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Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder


A kingdom oppressed by an Imperial tyrant, a dark secret held by the King, and land now ripe with opportunity.

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In the year 832 2E, the northern lords of the Veil called forth a summit to be convened at Raven's Watch Tower. It was there, on the sixty first day of winter that Duncan Selwyk, Lord of High Rock, was chosen by his peers as the first King of the Veil in over a millennia. Following the events of the summit and King Duncan I's coronation the Kingdom of the Veil officially announced it's secession from the Dovarii Imperium. It was in the Valley of Tears near the border of Raven's Watch where the first drops of blood sank into the soil, and it was there the war began.

For thirty-two years the legions of Dovarii and the armies of the Veil waged unholy war upon one another, neither managing to gain a long lasting victory without suffering a defeat elsewhere. Blow for blow the Veil met the immeasurable numbers of Dovarii with resilient men that believed in their cause and for three generations a virtual stalemate ensued. The people of both nations believed the war would never end, however; when news that King Duncan III, grandson of King Duncan I, had died at the battle of Sleeping Bay leaving no heirs the morale of the Veil Lords faltered allowing the Dovarii to push into their borders. After this tremendous loss another summit convened at Raven's Watch Tower to crown a new King of the Veil, and after much deliberation it was decided that only a Selwyk should wear the crown. It was there on 864 2E, that Euron Selwyk, uncle to Duncan III, brother to Duncan II, and Lord of Sleeping Bay, was crowned King of the Veil. Once again the summit ended and a coronation proceeded, and once again a newly crowned king made a decision that shocked the world. King Euron I called for peace with Dovarii.

After King Euron I called for peace much changed for the Veil. While the treaty that ended the war, which would come to be known as the Treaty of the Thirty Year War, allowed King Euron I and the Veil Lords to keep their power and lands, it also stripped away many rights. The first and most pressing matter that the treaty detailed was the disbandment of the Veil's standing army. The Lords of the Veil were allowed to keep their house hold guard and a small garrison to keep the peace, but not a large enough force to pose any possible danger. The second matter was the presence of imperial officials and soldiers in the Veil. These men were given as much power as a lord and were able to declare anyone an enemy of the Imperium and have them executed. These both were taken as slights by the Veil Lords, but it was the third major order that brought grief to many. It stated that any man serving in the army of the Veil that committee heinous war crimes against the Imperium was to be stripped of all titles and holdings and to be executed. The Dovarii used this to their advantage, naming all of the most competent generals and warriors of the Veil as war criminals. This all but crippled the Veil's ability to wage war.

It is now 867 2E, three years have passed since the treaty ending the war has been signed and the Veil has once again been taken into the Dovarii Imperium's fold. Few if any speak out against the Imperium and people are now settling into this new way of life. However; the Veil is now a place of great opportunity and honor for both Northerners and Dovarii alike. A small push could ignite another war and perhaps another could do what the Selwyk's did not. For now there is peace, but only timd can reveal the next chapter of the Veil's story.

Great Houses of the Veil

House Spyre, Lords of The Shi'lands

Sigil: A gray bear upon a black backdrop.

Words: "Death Before Dishonor."

House Heyl, Lords of The River Lands

Sigil: A silver galley upon a blue backdrop.

Words: " "

Members: Edward Heyl

Story Arcs

Arc 1-

Chapter 1: Three years have passed since the war between the Veil and the Imperium came to an end. In this time a faint peace has once again washed over the Veil despite it's reoccupation by Imperial forces. With time ,however; comes adjustment and though old hostilities still burn strong between the two coexistence has proven to be not to long of a stretch. Three years seem like a lifetime at this point, and as the lords of the Veil and Imperial officials prepare to gather in the Crown Lands to Celebrate the birth of King Euron's first child, only time will tell if peace lasts.

To the far northern reaches of the Veil, however; things are not peaceful and calm. With the military disarmament the northern lords are struggling to defend their holdings from the raiding parties of the savages from the Wilds. With few options open to them, these men now search for a way to defend their home.

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Character Portrait: Jonathan Spyre
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Character Portrait: Edward Heyl
Edward Heyl

"Only a fool accepts imperfection as a fact."

Character Portrait: Jonathan Spyre
Jonathan Spyre

"Death Before Dishonor."


Character Portrait: Jonathan Spyre
Jonathan Spyre

"Death Before Dishonor."

Character Portrait: Edward Heyl
Edward Heyl

"Only a fool accepts imperfection as a fact."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jonathan Spyre
Jonathan Spyre

"Death Before Dishonor."

Character Portrait: Edward Heyl
Edward Heyl

"Only a fool accepts imperfection as a fact."

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