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Elysia Knight

"Scars are something that make people"

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a character in “Together We Stand”, as played by Surfergirl


Name: Elysia Knight
General information:
Power: Electrokinesis is the psychic power to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind. Users are able to absorb, conduct, generate and manipulate electricity, which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges and electric currents,
Status: Hero Recruit
Face claim: Britt Robertson
Sexuality: While Elysia states she is Heterosexual, she will admit to kissing girls as well as becoming sexually attracted towards them whilst under the influence of alcohol.
Physical Appearance:
Elysia had never considered her self to be beautiful, she would admit that she thought she was pretty but never beautiful. Even when her friends and family told her otherwise. Her eyes have always been something that she loved, they were ocean blue, her mother used to tell her they were that colour as she used to spend days watching the sea whilst she lived at home, her blue eyes complimented her blonde hair well, which she adored. Her hair fell to just above her bust, she would normally wear it curly but on some occasions she wore it straight. Since she is rather pale her eyes seems to stand out more against her face.

She wouldn't class her self as a tall person. She wouldn't even class herself as average height, She is actually rather short only standing at 5' 2½. She has a petite and slender figure, if you were to only look at her face you would say she had a clear complexion with not a scratch on her ivory skin. But looking under her clothes you would notice multiple scars across her body, some being there for years whilst others still looking rather recent.

She has a heart shaped face, with round apple cheeks which seem to fit in perfect proportion on her face. Her full pink lips always holding a soft smile, even if the smile is sometimes fake, it still holds some feeling. All though looking at her you wouldn't believe it but she rarely shows her true emotions, she always appears to have a smile on her face, not letting anything bother her.

Marks: Elysia has two tattoo's. One is on her ribs which is just a simple feather branching out into multiple other feathers going down her side. Whilst the other tattoo is on her wrist of a wolf howling up towards the moon.

As for scars, Elysia has a lot of them, although they are in the majority of places that are covered with clothes so no one would raise suspicion if she were to wear shorts or t-shirts. Most of the scars are either from knifes being cut into her skin, burn marks and some even whip marks.
General clothing: Clothing wise, Elysia mainly wears clothes which she feels comfortable in, which can range from a pair of jeans on day so a pair or shorts or even leggings. But the majority of the time she does wear shorts with a tshirt. But she is never seen without a pair of converses on and a pair of fingerless gloves.

At first Elysia comes across as a rather quiet character, usually seen in a corner of the room ether reading a book, playing a game or watching television. If she's not inside she would most likely be outdoors sat in the sun's rays most likely reading. When meeting new people she is never the first to speak, she sits there silent. At first she seems rather awkward around new people, but once they begin talking to her and she feels more comfortable with the person she will begin to open up. But once she starts talking to someone she doesn't seem to stop, even babbling on with random and pointless conversations that you can't help but laugh at, she seems to always hold a smile on her face whilst she talks. Whilst the rest of the time she appears rather emotionless, like she is looking off into nowhere.

Although she doesn't appear it Elysia can come across rather violent, especially if she feels the need to protect something or someone. Or even if the person in the wrong has done something that she does not agree with. These violent tendencies can range from her having an argument with you, to her kicking them in the face or even electrocuting them.
Even though it takes a lot for her to trust someone, but once she has your trust you will never lose it. She will be loyal to someone until the end and finds it hard to believe someone would do something without a valid reason and would need proof of that person doing something wrong.

Likes: Chinese food, Anime, Video games, snakes, reading, the outdoors, wolves, freedom and most types of music.
Dislikes: Tomatoes, scary films, spicy food, pink, darkness.
Fears: Being tortured, Water. Spiders will actually make her pass out or cry. Being alone.
Weaknesses: -
Naturally with Elysia being able to generate electricity water would be one of her weaknesses. Causing her physical pain if covered in it whilst trying to use her powers.
-She is also unable to swim.
-Confined spaces cause her to have panic attacks, she also has panic attacks if she were to be blindfolded, gagged or even tied up.
-When she uses to much of her power she physically ill.
-Can use metal objects like bullets by creating parrell currents of electricity around them.
-Is able to increase and decrease to voltage of electricity she creates.
-Is quite flexible
-Is an accomplished computer hacker.
-Hand to hand combat

Elysia's upbringing is not a pleasant one to say the least. Up until her seventh birthday she lead a normal life with both of her parents, day trips to the beach, having movie nights with her parents whilst making forts out of pillows and blankets.
Elysia always knew her parents weren't the wealthiest people, but they always tried their best. But even their best wasn't good enough for them. She often heard them arguing late at night about money issues and debt, but the poor seven year old was unable to understand what any of this meant so it went straight over her head.

