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Edward Heyl

"Only a fool accepts imperfection as a fact."

0 · 387 views · located in The Veil

a character in “Torn Asunder”, as played by Thorait


Name: Edward Heyl

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Title: Lord of the River lands

House: House Heyl, lords of the River lands

Sigil: A Silver galley on a blue background

Appearance: The current lord of the River lands has dark blond hair that reaches his shoulders and a short beard. Edward always looks his best but this doesn’t extend to his health because he’s a pale skinny man that looks ten years older than he really is. Just like his father before him Edward is a tall lean man but unlike his predecessor Edward has received extensive martial training. He’s surprisingly strong and his bright blue eyes and strange demeanor makes him a scary lord to serve.

Personality: Edward appears to be a quit and calm person but the moment you challenge or defy him he will show a different side to himself. He will be vicious, cold and cruel if you show any hostility or insubordination but generally he will follow etiquette and behave as people expect from somoene of nobilty. He adores perfection and strives to obtain it in as many ways as possible. The drive for perfection goes beyond what is healthy and into the realm of obsession there have been weeks were he refused to sleep or eat because of some minor skill he couldn’t master. There’s no one left he still cares for personally his greatest motivation is a lust for vengeance that fills his entire life. He trained, planned and schemed undermining the Dovarii at every turn but so far he has escaped suspicion. People know he dislikes anyone even remotely related to the imperium but he keeps the full extent of his hate secret.

History: Before the war the house Heyl was a successful noble family known for their diplomatic expertise and etiquette but these skills proved useless when the war erupted. As a proud supporter of king Duncan I Edward’s grandfather was quick to choose him as his king but he died in one of the first battles with the Dovarii. His successor would lead though a troubled time until his death at the hands of a Dovarii loyalist that killed him in his bedchamber. Edward came to power at the age of 21 and fiercely resisted King Euron’s attempt to make peace because he desired to avenge his father. Edward was originally the second son of his father but his brother died of his wounds after battle. Throughout the years Edward trained himself and his soldiers into an elite force that is skilled and merciless. Edward now stands as the last of his house without a clear successor but so far he remains childless and unmarried.

So begins...

Edward Heyl's Story