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Shay Arnell


0 · 683 views · located in NORTH AMERICA

a character in “TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY”, as played by AvalonKnight



" How am I suppose to bring a baby into this world? "

Shay Alexis Arnell


September 28

Thirty Two


The Mother



Charlotte, North Carolina



H E I G H T & W E I G H T
5'4", 130lbs

Lean, Athletic, Pregnant


Dark Brown

Chocolate Brown

S C A R S ? T A T T O O S ?
She has scars on her wrists, X

X, X, X


Q U I R K S & H A B I T S
+ Cravings +
+ Cuddling with anything warm +
+ Hiccupping at random times +

- Experience with pistols
- Cooking
- Street Smarts
- Seamstress

F E A R S / W E A K N E S S E S
- Dying during child birth
- Being left alone
- Babies
- The world nowadays
- Almost everything

~ ON PERSON - Shoulder Bag ( plastic water bottle, 2 packs of dried fruit, book 'parenting for dummies', 4 packs for emergency flow sticks, radio, lighter, credit card, compact mirror, a box of 9mm ammo )

~ IN VEHICLE - A baby bag with a couple diaper's, formula and a bottle.


9mm Beretta


( Immature - Irrational - Stubborn - Afraid - Crybaby - Emotional )
Shay isn't the type of poison you think would survive the apocalypse. Even in her early thirties Shay is immature, acting like a teenager more then an adult. She's irrational and stubborn, the type of person who speaks before she thinks. She isn't the smartest person in the world, far from it actually, having failed high school. She's also a big crybaby, she could blame it on being pregnant, but really Shay just doesn't know how to cope with the world. She afraid of almost anything and though she may hate herself for it she isn't a hard cored person who can adapt easily to change. She's very soft and emotional.

Coca Cola
Being warm
Romance books
Hot guys
The Sick
The apocalypse

Charlotte, North Carolina

- Father : Jacob Arnell (63) Dead
- Mother : Cecilia Arnell (56)Dead
- Older Sister : Arden Arnell (42) Unknown
- Niece : Megan Hardy (12) Unknown
- Older Brother : Brandon Arnell (40) Unknown
- Sister in Law : Lauren Arnell (36) Unknown
- Nephew : Keith Arnell (5) Unknown
- Nephew : Mason Arnell (2) Unknown
- Boyfriend : Oliver Moore (36) Alive

Becoming pregnant was both a blessing and a curse.


When she realized she was pregnant during the apocalypse.



So begins...

Shay Arnell's Story


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~ Willow Haven ~

She knew what they would have to do. She had been making a plan ever since they ran from the safe zone. Years back when the safe zone was first made the Military had completely emptied out the city, storing everything at the safe zone. As one of the Head Doctor’s Willow was given access to the rooms where everything was stored. Food, water, weapons and tons of stuff that they would need to survive. The safe zone was once a two story highschool, but with the pandemic schools and education were quickly forgotten, but with the schools fences, space and multiply rooms which all required a key, the Military found it the perfect place. Willow had been given her own room to share with Vivian, but it had also functioned as her office. And in the office was the key she had been given. The same key that could open all the locked doors with supplies. It was their only option. All the buildings were emptied years ago and with all the Sick that roamed around the city wildlife tended to stay away.

“Let’s just go get some water, then we can figure out our food situation” Willow suggested. She didn’t wait for Shaw to answer but instead ventured forward. It was pure luck that they had found an RV lot. Hundreds of RV’s lined up, untouched except for dirt, rust and nature. Tall chain link fences surrounded the paved lot, though patches of pavement had been taken over by knee high grass. They made their way over to the chain fence and carefully climbed over. Shaw was already on the ground on the opposite side of the fence, being taller and stronger gave him an advantage Willow herself didn’t have. She was now at the top of the fence and was about to jump down when her pant leg got stuck. A ripping sound could be heard as she toppled over the fence, landing hard on her stomach. She wheezed as the wind got knocked out of her and she represent the groan of pain that begged to be released.