From a young age Elysia had always shown an affinity to electricity, random light flickering in the house when she cried, some times even exploding, TV's turning on and off. At first her parents thought it was nothing, but whenever they touched her they always seemed to receive an electric shock. They thought it was just static but as she got older things started to get weirder. Not only was light in the house flickering, so was the street lights whenever she walked past them. Her parents became afraid of their own child. A seven year old girl, scared her own parents. They didn't know what to do with her, so they just kept her in her room. Left her to do her own thing which usually meant playing with toys.

But one time a group of men and two women entered her room. She didn't know who they were but one of the ladies told her they were going to take her somewhere special. She thought she would be safe, how wrong was she. As she left the house with the group, she silently watched as her parents were handed over a briefcase of money, they sold out their only child. Elysia at first didn't understand what was going on. She didn't even know she was being sold out.
After a short journey in the car, they arrived at some sort of facility. It looked like a hospital of some sort but she was unable to recognise it. Following the group in, she was immediately taken to her new 'room'.
Her so called bedroom was a cell, all it had was a bed, a mirror and a little area to go toilet and wash her hands. It was worse than prison. The bed wasn't even a bed it was a mattress.
But before she could say anything, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck, the room slowly went blurry as she passed out into some random persons arms.

When she did eventually wake up, she found herself strapped to some sort of operating table, hands, feet, waist and even head restrained with some type of straps. From what she could see and feel, she had multiple wires attached to her body. Multiple men and women surrounded her in lab coats, a few were even holding clipboards. But before she could ask what was going on she suddenly felt a tingling sensation through her body, at first it just tickled. But the feeling increased, it kept increasing until her body couldn't hold the pain in anymore. Her body literally exploded with power, with her cries of pain, electricity seemed to rivet right off her body. Causing some of the members of staff electrocution if they were stood to close. Eventually one of the guys in the lab coats was able to get close enough to her without being electrocuted, he injected her with an sedative, causing her to become unconscious. Not only was that the first day they tested her. But that was also the first day they tortured her. With many more to come.

Over nine years, she went though nearly the same thing every single day. The people in the coats testing her limits, and when she was unable to take anymore or cried in pain they cut her. Her once clear skin now covered in multiple scars. Although not all of them were from them cutting her. Some were from burning her. Whilst other were from her getting whipped.
The testing was the easy bit though, the other part was the worst. They made her torture innocent people, people who were threatening the companies liability. Those poor innocent people were forced to endure the pain that she had to put up with, a pain that no one should ever be forced to feel.

Her first time she left the facility was also her last time she was ever there. One of the guards of her room forgot to lock the door properly, which allowed her to leave unnoticed. Finally being outside for the first time in years felt amazing, there was so much she wanted to do, so much she wanted to see. But first she had to find people like her. She had to find a way to make up for the pain that she caused those innocent people. She had heard about a group of 'Heroes' from the scientist inside the facility.

When she finally found the group, she felt more at home than she even did. They accepted her for all her faults and let her learn about everything she had ever missed. She was finally home.
Relationships: N/A

So begins...

Elysia Knight's Story

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Patrick Miller

Patrick woke up early in the morning, the sun had yet to surface over the Manhattan skyline. Patrick was very much an early riser, something that he had achieved when he was a trainee instead of the trainer. His trainer had taught him to run at a normal human pace to control his muscles more and build them up faster, after all there is just as much strength in slow and in controlled as there is in going as fast as you can.

So as he rose he drank some coffee and got a water bottle before he left the small house that was the heroes' base.

His run was well mapped around the city and at a normal human pace would take him about two to three hours. This usually meant that by the time he got home the others would be starting to wake up and get ready.

On his run Patrick would wave to those whom got up as early as he did. There were a spare few, but that only meant that he knew all their names and didn't mind at all jogging in place while chatting with them about anything new in their lives.

The sun came out eventually and with it more people. Though with these people Patrick didn't stop and talk to him, instead he just gave them a friendly morning before passing by them. At this point it was mostly business people who were up and about, ready for work and heading out to get their coffee if they didn't already have some in their hands.

