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Fujimori Mito

"Anybody comes through this door, kill them!... Anybody that isn't me, that is."

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a character in “Tomorrows Herald amazing storage”, as played by TomorrowsHerald


Mito Fujimori
"Including yourself, that's two people who think you're wonderful!"
Theme: Run Rabbit Junk

Surname: Fujimori
Forename: Mito
Nickname: -
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Genin
Height: 4'11 feet
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green
Blood type: B
Clan (if any): Fujimori; Related to the Yamanaka and Senju clans
Kekai Genkai: Inherited some of the Senju vitality
Chakra Type: Fire


Clan history: The Fujimori clan was among the founding clans of Konoha and was allied to the Senju clan during the warring clans era. Its role in the village's foundation was vital, but relatively obscure for the simple reason that the Fujimori clan was not a ninja clan. Though some of its members did become shinobi, the Fujimori clan was essentially made out of traders. The vital task this clan preformed for the village was the establishment of the village's first trade agreements, some of which remain to this day with only a few changes.

Because of its wealth and power, the Senju and later the Yamanaka clans married into the clan and the Fujimori clan likewise married out of it with these allies. The influx of retired and active shinobi into its ranks influenced the clan, causing a sizable minority to choose the shinobi lifestyle. Lacking any inherent clan specialty of its own, such clan members rarely advance beyond the rank of chunin and normally retire in their late 20's or early 30's to civilian life. Mito's mother, Fujimori Hitomi was an exception to this rule and served with distinction as a leading operative in the villages ANBU elite. Despite her prowess and status, Hitomi was not invulnerable; and during a botched up mission that remains classified to this day, Hitomi gave her life to safeguard her comrades escape. She left behind her husband and two young children with barely a living memory of their often absent mom.

Childhood history: Mito was born to the main civilian branch of the Fujimori clan, daughter to the clan's head, and was named for the recently deceased Uzumaki matriarch and wife of the first Hokage. Her twin, Fujimori Hiruzen was born several minutes earlier, and therefore became the clan heir in the clan's predominantly civilian operations. Mito was afforded greater liberty in choosing her path, and by the time she was six years old the child had become transfixed on the Shinobi lifestyle, despite the objections of her father so suddenly after their mother's death. Mito was nonetheless was enrolled in the academy, more in respect of her mother's legacy than any enthusiasm on her father's part. From her enrollment, Mito has become something of a rising star in the Fujimori clan; a hope that with the direct involvement of one of the clan head's heirs in the Ninja forces, a true Shinobi branch family may one day be established with Mito as its leader.

Operational history: Academy Student
Family: Father, brother and clan members. mother killed in a classified mission.


General Description: Mito has been described as a passionate, impulsive hothead โ€“ noted for her aggressiveness especially with the written word. She is hyperactive, outgoing and possess a keen intellect brought on by years of private tutoring in her clan. Despite her father's best efforts however, she does not share even a drop of her brother's restraint and uses her intellect merely as a battering ram in any debate she might come across. Mito can talk for hours on just about any subject and has become talented in bullshitting her way out of trouble and manipulating people to do things against their interest. Though she was popular in the academy, Mito also had a small circle of haters because of her perceived aloofness and interloping into other people's lives.

Motive: To create a clan Ninja specialty for her clan.
Major interest: Fuinjutsu, the hidden arts of intrigue, herbal medicine and history.
Worst skill: Cooking
Hobbies: Writing, herb collecting, following village politics, telling scary campfire stories.
Talents: Taijutsu and Ninjutsu - weapons throwing collaboration techniques.
Shortcomings: Mito has trouble in preforming pure Ninjutsu and for that reason chose to create collaboration techniques using her thrown weapons as the carriers of her Ninjutsu. Her handicap with Ninjutsu mostly stems from not mastering her elemental affinity, a problem which should correct itself in time.
Likes: Walking in nature, shopping for weapons and debating various issues with other people - especially village politics.
Dislikes: Perverts, the silent treatment, people not liking her and being called a hothead.


Main weapons: Fuma shuriken, explosive tagged kunai and Ninja wire.
Second weapon(s): Kunai, shuriken and smoke grenades.

Character unique items: Various knockout and customized explosive tags, writing brush and ink, scrolls and notebooks, small medical kit consisting of bandages, healing salves and pain killers.


Nin-Jutsu: ++
Gen-Jutsu: +
Tai-Jutsu: +++
Fuinjutsu: +

D - Rank jutsu:
Body Flicker Technique: Short range teleportation
Transformation Technique: Changes one's appearance
Clone Technique: Creates several clone illusions
Manipulated Shuriken Technique: Manipulates the flight of Shuriken using ninja wire
Shadow Shuriken Technique: Conceals a shuriken in the shadow of another
Sealing Trap Explosion Technique: Plants a sealing trap on the ground, that when stepped on explodes.

C - Rank jutsu:
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique: Uses ninja wires to guide the path of the flames.
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique: Creates a series of small fireballs, Mito uses Shuriken to act as the physical anchor of the Jutsu.
Five-Seal Barrier: This technique turns the entire range surrounded by the tags into a barrier space, and inside the space, the material's destruction is "forbidden". Using any kind of physical attack to try and destroy something in the barrier is folly, as it will only lead to injury. Mito's technique is still weak and is limited in range. It is enough if only two, as opposed to the full techniques four, to be compromised in order to dispel the technique and Mito often includes an explosive sealing trap to discourage such attempts against her jutsu.

Strong fist: Hard Style:characterized by its approach by intercepting and countering an opponent's incoming force with equal and/or greater force: In this styles, Mito either directly blocks the incoming attack with an attack of her own, or by cutting through the attack at an angle. In this style, it is the user's superior strength and physical conditioning, that creates success.
The practitioner fights head-on offensively, and their offense becomes their defense.

Sealing arts: Can create and manipulate explosive seals, knock out tags and a rather limited version of the 5-seal barrier but not much more for the time being. She is trying to learn how to create a storage seals but hasn't gotten the hang of it yet... for the moment she uses these failed seals as "vacuum" seals, which are quite useful for cleaning your room if you don't mind all your stuff ending on the floor or vanishing without a trace.


Favorite Sin: Pride

Favorite Virtue: Diligence

Favorite season: Spring

Lucky number: 6

Favorite color: Green

Favorite drink: Apple juice

Favorite fruit: Apple

Favorite food: Undecided

Time of day: Morning

Favorite animal: Crow


So begins...

Fujimori Mito's Story