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To claim a throne - The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls


a part of To claim a throne - The Elder Scrolls, by Alator.


Alator holds sovereignty over The Elder Scrolls, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Elder Scrolls is a part of To claim a throne - The Elder Scrolls.

4 Characters Here

Chancellor Eadmond Virane. [6] A chancellor of the Elder Council, and the brother of Uthyn Virane, the mighty king of Daggerfall-Camlorn. Eadmond always acts accordingly to his kingdoms interests.
Kasero Matale Av Cassius [4] Elder Council Member Kasero Matale, leader of the Tam Sunna-riel
General Amir Shazly [1] General and commander of the 10th Leigon
Ivrosa Selaro [1] Editor of The Black Horse Courier

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane. Character Portrait: Kasero Matale Av Cassius
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#, as written by Alator
Eadmond sighed for himself. They had been sitting for three hour without a pause now. And still had gotten no longer than they had when they started. There was too many candidates that did not back, no one could achieve a majority. As Chancellor Clagius finished Eadmond spoke "I say that we put a council of three to rule while we find a new solution!"

A few muttered consent, however more looked angry or annoyed "And your plan is to be one of them?"

It was Chancellor Beric Lerryn that spoke, a lapdog of Wayrest and Eadmonds foremost rival. Eadmond looked across the round table and exclaimed "For the sake of the divines! This isn't about Power. Ocato lies dead, we are leaderless, and our rivals are sure to take advantage of that. We need to show up unity, what else do you think keeps the Empire togheter!?"

Beric snorted "Hollow Words from a hollow man, you have clearly shown that you are just a puppet of you brother, your loyalty lies in the west, not to the Empire.

Eadmond replied coldly "If you didn't know, as you often do, my brothers armies is one of the main reasons why this Empire is still intact. Without them the Imperial Legions in High Rock would have been utterly destroyed. I have Always remained loyal to the Ruby Throne, you however, you are only here to ensure that Septims keeps flowing into Wayrest! If you do not have a suggestion I sugget you sit down and keep your mouth shut!"

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane. Character Portrait: Kasero Matale Av Cassius
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Kasero's hands had twitched half a dozen times during the deliberations of the council, he was barley containing his habit to fiddle around with a loose Septim coin by his seat. Though such a transgression would have gone unseen in a usual and largely unattended gathering of the council, even the unceasing petty arguments could not reduce the significance of this meeting - or the perils it represented.

High Chancellor Ocato lay dead; slain by the hand of the Dark Brotherhood, if one was to believe the Black Horse Courier's sensational coverage of the recent events. Kasero could not imagine what the Editor of the Imperial Newspaper was thinking giving in to second hand rumors. The Council had been too busy trying to nominate a new High Chancellor let alone an Imperial Censor, a position the High Chancellor had kept for himself, and the Black Horse Courier didn't restrain itself in it's newly found freedom.

None the less, thee investigation into the murder was as delicate as they could come, if indeed the Brotherhood was responsible then that meant money... lots of money. Money was certainly nothing any of the distinguished gentlemen in the chamber lacked, nether was a motive for that matter.

Kasero had intended to keep silent and cut his losses, Ocato had been his sponsor to the Elder Council and dare he say a friend and fellow intellect. Beyond the blow to his own position on the council as a supporter of the late Chancellor, Kasero feared what would be the reactions to these events in Summerset. The Thalmor where making gains, signs of further Imperial weakness could go a long way towards convincing the skeptics of secession.

Finally after an eternity of arguments running around the main issue of leadership and another indecisive vote, nerves began to break down. Chancellor Virane interrupted Clagius's dreary review of his ancestors accomplishments in services rendered to the Empire and proposed a settlement which stunned even Kasero's jest of the proceedings. They where having enough difficulty nominating one leader, and now he wanted to choose three?!

As Chancellor Lerryn and Chancellor Virane traded accusations, Kasero collected his thoughts and smirked as he realized the merit of Virane's proposal.

None of the current factions in the council were willing to step aside and see their plans disrupted by their rivals. A council of three however would allow the factions to ally themselves behind one of the members without having to compromise over the main issues they represented.

Kasero was hesitant but decided he would step in; his position in the council was weaker but still relevant, if he waited he would only grow weaker.

