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Addison "Addie" Clarke

Audrey grew up on the outskirts of Boston in a pretty suburban area. She moved to Boston itself when she was accepted to the art school there, were she became an art major. Audrey has always been a softie for all animals and can’t let a stray go homeless.

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a character in “To Keep From Getting Burned”, as played by Evermour


Character Profile


Name: Audrey Lawrence
Age: 24
Race: Witch
Gender: female
Orientation: down for whatever
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120
Profession: web designer, digital artist



Hair Color: lavender
Hair Style: long and wavy
Eye Color: blue
Significant Markings:
Clothing wears a lot of flannel shirts and sweaters
Extra: gauges on the smaller side.


  • Animals
  • tea
  • art
  • Hot weather
  • mushrooms
  • animal abuse
  • scary movies
  • Empathy
Weaknesses/ Fears:
  • Stubborn
  • afraid of being kidnapped
  • awkward

Provide a summary of how the character acts towards others. No limit, because personality can be discovered through the art of Role-Playing.


  • Able to shapeshift and communicate with certain animals such as a Red Fox, cat, wolf, dog, and crow

(No limit. User discretion)


So begins...

Addison "Addie" Clarke's Story


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“Excuse me, Sorry.. Sorry.. I’m so sorry..”, Addie apologized as she dodged officers and members in the halls of the Sanctuary. She couldn’t believe it. Her first call in and she’s late. Kyra warned her, and she was still late. As she rushed, the girl tucked a chunk of her odd colored hair behind her ear and squinted at her phone. “Where the fuck even is this room..?”, she muttered to herself.

“Oof!”, It was like she walked into a brick wall. Addie looked up to see a tall man in uniform, who didn’t look too pleased. “Sorry, sir..” She started. “I’m looking for Commander Irongate’s office..” The man shook his head and pointed down the hall. “Room on your left.”, was all he said before walking off.

Addie reached the door and slowly opened it, making it creak loudly. Biting her lip she hurried over to Krya’s side. The room was filled with unfamiliar faces other than her redhead friend. Addie couldn’t speak. Embarrassment and nervous made her stomach turn.


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Excitement bubbled up within Addie. Her first mission! She could hardly believe it! The goofy grin on her face couldn’t be controlled.

“No problem! Easy peasy! We’ll get it done in record time. You can count on us, boss!”, she said with her chin raised and her arms crossed across her chest.


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The Aasimar looked at his four group mates, knowing that he had to make some sort've bond.

"I've seen all of you in this Sanctuary, but I've never actually met you all in person. So, if you guys want, we can all sorta give a quick description of eachother?"

The Aasimar was definetly sure that his english wasn't the best, and perhaps the two female groupmates would just leave. However, he still wanted to atleast make this whole mission somewhat enjoyable.