Though this morning wasn't completely normal. As he ran down Midtown, he stopped at one of the stores which had tvs facing out the windows. It was the news, but that isn't what had caught his attention. On the screen was a local Republican representative talking about some new discovery that was highly classified and would endanger the public if it got out. Then the newscaster came back on stating that there would be government trucks heading down Madison Avenue and that, for those who were driving, people would need to find a different route. Patrick had a suspicious feeling in his gut about this; a government discovery that was highly classified and then government trucks. The newscaster hadn't said anything about what was in those trucks, but he had a feeling that whatever it was pertained to what the government was trying to keep a secret. Which only meant one thing. That the villains would undoubtedly be trying to take whatever was in that truck.

Patrick picked up his pace, just slightly above what a normal human's pace would be. When he arrived back at the base he looked like any runner does; red in the face and so much sweat it looked as though he had gone swimming instead of running. Inside, it didn't seem as though anyone was up yet, so Patrick quickly took the time to take a shower. He was pulling on his jeans and a dark colored t-shirt when he entered the kitchen and called upstairs to all his trainees.

"Group meeting in the kitchen in five minutes!" he called. He turned and went back into the kitchen to get some breakfast, it was mostly fruit and some eggs. It wasn't that he was completely against junk food, but for him that was more of a treat than anything else.

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Elysia like usual was awake earlier than the rest of the trainee's it was something that always occurred. Even when she was the last to fall asleep she was usually the first to wake up. Although Patrick seemed to always leave for his morning run just as she awoke. Noticing how dark the room still appeared, she worked out it was still quite early, moving her hand towards the lampshade which sat beside her bed, she proceeded to turn it on. Smiling to herself softly as the feel of the electricity moving through the cables to light up the room.

Beside the lamp, sat a book. One that she was reading before she eventually fell asleep the night before. Deciding to continue reading the book for a few hours before making her way downstairs to get some breakfast.
Taking the book in her hand, she'd sit herself up into a more comfortable position as she searches for the page where she finished reading.

"Group meeting in the kitchen in five minutes!" Her silence was eventually interrupted when Patrick shouted up the stairs for them to all meet in the Kitchen. Releasing a sigh, she'd place her nearly finished book down on the bed side table. Turning the lamp off in the process.
Removing herself from her bed, she'd make her way towards the wardrobe, pulling out todays outfit which consisted of a pair of black leggings, a red flannel shirt and not to forget her essential fingerless gloves.
After she was finally dressed, she made her way towards the kitchen whilst moving her fingers through her hair to show she tried to make an effort with her appearance.

Upon entering the kitchen she spotted Patrick and Jenny both sat eating their breakfast. Or in Jenny's case having her morning fix of caffeine.

"Morning" She spoke softly to the pair of them as she made her way towards the table, grabbing an apple as she sat down.

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Patrick Miller

When most everyone was in the kitchen Patrick sat down and swallowed the food that he was already chewing as fast as he could.

"Alright, so on my run I came across some information that the government was transporting something they want to keep secret thought the city. Now I don't know what it is that they are transporting, but from what I heard this is the kind of thing that the Villains will definitely be interested in and it is our duty to keep them from getting those secrets, as it might put everyone at risk in one way or another. The trucks will be going down Madison Avenue and even though they will have their own protection, it's our job to look after the Villains. I don't want anyone getting, so your job is just to stall the Villains and not kill them. Do you understand?" Patrick said, looking around at the two others in the kitchen at this last part, "So I want you two to follow down the road on the edge of Central park, watch the crowds and anyone coming out from park. I'll be following on Park Avenue with the others who haven't woken up yet. The trucks should be safe once they hit Highway 478, but we need to keep following it till then. If someone gets separated or injured head to the old factory on off 45th and Avenue of the America and we'll reconvene there afterwards. Any questions before we head out?"

It was a lot to take in, but in all honesty there was less information than normal because they would usually have what they were protecting and the others path and security plan so they could figure themselves into the plan easier, but this time the knew barely anything except that if the Villains got a hold of whatever was inside would create a big enough threat. Which for Patrick was all the information they truly needed, anything was just a convenience.

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Jenny nodded her head through Patrick's entire speech, acting as though she had been listening to every word. She had been listening, but her mind often wandered in the mornings and she found herself thinking about bakery boy while he had been talking. Boy was he gorgeous, and the personality on him was unlike anyone she had ever met. It was as if the world had actually managed to make somebody that was unique to everyone else, and that interested her.

