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To begin...
I want to first address some of the lore-friendly species that exist within this universe.
Afterwards, I will indicate whether you, the public, are allowed to use these phenomenal organisms.

First, let's begin with the most involved species in the entire universe's story. They show up all the time (because they consist of some of the main characters)

The Kydol

(Deep lore incoming)
It is truly unknown on which where the Kydols originated, but one this is for sure the most obvious thing.

They don't originate from here.

Kydol's are an unknown species to many. They haven't really been under the spotlight until now, but some scholars do realize they've probably been around for quite some time.

As far as history and science can record it, Kydolians are from an unknown source and live for an extended amount of time. Kydolians are usually seemingly friendly and as a race they work together to achieve a common goal.

The Kydol species is quite a mysterious one. In obvious research they usually seem to be a very peaceful race that works together for similar goals, and it is rare to see them fighting each other in true combat. (excluding feral ones)

If one were to follow and research Kydolians to their best ability, they would find out that (or theorize) that Kydolians may have arrived here from somewhere from the stars, as they really can't be found as a seemingly native race to such a world they are present in. Kydolians don't have too much of a range in appearance, but they still do have characteristics that define them. The easiest way to tell differences of Kydols would be by looking at their feet, hands, heads, and their tails; if present. The Kydol face varies in eye shapes, sizes, and colors; carnivore or herbivore teeth present, different noses and varying yet peculiar antennas; from straight to curvy and all other different shapes. Some Kydol will have horns instead of antennas too. Their feet and hands hold different appearances as well, with some being pointed, clawed, sharp, smooth, or simply flat and round.

The average adult Kydol varies in height from 5 to 8 feet, making 9 feet rare in the race but still possible. Weight varies from a mere 100 to 260 pounds. Most Kydols are gifted with strange magical powers, but not all have these said powers. Magic seems to originate only from the Kydol peoples, as attempting to use such magic hasn't been achieved by any other race as known as so far. Most Kydol also apparently are extremely adaptive; not only in being able to change environments and survive in conditions, but to physically be able to modify ones self. Such adaptations that have been found are things like extra limbs, extra eyes, sharper teeth and claws, horns or regrown antennae, muscular growth, regeneration of the body, and things like tails suddenly showing up on the body. Kydols aren't exact clones of each other, but if one were to not pay attention they can definitely look the same to a lower intellectual. Most Kydols have a grayish skin, with other variants as white, black, light brown, light green, very pale blue, multiple shades of grey, and a few red types as well. Kydols are rarely found with body hair, and if there is any it would be found on the arms and legs with simple colors of black and brown. (no hair grows on their heads) Most Kydols are pure blood, but a few variants exist when other alien-like races have been mixed, examples of found mixtures have been insectoids and humans and other possible mixtures; they don't always come out pretty, nor is it fun to try to infer how said 'splices' are created- eugh.

The average lifespan of a Kydol is about a thousand years. Healthier Kydols have lived a possible extra millenia or two, but the oldest one found to ever exist that hasn't been matched has been one that had lived longer than about 6,000 years. Specifically the average Kydol will grow from a baby to a small child in a mere 2 or 3 years, and will reach teenage years in about 15 years. A miniscule con for this race is they will not actually reach a young adult age until about 35 years old; but adult age should follow within the next 10 years or so, leaving them to a long adult life, hence why finding children Kydol can be difficult at times as they also stay as a small race with the population much lower against other competing races like humans.

The Kydol species has absolutely no evidence of existing anywhere on any worlds known, so actually finding and encountering this race is rare and difficult to achieve. When in contact with Kydols, they usually live in small packs and will elect a leader to lead them. Kydols act as a very adaptable nomad peoples, and are rarely ever found to settle somewhere, as most worlds are uncomfortable for them to live on, but when they do settle somewhere, they will build small huts simply for resting areas, and a bigger temple-like structure for the leader and its guards to occupy. Kydol culture is very different from the culture of others, as they keep their heritage, traditions, culture and language very very secret and there are little to no cases of any other species being able to learn such things. Kydols converse in their own language, and myth has it they can also use their horns or antennae to communicate as well, as there have been a few unexplainable events which have been observed in such a way only that would make sense. One large reason that Kydol settlements are hard to find is that they seem to travel back to their home planets via portals, leaving behind their small structures, which after being unattended will melt into blobs of green goo. (which has the consistency of maple syrup and the texture of wax) That makes it extremely difficult to find Kydols residing in current worlds. Kydols also seem to learn at an accelerated rate, some being found to be fluent in human languages, and being able to learn and use the culture of other races easily when asked or simply presented with such information.

