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Ophelia Jinxal

"Fire in its most pure form is truly a beautiful sight."

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a character in “To Grant Liberty”, as played by Ashmotal



Name: Ophelia Jinxal
Alias: Jinxie
Age: 63
Gender: Female
Race: Elf

Equipment: A long Metal Staff. Handmade Black fire resistant Bandages which she wraps around her hands and feet. A big satchel she has with her at all times.

Personality: Ophelia is a realist. She doesn't accept jokes. Everything to her is a real statement. Even in the most sarcastic tone. She's serious, but she is also kind at times and open minded.

Biography: Ophelia was born to a very strict family. They told her what to believe and what to wear, and how to do everything she did. She never questioned and obeyed everything she told to do. This made her very like able by parents growing up. She was always reprimanded when she asked a stupid question, so she always kept them to herself. Ophelia seemed to struggle with most forms of magic, except Fire magic. She picked it up as if she was practicing her whole life. So from a teenager on her parents focused on training her in the aspects of fire. Teaching her its weakness, its strengths and uses. She's a professor to date. Teaching classes on the power of Fire, and its nature, and origin. She is powerful Magic user who doesn't mess around.

Appearance: Ophelia carries a face that always seem to form a scowl. She is relatively short when compared to most of her kind, but she packs just as hard if not a harder punch. Ophelia has slender shoulders, but she holds them high as she does with her head. She has a slender figure, hardly any fat on the woman. You'd swear she almost didn't eat at all. The Elf had distinct tattoos on her face that held the symbols of her family, and her goals. Its something all her family has held. On her hands and feet you'll always find her wearing black fire resistance bandages. She doesnt wear shoes normally, just lets her bandages show. She has bright green eyes, that once held curiosity. Now they hold knowledge and power. Her hair is short and barely falls past her neck, always parted in the center. So her tattoo's are always visible.

So begins...

Ophelia Jinxal's Story


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"And that is why you must always be in complete control of your emotions when dealing with this element." The Elf woman's voice was sharp, and instructive. Projected so that the whole class of Forty Elven students. She stopped a moment to listen to the sound of pens quickly writing down what she had spoken. She brushed a strand of black hair from her face and gazed about the class, but started again. "To lose control, is to lose focus, to lose focus is to be unable to cast your spells. Then you lose any situation that causes you to use such magic. Magic is an art, not a tool. It must be mastered,not used. Remember this and you will go far in my class." She smiled up at the faces that smiled back at her. "That'll be all for today class, if you have any questions please do not hesitate." She turned, the sounds of shuffling feet and, the gathering of materials filling the air. She sat down at her desk staring at the papers that awaited her. She was really getting piled with work this year, first several new students, and now she has to organize a festival of sorts? Absurd.

She was about to begin writing when a Young Male elf with short blonde hair walked up to her desk, with his Naturan that looked to be part goat. A very fragile creature with silver hair. "Miss Jinxal?" The boys gentle, but curious voice rang. Music to Ophelia's ears.

"Mr. Louis i've told you several times its Professor now." She said seriously shuffling papers about on her desk. "Was there a question you had?" She looked up at him, her gaze shifting from him to his nervous looking Naturan.

"Er, actually I had a more personal question. What do you think about Naturans? Everyone seems to be worried that they want their independence and all that nonsense. Arent you worried a little bit?" He looked at Ophelia with such concern she couldnt help but chuckle lightly.

"My, my Mr Louis what an odd question. As a teacher I am not allowed to answer that." She looked down at her watch and waited for a minute. "Oh my seems its time for me to head home. Now that I am no longer your teacher for the day, I can tell you that I just wish the whole mess would blow over. Mr. Louis, they are creatures with the ability to think, process information, and grow. They are every bit as humanoid as us, now having said that I am no sympathizer. I am not against them either. I am a neutral party that will fight for no side." She stood up collecting her things in her satchel and smiling at the boy. "I would not worry about it so much my dear friend. Just remember to do unto others as you wish done to you. Others includes your dear, frightened friend here. Now then I really have business I must get to Mr. Louis. Have a good day, and i'll expect that paper I told you about on my desk first thing tomorrow morning." With that Ophelia walked out of her class room. She admired the halls as she walked through them, such a large university this one was. The highest rated academy in the nation, and she was the lead fire teacher. Truly an honor she never thought of receiving, but she was proud of. Once she made it outside she looked about and made her way home, hoping not to run into any trouble on the way there.

