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Jon Spyre

"Death Before Dishonor."

0 · 64 views · located in The Veil

a character in “Torn Asunder”, as played by The Based God


Name: Jonathan Spyre

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Title: Lord Heir of the Shi'lands

House: House Spyre, Lords of the Shi

Appearance: The young Lord of the Shi'lands Jonathan Spyre is a paramount specimen of the people of the Shi'lands. Lean, fierce, and hardy, boasting his natural affinity for strength and resilience above all else. The piercing green eyes of the Spyre's demanding respect and authority while staring through to the very hearts of men. The rough stubble adorning his face and aligning itself with his black hair marks the unkempt way of the Spyres of the Shi. A scar can be seen marking his forehead near his right eye, standing testament to the young lord's time spent in battle. It is these physical distinctions that divide the men of the Shi'lands such as Jonathan from the other lords of the Veil.

Personality: Jonathan embodies what it means to be a Spyre of the Shi'lands. The Shi lies far to the northeast and consists of cold unforgiving highlands and it is because of this that the men of the Shi are as hardy and resilient as they are. Jonathan is no different possessing the often overbearing stubbornness of the Shi folk and unwillingness to compromise. His words are direct and the subtleties of rhetoric are often lost upon him, yet he maintains a certain air about him that yields respect from his peers. He prizes honor above all else and would rather take his own life than break his word, and though he is often short tempered and easily goaded into conflict he still keeps his oaths and vows close at heart.

History: Jonathan was born in the late winter of 840 2E, as the third son of Eldred Spyre Lord of the Shi'lands. As he grew in the halls of the Shadow Keep he more often than nought alone for his father and brothers were either busy or off campaigning against the Dovarii, however; a young boy such as himself never allowed his mind to be overtaken by sadness. Often he would find himself engaged in activities with the children living around the keep which often led to scolding by both his tutors and his father, however; he never allowed this to deter him from doing so again. Despite this clear disobedience to his father's wishes Jonathan was overly devout in the honor of his family. Every morning when he rose he would stare and his reflection in the mirror and recite his family's words, "Death Before Dishonor.", and once he was done he would proceed to his lessons. While he would often be called reckless or foolhardy by many, it would always be honor and devotion that guided his actions.

Years passed and the young reckless boy grew into a young reckless man, and though he would serve as acting lord of the Shi most of the time due to his father's absence, he was no longer confined to the Shadow Keep. He always told himself that he should be proud to stand vigil over the Shi while the others were gone and that it was a great honor to do so, however; deep down he couldn't help but be disappointed. He had studied and trained every day since he could remember to be a warrior, a man of the Shi'lands, but he was never allowed to call the banners and march at his father's side. It was in these times of frustration that the young Jonathan Spyre would take up his favorite pastime, hunting. Normally when a lord went out into the wilds to hunt they were accompanied by an entourage of guards to keep them safe, but Jonathan knew the more men that followed the more scarce the game. Two men were all he allowed as the rode deep into the forests of the Shi as he had done many times before. Here he was more than just some lordling, here he was a warrior nay a conquer that ruled this field of battle. However; it was on one such outing that he stumbled upon a foe that would not yield and be so easily conquered. In the early spring Jonathan and his guards rode through the forests of the Shi when a rustling in the brush began to stir the horses. Jonathan knew a stag would not incite so much fear from his mount so perhaps it was a boar or mountain cat, however; it was neither of those. The hulking mass slowly revealed itself from behind the thicket of briar and brush as it lurched forward towards Jonathan. It was a Mountain Bear, large and vicious, it was the top predator in the Shi and the ruler of this forest in which Jonathan had dreamt he claimed. The young lord's guards called out to him to flee, yet Jonathan refused. He would face this beast and ordered them back, they could only watch in horror as the Bear charged forward and Jonathan readied his spear. When the two collided the guards were amazed see that their lord had felled the beast with a single stroke of his spear, and was virtually unharmed save for a deep cut on his forehead.

Years passed once more as they tend to do, and the mighty bear slayer had become a slayer of men and a leader of armies. In the time since his duel with the bear he had lost both his older brothers to the war and his father was bed ridden with illness. He now led the Shi'lands forces under King Duncan III, and it was in these days he longed for his time back in the forest. Jonathan was still young, younger than most that served him, however he proved he was competent enough for his men to follow him willingly. He had amassed a reputation for his ability to formulate winning strategies when the odds were against him, often winning battles that should have been one sided. One such battle was the battle of Red River Crossing. It was a pivotal victory that gave access to Imperial lands to the armies of the Veil, something that had not been done in some time, however; before this victory could be taken advantage of the king was slain in battle at Sleeping Bay and the Veil's frontline collapsed. Jonathan and bannermen of the Shi were among the last to succumb and agree to the Imperium's terms, and though he now abides by the edicts of the treaty his very core denies it. All Jonathan can do now is bide his time and remember his words, "Death Before Dishonor.".

So begins...

Jon Spyre's Story