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Tonari High School


Summer has Passed...

Summer has always been a student's free life, away from school, away from the teacher, away from homework... it was the season and three months where the students could relax. They would go to the beach, spend time with their friends and family, perhaps their boyfriend or girlfriend if they had one, and just enjoyed themselves in general. There were festivals held, festivals held outside of the school that is, and people would attend them just for the fun of it instead of it being a required activity after school hours. But in general, summer was the break students took from their school days. But sadly, summer has ended, and it's only about time to rejoin their next year in the professional Tonari High school.

Tonari High School

Tonari High School is a school for people who have either a very amazing talent the high school could use, or an insanely high grade point average. It's a school for the skilled, and only the skilled which is why it's ranked the #1 Best High School in Japan, and obviously for a specific reason. Although someone is chosen to go to this high school for their skills, regular classes will be attended, and it's up to the students whether or not they wish to, but only those willing to do good, grade-wise, will pay the most attention and get the highest grades while others may just chose to specialize to major in one certain subject rather than have to keep an eye on other subjects.

Tonari also hosts school activities, most being necessary, such as the school festival, Tanabata, cultural festival, and even more to come! Not only that, but there are after school clubs also like the art club, photography club, music club, engineering club, including a few more that students have gotten permission from the Student Council who runs all events and takes care of each club, watching over them just as the founder does. It is perhaps the most interesting high school you may see in your whole life, but to get in, it requires a certain amount of effort, and those who are in, just better feel lucky about themselves for getting such an honor into such a small and famous high school.

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Ekaki Mazure

Ekaki walked through the city they all lived in, whistling his normal and cheerful tune he made up himself, aiming to be a singer and all, and did a little skip along the way. It was obvious that he got a bunch of stares, but it was normal actually. People giggled at his attitude on that Monday morning, mostly the adults and mothers who saw such a silly child walking around.

Along the way, he saw a college student pass by, a woman for sure, but was she in college? Or maybe high school? Nevertheless, Ekaki didn't care what age, or the height, and rarely the appearance. All that mattered to him was if this person was a male or female, and the girl who passed him was most definitely a female.

He reached out for her hair and gently stroked it, almost like what you'd see in a host club before saying, "Why hello dear~ May I ask for your name?" He smoothly asked, sounding like a true flirt, which he was was not.

But as usual, he only got rewarded with a hand to the face, and it was quite hard, as it usually was. The girl turned around and turned out to be a woman, a grown woman, probably with a husband and child. Ekaki froze immediately and continuously apologized while the woman only looked at him with eyes of disgust and left.

When she did though, another smile came onto Ekaki's face as he began to laugh, surprised and laughing at himself for actually flirting with a grown woman, probably 10 or 15 years older than himself. Apparently the woman heard, and threw a small milk carton at his face, which luckily didn't explode, and stomped off.

Still, Ekaki was laughing, like always, and as he always did on his usual routine, he got up, dusted himself off, wiped his cheek, and continued to skip to school, such a happy look on his face despite the pain he just suffered from the slap. It was his daily routine, one that happened every day and one that would continue on and on and on, never ending. Well... that's what he always thought.

Ekaki was contant with his life so far, so he didn't mind it staying that way forever until the day he died. He had friends, well... sorta... and he was surrounded constantly by happy people. That was enough for him, even though he never really shows it, but it was enough.

He was in a bit of a daze as he walked into the school gates, passing them without even noticing before he snapped out of all these serious and unusual thoughts of his and noticed where he was. It was a tradition of his, to do something stupid each day, so today, he took in a deep breath, gathering as much air as possible before exclaiming with enthusiasm, perhaps too much, "And good morning my lovelies! Nice to see you all~"

A whole bunch of students turned their heads. The freshmen stared at him with the oddest looks on their faces while the others either sighed, being annoyed by him, and the others laughed at such a stupid comedy act, 'As long as people laugh and smile,'[i] He'd always think to himself, 'I'm fine with living like this forever.'[/i]

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Character Portrait: Jayson Preston
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Jayson Preston

Jayson had woken to a loud knock on her door. "Jayson wake up ro you'll be late for school." Jayso sat up immediately after hearing her mother speak. "Alright mom I'm up." she replied and hurried to the bathroom. Within an hour she had showered, brushed her teeth, and fixed her hair. She rushed down stairs seeing she was running late like usual. She hurriedly grabbed the piece of toast her mother made and hurried out the door after bidding farewell to her mother. Jayson rushed to school all the while trying to eat. She made it to school only a few minutes late this morning, 'that's better than my usual timing' she thought as she walked to class just as the teacher called her name for role-call. "I'm here." she stated and headed for the back of the room like usual, ignoring the odd looks thrown at her. "Late as usal miss preston." the teacher stated looking over at her. "Gomen sensei." she said and sat down trying tp refrain from embarassing herself any further.

