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Toyama Hana


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a character in “Tokyo's Private Academy for the Elite”, as played by BubbleYum


Toyama Hana


Female Teacher




She just ended a long-term relationship but gaining favor for one of her male students *wink wink*

Appearance Description
She's has that hourglass body everyone woman wants or so she makes you think

Put Personality here.

  • Reading
    Reality Television Shows

  • Rudeness.
    Not trying.
    Feeling old.
    Not knowing an answer
    The feeling of loneliness

Born in Japan and trained and acquired skill

Theme Song
Hello (Why are we Whispering)

So begins...

Toyama Hana's Story


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Hana smiled dimly as she clutched a pile of messily stacked papers, she walked through the crowded hallways , kids gossiping and laughing and awaiting for school to start. Hana sighed remembering her teenage years. Hana opened the door to her classroom and saw already some kids sitting down and waiting for class to start. "Hi.." she said smiling as she dumped a bunch of papers on her desk, she turned towards the board and wrote her name in a rather neat handwriting 'Ms.Toyama'. She turned to the children in the room smiling and said. "Um welcome to my class, I had some due now's for you guys.. umm.. where did I put it?" she said searching through her papers.


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Ishida watched as his peers hurried about to their classrooms, keeping his slow casual stroll to class. He winked at the collective group of girls gawking at him, hearing sequels of delight as he passed them. He walked into the classroom, the bell barely ringing as he sat down. He looked around the room to the other people, no one seemed to really catch his interest. The teacher walked in and immedietly caught his eye. She had seemed nervous, Ishida smiled reassuringly at her from his desk, his bright teeth flashing at her.


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Kohei woke up very early in the morning. The sun had not yet fully arisen in the sky. He hit his alarm clock, eyes drowsy. Kohei slowly slid out of bed and went into his bathroom to shower. He made himself a nice breakfast full of protein after the shower. It was time for his morning jog. His morning routine made him feel refreshed after its completion. He loved to follow up with yoga and then getting dressed for school.

Kohei had just started attending Tokyo Private Academy. He liked the curriculum of the school and loved the athletics program. He headed out for school, grabbed his bike and sped off. He liked the morning time, it was pleasant to see and feel the sunshine. The neighbors that kohei cycled past all bowed and waved at him, old and young people alike. They all knew of his success in the Olympics and could tell by his school uniform which prestigious school he attended so he was to be respected. Kohei was humbled by such attention and respect however it also made him nervous. He hoped that at the very least he truly earned such respect from others rather than being elitist. He hated that sort of thing.

As Kohei reached the school he began to park his bike at the school bike racks, however an attendant swiftly stopped him saying, “Allow me please! You shouldn’t have to do such a thing. Please sir, allow me to take care of your vehicle as you proceed to class.” Kohei hadn’t gotten used to such special treatment and frankly he didn’t like it. He gave a deep bow, which startled the attendant, and continued inside the building past the garden. The other students ogled and awed at him as he walked the halls. He didn’t care for the separation of the “elite” students from the others. He smiled and greeted those who spoke and bowed to him.

Kohei walked the halls to class trailing behind Rina and Kyoya. He was still new to the school and he remembered the two from his class a day ago. “If I follow them I’ll find the class.” Kohei said to himself quietly at he trailed the couple. “Gosh, he’s quite clingy isn’t he? Perhaps that’s love for you.” Kohei giggled to himself. However Rina seemed a bit detached in Kohei’s eyes. He shook his head quickly to snap out of that train of thought. He didn’t like to pry into the business of others unless he considered himself close to them, and he had barely meet Rina and Kyoya outside of his initial class introduction.

Kohei entered the class room and gave a slight bow to his peers. He quickly scanned the room for an empty seat to sit in. There was one by Masato, who sat alone by the window. The sun shined in the classroom and landed on Masato illuminating his pale skin and highlighted hair. Kohei stood gazing at Masato for a brief moment with a smile. Masato paid him no attention as he was busy looking out of the window, his cheek resting in the palm of his hand. Kohei heard the teacher approaching the classroom and realized he had better clear the doorway. He shifted through the class and took his seat next to Masato.

“Good morning, Shi Hoon-san!” Kohei said in slightly nervous manner.

Masato turned to Kohei and said in a very polite manner of speech, “You are Tanihara-san right? Good morning.” Masato smiled slightly at Kohei, he hadn’t yet figured Kohei out.

“Right, I’m Tanihara.” Kohei replied with a chuckle. Masato smiled a little more brightly at Kohei, Kohei’s energy seemed to be a tad infectious.

Miss Tomoya walked into the classroom, placed papers on her desk and addressed the students. "Um welcome to my class, I had some due now's for you guys.. umm.. where did I put it?" she said searching through her papers. Kohei turned his attention to the teacher. He felt that Miss Tomoya seemed to be a bit disorganized which was somewhat strange to him. However he got focused and prepped himself for the beginning of the lecture.


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Rina heard her boyfriend's teeth grind together behind her, the sound rather grating and annoying to her, as they entered the classroom. Kyoya was chatting with Shino rather animatedly, the smile on his lips only partially forced now as he did so. This nearly caused Rina to laugh bitterly but, of course, she held the bubbling negative emotions within her from tumbling from her lips and burning Kyoya cruelly.

She felt a tad put off as Kyoya placed himself between her and Shino, causing her to be nearest to the wall and making her annoyance level rise all that much more. Yes, the girl would be finding a new seat sometime soon as her dark eyes swept over the classroom and took in the teacher who had just entered and was scrambling to organize her thoughts... Let alone the many papers littering her large desk.

The name on the blackboard read "Ms. Toyama", clearly indicating their new teacher's name as she searched among her desk.

Rina couldn't help but think of how long this year would be; sitting next to the ever-clingy Kyoya and away from any other guys and girls, including good friends, and what appeared to be a scatterbrained teacher? How boring.

She pulled out one of her textbooks, not necessarily for this school's curriculum, and began to page through it. Her eyes scanned the words as she soaked up bits of information on most of the systems of the body. Since she was still deciding on her job choice for the future, she was rather happy to have it narrowed down to three possible choices; neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, and oncologist. She found it amusing how different each was and had faith she'd manage to achieve at least one of the three, with little to no issues. Of this she was quite confident.

" So," Rina finally said softly, her tone off-handed as she raised her eyes from the pages to look over at Kyoya and Shino, " By this time next year, I think I'm aiming to finally beat Kenji." Her eyes darted to the male for an instant as a slow smile spread over her lips, displaying her self-confidence and radiating warmth. Which, to be honest, was completely different to how she'd been acting toward Kyoya, especially him, earlier. Then she turned and glanced over at another who had entered the room, beaming at the male as she waved over at him.

" Ishida!" She called, not bothering to raise her voice due to the room's size and the small amount of people within it. " How was your vacation in China?" Though, of course, she ignored her two sister for the time being.