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Adrian S. Hackett

"... Huh? Oh, sorry, was reading. Hi."

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a character in “Tome”, as played by Alle9009


Character Name
Adrian Hackett


~The Basics~

~Full Name~
Adrian Spencer Hackett

18 years old


No one knows.

~Element/ Partner~
Life - Orpheus Vladislav

Earth. He can make barriers and walls of any shape using earth. He has to be near range to the source for it to work, though. He can control metal, but only if it contains earth ores and he has to expend more energy to do it. He can also use his power to encase himself in an armor of rock and increase his physical power that way. He can't control pure metals, and can utilize his power to change the soil components, so long as he has the ingredients needed. Problem is, it strains his body since he normally uses it for both defense and offense, so massive overuse can cause him to be unable to move and in a lot of pain.

~Face Claim~
Hasegawa Utsutsu from Pupa

~Brief Description of Character Appearance~
He is 170cm. He has a thin body, but he's a lot stronger than he looks. He has light brown hair with brown eyes, and wears two hair clips on the left side of his bangs. One has a clover as decoration, the other does not. He normally wears a light green jumper over a white dress shirt, and has dark blue jeans with white tennis shoes. He rolls up the cuffs of his jumper, exposing his forearms.


"Did you see that move he did on tv last night? It was awesome!"

He's a pretty quiet guy who's pretty nice. He tries to be stoic, but he's not too good at it since he feels too much. He's normally good at keeping his emotions under grips though. He likes to feed people a lot, and is normally non-aggressive. He's a bit clueless about people, but he tries his best and is very hardworking. He likes the few friends he has, and doesn't really try to make more friends as a result. He can be kind of stubborn, though, and capable of keeping his cool under pressure. He only talks a lot with people he knows, otherwise, he just stays quiet and polite. He's pretty hardworking, and can hold his own in battle. He will not hesitate to hit where it hurts to make sure you stay down, even if he was being friendly and nice a few moments ago. Don't underestimate him; he can hold his own in a fight.

-Personality Traits-

| quiet | reserved | caring | pragmatic | nice |


| green | martial arts | reading | warmth | hanging out with friends |


| blood | his tattoo/scar thing | horror | sleeping | mentions of his past |

-Fatal Flaw/ Would-Be Downfall-

| trauma | ever since the incident, anyone who resembles his sister makes him uncomfortable. Facing her in battle is most likely going to result in him losing and traumatic flashbacks, especially if they use knives and have the same personality. Actually, if he has traumatic flashbacks, he'll be useless until he gets himself together.


... What? Stop staring, it's rude.



=Crush/ Romantic Interest=
None at the moment

He had a pretty normal childhood. Good parents, loving older sister, a few friends. Then, when he turned 14, his sister tried to kill the whole family. He woke up to her sitting on him with a bloody knife. He shoved her off, ran to hide, and found his parents dead. He grabbed their phone and hid in a closet, calling for help. His sister found him, and they played a deadly game of tag before Adrian finally got caught. Just as he was going to die, the police stormed the place and shot at her. The last thing he remembered before passing out was his sister bleeding from the wound. When he woke up in hospital, he learnt that his sister was mentally unstable and had turned insane, which was why she wanted to kill her family. According to what they had found out, she was planning to do a murder-suicide. Why, they have no idea. Before they could get her, she jumped out of the window and into the impressively deep ditch a few meters away from the house, despite getting shot multiple times. They didn't find the body, but it can be assumed that she died from the fall or bloodloss.

Once he was discharged, his friend and friend's family took him in, since he had nowhere else to go. They moved to a different area (already planning to before the incident), and he received intensive counseling for the remaining years. Thanks to that and outside resources, he has now mostly moved on from his past, and at age 18, he and his friend moved out so that they could learn to be independent. They moved into a small apartment in the city, and on Choosing Day, his friend practically dragged him over to the building.

His hair clips belonged to his parents. His mom owned the clover hair clip. His dad had a matching one, but the decoration broke off. Don't mess with these or you'll regret it.
He likes to call the scar on his face a tattoo because it kind of looks like a tattoo of blood running down his face. He got it from his sister when she tried to slash his face open. She succeeded multiple times, which is why it's so red. She tried to stick it in his head when she caught him, but just before she could the ground shook and she slipped, sliding the knife down his face as a result.

=Character Color=


So begins...

Adrian S. Hackett's Story

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"Hello, and welcome all to the great Choosing Ceremony! As do every generation, the elements have weakened and our land with them. It is time for Fate to appoint our new Elements. They will be sent to a top-secret facility where they can learn to benefit our nation. May Fate be with our eight new Soulmates!

"First, the Shimmering Peace of Water and Time-
For Water, Fate has Chosen Wes Aguarra! And Time is in the hands of Mari Kamei!

"Next, the Steadfast Courage of Life and Earth!
Into our hands, Fate has delivered Adrian Hackett for Earth! And the mystery of Life belongs to Orpheus Vladislav!

" Now, the Blazing Spirit of Space and Fire!
Fate has given us Sven Fainric for Fire! And Space will be explored by Henri Jonrin!

"And last but certainly not least, the Boundless Freedom of Sky and Void!
As Sky, Fate has Chosen Skye Keilani! The depth of the Void is seen by Issac Haywood!

Water and Time, our blood.
Air and Void, our every breath.
Earth and Life, our body.
and Fire and Space, our spirit.

Fate has Chosen well this year! All Soulmates, please report to the Locuritus."

Skye shuffled her feet as the announcer called out names. She almost hoped to be one of them- no chance, however. Her parents would probably condemn her to a life of picking herbs. Sighing, she sat on a gleaming white bench. The Capitol was so pristine it almost made her sick.

Listening in, she heard some names being called. When the announcer got to Sky, she heard her repeat herself. However, another word was added on...

Skye stood up sharply, almost ramming into some of the audience members. Skye for Sky... She almost sprinted up to the stage, but stopped herself and walked up calmly. She was freaking out inside, but tried to keep her face... mostly neutral. She couldn't help when a smile broke out however. Taking her spot behind the announcer, she waited for the end.

Her new life started now.

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When Adrian heard his name, he choked on the water he was drinking. By the time he recovered, his friend was already grabbing him and urging him up to the front, making sure not to bang into anyone in the process. When Adrian shook Charlie's hands off his shoulders and stared reproachfully at him, his friend shrugged, grinning. "You were chosen, man. You can't go against that. Don't worry about the apartment, I'll just accept that offer mum made to stay with her friend." He patted Adrian's shoulder reassuringly before making go on motions with his hands, trying to shoo him up the stage.

Adrian frowned, but he nodded and turned to go. Just before he went to the front, Adrian turned and gave him a brief hug, solemnly muttering into Charlie's ear "I'll write to you. Thanks for everything." Before letting go. He smiled at his friend and walked up to the stage, taking his position behind the announcer. He slipped his hands into his pockets, face neutral, waiting for the next stage in the Choosing Ceremony.