Jason Cross

A famous, teenage rockstar who has a dark secret of being a dragon mew

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a character in “Tokyo mew mew: X generation”, as played by Nemmy826


Name: Jason Cross
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Mew DNA: Dragon
  • Darkfire Brigade (Using his hands, Jason can launch dark essence fire at his opponents. Due to the speed of this ability, many fireballs can be thrown rather quickly but after a while, Jason has to wait a while for his hands to cool down)
  • Shadow Realm (Jason must be in human form for this ability. By destroying half of his soul, Jason forms a black hole which sucks in anything. It takes approximately 24 hours for his soul to grow back to 100%)
  • Constrict Inferno (DRAGON FORM - Jason wraps himself around his victims and engulfs his body in fire, causing his opponent to burn)

He looks like this, but his hair is a brighter, more tinted red color

(I'll add more later)

Here's what the mew form looks like


Jason is just like every other teen, except he's rich, famous, and has a dark secret. He tends to be a showoff when it comes to the ladies, but is always willing to give a hand to those who need it. With a mixture of his fame, as well as the legendary dragon DNA implanted in him, he tends to get both good and bad attention.

So begins...

Jason Cross's Story