She leaned in her chair and sighed lightly. Today she was lucky she wasn't given detention for her tardiness. Jayson took out her notebook but was a bit out of it this morning. She stayed up late last night writing down lyrics that were stuck in her head and now she was paying for it by now feeling sleepy. She lied her head on her arms which were on the desk and soon dozed off not able to help it.

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Character Portrait: Ekaki Mazure Character Portrait: Jayson Preston
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When Jayson awoke it was the end of class and she had a pink slip next to her arm on the desk. she sighed before taking the pink slip and heading to her class. She was five minutes late to class but she already had detention so it couldn't get much worse. When she got to her next class she sat down next to someone she didn't really know personally but knew of him. She knew Ekaki was infamous for flirting with many. Jayson had never spoken to him and he had never spoken to her so that's why she didn't know him but then aain she didn't really know anyone personally in the school as she was never liked by them for whatever reason and is often bullied by them so she guessed thats why Ekaki never bothered to try and flirt with her.

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Character Portrait: Ekaki Mazure Character Portrait: Jayson Preston
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Ekaki Mazure
(Sorry! Was just posting in a few of my other rps and I took a break for a few days too. Don't worry! This will go on! ^u^)


First period went by like a blast. Unfortunately, that was the class where there were not many females, and the ones he saw were a bit...well... taken, you could say? Most were already with their boyfriend, and the others were in their own little groups. Not to mention his first period teacher was probably the most strict in the whole entire high school. Sure, he was frightened of her,e specially that time he got a detention for trying to flirt during class. It was the only reason why he stayed quiet and actually focused in that class. In others though.... things were different.

Finally, second period approached, and this time, things were different. Ekaki first took his seat, kicking back since his teacher took pity on him, or maybe its because she got used to his off behavior and just let him be himself, since no matter what she did, it never seemed to have worked, in any ways.

While he let out a loud an obnoxious yawn, he noticed that someone took a seat next to him, unlike most people who never did. Mostly, that was because he was such a flirt that it scared the girls off, or disgusted them, and the guys just hated him because he was... well... a flirt. Although his tactics never worked, all the males just didn't like him because he took the attention of more girls than them.

Seeing someone actually seat them self on his side actually surprised him, especially since it was a female. Unlike most times when he looked at a female with teasing eyes and eyes that showed how immature he was, he actually took interest in this one, compared to other females.

"You're..." Ekeki took a while to try and recall the name, knowing perhaps one too many of them, so for a while, he just studied her, and ran through all the names he could remember before finally remembering. Because it came to him so suddenly, he stood up, suddenly, and almost yelled at the top of his lungs, though it was pretty loud, "Ah! You're Jayson! Jayson, isn't that right?"

Although he looked quite matured when she sat herself down next to him, the immaturity and childish side to him came again. The students around him stared at the two, including the teacher who was in the middle of her reading for teaching. Ekaki didn't really care. It was his own way of gaining attention. But really, he mostly just ignored all the stares he got, "You're quite pretty, Jayson~ Hey hey, do you have a boyfriend? Hmm?"

It was Ekaki's usual approach on any female, but although he didn't show the least bit of signs of it that time, but when she first sat down, he did take a sudden interest in her. Perhaps it wasn't anything romantic or friendship like at first, but it was a type of interest he didn't see in most people. Ekaki really didn't like a lot of people honestly, but he covered it all with a smile. He also didn't find a lot of people interesting, even after knowing them for a long time. That wasn't the case with this girl though. Something was... off, or different. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it was true.

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Character Portrait: Ekaki Mazure Character Portrait: Jayson Preston
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Jayson was sitting quietly when she heard the male next to her speak to her. She was about to reply when suddenly he had stood up and pratically yelled her name. She sighed before nodding. "Yes my name is Jayson." she spoke lowly as to not draw anymore attention to herself. His last question got her to raise an eyebrow. "Thanks I guess and no I do not nor do I care to have a boyfriend right now." she kept her usual nonchalant composure. This boy seemed different from others but she hadn't really interacted with any of the other members of the student body. So she isn't one to just up and talk to them.

What shocked her most about this boy was his gaul, loudness, and his actions. Jayson hadn't met anyone who has acted such a way but it was different and different in a good way. She could already see he didn't seem like anyone else in school she had seen so that was also a plus to her.

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Character Portrait: Ekaki Mazure


Character Portrait: Ekaki Mazure
Ekaki Mazure

"Hehe, you're quite the cute one! And you too! And your friend over- A-ah... there was no need to slap me though..." WIP


Character Portrait: Ekaki Mazure
Ekaki Mazure

"Hehe, you're quite the cute one! And you too! And your friend over- A-ah... there was no need to slap me though..." WIP

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Character Portrait: Ekaki Mazure
Ekaki Mazure

"Hehe, you're quite the cute one! And you too! And your friend over- A-ah... there was no need to slap me though..." WIP

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