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Hagoromo Yoshiro

"If you have a problem taking orders from someone my age, don't expect to grow old anytime soon".

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"If you have a problem taking orders from someone my age, don't expect to grow old anytime soon"

Surname: Hagoromo
Forename: Yoshiro
Nickname: Yoshi (don't call him that if you value your life)
Code name: Zen
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Village: Konoha
Rank: Jonin
Height: 5'1
Weight: 109 ibs
Hair color: Grey green
Eye color: Faded green & faded brown
Blood type: O -
Clan (if any): Hagoromo
Kekai Genkai: Angel's raiment
Chakra Type: Wind, Fire, Haneton (bloodline): Feather release


Clan history: The Hagoromo clan is a forgotten name in the elemental nations, a name largely shaped by disasters or "divine curses" according to the clan's elders. During the Warring Clans era, the Hagoromo was the prominent ally of the Uchiha in a relationship not dissimilar to that of the distant kinship between Senju and the Uzumaki. During the clan wars, the Hagoromo clan aided the Uchiha clan in battle in the role of auxiliaries capable of almost matching the Senju's chakra and endurance through their own bloodline limit. In the final battle and defeat prior to the creation of Konohagakure, the clan refused to accept what it saw as the Uchiha cowardice. The young Konohagakure was forced to fight a short war against the stubborn clan, defeating them decisively after several battles. The first Hokage, a merciful man by nature, allowed the survivors of the defeated clan to go into exile rather then be put to the sword.

Most of the survivors of this broken clan scattered across the lands losing their identity inside of a generation or two, but one among the surviving clan leaders refused to surrender the clan's years of tradition; his name, Hashiwa Hagoromo . It was he who guided the remaining loyal members of his clan beyond the furthest reaches of Land of Wind, surviving by returning to the old ways of the desert; acting as messengers and protecting silk merchants from bandits and the mysterious bloondlines of the west. The clan rebuilt itself over the decades of its "exile". The new clan that would emerge was exotic to say the least; their bloodline and skills intermarried with clans most in the elemental nations never even heard of, enhancing their power until they matched even the power of the Uchiha and the Senju clans at their prime. Hagoromo pride had finally been satisfied.

And proud they where, When the Third Kazekage called on the clan join his village during the Second Shinobi World War the clan gladly accepted; eager to finally have a chance at avenging themselves against Konoha. The clan proved the equal of the Senju and Uchiha in battle, but beyond the glories of the battlefield the war became an unmitigated disaster for the clan. The Third Hokage, conscious of the danger to the supremacy of Konoha's bloodlines posed by the revitalized Hagoromo clan chose Danzo for the task of reducing the clan's power. Under Danzo's orders, elders of the clan were assassinated and its infants murdered in their cribs, targeting the main branch of the clan in particular. Danzo's goal was to destroy both the knowledge and "new recruits" of the clan, its past and future, and thus effectively exterminate it.

By the end of the war, most of the clan's ninja had been killed. Among the terms dictated in the peace treaty which followed the war, Konoha forced Suna to surrender the sole surviving member of the clan's main branch to its custody, satisfied that the dangerous Hagoromo Dojutsu was unlikely to develop in the clan's mixed branch families (Danzo killed them off just in case over the years, whenever he has a spare agent in the neighborhood).

Childhood history: Yoshiro was barley a child when his village and remaining clansmen gave him their only enduring legacy in his life; betrayal. His parents, uncles, cousins and siblings had all been killed; in battle, ambush or assassination. By the end of the war which had brought his clan so much glory and so much death, he was left alone; the sole survivor of the clan's main branch and full bloodline potential, and a spoil of war for the victorious tree huggers in Konoha. Suna had no choice in the affair, it had come off the lesser in the clash of arms and now it had to pay the price. The worse of the lot as far as Yoshiro were concerned were his own clansmen, who sold him out rather then keep him in hiding as they had for so long. The clan wanted to forget the war and the main branch which had dragged them into it, what better way then to get rid of the last remaining pure blooded clan member?