“Well that’s a crappy way to start my morning” she mumbled as she sat up and quickly inspected her leg. No skin had been cut but her jean’s now had a long rip all the way up to her knee. She cursed before staying up and picking up her backpack, which had fallen off of her when she fell. She then picked up the hooked machete, which had also escaped her grasp during the fall, and then started forward again. Beside the wind being knocked out of her and a slight headache she was fine. Quickly and quietly Willow and Shaw made their way towards the pond, Willow taking lead as Shaw flanked her. She took in her surrounds, always taking note of everything trying to detect any danger.

It has only been 4 years since everything went to shit but over those 4 years Mother Nature has almost completely reclaimed what was once hers. The buildings were wrapped in vines and roots, grass breaking apart chunks of concrete. Garbage still fluttered around, plastic bags and wrappers that couldn’t break down. Tree saplings sat everywhere and Willow had to suppress a giggle that bubbled in her throat at the sight of a baby sapling growing sideways on a bus stop. For some reason she found it cute but she’s sure Shaw wouldn’t share her point of view, so she kept it to herself. They had stopped a few Sick on their journey but they easily avoided them, taking alleyways and shortcuts through buildings. It took them a good 45 minutes to reach the pond. Bright green algae rested on the top of the water. Willow knelt down and removed her backpack, unzipping it and taking out the water purifier pump and her canteen. She cleared a spot of water, moving the algae away with her finger.

“So Shaw I kinda have a plan that could get us a lot of supplies but its risky and if you don’t want to come that completely understandable but I’ve been planning for days….” Willow sighed, reluctant to tell him her very understand but completely stupid plan.

“I think we should go back to the safe zone. Not to stay but we could get all the supplies we need and they have weapons there. It takes active spores 2 days to settle and become dormant. Well its been over 2 days now since we left so the spore’s won’t be a problem. And if there are Sick there we could sneak around them. As one of the Head Doctor’s there I was given an office and a master key, which will unlocked all the locked doors with supplies in them. The military cleared out all the buildings in Seattle years ago and with all the Sick around no wildlife will come within 5 kilometers of this place. Now I’m thinking its still early and the air is brisk meaning all the Sick, like the ones we placed on the way here, are going to be in a state that is similar to sleep. It’s the perfect time to go there and grab what we need then get out of the city” Willow took in a deep breath, having said all that in one breath. She finished up gathering water and put everything back into her bag before slinging it over her shoulder and standing up.

“I’m going even if you aren’t so are you with me?”


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~ Willow Haven ~

She had a feeling he would say that. But being the stubborn woman she was Willow simply took it as is. She didn't want a team with her, two people was enough but with the whole group there were too many possibilities for mistakes. She was a smart woman and had calculated and thought over very possibility. She knew asking Shaw was a long shot, even back when the safe zone was Sick free he was always withdrawn. She knew he didn't trust her but the thing was she didn't trust him neither. But she knew her plan would work and it would work with him or not. She just calculated that with an extra person she could bring back more supplies. They needed to get out of the city as soon as possible and with what little supplies they had a journey to anywhere would be difficult. So with a stern stance she stood her ground and didn't follow after Shaw but instead turned the other way. The abandoned safe zone was only a few miles away and if she could find a vehicle dealership on the way maybe she can jerry rig something that could last her the trip. Of course she would have to find a way to get gas. You would think it would be easy with all the abandoned car's but gas in vehicle's tanks will break down in time or go old. But the military had vehicle's so they most have stored up and put fuel stabilizer in it to keep it fresh. That gives her the possible of actually getting a military van, which could help her carry more supplies. The plan sounded easy enough but to actually execute it perfectly she would have to rely on stealth and the fact that the Sick were at the moment dormant. What the general public didn't know was that the Sick weren't dead, well at least not their bodies. While the mind could never be restored the host's body is very much alive, the fungus the clung inside and out of the host supplied both food by photosynthesis and absorbed water into the hosts body by moisture and rain. And like every human the host must sleep to stay alive. So in a sense you didn't need to target a certain part of the body of the Sick for they died from any injure just like people. They also did age and.....they can breed and produce offspring. As sickening as it is they reproduced just like any other animal. A couple years ago she had gone out with the military looking for survivor's and that is when they stumbled upon a mass of Sick mating and birthing. She had seen the birth of a creature that should never exist. The offspring of the Sick looked more like the classic zombie then its parents but far worse. Willow remembered the chunks of her lunch she had upchucked on Ryan after what she had witnessed.

