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"Surely the ass who invented the first religion ought to be the first ass damned."

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a character in “Tolerance Camp”, as played by CyberGlowfly





Draven 'Echo' Harrison






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Dan Howell



Silent | Sarcastic | Easily-Angered | Anxious | Reckless
Echo is normally the one to put himself in danger and then not even be worried about his position. He is very easily angered and one word about something he doesn't like could set him off. He normally retorts with sarcastic comments but he is also silent so many people don't hear him speak sarcastically.

❖ Three Days Grace
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❖ Masochist
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❖ Sense and Sensibility
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❖ Dark Purple

❖ Blood
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Echo was a pleasant well rounded individual until that damn car crash. It killed his mother, father and little sister. This led to him delving into the hatred of god. Once, when he was smaller, his friend and him got lost in the woods. It was about a week before they were found and his friend had split up from him. Echo was found starving and almost frozen. He was taken to the hospital and recovered but a few days later, they found his friend, frozen and dead in a cave up in those same mountains. Echo doesn't like to talk about his past but he puts up a good front.

So begins...

Echo's Story


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Audry froze in place when Echo stated that he was the prankster. She tried to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth. For a second she even forgot about the itches. Now what? She doesn't know Echo very well, but she had often witnessed his moments of anger. How would he react if she ruined the prank by telling everyone about it? She wondered which flaw posessed her more - cowardness or selfishness. Would she really abort the warnings just because she was afraid?

Maybe she should think about it later, as it was time for the campfire. Her mood lightened up a little when she saw Lily and Mikha'el. The girl sat next to them.

"Hey, how are you doing?" She asked them with a light smile on her face. Also, the itches became more endurable, even though she was still scratching. For a moment she wondered where was Matthew and if Micah was already here.

She was still scratching... She might raise suspicions with this, which would cause al least some people to wonder what happened. However she might tell Mikha'el and Lily about this and they would give her advice. Maybe Mikha'el saw the text message sent by Audry. For now she decided to stay at the campfire and tell them later while trying not to scratch herself every ten seconds.


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Trevor Braybrooke

Trevor made his way over towards one of the empty benches and sat down before glancing at the fire. His stomach growled as he smelled the scent of the hot dogs and the s'mores that the campers were already beginning to eat. He stood up from the bench and headed over towards the hot dogs and began making himself one to eat before he made a s'more. Even though he was craving one right now, he still needed to eat an actual meal before eating sweets.

Serenity Gonzalez

Serenity looked up to Jessica as she stood and turned towards her and Jayce to ask them if they'd like a s'more. She sighed and nodded her head, "Yeah, I suppose I could go for one." With her now sitting beside Jayce, she felt her temperature begin to rise from nervousness. She didn't want to say or do anything to make everyone focus on the two of them. After all, back at school they already had enough people talking about their relationship and break up, she didn't need anyone talking about or watching them start fighting/arguing again. If it weren't for the simple fact that she felt uncomfortable around Jayce, she wouldn't mind trying to be friends with him still.

Jayce Sinclair

Jayce shook his head at Jessica's offer, "No thanks." He looked over at Serenity with his pale blue hues and smiled. She was still just as beautiful as he remembered. He just wished she would give him the time to actually speak to her to find out just why she won't even speak to him. But he just returned his attention back to Jessica and removed those thoughts from his head. He'd worry about that later, now wasn't the time as the entire camp was around.