Yoshiro was thus presented to Konoha, in chains he likes to imagine but the truth is that he was well treated and looked after throughout the journey to the village. Even as a child, Yoshiro knew what was what, his side had sold him out to their worse enemies, Konoha; village of monsters, baby killers and constitutionally required incest. The young Hagoromo though fearful at first quickly discovered that the first two of these attributes were mostly untrue, the latter however was not so easily dismissed (consider the Hyuga and the Uchiha clans for a moment and you will see the light). Regardless of his earlier fears, the facts of his situation were made very clear to him early on; he was now a member of the village, he could ether be a productive member of the village or a prisoner, minor details such as "you killed my entire family" only made things needlessly difficult. A year with Danzo as his legal guardian softened any reservations he might have had regarding the matter.

Yoshiro made up his mind by the time he was academy age, his village and clan had sold him out so they didn't deserve his loyalty. Konoha might have been assholes, but he could not fight them, so he joined them. Yoshiro became a ward of the village and granted the social and economic benefits of any village orphan. He enrolled in the academy and excelled.

Operational history: Yoshiro graduated from the academy at nine years of age and attained the rank of Chunin a year later. Once he began to awaken the abilities of his bloodline, Yoshiro was temporarily transferred to ROOT to hone his skills and guarantee his loyalty. After two years of patronage in the village's most morally ambiguous department, Yoshiro was allowed to undergo the Jonin tests at Danzo's recommendation, passing them with flying colors and a last will and testament in the event of failure. Though the kid was without a doubt one of the most talented Shinobi of his generation, reports piled listing concerns that Yoshiro had isolated himself from his age group and didn't know how to relate to his comrades outside of missions.

Family: Dead as far as he is concerned


General Description: Yoshiro has a single guiding principle; he pays what he owes people, if they piss him off he makes them sorry, if they do well by him he returns the favor. It would be a simple philosophy, if Yoshiro didn't actively keep a tally of all these 'favors' he owes people - more then a few people have never been seen again after getting into the list (mostly missing nin and opposing ninja who didn't die when they should have). Yoshiro grew up on a simple life lesson; the world was cruel, if it could it would spit you out, the only way to be safe was to make sure you were strong enough to do some spitting yourself. He trusts no one, he loves no one, he hates no one and friendships are generally defined in his eyes by how much they increase his killing power and monetary gain.

Motive: To owe nothing to anyone

Major interest: Old bloodlines

Worst skill: Genjutsu; the Hagaromo are specially suited for it because of their unique chakra control, but Yoshiro never had the patience or imagination for anything beyond basic skills in the art and the ability to break free from them.

Hobbies: Experimenting with his bloodline, archaeology, gambling, investing money

Talents: Yoshiro is indisputably a capable user of the Hagaromo bloodline, but he is by no means its master. Much of his fighting style revolves around his bloodline in a combination of taijutsu and short range ninjutsu.

Shortcomings: Yoshiro is over reliant on his bloodline limit and uses passively more chakra than the average ninja has any need use. Consequently, Yoshiro prefers low cost techniques and taijutsu during long missions and only employs his more destructive techniques when hard pressed. Low chakra reserves render him unable to access most of his abilities.

Likes: Parties, assassinations, paying people back, gambling, materialistic possessions, having a good time

Dislikes: owing people, losing


Main weapon: Quarterstaff

Second weapon(s): Short sword

Character unique items: Will be posted later



D - Rank jutsu:

* Fūton: Fūjin no Jutsu - This technique creates a stream of high-velocity wind containing dust particles.
* Fūton: Spinning Shield - Using a twin bladed sword or quarterstaff, the user can create a spinning shield of wind which can repel incoming attacks.
* Staff focus: Hard Point - Using their chakra, the user reinforces one or both ends of a staff with chakra
* Haneton: Feather projectile - Creates one or several Kunai sharp feather projectile capable of piercing flesh and armor. With the Hagoromo no Jutus active, multiple waves of this attack may be released at once.
* Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu: This is a genjutsu that reveals the fears that dwell inside people's hearts.