Willow kept moving toward the safe zone, Shaw long gone and the building now in sight. The area looked untouched by Sick but she knew better. So with quick but quiet steps she climbed over the tall fences, managing not to fall this time. Rumble crunched under her boot clad feet as she made her way around the side of the school where the vehicles were parked. Her office was on the second floor along with the supply rooms. Quietly Willow opened the side door, the sound being louder then she hoped. She listened for a few minutes in case one of the Sick heard. Once she knew it was safe she quickly made her way through. She was correct. The Sick just stood there, unmoving, as she crept by them and made her way up the stairs. In the immediate room just by the stairs she counted twenty Sick, but she also noticed the dead bodies and dried blood that littered the area. Her grip on her blade tightened as sweat started to gather on her brow. She was scared. Anyone would be, but she had to fight through the fear and keep going. A breath of relief stuck in her throat as she reached the second floor but she refused to let it slip though as she slowly walked to her office. The wooden door thankfully made no sound as she opened it and walked in, instantly going to her desk and getting the keys from the top drawer.

Halfway done. She then made her way to the supply rooms. She decided just to go to the biggest one, which was the library. She unlocked and opened the door and locked it behind her. Fallen books littered the area and duffel bags of supplies now sat on the shelves. Each bag was organized and labeled but Willow quickly went to the far corner where the weapons were stored. It looked as though the Military had used alot of the weapons during the spore release, that or they had taken alot when they left cause only a duffel bag of ammo, a military sniper rifle with a suppressor attached, a few berretta's and a shotgun were left alongside a couple blades. She gathered up the 3 duffels that were left over, 2 labeled food and 1 labeled medicine, then 2 blue water jugs full of water. She stuffed the shot gun, blades and berretta's into the duffel full of ammo and put the rifle over her shoulder. Lastly she gathered the 5 large jerry cans and the few small jugs of gas stabilizer. This hull with be enough for them to get out of the city. She went to the window right beside her stack and opened it. The weather was getting warmer meaning the Sick would wake soon. She took her rope from her backpack and tied it around the straps of the duffels, the water jugs and jerry cans together then slowly and with struggle lowered it from the second story window and onto the grass covered ground outside, hidden behind one of the over grown brushes. She then let the rope drop with it and made her way towards the library door. She froze though when she heard the unmistakable sound of gun fire from down stairs. Then the shriek of dying Sick and the laughter of living human males.

'Shit I think those Scavenger's are back, I forgot about them' she cursed mentally, slowly backing away from the locked door. She heard footsteps making their way up the stair's. She quietly scurried away and hide behind a book shelf, reluctantly readying the sniper rifle which was now tightly in her grasp. She didn't want to kill these men but that's just the thing. Their men. And men nowadays took fortune when they found a lone woman. A shudder ran down her spine as she listened. She knew instantly they had no females with them. But no matter what she didn't regret coming here, even if she was alone. She had gotten what they needed and would get out of here to get those supplies to her group. What sounded like a growl rumbled in her throat as she heard the sound of a door being kicked in. Thanking god it wasn't the library door Willow made her way back to the open window and peered out. Sighing she shouldered her gun and put her blade in her pack before slinging her leg over the window, one leg now danging outside.

