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Issac Haywood

'If money can't buy it then I haven't found it yet.'

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a character in “Tome”, as played by afreerobin


Issac Haywood

Image~The Basics~

~Full Name~
Issac Free Haywood




~Element/ Partner~
Void | Air

Nothingness. That's what Issac has and he's happy. Anyone who gets on his nerves or just looks at him wrong he can summon a void of darkness around him. It's so menacing that people tend to run away. And that's how he likes it.

If Issac ever shot to kill someone his darkness would roll over said victim until nothing remained. With just a flick of his wrist he can make people go away.

~Face Claim~
Kyoya Ottori from OHHC

~Brief Description of Character Appearance~
Issac is tall and thin. He's always told he has the perfect body and boy does he flaunt it. Head full of feathery black hair just above onyx eyes there's not many who can resist his charm.


'I get what I want when I want it.'


Issac is a narcissistic, ego inflated, daddy's boy. If you don't listen to him you're more then likely to get an earful from him. His feelings are easily hurt but he can also easily be brought back to normal.

He can have a nice side at times but you have to really try to get to it. He'll keep it hidden in fear of people finding out that deep down, he's really nice.

-Personality Traits-

| Narcissistic | Bold | Greedy | Closet-Kind | Perfectionist |


| Being waited on | Money | His father being happy with him | Scaring people | Cats |


| His father being mad | Fruits | Being bossed around | To much light | Losing money |

-Fatal Flaw/ Would-Be Downfall-[/font]

| Narcissism |


'Apples?! Get rid of them!'

He loves cats

=Crush/ Romantic Interest=

Issac was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Giving everything he ever wanted from a young age made him never realize the hardships of life. From birth to age sixteen he never had a care in the world. His parents were kind enough though he didn't see them often. Most birthdays he'd just get a letter and a present from them rather then them actual showing up. He never minded though. Issac liked not having people to boss him around.

Finally his parents decided that they would suprise him on his seventeenth birthday. They burst through the doors only to see their soon speaking down to a young maid. Ashamed his father pulled Issac out of the room and the teen got his first scolding. After that his parents decided he needes to grow up and the Choosing Ceremonie would do just that.

=Character Color=


So begins...

Issac Haywood's Story

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"Hello, and welcome all to the great Choosing Ceremony! As do every generation, the elements have weakened and our land with them. It is time for Fate to appoint our new Elements. They will be sent to a top-secret facility where they can learn to benefit our nation. May Fate be with our eight new Soulmates!

"First, the Shimmering Peace of Water and Time-
For Water, Fate has Chosen Wes Aguarra! And Time is in the hands of Mari Kamei!

"Next, the Steadfast Courage of Life and Earth!
Into our hands, Fate has delivered Adrian Hackett for Earth! And the mystery of Life belongs to Orpheus Vladislav!

" Now, the Blazing Spirit of Space and Fire!
Fate has given us Sven Fainric for Fire! And Space will be explored by Henri Jonrin!

"And last but certainly not least, the Boundless Freedom of Sky and Void!
As Sky, Fate has Chosen Skye Keilani! The depth of the Void is seen by Issac Haywood!

Water and Time, our blood.
Air and Void, our every breath.
Earth and Life, our body.
and Fire and Space, our spirit.

Fate has Chosen well this year! All Soulmates, please report to the Locuritus."

Skye shuffled her feet as the announcer called out names. She almost hoped to be one of them- no chance, however. Her parents would probably condemn her to a life of picking herbs. Sighing, she sat on a gleaming white bench. The Capitol was so pristine it almost made her sick.

Listening in, she heard some names being called. When the announcer got to Sky, she heard her repeat herself. However, another word was added on...

Skye stood up sharply, almost ramming into some of the audience members. Skye for Sky... She almost sprinted up to the stage, but stopped herself and walked up calmly. She was freaking out inside, but tried to keep her face... mostly neutral. She couldn't help when a smile broke out however. Taking her spot behind the announcer, she waited for the end.

Her new life started now.

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Image Mari was not paying attention to the speaker. No way. She did not want to be called. Not even a little bit. Who needs to be a part of something so amazing anyway? It's not like she deserves it anyway...

Mari was so deep in her self loathing that she almost didn't hear her name ring out. She froze and stood up straight. This wasn't happening right? There must of been a diffrent Mari. A few people whispered and looked to her.

'They picked the handicapped girl?'

'Bad idea. She'll trip over herself and get her partner killed.

Mari growled and started a stable walk forward. Even if she felt that this was a huge mistake she'd still show them. And who knows, doing this may help her make up for leaving her father to die.

Her walk to the stage went well until she got to the stairs. Upon walking up the first her metal leg slipped and she went face first onto the ground. The crowd erupted with laughter behind her causing her to whip around. Mari's death glare did nothing to still the laughing people so Mari just continued her walk to the stage. The laughing finally quieted once she stood next to a brown haired boy.

'Why'd they have to call me....'

ImageIssac was surrounded by loud, screaming, smelly people. Sure he had been cruel to that maid, but his parents sending him here was the real cruel punishment. How did they expect him to deal with all these.... cretins?

He shook his head and focused on the announcer. If only they'd call his name. Then he could prove to his parents that this was an bad idea. Their son, appointed an element! It would be expected of course. Who wouldn't want him?

Names where called and people made their way to the stage. One girl mad an absolute fool of herself and tripped on the stairs. Issac was laughing so hard he missed the other names. It wasn't until someone tapped his shoulder did he come back.

'What?!' He snapped angrily.

The girl who got his attention looked small and pale, but kept talking. 'They called you sir. You're part of the Void.'

Issac blinked in silence as the laughter died. Him? Really? He was actually chosen?

A sly smile spread across his face. This would go beautifully. Ignoring the girl he strostrode confidentiality to the stage and took his place. He waved out to the crowd and blew a kiss to a large group of girls. They gasped loudly and Issac's grin only grew.

Oh just how powerful he'd be now.