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Kaylee Schaefer

"I can hack your computer in under ten minutes. You're sure you want to do that?"

0 · 92 views · located in Cardiff, England

a character in “Torchwood”, originally authored by Forensic_Anthro, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Kaywinnit Illia Schaefer

Nickname: Kaylee

Kaylee is a short, long-legged, lithe girl, standing at a mere 5' 1" and looking as delicate as she really is. Her face is small, to fit her frame, and has barely noticeable cheekbones, pale pink lips, and her eyes contain bright hazel irises with diamond shaped gold flecks and auburn accents around her pupils. Her hair is thick and naturally dark brown and extremely curly, usually only curling in the front, but sometimes it would completely curl. Her thick hair is cut at her mid-back and layered to make it lighter. Her hair is easily placed into a ponytail, but she has to pin her bangs back, since they are too short to remain contained within the hairband. She enjoys skating competitively and she often wears lots of makeup and bright skating dresses to keep used to wearing them. Her legs are thin, but well-muscled from skating dance competitions and she is very flexible and limber, able to do the splits with ease and lay flat on the floor while doing them. However, her normal attire is much simpler, consisting of jeans, tank tops, over shirts or vests, and Converse. Her normal makeup includes a light dusting of eyeshadow and a small brush of mascara to accentuate her eyes, but she doesn't usually wear eyeliner. She always wears a Belgium coin on a chain around her neck as a sort of good luck charm, and only takes it off when she skates a competition. Her belly button is pierced, but she does not wear it when she skates. In fact, she doesn't wear any of the piercings that accentuate her ears (two normal and one cartilage on each ear) when she skates, and usually forgets to put them back in.

Age: 23

Role: The technological expert

Personality: Kaylee is an extremely bouncy girl. She is constantly listening to music, drawing, and dancing, as well as writing. She's a music addict, and she always has something playing, but if you aren't good with talking I would just suggest finding someone else to hang out with. She also has an extreme love for horror movies and an appreciation for a good comedy. She also likes Anthropology and has an interest in dead things. With her you should expect lots of singing, drawing, humming, talking, hyperactivity, and randomness, and trust me, it can be hard to deal with at times. She can be serious though, and will do anything for what she believes in. Oh yeah, and she may or may not shut up when you tell her to. Also, she has a tendency to say some words in German, particularly when she gets upset, confused, or panicked. However, she is also a competitive dance roller skater that has been competing since she was little, so she always has her skates, tights, and at least one skating dress with her, no matter where she goes. She has also always had a love of computers and electronics- the way they fit together and run and how this can be connected to that, so she took up working with them when she wasn't skating. Now that she works for Torchwood, she has found less time to skate, but still loves the sport and practices her jumps when there is nothing to work on at the Hub.

History: Kaylee grew up in Cottbus, Germany and has lived there most of her life. Much of her time was devoted to rollerskating and school, graduating High School two years early and entering college later that year. She went to one of the universities in London, where she received several technological degrees and was the top of her class. She just finished another year at the university and has determined it will be her last year. She had a part-time job in a government office and managed to hack into the system to figure out what the big secret only the high-up staff was allowed to know. Of course, that secret was Torchwood. Obviously, someone found out and she was sent to a high-security prison, where she stayed for several weeks before someone from Torchwood came and recruited the now-thin, but still relatively well-muscled girl. Now she has stopped skating as much and is concentrating on her work- figuring out how the dozens of files with cryptic messages about something called 'the Rift' went together and how they apply to what is going on in the city. She has managed to decode some of the descriptions of various creatures and how to take them down, but hasn't gotten all of them yet.

Other: She was quickly taught how to handle a gun when she joined Torchwood.


So begins...

Kaylee Schaefer's Story