' You will be fine its not that far of a jump' she told herself before taking in a deep breath and flinging herself out the window. The fall was quick but not painless. The bushes broke her fall but the squeak of pain she tried to suppress leaked from her throat. With no time to consider the pain that her body was going through she stood and dragged her supplies to the only van. It was hard but she got it all in and climbed into the driver's seat. Another benefit of being a Head Doctor was that she, along with all Military, got a set of keys to one vehicle. She was given the keys to the only van in the compound, since there was only 3 vehicles in the whole lot. She quickly started up the van and without hesitation floored the gas. The van lurked forward towards the gate of the fence. The gate flung open as she crashed into them. A couple men, who had been keeping guard outside, shot at the van one of the bullets piercing the driver window and grazing her arm. She had never been shot before but even a graze hurt like a bitch. She pushed the gas down more and shot off. The sound of male shouting soon decreased but Willow didn't take her chances and instead parked a couple miles away from the RV. She then dragged her supplies across the grassy ground. She had stumbled across a couple sick and with reluctance beheaded them with her blade, making sure to use her uninjured arm so not to get the sick's blood mixed with her's. She left terrible but she knew she would have to. At least she didn't kill any of those men. She sighed in relief as she reached the fence surrounding the RV lot. She saw Roy sitting on the grass outside the RV, a bottle of booze in hand. She sat on the grass beside the fence and leaned against it, taking in a big breath.

"Hey you wanna give me some of that?" Willow asked Roy, unsure if he even noticed her. There was no way she was getting any of this supplies over the fence by herself. She glanced down at her bleeding arm and ripped her long sleeved shirt, which was already torn and wrecked, and wrapped it around the flesh wound. She took in the state of her body. Besides a few cuts, scrapes and bruises she would be fine, the fall from the window not being as bad as she thought it would be.

"If you aren't going to share can you atleast tell the others to come help me with these supplies?" she questioned Roy.


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[ Shay Arnell ]

Shay's eyes reluctantly fluttered open as day light streamed through the windows and right into her eyes. All she wanted to go was stay curled up against Oliver's warm back but as she was about to do so a small voice called out "Willow?". Shay groaned and sat up only to immediately spot the little girl who was with the doctor. Glancing around she noticed that besides the teenager, Oliver and the little girl everyone else was gone. She saw a few apples sitting on the table and one was even sitting beside her on the bed. She could only guess the drunk Roy had something to do with that.

"Willow?" the little girl, Vivian if Shay remembered correctly, whimpered again. Shay groaned and got out of her comfortable and warm position and stood. Vivian's warm chocolate looked up at her as she neared the small girl.

"Don't worry kid I'm sure the Doc just went to get some fresh air" Shay told her but Vivian just looked more worried as she started to fiddle with the end of her pink pajama shirt, which was littered in rainbows and hello kitty.

"Why don't you just go and color or something" Shay asked trying to dismiss the little girl without bluntly saying to go away. Vivian only nodded her head, the strawberry curls swaying as she did, and walked back towards the bunk beds and climbed back into her bed. Jeez Shay really wasn't ready to be a mommy. Curse you Oliver for not using a fucking condom! Shay instantly shot a glare to the snoring lump of man laying in bed. With a groan Shay walked out of the RV, dressed in only a pair of blue short shorts and a tank top but she didn't care. She instantly saw Roy sprawled out on the grass and Shaw just in the distance but a female voice drew her attention toward the fence. Shay instantly gasped as she saw Willow leaning against the chain link fence, body dirty and bloody while a pull of stuff sat beside her.

"Holy shit Doc, what the fuck did you do to yourself?" Shay shrieked as she worried about the woman.


"I'm fine Shay there is no reason to worry, the important thing is that I got supplies" Willow calmly told her the raging woman as she stood to her feet.

"Your fucking bleeding woman! that isn't okay!"
Shay spat angrily. She hated seeing people hurt and not giving a shit about it. It pissed her off cause she knew if she was in Willow's position she would be pissing herself in fear and balling her eyes out.

"SHAW! ROY! Get your asses over here and help!"


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|Oliver Moore|

Oliver was in and out of sleep the entire night, hell he couldn't remember the last time that he actually had slept through the entire night. This place was cramped but he could deal with that. It was how safe they were that was the actual concern and waking up to a half empty RV where the only other person up was a child was less than reassuring. Shays scream was what got him out of bed as he instinctively rolled off of the bed hitting the floor boots first. Grabbing his crowbar he shot out the door like a bat out of hell prepared to fight anything, something.