"I second Chancellor Virane's proposal and do so nominate him and the right and honorable Chancellor Clagius as it's first two members". Said Kasero, surprising his seat neighbors to his left, right and particularly the shocked Clagius - with whom he had hardly spoken since the last session regarding the Imperial Guardsmen laundry bill last month. Kasero betrayed no emotions in his expressions but knew that his message had been received quite clearly by his colleges. Kasero has frown his lot with Virane, one provincial representative to another. He had tossed the respected but old Imperial noble Clagius as a manageable pawn between them.

Now it was just a matter of seeing if Virane would dismiss him or take him up on the offer and sponsor Kasero as the third and theoretically most junior in the council of three. Kasero could not nominate himself after all...

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane. Character Portrait: Kasero Matale Av Cassius
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#, as written by Alator
Eadmond drew his finger around the head of a carved wooden dragon as Kasero started speaking. Eadmond looked pleased, maybe he would get support for a leadership, and was about to speak when the council chamber erupted in chaos. Led by the Chancellors from rival Breton kingdoms and Redguards, not eager to see more power pushed into Uthyn's hands, with his brother as one of the Empire's foremost leaders, the Power balance would be shattered in pieces. Daggerfall was an old rival of Sentinel and Wayrest. And the shame of lost wars against Daggerfall in the past still stung in their hearts.

Several Redguards rose from their seats in anger, shouting Words about Conspiracy, and that this had been the three's plan all along.

The Nords on the council, in a great miniority. Looked thoughtful, it seemed like they could agree, if a Nord would occupy the third seat. One of them, a tall Nord who had the name of Engar bashed his fist into the table and shouted "ENOUGH! Sit down NOW!"

As he shouted Eadmond could feel his own influence diminish and Engar's increase.

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Kasero was beyond discouraged, he had not expected the Nords interfere because of their minority in the current council. Divines help him, Clagius was a quarter Nord! what else could those upstarts expect out of the leadership?

Engar, a reputed Nordic general Kasero could only begrudgingly respect seemed to repeat the same "glorious ancestors" routine that Clagius had pulled over the council twice already in the past hour. Kasero had to give the Nords the due credit, unlike the Imperials and the Bretons they where clearly united so no infighting broke out during Engar's speech. The rest of the council, ,especially Kasero's counterparts from the Mer provinces irrupted in fury. Nords represented everything the Mer despised about man and the elves would be damned if they would see them anywhere near the leadership.

The house's speaker was left with little choice but to summarily dismiss the council for "consultations", Kasero hoped the council members where proud of themselves - another day had passed and the Empire was still leaderless.

As the house broke up Kasero gestured towards his senior from Summerset Chancellor Molari. Molari was several centuries old and known for his somewhat Summerset isolationist views. Outwardly he seemed detached from Imperial affairs, but now with Ocato dead he was by rights the most senior Mer representative.

The elder elf only nodded, signifying that he both understood and acknowledged Kasero's plans.

Kasero walked quickly, and caught up with chancellor Virane, intent on trying to salvage their loose alliance despite the failure of their move on the leadership.

"I can't say I am surprised the motion did not pass through the house, but you are correct, a Triumvirate is the only manageable solution without an Emperor to push a candidate through. I want you to know that at least for the time being you have my support and Molari's, though he won't declare it openly".

As Kasero spoke, he noted a gathering crowed by the Council tower - the guards moved uneasily into position between the crowd and the chancellors leaving the chambers. Kasero hoped news of the council failure could be hushed up for at least another hour, a riot now with so many chancellors present would not bare a good example of Imperial stability.

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane. Character Portrait: Kasero Matale Av Cassius
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#, as written by Alator
Eadmond nodded, grateful, and replied "I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I am happy to see others who wants a stable government for the Empire. Though I might want to tell my guards to be especially watchful the coming Days, as should you. We made several new enemies today. And right now, the people of Power in the Empire seems to be dying like flies."

As they walked past the four guards guarding the door, who looked a great deal nervous, Eadmonds personal Knights of the Dragon, three of them. Fell in behind him. Dressed in plate and mail from their heads to heels with long green cloaks, carrying the red dragon of Daggerfall. Eadmond felt a thrill of pride. These men would stand against all the might of Oblivion to protect him, and had actually more or less done so when Dagon had attacked the Imperial City. In total Eadmond had a force of twenty Knights in the city. However one had been killed by a Daedroth and one crushed under Mehrunes foot as he had tried to cleave off the Daedra's foot with a great axe. And he had not bothered to ask his brother for new ones.

As they walked in the great hallways of marble, when finally they had gotten away from the other councillors Eadmond turned around and looked into Kasero's eyes.

