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Orpheus Vladislav

"Life is a tiring chore."

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a character in “Tome”, as played by zux




The Basics

| Orpheus Vladislav | Nineteen | Male | Asexual |

| He has the element of Life, while has partner has the element of Earth.

| Orpheus has the ability to heal, or 'give back life' to those who have been injured or wounded. Some claim it as the Devil's work and the work of cheating death, but he manages to be optimistic about his power and allows himself to view it as allowing the living to continue living, yet it has a setback. The longer he is to heal another being, the more it drains his own power, or energy, to the point of where it may result in severe headaches, nosebleeds, and muscle fatigue. Although he hasn't ever had to heal one for such an extent, so he hadn't really experienced any negative effects besides an annoying headache.

ImageFace Claim
| Amaimon from Blue Exorcist.

Character Appearance
| Orpheus is most commonly known due to his lanky build, as he stands at six feet and two inches [158 cm]. Although he intakes consecutive amounts of sweets, and food for gluttons, he still remains skinny, and at a weight which he is most comfortable with. Orpheus also has dark green hair, his fringe coming down in sharp angles across his face. He has rather pale skin, and vibrant blue eyes, which one could easily have the comparison of 'jewels' or 'water'. His clothing style is rather random, with random patterns and lengths varying across the entirety of his outfit. He also wears a long green coat, with the collars placed upwards, although it is unknown to why he's never taken it off. Orpheus has fangs and pointed ears, but he can only excuse it as birth defects.


"I don't like to be ignored."


Personality Traits

  • Cocky.
  • Well-natured.
  • Sweet-tooth.
  • Lazy.
  • Ambitious.

  • Sugary foods.
  • Bright objects/light [he also enoys day-time].
  • Poetry.
  • Silence.
  • The arts.


  • The night, or darkness.
  • Bitter/spicy foods.
  • Loud areas/music.
  • Heavy exercise [he enjoys being lazy].
  • Unclean or messy people.


  • Being confined in a small space [he has moderate claustrophobia].
  • Not being able to work on anything.



Crush/Romantic Interest
| None.

History| Orpheus was born into a rich home with a rather loving family, and he continued to grow up with them until he was sent to a strange school, foreign to his usual scenery of cheap, white-tiled walls and cream-colored flooring, to wooden arcing stair-cases and glossy marble floors. The reason he had been suddenly transferred was unknown to himself and any time he were to inquiry his purpose to other children, they'd pale in the face from their pink cheeks, and walk away with abrupt silence and an end to the conversation. He never dare question the reasoning for why he was sent two miles away from his home into empty hills and vegetated meadows with the large school occupying that space ever again, as it seemed he was losing friends at a rate for how quickly he'd ask the question. By the age of eleven, he was finally able to have an intellect of where he almost felt like rebelling the system at a certain point. It was a schedule of routine and forced duties, not something of free-time and fun as his parents told him as he stomped his away into their car. Eventually, by the age of thirteen, he realized that all his angst-written notes in his journal about rebelling were stupid and of toddler-like manner.

He grew into young adolescene quickly while at the school for two more years, until graduation suddenly became a topic among the rest of his class. He hadn't ever been truly involved with the other students, besides an occasional conversation with the others in his many classes of elements, but really, he realized he had no true friends. In a desperate attempt for friendship for the end of the second final year, he partnered with the many girls who gladly welcomed a change and some additional humor at their table. Although it resulted in people labeling him as the epitome of homosexual descent, he ignored the many rude class-mates who eventually lost the fun in calling him out with crude names. Graduating the school almost had a sad aura among all of the other students as they all stood in silence with pressed smiles and joined hands, bowing to the crowd before names were listed off. He was almost last. After graduation, Orpheus was struck with answers as he returned home. Of how he'd be attending the Choosing Ceremony due to the signs he'd displayed as a toddler, but they were to never truly tell him due to their own fear of his power of Life, and how the school he'd went to had been teaching him of how to control, to use, and to make his power for the better. Having only graduated the school at sixteen, he still had time to practice his power at home, which he did gladly, and before he was able to recollect himself after the many years had passed, and for hope that everything would calm down, he was then forced into entering something such as a Choosing Ceremony, where his fate then awaited.

Other| He has long black nails, which have ceased growth and lack any other pigmentation besides the color black.

Character Color| Dark green.


So begins...

Orpheus Vladislav's Story

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Henri Jonrin Character Portrait: Mari Kamei Character Portrait: Skye Keilani (lil' bit of a WIP) Character Portrait: Sven Fainric Character Portrait: Adrian S. Hackett Character Portrait: Orpheus Vladislav
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"Hello, and welcome all to the great Choosing Ceremony! As do every generation, the elements have weakened and our land with them. It is time for Fate to appoint our new Elements. They will be sent to a top-secret facility where they can learn to benefit our nation. May Fate be with our eight new Soulmates!

"First, the Shimmering Peace of Water and Time-
For Water, Fate has Chosen Wes Aguarra! And Time is in the hands of Mari Kamei!

"Next, the Steadfast Courage of Life and Earth!
Into our hands, Fate has delivered Adrian Hackett for Earth! And the mystery of Life belongs to Orpheus Vladislav!

" Now, the Blazing Spirit of Space and Fire!
Fate has given us Sven Fainric for Fire! And Space will be explored by Henri Jonrin!

"And last but certainly not least, the Boundless Freedom of Sky and Void!
As Sky, Fate has Chosen Skye Keilani! The depth of the Void is seen by Issac Haywood!

Water and Time, our blood.
Air and Void, our every breath.
Earth and Life, our body.
and Fire and Space, our spirit.

Fate has Chosen well this year! All Soulmates, please report to the Locuritus."

Skye shuffled her feet as the announcer called out names. She almost hoped to be one of them- no chance, however. Her parents would probably condemn her to a life of picking herbs. Sighing, she sat on a gleaming white bench. The Capitol was so pristine it almost made her sick.

Listening in, she heard some names being called. When the announcer got to Sky, she heard her repeat herself. However, another word was added on...

Skye stood up sharply, almost ramming into some of the audience members. Skye for Sky... She almost sprinted up to the stage, but stopped herself and walked up calmly. She was freaking out inside, but tried to keep her face... mostly neutral. She couldn't help when a smile broke out however. Taking her spot behind the announcer, she waited for the end.

Her new life started now.