“What is it?” He asked blinking away the sun which revealed it to simply be Willow in need of some assistance with a bag. “Shit, I thought we were being attacked.” He added sliding the crowbar through his front belt loop as he walked over to the fence. “Let’s see here.” He dragged off grabbing the bottom of the fence and pulling. Lucky for them the fence was weak enough to easily be manipulated with a couple of tugs. With a large enough gap Oliver helped Willow through along with the supplies. “Where’d you get this stuff?” He questioned throwing it over his shoulder as he walked back to the RV.

Settling the bag on the table inside the RV he went over to his things and grabbed the canteen from his bag sitting back in one of the chairs taking a few small swigs to get the morning taste he had out of his mouth. Stretching out his legs hearing an audible crack coming from his joints that continued as he rolled his knuckles across his legs cracking them as well. This entire situation was new for Oliver and any other time he would have taken off by now. He never liked relying on others and hated to be relied on but he couldn't lave now. Things went from bad to worse for him, story of his life. This whole thing with the world going to shit he could live through, a baby was a whole 'nother deal. You can't raise a kid in a world like this. He flicked his eyes to Willow's sister finding himself thinking about what could happen but quickly pushed the thoughts out of his mind grabbing one of the apples that rested on the table.


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#, as written by lukie_
{ Erin Hart }

The movement in the RV told her that she wasn’t the only one awake anymore. How long had she just been lying there doing nothing now? She’d been thinking so much about everything that she hadn’t even noticed the apple that now lay beside her. Erin sat up and reached out for it, wondering if it was really there or not. When her hand grabbed the fruit, she stopped. She hadn’t even seen who had distributed them. It was rude not to say thank you and she appreciated it, she just wanted to thank whoever got them. Erin wasn’t all the hungry yet, she supposed she still had a bit of time before the fruit went bad. She put it in her backpack and decided that it’d be better to eat when she actually felt hungry, rather than eating just for the sake of it.

Shouting from the outside of the RV reminds Erin that whether to eat an apple or not is her biggest problem. A blur of moment rushed through the vehicle, it shook a little. Erin couldn’t even figure out who had shout out of the door so quickly. She jumps to her feet, assuming that the Sick were out there, attacking them. Grabbing her baseball bat that she had ever so carelessly hammered nails into a long time ago, she gripped it tight. It was clear to her that she was the only one in the vehicle now…save for the little kid in the back.

Just a moment later, Erin heard some sort of talking and then Oliver entered the RV again with a bag, setting it down on the table. She lowered the baseball bat and put it down, realising now that it wasn’t an attack of some sort. Erin felt kind of silly for making such an assumption, she chuckled to herself. Jumping to the worst case scenario was something she did too often. She grabbed her backpack and exited the RV, just wanting to get some fresh air for a bit. Upon standing outside, she was greeted by the morning sun. There was some sort of commotion going on amongst the others, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to get involved. Hell, she wasn’t sure if she even could get involved, everyone always saw her as a ‘kid’ and would tell her to stay out of things, these people could be the same, she didn't know yet. It was one of the reasons why she missed her dad, he didn’t care that she was too young to be swinging at the Sick, and he made sure she could defend herself in case he ever couldn’t help her.

Erin simply watched the others, Willow seemed to be injured and Shay was fussing over her. She wondered what had happened, where Willow had gone to have been hurt. "SHAW! ROY! Get your asses over here and help!" Shay was yelling. Erin grew concerned that all this noise was going to attract some unwanted attention from either the Sick, or other desperate survivors. She hadn’t been called to help so she stayed where she was, looking at the horizon of a world she no longer knew.


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#, as written by devin
"Hey you wanna give me some of that?" Willow asked Roy, unsure if he even noticed her. There was no way she was getting any of this supplies over the fence by herself. She glanced down at her bleeding arm and ripped her long sleeved shirt, which was already torn and wrecked, and wrapped it around the flesh wound. She took in the state of her body. Besides a few cuts, scrapes and bruises she would be fine, the fall from the window not being as bad as she thought it would be.

"If you aren't going to share can you atleast tell the others to come help me with these supplies?" she questioned Roy.