"Though I gladly accept your support. Remember that I will not, in any way, get on bad terms with Skyrim for the sake of elven distaste for them. Skyrim is one of the absolutely strongest nations in the Empire. And has something all other lacks. Unity. I beg your pardon but I have a letter to write, we will meet again soon."

And with a respectful bow Eadmon left Kasero there, hurrying down the hallway to leave the White-Gold Tower and get to his manor.

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Character Portrait: Ivrosa Selaro
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The massive printers where pressed and released several times over every minute as edition after edition of the famous Black Horse Courier was produced. Selaro presided over the chaos as clerks raced between the machines, struggling to maintain the unnatural pace, while messengers fought with gravity to carry large piles of the completed papers away to be delivered.

Selaro was not happy, he was never happy, but at that moment he wanted to snap someones neck or draw out the theoretical enemy's intestines. A small Bosmer lad crossed Selaro's gaze - which flinched when he noted that the papers he was holding where shorter then they should be. unapologizing, Selaro snatched one of the copies and for a moment seemed likely to go on a murderous rampage then and there.

"What in the name of Shinji's bleeding ass are you doing taking these copies without the sports edition! what district are you on?!"
Snapped Selaro, barley holding back his sword, let alone his fists.

The young Bosmer yelped in fear, which was appropriate under the circumstances before stuttering some horse shit answer.

"S-o-r-r-r-y, sir, ah... I thought that under the circumstances it would be best if I delivered as many copies of the headlines as possible, so-o I didn't take copies of the sports reports with me...."

"I asked you a question whelp, what district are you" - cut in Selaro now a bit calmer, the explanation did make sense in a wired logical way.

"I-a-m suppose to deliver these to the eastern water front district"
answered the Bosmer, stuttering a bit less.

Selaro grinned manically and let out a short sinister chuckle which unnerved any courage the Bosmer may have gained, Selaro laughing was never a good sign.

"Well then you better take those sport reports after all, them waterfront boyos don't give much of a bugger on what the pansies in the council have to say. If they don't see their sports report in their morning paper, they might just decide ta make you the latest example in the case of the headless floating corpses". Sneered Selaro, marveling at the Bosmer's stupidity, must be new blood.

The Bosmer yelped again some cluttered excuse and proceeded to rearrange the papers, Selaro hummed in boredom before picking up one of the discarded sports-less papers, reading the front cover which he must have read at least half a dozen times already today. To think the old Black Horse Courier only included one to three pages in each edition, Selaro tried to keep it short but even he didn't go less then four, exuding the Sundas end of the week edition and the particularly big arena fights which made the paper significantly longer.


Gaius Lasur Appointed High-Chancellor!

Imperial - Redguard Alliance establishes a narrow majority

Imagehe Elder Council voted yesterday evening (Middas) to appoint Chancellor Gaius Lasur High-Chancellor and ruler of the Empire. Chancellor Lasur thanked the representatives of Cyrodil, Hammerfell and independent representatives who supported him, for uniting behind his leadership;"We have achieved a great victory for the people. I am proud of the council, which in the moment of truth, knew to draw the line between petty politics and the greater good of the Empire" - said the Chancellor in a speech to the house following the fateful vote.

By ancient tradition, Chancellor Lasur shall be confirmed as High-Chancellor by the High Priest of the Temple of the One sometime later today in a private ceremony, prior to assuming the role officially.

Imagehe sudden announcement was put in motion in an emergency session of the Elder Council at Eight O'clock last night, following several days of gridlock between the Imperial and Provincial factions in the Council. The vote was carried by Chancellor Lasur, favorite of the "Imperial Faction" in the house, when the representatives of Hammerfell and scores of independent representatives declared their support and loyalty to the Imperial candidate.

Earlier attempts to elect a new High-Chancellor or decide on a temporary leadership solution, such as the "Council of three" proposed by Chancellor Eadmond Virane where foiled by what anonymous observers to the deliberations described as "conflicting points of interest".

Imagehe final tally of the vote was 37 chancellors in favor of Chancellor Lasur's appointment out of the total of 78. Though not a majority, five chancellors failed to return in time to the Imperial City in order to take part in the emergency session. Due to the discrepancy in the number of chancellors present during the meeting, the opposition was asked to present a challenger to Chancellor Lasur's appointment. Though several challengers did oppose the appointment, the opposition failed to unite behind a single candidate. Consequently, Chancellor Lasur was ratified as the Elder Council's recommendation for High-Chancellor to the ruby throne.

