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Tyler Kane

0 · 231 views · located in Bianco Lake

a character in “Torinia”, as played by CookieRaiderEng




"When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends."

" Tyler is Sixteen Years Old 5"5 and 115 Pounds. His Hair is Forehead Length and Black with Very Few Brown Highlights. His eyes Gaze a Strange Bright Purple that Pops from his Dark Hair. Managing a Clothing Select of a Hooded, Red, Long Sleeve with the Sleeves Rolled back and Grey Jogging Pants. His Hiking Boots are Nothing Exceptional Being Dark Brown and With Great Grip.

His Behavior Can be Reckless and Outgoing, Very Forward and Not Very Judgmental, Generally he's a Happy go Lucky Person but don't try to Push him.

Tyler Can Slow Time For A Few Moments, Giving Him Time To Think, Examine, Or Move Slightly Faster Than Everything Ells Out Of The Way from Something.


A Treasured Silver Chain Pocket Watch and Bow with Arrows.

So begins...

Tyler Kane's Story


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"Gotcha!" Tyler Said Confidently as he Let Loose an Arrow. The Arrow hit the Buck In the Side of the Head Killing it Upon Impact. Steadily he made his way Over to his Kill Pulling the Arrow out from it's Skull, Muttering something about His Kill Being Bigger than It looked at the Distance, It really didn't matter but when your Carrying it back to your Camp which is 10-15 Minutes away. He Loaded his Arrow back into a Quiver on his Back.
Swiftly he Picked up the Buck, Putting it Over his Shoulder, Feeling the Weight Added When it hit his Shoulder, He made a Accurate Assumption that he Wouldn't make it all the Way Home without a Good Break along the way. This of course could be risky if a Wolf Smelt the Blood and Called for a Pack to come Claim the Kill. From there, the Deciding Factor would be how Many Wolves would come.

He was Fine for a Good 7 Minutes until his Shoulder Became sore and Weight Unbearable, So he Sat Taking a Break with his Bow Drawn and a Arrow Ready To Be used. Ever so Silently did he Wait Beside The Bucks Corpse. The Air was Crisp, The Sun Beat through the Trees to the Visible Lake, It was a Beautiful Summer Day Marking the 1st Year Anniversary of Him Leaving the Village.
He was just before the Tree Line that Divided the Forest from The Lake, Sleeves Rolled, And Watch Resting Gently in his Pocket. The Birds Calm and a Astonishing tune Creating a Nice Environment, That's why he Loved it here. It was Usually Calm and Easy to Live here. No one could tell him what to Do, Not to mention he had a Small base Camp that he set up just Recently, Because he Had Just Arrived here. Before this time he'd been living in the Forest when he came across The Lake. It was Just Perfectly Stunning.


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Walker just kept walking until he was finally at Bianco Lake. When he was in Bosco Woods he heard someone think...of course in Jubs. He just ignored them and kept on walking. When he did finally reach the lake he looked at it's blueness. He kept walking along the banks when he came to see a pack of wolves and a girl. He, like earlier, just ignored them. But when he got closer the wolves started growling. He popped up his katana a tiny bit, readying for a fight, if needed. "So...can I go past?" He asked the girl, eyes staying steadfastily on the wolves. He allowed this moment to know what they were feeling...threated maybe.

Walker knew it wasn't good.