While the appearance of the Kydol may seem hostile, intimidating, and quite horrifying in certain circumstances, the majority of the race can be found to be quite peaceful with most relations to others. It is only in self defense, the fight for a goal, or an encounter with a feral Kydol that seemingly harbors the usage of such deadly weaponry embedded in the skin of a Kydol.

Kydols are slow to turn one away, but they are also wise as well, and won't just take in anyone. They strive for peace with most races to achieve a better place, and work in harmony to their limits! Sometimes, Kydols will break away from the larger groups and form small 'squads' to go out and accomplish things that are needed to be done.

The Kydol species seem to assign roles to all of its peoples, even if they are not part of a certain society or not, they all seemingly have a roll to fill out. Most roles are a stay at home sort of role, but it can vary all the way to travelling an entire world, to barely even moving from a single position. It doesn't seem that corruption affects the majority of Kydols; as they usually strive for peace, but still want their foot in the ring of power. Only the evilest of this race have gone all out to accomplish what they themselves want; striving for enormous power, wealth, and other earthly things in which one can only gain in a rich lifetime.

There is no 'Average Joe' for the Kydols. Parents of baby Kydols usually gift their children with a name for a purpose, and use a variety of languages to name them. Some of the only Kydolian that can be translated is those of the names of some, as some names are easy to spell and translate for their simplicity; but there are definitely a number who have the opposite properties with a name. It would also be noted that opposed to the way humans name, Kydols are not given last names, therefore making it so that names are slightly altered or numbered to keep track of each individual to their true identity; it also seems that last names are useless for the Kydol, as the study of such a group have created the theory that such Kydols can tell the family line of a fellow Kydol through communication and touch.

In the ranks of the Kydols, ethnicity is a small part of Kydol diversity, as variants truly are difficult to find, but they do still exist.
The most common species are known as follows:

This ethnicity is more based on the characteristic and age of a Kydol, but also counts as an ethnicity due to this variant only existing from one place. The Ancient Kydols are ones that have been around for quite some time, and no new ones have existed for millenials for an unknown reason. Currently, there are only a handful left.

Most are found to be taller around the 7 or 8 foot marker, and are usually found with gray skin. Found to be much slower yet much more intelligent due to length of existence.

Spliced Kydols refer to those that have been mixed with another race or species, such as the humans or other humanoids. There are rare cases of Kydols being spliced with some very questionable races, one example somehow being a praying mantis.

Appearance varies.

The Blytz are named after their supposed home planet. After studying the Kydolian peoples, this single word was one of few that were able to be translated. It is so commonly mentioned with this race; supposedly these ones miss their home of sorts. These are the most nomadic peoples, usually traveling whole worlds until they settle or die off.

Usually gray or a mixture of blue of sorts. Most found to have small amounts of hair on legs. A little shorter with the 5 and 6 foot markers. Found to be the most magical variant of Kydol.

Like the Blytz, another word was offered up as a possible planet in which the Kydols originate from. This group seemingly uses portals the most, travelling back to their home planet periodically.

Most are a variant of gray to browns and blues. In the average height at about 6 feet. Found to be the most innovative and long distance travellers in a short amount of time. They also record lots of data.

The Raged
This variant is found to be a little taller than the other ones around the 6 to 7 foot mark. Skin tones only range in red tones. This type is the most easily angered of all the Kydols, and are proficient in deadly magic, weaponry, or deadly melee. Name obviously dubbed for the attitude of this group. It should also be known that there is two versions of The Raged. One version is that children are seemingly born this way, and can never change, and the other version is merely an emotional change for a Kydol, as it has been recorded many other groups have a few that have changed to this type for a temporary time before (hopefully) changing back.

Finally, an image of the average Kydol but like I didn't try

Kydols are aliens from space and they spook. They usually have antennaes, gray skin, and tails sometimes. Also they do space magic and stuff yeah awesome woo.

Alright, all the other species are low-life bums and they don't matter TOO MUCH but they're there.


Not much information is known about the Morian race (sorry not my race :/ Will consult Creator #2)
The Morians are a seemingly hostile intergalactic traveling species that create high quality laser weaponry. Most Morians within the local galaxy are dead, but few reside deep within hiding either in space or on planet Earth. The average Morian is a gray-toned grunt-looking creature, usually equipped with sharp teeth and claws for offensive behaviors. Unlike most species with hands, the Morians come along with 7 fingers on their hands (not including their thumbs). The Morian species also works sort of like an ant colony, as one very large Morian will lead small hordes of Morians to do whatever task is needed; almost like goblins bands from ancient myths. Only a few Morian leaders have been recorded in history, and they measure somewhere above 30 feet tall. Just like the Kydol species, though; if a Morian is not left in check, they can become Feral, attacking and mauling each other or anything that isn't of its own.