"Since the Empire is currently without and Emperor, who would normally review the Council's recommendation for High-Chancellor, the decision cannot be opposed; despite the misgivings of many chancellors with the vote's legality" - said Chancellor Kasero Matale of Summerset in a short interview to "The Black Horse Courier" this morning.

Chancellor-General Engar Oakenshield of Skyrim, one of Lasur's long standing critics, refused to comment on the appointment but said that his delegation would consult with the other provincial representatives before deciding on their next course of action.

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane.
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#, as written by Alator
Chancellor Eadmond Virane looked over his shoulder with anger and shame. He had failed his brother. The Imperial City was so Close... As had the Imperial Power been. In the light of dusk the White city looked especially beautiful. The first thing Lasur had done was to send his guards after Eadmond and his supporters, claiming that they where traitors and was plotting to have him killed.

Eadmond was forced to leave the city with his household in secret. Bribing several guards to smuggle them out in small groups. Two Nordic chancellors, Eric and Ragnak, would join up with Eadmond on behalf of Engar. The Nords would not accept the Empire to do this. And now, the men of the North, with their Breton allies, would once again come down on Cyrodiil, sudden and Swift, with great power as a storm. And wrest away Lasur from the Ruby Throne.

Eadmond saw in a distance a group of riders, coming from the Imperial City. Finally... He thought as he saw the Nords. It would be good to be on their way.

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Kasero had wisely fled his apartment the day Lasur had come to power, and booked a room in the Tiber Septim Hotel. If the newly appointed High-Chancellor intended to get rid of him, Kasero would make sure he would have witnesses. It did not take long for Kasero's contacts to warn him of numerous arrests throughout the Imperial city and rumors of Lasur bringing in provincial legions to support the Imperial Guard in suppressing any acts of rebellion against his rule.

Kasero didn't know what he should do, Lasur had wisely avoided arresting the Altmer council members but Kasero wasn't similarly protected. Representatives from Summerset never made their allegiances known, as a deeply isolationist province the Altmer liked to leave all the options open so they could influence any Imperial government to leave them alone. Kasero however had gambled, he had received the silent support of his peers, but now that his moves had flopped on him he was alone.

Three respectful knocks on the door alerted Kasero to the presence of visitors, he walked over the rich ruby red carpet before making it to the door. Two battle-mages greeted him and informed him that by order of the High-Chancellor they where to stay in the hotel and protect Kasero and the Summerset delegation, which would be arriving shortly to the Hotel from recent assassination threats. Kasero nodded them off and returned to his study. It seemed that Lasur had turned the tables on him yet again, unwilling to immediately turn against the Imperial government, Kasero and the summerset delegation would now be indefinite guests of the Hotel until things died down and they could not inform their province of the situation.

Kasero grumbled, it seemed he had no choice, he would have to plan his escape and take a position against the new administration.

It would be civil war after all...

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Character Portrait: Chancellor Eadmond Virane.
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Alator
The party was silently travelling through the rocky Colovian Highlands, the rain was beating them down and soaking their very bones. Slowly they had begun to realise how much damage the coming conflict would inflict upon the Empire. Yet it could not be helped. Someone had to do it, elsewhise Lasur would destroy it slowly from the inside.

What Eadmond was thinking of more though.... Was is they could get the horselords of the Bjoulsae river to join them. They where a force that one could Count on. Excellent light cavalry to support the Heavy that his brother had in such vast numbers.

They had been declared traitors. All of them. So their Eyes was Always watchful for any Imperial patrols. They would become safe only when they reached the border to Skyrim. And not completely safe despite that. Lasur could send assassins for him at any time.

However with the muddy countryside road... This journey would take a while.

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Character Portrait: General Amir Shazly
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The blanket of the night covered the Hammerfell-Cyrodil border just as it had since the onset of the mythic ages. The crickets serenaded for their mates, owls and other night time predators flew around the forests of Rihad across the Brena River attacking insectoids and small mammalian creatures alike.

Such was the tranquility of the Tamrielic sundown, a light breeze gliding inwards from the Abecean sea to the north, the twin moons of Secunda and Masser reflected brightly from the waters of river and ocean.

The sudden and violent staggering horse hoofs of a galloping black Cheydinhal stallion shattered the natural mirror of the earthbound river, multiple passing shots of arrows and spears littered the mud of the western bank of the Berna river.