But she knew the basics: big trucks incoming, keep the villains from touching the trucks while on Madison avenue, don't kill anyone, watch the park, highway 478 safe. From that she could basically put together the plan. It actually was a lot more simple than Patrick's other plans. Most of them consisted of grids and maneuvers and all these other things that Jenny had a hard time following because they were all just so precise and she always thought of herself more as a free spirit that went wherever the wind blew her. But this plan seemed easy enough to follow.

Taking the last swig of her monster and grimacing at the fact it was more than she had expected, she hopped out of her chair and gulped it down, then said "Got it. I'm gonna go get some super clothes on and smoke my cigarette of the heroes then go save the day by protecting this mystery truck!" If most people had said that it would have come off as sarcastic, but Jenny had the ability to take something that sounds sarcastic and mean it whole-heartedly. In fact, she wasn't the kind of person to ever use sarcasm. In a lot of ways she was a kid at heart.

She walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to her bedroom where she slipped on a white V-neck and a pair of black shorts with the AM Arctic Monkeys album sign on each back pocket. She then laced on some black combat boots and looked in the mirror. Her piercings were there natural silver color and, concentrating ever so slightly, she turned them black. Her mind went blank for a moment afterward ands she just kind of stood there, dazed. After a moment though she snapped back into reality and wondered what just happened. She touched her left angel bite but quickly pulled her hand off of it as it was scorching hot to touch. This had happened a couple times before, it simply meant she accidentally changed it permanently. "Boo, I liked them silver." She said to herself and sighed. She grabbed her pack of Marlboro Blacks off her dresser and the rhinestone lighter beside them and skipped out of her room and down the stairs then out the door, giving a princess wave on her way out in the direction of the kitchen.

She pulled a cigarette from the pack and lit it, slowly inhaling the poison into her lungs. Many times before she had considered quitting, but something about it just always dragged her back to the puff. It was soothing, and although it didn't remind her of a better time, it helped her cloud out a worse one. Whenever she would have her flashbacks she would just smoke a cigarette and they would go away. She blew out the smoke in rings and couldn't help but feel the itch of her phone in her back pocket. She could text the boy from the bakery and meet up with him after the mission...yeah. She would do that.

Pulling out her phone she went to his contact and texted, "Running errands on Madison Ave.. Meet up at central park after?" She sent it and put it away just as she reached central park. This was going to be a piece of cake. It was almost as if it was an errand it was so simple. She thought to herself that this was normally the kind of moment where something goes terribly wrong in a book or a movie. Times like these in was good to be living in reality.

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Daniel walked down the street like he did every morning once a week, this morning he felt a chilly breeze and put up the hood of his jacket to ward away the unwanted cold. But today was a bit different, today he carried in his hands a cardboard cup holder holding four drinks from the cafe just down the street, he opened the gate to the little house that he had been living in for several weeks now and even though he was the newest member of the team he still hadn't managed to spend time with the people he was living with, he always insisted on training attempting to control and perfect his new found ability and when he wasn't doing that he was hiding in his room trying to forget what he could do. He had nightmares of the moment he found out he wasn't normal and of the accident he had caused and it tortured him, he shook off the feeling and took in a deep breath getting ready to go inside and face those who he had been avoiding.
Daniel took a step back when he found two people already in the kitchen looking like they were about to head out, he lifted up his carton of beverages like a trophy and giving an apologetic smile. He had already asked for their favorite drinks the week before and was just now getting around to actually buying them, he looked around just then and asked, "where's Jen?"


Genevieve looked up when she heard Lara's voice over the ear piece she had already placed in her ear but only for a moment before returning to her work with a cherry red smile. She closed her eyes and leaned over continuing to carefully put on her black knee high boots and spoke smoothly, "Today we are going to be going to Central Park to wait for the truck to pass by as soon as it does I'm going to need you to posses the driver and get him to pull over, quick and easy. The truck could be going at a high speed so you might have to do it fast, do you think that you could handle it? In the mean time James will be getting the documents and Allen and I will be looking after your body and looking out for the heroes." As she was talking Genevieve had zipped up both boots and tied back her hair ready to go she made her way out of her room and down the hallway, she knew that her team didn't trust her but she clearly didn't care. It was pointless, she didn't need their trust she needed their compliance as long as they were still under her wing she was content. The dark haired woman opened the door of the limousine and glided into an available seat seeing both Lara and James were already in the car making her smile.