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onexone role play. Looking for male counterpart (demon); plot inside. Just want to get my feet in the water with this website. I find it easier with a onexone.

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tongue tied

This story is about a human who ends up falling in love with a demon.
The demon is sent to the Earthly plane to capture the hearts of the most innocent of girls, he has guised himself as the college playboy; everyone wants him and he wants their hearts for the taking.

The human is a first year in the nursing program. She ended up transferring after her first semester to a better program once her family had moved from a small town to Boston, Massachusetts.

How will the two be fated to meet? Will the demon realize she’s the one girl whom he hasn’t deflowered? It’s up to us to find out.

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Nick arrives at the college. everything is new. He remembers his task: Capture the heart of young girls."
when he steps foot, a young and perky girl called lisa, who is trying to get him. says "Hey nick. i'm haivng a party at my house tonight, if you waanna come?" she says walking backwards. "Ok" He says as his master says in his mind :take her heart." he chants it. she leans in for a kiss, but he takes her heart instead. He breathes in and drops her limp body on the ground.

(sory i am not very good at being evil lol)


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Alyson walks down the street, admiring her surroundings. The campus was gorgeous and she couldn’t believe that she had finally arrived to her first day of her new college life. Closing her blue eyes, she inhaled the air and smiled as it filled her lungs. ‘Everything is going to be just fine...’ she thought just as she reached large, oak doors. Her small and pale hand reached out and pushed against the door, eyes widening as she saw everything come into light.

The school itself was absolutely perfect. Lights were all one and none were broken or out, the halls were a soft blue colour, they even lined the halls with lockers for the young adults who’d place their stuff here so they didn’t have to lug everything on their backs. Alyson couldn’t help but smile. Taking her first step into her knew educational facility and into the cafeteria, she placed her knapsack on the chair beside her and pulled out her laptop. Aly decided to figure out her schedule and plan out routes on the map they had provided her. “Things are going fall into place... I know it.” she spoke softly to herself, a gentle smile crawling onto her face as she grabbed her highlighters and mapped out the routes in different colours.


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Nick walks around. basicly in ciircles. He inhaled sharply, looking for another girl.
He sees a new girl, he has not seen before. he fogot his task for a second. He shake his head, and his task pooped back into mind again. He ruffles his messy hair with his fingers.


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He bursts outside the campus, unable to control his Hurt. His master kept chanting in his head: Kill the girls, kill the girls, take their hearts take their hearts."-

He bent over and tried to claw his master's voice out of him.He grabbed his hair and tried to yank it out.. everytime he struggled, the pain got worse. His master would sent a spasam through his body, like the feeling of his heart being squished, his back being stabbed and more. "OK OK!!!" he yelled at his master, even though he was not here. Nick looks around, seeing if anyone had seen the episode of weirdness.

He stood up. He could feel the pain in his back where his master stabbed him, even though he did not. The pain was in his mind, no one could see it.

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Character Portrait: Alyson Silva
Alyson Silva

The innocent new girl


Character Portrait: Alyson Silva
Alyson Silva

The innocent new girl

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Alyson Silva

The innocent new girl

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I would love to do this, play the demon that is. But I saw that you had the same exact roleplay up somewhere else and it was taken. Are you doing this twice or was it an accident. If not I would love to rp!

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