The setting changes from Neryas to Vistara


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Sitting in a park the Elven Woman leaned over an open book. Sat nicely in a park bench. Ophelia stared down at the material she'd already gone over, and made sure she made no errors in her lesson today. What fun one it was, perhaps not to some, but to her every lesson was the best. To pass long her knowledge of the flame was something Ophelia had reamed of, and for it to be a reality, was surreal. Skimming she found no visible errors, and continued peacefully until she felt a shadow drape over her. A tall shadow, with a grin on its face she could not see but she knew it was there. She let out a sigh as a tall and lanky elf took the rest of the bench up. He placed his arm around her shoulders and grinned at her. She could do nothing to this man, who was in a much higher position than her. "Dean Charles, t-to what do I owe the pleasure?" She stuttered, she always had to watch her tongue around this man. This selfish, greedy, idiot of a man. He pulled her close to him, and let his hands explore her body, mainly her chest.

He finally spoke in a higher pitched voice of a snake. "Why, you know I always look forward to getting to know you my dearest Ophelia." He snickered and grinned. He looked down at her and licked his lips.

Ophelia just shook her head and said what she always did. "Sir, our relationship is strictly professional. It would not be appropriate to try and connect on an emotional level." She gulped and tried to pull away, but was stuck in the mans much stronger grip.

He stroked her hair and chuckled. "As I recall your no longer a teacher at this hour. That IS what you told that young man, isnt it?" He chuckled darkly. "You know my offer still stands, Ophelia."

"Sir-" She stammered and this time used a bit of force to tug herself away. "While I apreciate the offer, I cannot marry you."

"Oh? And why is that? You give me that every time, but with no reason. What is the deal? I have money, power, looks, and I control your salary." He brought his long finger to Ophelia's chin and had their eyes meet. "What more do you want?"

She pushed him away slightly and looked back to her books, not wanting to see him any longer. "I want someone who would treat me as a person, not an object. I am sorry sir, but we are on a strictly professional relationship." She gathered her things and stuffed them roughly in her satchel. "I'll have no more of this. See you at work tommorrow, Dean." She started walking when he called after her.

"You will come with me," The words left him with lustful eyes and a disgusting grin. "Sooner or later Ophelia, I love you."

Ophelia huffed and continued walking. She needed to go to the market, she'd have no more of this. Always her, always harrassing her. Why couldnt she do anythign about it? She threw her arms up in the air and growled. So bothersome that Dean Charles. She'd made her way to the market and was about to stop for a basket of Apples, when she saw a Naturan woman fall off her bicycle. After seeing little reaction from others she made her way over and looked over the woman. "Are you okay? Did someone push you?" The Elven woman was always quick to help, but unsure what to do outside of combat situations.


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Amarette watched the activity around her, eyes watching each and every thing with careful precision. Much like the creature her family came from, she knew when to stay out of the way. For a small girl like her, a situation with a human and an elf mixed in wouldn't go well once more naturan crowded together. Gods forbid they think that three naturan together were some sort of uprising. Annoying.


The reptilian naturan girl had come flying in at a high speed. Obviously late, probably to one of the slave-like jobs naturan had to hold. It made her fur stand on end when she thought about it. Enslaved, paid next to nothing, mistreated and abused at every opportunity, and people were surprised the naturan acted out?

But those WERE some of her brethren over there, and she could pick out the human male she'd come with searching for her in the crowd. And the naturan girl was very pretty. So, with little flourish, Amarette stood, and stalked over to the gaggle all surrounding the bike, face scrunched into a sad expression.

"Oh, goodness!" she mewed, "that was quite a nasty fall! Are you alright, miss? You must be pretty late, to be going that fast!" Pulling her lips into a smile, she swished her tail beneath her skirt and glanced over to the rabbit. "Or maybe just excited to meet our little local celebrity here. I know I am!"


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((Sorry for the late post, work has been kicking my butt hard this week!))

