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Skye Keilani (lil' bit of a WIP)

"No matter where we are, we will always be under the same sky..."

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a character in “Tome”, originally authored by BurningDark, as played by RolePlayGateway


Skye Keilani

*Note- Not a WIP, just dumbly named her that...*


~The Basics~

~Full Name~

Skye Callypso Keilani







~Element/ Partner~

Air Element.
Partner: Void (Unknown)



Distorts air to create illusions. Able to use the power on herself and others, she can give anything a covering illusion that is impenetrable by natural means.

~Face Claim~

Hiyori from Noragami

~Brief Description of Character Appearance~
Light violet eyes and brown hair give her an innocent face. She has a slender build that isn't good for fighting, mostly just running.


The sky is full of dreams...


-Personality Traits-

| Shy | Sincere | Loyal | Stubborn | Competitive |


| Cold | Animals | Heights | Art | Writing |


| Fighting | Underground | Being Blind | Social Occasions | Beetles |

-Fatal Flaw/ Would-Be Downfall-

| Overly Loyal |



Sky Mark When using a power, birds continue flying out of the feather as it turns silver. The birds fly off the mark and turn into silver dust, where they tint the magic.

=Crush/ Romantic Interest=

None at the Moment


Skye grew up in a sheltered, loving household for her innocent childhood. She has a few very vivid memories that many would say are signs. Otherwise, she didn't really pay attention when she was younger; just drifted along through life a little carelessly. However, she was very studious and loved school. Once she turned sixteen her parents were forced to give her to Creation and she learned a lot about the elements before Choosing Day. She hopes to be able to bring about total world peace.


Incredibly talented artist and writer. Otherwise denies any other talent whatsoever.

=Character Color=


So begins...

Skye Keilani (lil' bit of a WIP)'s Story

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Henri Jonrin Character Portrait: Mari Kamei Character Portrait: Skye Keilani (lil' bit of a WIP) Character Portrait: Sven Fainric Character Portrait: Adrian S. Hackett Character Portrait: Orpheus Vladislav
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"Hello, and welcome all to the great Choosing Ceremony! As do every generation, the elements have weakened and our land with them. It is time for Fate to appoint our new Elements. They will be sent to a top-secret facility where they can learn to benefit our nation. May Fate be with our eight new Soulmates!

"First, the Shimmering Peace of Water and Time-
For Water, Fate has Chosen Wes Aguarra! And Time is in the hands of Mari Kamei!

"Next, the Steadfast Courage of Life and Earth!
Into our hands, Fate has delivered Adrian Hackett for Earth! And the mystery of Life belongs to Orpheus Vladislav!

" Now, the Blazing Spirit of Space and Fire!
Fate has given us Sven Fainric for Fire! And Space will be explored by Henri Jonrin!

"And last but certainly not least, the Boundless Freedom of Sky and Void!
As Sky, Fate has Chosen Skye Keilani! The depth of the Void is seen by Issac Haywood!

Water and Time, our blood.
Air and Void, our every breath.
Earth and Life, our body.
and Fire and Space, our spirit.

Fate has Chosen well this year! All Soulmates, please report to the Locuritus."

Skye shuffled her feet as the announcer called out names. She almost hoped to be one of them- no chance, however. Her parents would probably condemn her to a life of picking herbs. Sighing, she sat on a gleaming white bench. The Capitol was so pristine it almost made her sick.

Listening in, she heard some names being called. When the announcer got to Sky, she heard her repeat herself. However, another word was added on...

Skye stood up sharply, almost ramming into some of the audience members. Skye for Sky... She almost sprinted up to the stage, but stopped herself and walked up calmly. She was freaking out inside, but tried to keep her face... mostly neutral. She couldn't help when a smile broke out however. Taking her spot behind the announcer, she waited for the end.

Her new life started now.