The average grunt looks like this: (with their armor thou)

Red Beast

Pretty explanatory. The Red Beast are few in existent. It is thought more of being a sort of mutated humanoid of sorts than an alien species. There have only been reported sightings of about 4-5 of these in existence, and it is truly unknown where they originate from. These creatures come in small differences, but subtle at sight. They usually come at a hulking height of 9 feet, and are fiercesome in battle.

One has been reported to look like this:

R.B Virus Zombie

Before the initial discovery of the Red Beasts, an outbreak occurred somewhere within Britain. The virus quickly spread over all of the island, over to Ireland, and onto the beaches of France after a failed containment. The virus was at the height of its spread in 2041; as it had conquered nearly all of Europe, slowly trudging towards Russia through Belarus and Ukraine. Luckily, though, a successful counter-attack was launched, rapidly pushing the Zone back to the border of France where it has since been contained to this day. Currently, the infection resides in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Andorra, Luxembourg, Monaco, and the Netherlands.
The infected themselves are red-tinted humans infected with a disease commonly known as the R.B Virus. Initially infected people will show signs of hostility. Their veins will pump bright red blood to an excess until they pop, causing blood to flow all through the body. Then, calcium and keratin on the body will begin growing excessively and becoming hard, forming large and jagged teeth and claws for easy shredding of uninfected organisms. Soon, all hair will fall off of their body, causing their eyes to become big and black, and their lips to recede into nothingness, giving birth to a bloodthirsty zombie that will kill anyone on sight. (Virus currently only spreads by contact)

Average infected individuals will look such like this:


The sh.. shr.. shrarder is once again thought to originate from planet Earth. Not much can be explained about them, but they are simply overly tall humans with fleshy blade-like arms. No more information given

They usually look like this:


As the name suggests, the Gigantaur are a giant race of black humanoid creatures that are very destructive when awoken. Their nature usually isn't as such, but they can innocently wipe out an entire city merely by walking through it. Only 1 has ever been seen. Another factor of this race is a smaller purple variant called Gigantaur Minator (G.M) which usually plague the area around them. It is believed that these creatures arrived on the planet during a meteor storm, as they can be found in locations with craters, unknown rock materials, and literal meteors sitting in the ground. It's hard to measure how tall one would be, so...

Images can only describe them:


It is unknown what this species is; as it is highly classified by the CIA of the United States. According to what has been leaked, the T-Demons are another species originating from Earth, presumably once human.
//Begin Log
So far, there are only █ documented in existence. Being brothers, these ███ showed up somewhere in Germany early in 2███.
They can be described as a white and a gray humanoid, having jagged teeth, horns, and glowing eyes. According to the gray one, merely known as J during an interview, the one was infected with a strange virus that subsequently activated an unknown gene within him, mutating it into what it currently is; and the following happened to its brother after a blood transfusion after a fatal injury. It is theorized that the creation of this race is only possible by ancestral genes, and then being activated by an unknown strand of DNA, causing the mutations to occur. J said that he had incidentally been turned during the First ████ War way back in 20██. Investigations have turned up Dead Ends on both sides of these needed valuables, therefore seeing the ████████ Family as the only viable organisms with said genetic strands. End of Log.

Image taken during Interview:

Black Creature

Black Creatures come in all different assortments. The Black Creature can be seen more as a parasitic liquid than an actual humanoid race, as it infects hosts, contorting them to whatever form and shape the parasite has in mind. No more information given.

One example before it flew off:

The final thing isn't really a species. Mutated organisms. Simple. Something somewhere deformed them, end of story.

So, in conclusion.. You as a roleplayer will have such access:
Kydol- Allowed; as long as consulted beforehand.
Morians- Will only allow on request.
Red Beast- Absolutely OFF LIMITS!
RB Zombie- If you want to be a mindless zombie, go for it!
Shrarder- Absolutely OFF LIMITS!
T-Demon- Absolutely OFF LIMITS!
Black Creature- Available. Please consult before usage.
Mutated Organisms- Go for it. Make whatever the hell you want. (no OP)

K have fun y'all. Hope this helps with some character decisions (if you're in to being a non-human individual)


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Hello people.
The idea of this being set here is being cancelled.
The original idea was all good and well, but this just isn't going to get anywhere, I currently can't afford paying attention to this.
With that said, I do have a little Discord that's themed about this. Everything is updated there, so if you are a person that was or is actually interested in this little universe, go here.
Don't expect any more updates from this place.