A lightly armed messenger covered in matching black to that of his steed cursed and urged his horse onwards as the bandits pursued him. Thought he could easily outrun the ruffians to his rear, their comrades to his front had prepared for the possibility of a mounted traveler. The courier didn't see the wire drawn between two trees on the path ahead before it was too late. If he hand't been a Nord, and a tall one at that, his head might have well been torn off his neck.

The Nord fell to the mud with a thump and a grown of pain, clearly this hadn't been part of the plan when the Nord had accepted this mission but it was useless to complain about it now.

The bandits approached their fallen target without much care to inspect their catch or draw their weapons. Clearly they expected the rider of the valuable horse to be dead, a preconception which was quickly rectified when the Nord drew his blade and masterfully gutted two of their three dozen number.

The Nord held his captures off for several minutes, parrying and redirecting their strikes, however he was outnumbered and soon overwhelmed. With his sword torn away from his hand and several cuts and bruises added to his limbs, nothing it seemed would save the Nord from the axe wielding Redguard bandit chief as he prepared to cut off his head.

As suddenly as the bandits had ambushed the Nord they they where in return ambushed, imperial arrowheads imbedded themselves in as many as half of their score in an instant and the remainder where dispatched by steel plated riders wielding lances and swords. The Nord lifted his sword from the brown muck and cleaned the dirt and blood away using his would be executioner's sleeve.

Three of the Imperial riders dismounted their horses and strode towards the messenger. The oldest among them, a dark Redguard man stood out in his features and stepped first and foremost signifying his position as the force's leader.

"Citizen, what business do you have riding outside the Imperial-Highway and the border outposts? Do you not know that the side roads and paths of the border are frequented by bandits and smugglers alike and are outside our usual area of protection?"
Said the elder Imperial warrior, clearly angered at the Nord's assumed irresponsibility.

The Nord took a moment to catch his breath and inspect his injuries, nothing had been too badly damaged and no bones had been broken. Satisfied the Nord nodded in thanks to his rescuers and proceeded to remove a single scroll from his leather bag, written in what was clearly the Empire's finest paper - delivered almost exclusively to the Imperial City and the High courts of the provincial capitals around the Empire. As a cloud cleared above, the light of the moons reflected for a moment on what was without a doubt the emblem of the Elder Council in Cyrodil.

"I was instructed to deliver a message of the greatest importance to the 10th legion currently garrisoning the provincial border, this message comes from the highest possible channels and in-powers me with the authority to request the aid and protection of any Imperial forces that I may encounter. I ask that you escort me to Rihad with all due haste". Replied the messenger decisively without flinching, like all professionals even messengers had pride.

The Imperial soldiers examined the paper from afar but did not presume to handle it for the moment before returning his gaze to the messenger. "You have my soldiers protection, but if I may I would ask you a few questions; first why you avoided the Imperial-Highway if indeed in the service of our lords and masters. In addition, may I examine the message to authenticate your claims?".

The Nord's eyes narrowed, lightly wounded or not he was still bleeding quite badly and here was this petty officer playing 20 question with him? "I specifically avoided the Imperial Highway because I was instructed to do so and avoid the preying eyes of...certain factions, I am afraid I cannot per those orders hand over this message to anyone other then the Commander of the 10t legion General Amir Shazly. Now I am tired and wounded, may we proceed to Rihad and leave this business to the appropriate channels?"

The soldiers around the Nord inexplicably laughed at these words, even the elder soldier betrayed a glint of amusement in his eyes.

"I am the man which you seek Nord, I am Amir Shazly General and commander of the 10th legion, son of Abbas and brother of Gamal who is the Master for War in the kingdom of Sentinel". Said Amir, showing his ring of office to the messenger before removing the scroll from his hands without resistance.

A few long minutes passed as the general read the scroll, the soldiers betrayed several nervous and excited stares as if they had some idea of what was about to happen next.

"Centurion, give the messenger a new horse and bandage his injuries, make sure he is well attended once we return to camp"
Said the general to the soldier to his right.

"Yes sir, may I ask what are our new orders?"
Said the Centurion gesturing towards the scroll.

The general relented a small smile "You may, instruct all the officers upon our return to camp; all outgoing seaworthy ships in Rihad harbor will be impounded until further notice. We are to assemble our forces and set sail to Anvil at dawn, local garrison forces will enact a curfew in the entire city for the next 48 hours. No one can know of our arrival to Cyrodil until the Elder Council officially sanctions it".