Charlie was vaguely aware of two sets of hands helping her up. The crocodile-naturan wheezed slightly as she stood up, taking a moment to let her body and mind to register the crash. Nothing felt hurt, but then again, she could be in shock. The young woman briefly looked herself over, finding that her only injuries were a scratched forearm and a scraped up shoulder. Whew, she thought to herself, that could have been a lot worse.
"I'm fine, thanks. I've got a tough hide," Charlie growled softly to Connor, warily watching the red-haired human wheel over her bike. The man had been polite to her so far but that did nothing to dispel her worry. Humans had this strange knack for being unpredictable, which Charlie realized was quite ironic coming from her.

The naturan woman murmured her thanks to the human as she took her bike back from him.
"It's an old Iron Paladin model, they used to be popular about forty years ago. I was lucky to find it in one piece," Charlie muttered as she inspected her bicycle, making a mental note that nothing seemed dented or broken so there must be something wrong with the front gear cluster that caused the crash, "The frame's fine even though it's rusted, I'll just need to take the clusters apart when I get home"

The crocodile-naturan turned pale, barely registering what Connor said to her. Maybe if she sprinted there she could still make it... Charlie stammered slightly, the young woman wasn't the best with words but she didn't want to ignore what the rabbit-naturan had said. "L-look, I don't think your ideas are bad, they've just...well, they've just made life a little complicated for some of us," Charlie blurted out as she hefted her bike onto her shoulder, noticing a young elven woman and a fox-naturan who had been sitting nearby rush over.

"Really, I'm fine. I've got a thick hide," She said nervously, backing away from the newcomers. There were too many people around her now; she was just a naturan, so why was everyone so concerned for her safety?
"Connor, it was nice meeting you but I'm going to lose my job if I stick around. Thanks for helping me up," Charlie turned on her heel and started to run from the plaza of the marketplace. Maybe there was still a chance that she could make it to the construction site! The crocodile-naturan had barely made it over the edge of the main square when the familiar little ringtone of her cell phone chirped out of her backpack. Sighing sadly, Charlie fished it out of her bag and prepared herself, clicking the 'answer' button as she held the phone away from her ear.
"Charlie here..."
The number of expletives and insults that her supervisor screamed out of her tiny phone could have made a sailor blush and she was fairly confident that most of the plaza had heard him ream her out. One thing was certain though, she was definitely and without a doubt, fired.


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Alex scratched at his beard thoughtfully. After thinking for a moment, he turns to Connor "I think I've seen her before at the construction site...word on the street is the foreman's not the nicest guy around. This would be as good a time as any to take more notes on behavior, so I think we should check this out Connor. Actually, seems like you got a fan here, so catch up when you can." he says, laughing as he ran after Charlie. Connor was about to object, but of course Alex just rushes on ahead without giving him a chance to speak, though more in a joking manner than not caring what he had to say.

Connor sighs, looking at Amarette "Celebrity is a bit much...I'm probably more of a public nuisance than a celebrity around here." he says. He was thinking about what Charlotte had said. He knew he had made life complicated for a lot of naturan recently and that was definitely not something he was proud of, but the fact that she still thought his ideas had merit made him feel slightly better. "I've made life pretty hard for a lot of naturan with my outburst back then. I don't want to make things worse than they already are. At the same time though, I don't want them to stay the way they are. I can't decide what I want to do." he runs his hand through his hair in frustration. "Sorry, I'm rambling. I have to go meet with my friend, the big guy that just ran off. Yes, he is my friend even though he's human." he turns around. He pauses for a moment before turning back to Amarette "You can follow if you want." he said. He starts to walk off, hoping she would actually follow since he didn't want anyone to take advantage of her flirtatious act. He had heard far too many stories of naturan trying to attract the rich and powerful in an attempt to make their lives easier. None of those stories ever ended happily.

Meanwhile, Alex finds the construction yard as he's approached by a worker "Sir you can't be here!" he shouts to him. Alex pulls out his ID "Major Alexander Maximus Brullen. I'm here to investigate some rumors. If you see a brown haired rabbit naturan, let him pass too. He's with me." he says. The worker nervously and quickly salutes "I-I'm sorry sir! You may pass." he steps aside. Alex walks passed, eyes scanning the area for any sign of Charlotte or the foreman. He takes note of the naturan workers. "Bags under their eyes...about to collapse from exhaustion and it's not even nine yet. This isn't right." he mutters to himself as he continues his search.