He walked over to the fence, and smiled at her. "Yeah, take a smash. Looks like someone had a little too much fun today." She took a small hit from the bottle, and gagged accordingly. The second he had the bottle back in his hand, Shay appeared, she seemed to be having a conniption.

"SHAW! ROY! Get your asses over here and help!"

"My ass is right here." He said, looking back at her. She was fretting quite a bit, must've been motherly instinct or some shit like that. He wasn't concerned with her, or anyone else here, really. He knew what they though of him, and he couldn't have cared less. Oliver made his way over, and bent the bottom half of the fence up, leaving enough room for Willow and her supplies to come through.

Roy looked at her for a second, and motioned her to follow him. She complied. "So, what the fuck happened? And why the fuck wouldn't you have asked for some backup. It doesn't matter now, just don't be a dipfuck next time eh?" He handed her the bottle again, after taking a fairly large swig for himself. "I got some pie today, You like blueberry or apple?"

He wasn't usually one to give a fuck, but she was a nice girl. Even when they were in the city, she was always watching out for everyone else. Most of his time there was spent brewing moonshine illegally, but, he did notice some things. He knew Oliver and Shay had been a thing for a good minute. He knew Willow had more concern for everyone else than she did for herself, which was completely fucked in his opinion. Thomas had a few odd similarities to Roy, and they had spoken on a few occasions. And Erin, of course, was just a kid. Innocent, sweet. This was a terrible set of circumstances to grow up in.

"You know, Willow, sometimes life’s a bitch, ’cause if it was a slut, it’d be easy."


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#, as written by Akantha
Shaw strode towards the RV and even though he didn't immediately hear footsteps, he continued. He figured she would come eventually. After he had trekked ten minutes or so he paused beside the overhand of a small shop and peered behind him listening for the soft feminine footfalls of his companion. Two minutes pass before he cursed under his breath and palmed his face in frustration. Leave it to a stubborn woman to do something stupid like raiding a sick, infested hospital. He quickly doubled back, taking a different path than the two he had already taken for the day.

Shaw crouched next to the soft dirt of the pond. He eyed the stirred grass that made a barely noticeable path away from the pond. "Shit." He cursed once again. He refused to go after the woman. There was no way he was risking his life for that stubborn beast. Her stern eyes flashed in an image in his mind. He glanced around him before cursing one more time and standing to head towards the old safe zone. He wouldn't risk his life but he could at least check the perimeter to see if she made it out.

Shaw had run the perimeter facing the RV five times now and his lungs struggled to keep up with his pace. Worry was beginning to set in and he willed his mind to accept that it was useless to keep searching. Gunshots made him duck for a hiding spot beside a city dumpster and freeze. He pulled his bow from around his shoulders and kept it at his side ready. He listened and the air was dank with rotten smells, almost sweet from whatever was in the dumpster beside him. Silence met his ears before another few rounds rang out in the distance again. He tensed before slipping out of his hiding place and towards the main street. It took him a few minutes but eventually he peered around the building he was pressed against to see a group of men pushing each other and playing around. One of them was clearly the leader as he radiated cockiness. It would be the death of him. Shaw glanced down the other side of the street and saw nothing strange except the dead lumbering towards the group. Shaw shook his head and backed away from the scene. It was no use. If the sick hadn't snagged Willow, those men had probably killed her. A pang of guilt hit him hard but he turned away to go back the way he came.

Shaw crouched in what used to be a park. The grass reached to his waist when crouched and it was definitely thriving off of not being cut and maintained. The cement had been broken and cracked enough that there was no real path. Here, it was clear that at least some wildlife could eke out a life in the park. Shaw counted on that.

Thirty minutes had passed by the time movement caught his eye and he raised his head, excited to get some action finally. His muscles had just started to burn and his shirt was just beginning to dry from the running he had done earlier. A scrawny buck picked it's way through the grass nibbling at the fronds. This would be paradise for a traveling deer and he had the look of that kind of creature. It's eyes were shifty and its footsteps cautious as if it had been frightened mighty deeply. It's ears were constantly up listening for sound. It's tail flicked in anxiety even in the oasis in ate lunch in. Shaw drew the arrow and felt his muscles protest from the movement after being still for so long. Shaw aimed so slowly it seemed as if he were taking ten years for each centimeter he moved. Finally he centered his aim on the bucks' chest right between the shoulder and front. When the bow released the arrow whistled causing the buck to startle but the arrow struck him in the leg and he fell grunting loud enough to make Shaw nervous. He approached and quickly silenced the scrawny little buck with his dagger and slit it's belly and picked up the leg giving it some elevation to begin the bleeding process. He didn't want to drag the thing all the way to the RV with fresh blood trailing behind him.

