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The innocent new girl

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July 28th



First year college student


Alyson stands at 5’4” with blonde hair that just passes her mid-back and haunting blue eyes. She sports a petite frame with pale skin. On a normal day she wears skinny jeans, a tank top, sneakers and a sweater if it gets chilly outside. To dress herself up for a night on the town with some friends, Alyson switches her sneakers for a nice pair of heels and throws an over the shoulder shirt over her tank. Alyson never takes off her dainty heart necklace her twin brother gave her for her thirteenth birthday. For makeup, Alyson is simple with BB cream, a light application of concealer if needed, mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss or lipstick (lipstick if she is going out).


At first glance, people seem to categorize Aly as the “overly-nice, quiet and sweet girl”; which is true to a point. Raised with good manners, Alyson had taught herself to be nice to everyone she met and to give them a chance since she shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Once someone gets to know this blonde, they realize that she’s determined and sometimes headstrong, especially when it comes to something she believes is the right thing to do. Alyson is very trusting, but the moment you break that trust, it could take years to regain it. This girl needs to get to know you first before you can really see her true personality.

You can typically find Alyson in her bedroom, out on the town, in her lectures and in the university library. The girl is looking for a part-time job and a hospital to volunteer at so when she is finished her schooling she can have a very good resume to present to her new employer.


Alyson never takes off a dainty heart necklace that was given to her on her thirteenth birthday by her twin brother Roxas, who had passed away when a few days before they turned fourteen. Her ears flaunt diamond studs. When it comes to protection, her mother has forced her to carry a can of pepper spray in her purse since she is often out late due to school or alone during the day since she is still deciding if she will be living on her own.


The youngest between her and her twin brother, Alyson was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. On her thirteenth birthday, her brother had given her the dainty little necklace that hangs on her neck, and since then she has never taken it off. A few days before they had turned fourteen, Roxas was hit by a car while moving his street hockey equipment. Aly stayed at the hospital every day until he passed away, and with this experience, she had decided when she was older that she was going to become a nurse or a doctor to help people stay alive.

Alyson kept her happy-go-lucky attitude though, knowing that her brother and best friend would prefer her to live life as normal as possible. Having applied to many nursing colleges, she was attending a college in her small town. The day her parents decided to move to Boston was one of the best days of her life since the Nursing program and Boston University was one of the best in that state. Upon calling the school, she was thrilled to find out that they still had room for a few more students. Alyson now is deciding on living with her parents or moving out on her own after the big move, and is excited to start her first day at her new school.

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Alyson walks down the street, admiring her surroundings. The campus was gorgeous and she couldn’t believe that she had finally arrived to her first day of her new college life. Closing her blue eyes, she inhaled the air and smiled as it filled her lungs. ‘Everything is going to be just fine...’ she thought just as she reached large, oak doors. Her small and pale hand reached out and pushed against the door, eyes widening as she saw everything come into light.

The school itself was absolutely perfect. Lights were all one and none were broken or out, the halls were a soft blue colour, they even lined the halls with lockers for the young adults who’d place their stuff here so they didn’t have to lug everything on their backs. Alyson couldn’t help but smile. Taking her first step into her knew educational facility and into the cafeteria, she placed her knapsack on the chair beside her and pulled out her laptop. Aly decided to figure out her schedule and plan out routes on the map they had provided her. “Things are going fall into place... I know it.” she spoke softly to herself, a gentle smile crawling onto her face as she grabbed her highlighters and mapped out the routes in different colours.