational coverage of the recent events. Kasero could not imagine what the Editor of the Imperial Newspaper was thinking giving in to second hand rumors. The Council had been too busy trying to nominate a new High Chancellor let alone an Imperial Censor, a position the High Chancellor had kept for himself, and the Black Horse Courier didn't restrain itself in it's newly found freedom.

None the less, thee investigation into the murder was as delicate as they could come, if indeed the Brotherhood was responsible then that meant money... lots of money. Money was certainly nothing any of the distinguished gentlemen in the chamber lacked, nether was a motive for that matter.

Kasero had intended to keep silent and cut his losses, Ocato had been his sponsor to the Elder Council and dare he say a friend and fellow intellect. Beyond the blow to his own position on the council as a supporter of the late Chancellor, Kasero feared what would be the reactions to these events in Summerset. The Thalmor where making gains, signs of further Imperial weakness could go a long way towards convincing the skeptics of secession.

Finally after an eternity of arguments running around the main issue of leadership and another indecisive vote, nerves began to break down. Chancellor Virane interrupted Clagius's dreary review of his ancestors accomplishments in services rendered to the Empire and proposed a settlement which stunned even Kasero's jest of the proceedings. They where having enough difficulty nominating one leader, and now he wanted to choose three?!

As Chancellor Lerryn and Chancellor Virane traded accusations, Kasero collected his thoughts and smirked as he realized the merit of Virane's proposal.

None of the current factions in the council were willing to step aside and see their plans disrupted by their rivals. A council of three however would allow the factions to ally themselves behind one of the members without having to compromise over the main issues they represented.

Kasero was hesitant but decided he would step in; his position in the council was weaker but still relevant, if he waited he would only grow weaker.

"I second Chancellor Virane's proposal and do so nominate him and the right and honorable Chancellor Clagius as it's first two members". Said Kasero, surprising his seat neighbors to his left, right and particularly the shocked Clagius - with whom he had hardly spoken since the last session regarding the Imperial Guardsmen laundry bill last month. Kasero betrayed no emotions in his expressions but knew that his message had been received quite clearly by his colleges. Kasero has frown his lot with Virane, one provincial representative to another. He had tossed the respected but old Imperial noble Clagius as a manageable pawn between them.

Now it was just a matter of seeing if Virane would dismiss him or take him up on the offer and sponsor Kasero as the third and theoretically most junior in the council of three. Kasero could not nominate himself after all...

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane. Character Portrait: Kasero Matale Av Cassius
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#, as written by Alator
Eadmond drew his finger around the head of a carved wooden dragon as Kasero started speaking. Eadmond looked pleased, maybe he would get support for a leadership, and was about to speak when the council chamber erupted in chaos. Led by the Chancellors from rival Breton kingdoms and Redguards, not eager to see more power pushed into Uthyn's hands, with his brother as one of the Empire's foremost leaders, the Power balance would be shattered in pieces. Daggerfall was an old rival of Sentinel and Wayrest. And the shame of lost wars against Daggerfall in the past still stung in their hearts.

Several Redguards rose from their seats in anger, shouting Words about Conspiracy, and that this had been the three's plan all along.

The Nords on the council, in a great miniority. Looked thoughtful, it seemed like they could agree, if a Nord would occupy the third seat. One of them, a tall Nord who had the name of Engar bashed his fist into the table and shouted "ENOUGH! Sit down NOW!"

As he shouted Eadmond could feel his own influence diminish and Engar's increase.

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane. Character Portrait: Kasero Matale Av Cassius
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#, as written by Alator
Eadmond nodded, grateful, and replied "I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I am happy to see others who wants a stable government for the Empire. Though I might want to tell my guards to be especially watchful the coming Days, as should you. We made several new enemies today. And right now, the people of Power in the Empire seems to be dying like flies."

As they walked past the four guards guarding the door, who looked a great deal nervous, Eadmonds personal Knights of the Dragon, three of them. Fell in behind him. Dressed in plate and mail from their heads to heels with long green cloaks, carrying the red dragon of Daggerfall. Eadmond felt a thrill of pride. These men would stand against all the might of Oblivion to protect him, and had actually more or less done so when Dagon had attacked the Imperial City. In total Eadmond had a force of twenty Knights in the city. However one had been killed by a Daedroth and one crushed under Mehrunes foot as he had tried to cleave off the Daedra's foot with a great axe. And he had not bothered to ask his brother for new ones.

As they walked in the great hallways of marble, when finally they had gotten away from the other councillors Eadmond turned around and looked into Kasero's eyes.

"Though I gladly accept your support. Remember that I will not, in any way, get on bad terms with Skyrim for the sake of elven distaste for them. Skyrim is one of the absolutely strongest nations in the Empire. And has something all other lacks. Unity. I beg your pardon but I have a letter to write, we will meet again soon."

And with a respectful bow Eadmon left Kasero there, hurrying down the hallway to leave the White-Gold Tower and get to his manor.