It took a while of tense waiting but eventually the blood congealed and stopped dripping. Shaw tossed the deer over his shoulder and started the jog back to the RV. It weighed a decent amount but it was bearable with small breaks every now and then. His muscles cramped but it was the least he could do for the group. He may not risk his life but he could keep them alive if they were smart enough.

Shaw neared the RV area and frowned at the amount of noise coming from it. He had tossed the body over the fence and followed suit and had noticed the noise level then but had hoped it was his imagination. Guess not. Shaw stomped up to the group standing near the fence opposite the direction he was coming from. He was sure some of the bucks blood had dried on his left shoulder and cheek plus the sweating and running around in the dirty city was making him look savage. "What the hell-" He froze, eyes falling on Willow. He spluttered and dropped the carcass before dashing up to her and leaning down to her height, shouldering past the others. He knew there was a storm of emotions in his eyes but he couldn't help it. He had thought she was dead from her own stupidity. He wasn't even completely sure whether to be angry and tell her off or just be glad she was safely back. He gently grasping her jaw and peered at the tiny cuts and smudges on her face before releasing her and peering at her arms by lifting each arm to inspect the pale skin. "You're safe." He grumbled almost in question. He was happy but more worried about her than anything. He stepped away from her after he was sure everything was okay and glared at her. "That was dumb of you. If you had just waited you wouldn't have had to even go through.." He faltered, crossing his arms over his chest, as he was unsure if he wanted to tell her that he had followed her after the fact. He gave up. "Those men and the others. They could have killed you." He voice lowered as he remembered thinking she was dead and the anger flared up in response to his own guilt. He turned back towards the door to the RV but paused mid-step and sighed. "Shay." He tried more softly, knowing the other woman didn't deserve an attitude. "Can you get her cleaned up? She can use my spare water bottle . I.." He balked at having to say it and switched his wording, "-can get some more if need be. I'll get some supplies you brought in Willow. Thanks for getting them. Also, I got us something to eat. I don't want us to waste the dried resources since we can save those for an emergency where we can't hunt or scavenge." He headed towards his bag in the RV and pulled out a water bottle three-fourths full and brought it back out to the group setting it near Willow along with his spare clean cloth, which had been saving for such a situation for himself, before striding away with a scowl.

Shaw brought one of the bags in from under the fence where he suspected one of the others had made a hole and set them next to the RV. He didn't know if Willow wanted them sorted out and stored elsewhere and the other supplies he was sure Roy or Oliver who had probably already helped a bit could get the rest. Honestly, he had to admit she had gotten some very valuable things. He stared at the bags before shuffling over to the buck with a growl. It pissed him off that she hadn't waited but there was nothing he could do but work on what he was used to. He fixed a pit and gathered some wood after another trip under the fence through the hole. Sweat began to soak his shirt again and he huffed as he worked to light the fire. As several minutes of him growling obscenities and frustration he managed to get it lit with some stone and serious friction. With that done he moved to the carcass next. Shaw leaned down next to the carcass and began gutting it. He didn't like having to gut it so close to the RV but he'd remove the guts and unused parts from the area by digging a hole deep enough to cover them and the smell after he finished. Once all that was done in an efficient and quick manner, he got the meat stripped, he put the little bit of meat he could salvage on some thicker sticks and set them next to the fire that had gotten started enough to hold its own for a while. Shaw peered down into the flames as exhaustion licked at his mind. Instead of going for sleep inside though he sat down next to pit and leaned his elbows on his knees, content to simply close his eyes and listen to the crackle of the flames every now and then as the day moved around him.