C - Rank jutsu:

* Fūton: Daitoppa - a technique that creates a gust of wind
* Fūton: Kazekiri no Jutsu - Using their chakra or a ninja tool, the user can create a single, or several blades of wind
* Haneton: Feather Clone Technique - creates a physical clone out of feather substance, potentially exploiting the Mugen Hane to attack from multiple directions. these clones are weaker then shadow clones and cannot transfer memories.
* Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu: creates a volley of small fireballs
* Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu: Great fireball
* Hazy Genjutsu: This technique casts an illusion on the enemy that blurs the target's vision of the entire area.

B - Rank jutsu:

* Fūton: Mugen Hane — Daitoppa: This powerful technique covers a large angle in a stream sufficient to knock the trees down and damage them with sharp feather projectiles. This technique is efficient against multiple enemies and can momentarily create an entire field of feathers out of the Hagoromo no jutsu.
* Haneton: Hagoromo no Jutsu: Activates the base level of the advanced Hagoromo feather techniques, molding their chakra into a angelic wings. Only the A and S rank variants of this Jutsu allow flight, but the wings even in their base form give their user the ammunition required for various attacks.
* Fūton: Shinkū Renpa : The user takes a deep breath and exhales several blades of wind at different angles.
* Fūton: Ōkamaitachi no Jutsu: Using his staff, the technique releases heavy air currents that collide together to create many vacuum pockets to slash his targets.
* Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku: a massive (and I mean massive) fireball.

A - Rank jutsu:

* Haneton: Hagoromo no Jutsu Stage 2: Allows flight using the chakra molded wings. Creates a barrier of chakra feathers which can intercept incoming attacks and strike back.
* Outer Chakra Mastery: Using the Dojutsu ability to influence his chakra and the second stage of the Hagoromo no Jutsu, Yoshiro can attempt to interrupt incoming attacks by coating them with his own chakra. This use of the outer path mastery costs a great deal of chakra and is best used sparingly against attacks that could not otherwise be avoided.
* Kaze no Yaiba: This technique is a pinpoint slashing strike, where the user emits chakra from their fingertips and materializes it into an near invisible weapon that assaults the enemy in a gust of wind

Bloodline Limit:

* Stage 1 (Inner) - Most Hagoromo ninja can attain the first stage of their bloodline with training, those fated to awaken the second and third stages of the bloodline are able to do it very early in their lives. The Hagoromo direct their willpower inwardly, gaining precise control of their chakra matched only by medical ninja. Most Hagoromo clan members end up becoming ether medical ninja or genjutsu experts because of this talent.

* Stage 2 (Outer) - Once mastery of the first stage is attained, usually by bringing the body to the edge of its endurance, genetically compatible Hagoromo clan members may have a chance at awakening the clan's Dojutsu, but it is rare. The Dojutsu projects the Hagoromo chakra outwardly, gaining control over their own chakra even if some distance separates them. The Dojutsu was meant to function in conjunction with the third stage of the bloodline, but Yoshiro is the only one to activate it in generation. Those few currently in possession of the dojutsu use it to redirect the direction of their attacks. The Dojutsu is permanently active, unique for having two colors (green and brown). Close inspection of the eyes reveal a series of dark rings, which reflect the user's skill in their use. Yoshiro has three in each eye.

* Stage 3 (Manifest) - Unlocks the Hagoromo feather release, feathers created from chakra but are potentially as strong as steel and as sharp as any Kunai or senbon.


Favorite Sin: Pride

Favorite Virtue: Temperance

Favorite season: Spring

Lucky number: 21

Favorite color: White

Favorite drink: Apple Juice

Favorite fruit: Apple

Favorite food: Shiro

Time of day: Afternoon

Favorite animal: Cat


So begins...

Hagoromo Yoshiro's Story