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Happy Noko

0 · 776 views · located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925

a character in “Torture Circus”, as played by cirrus_sd


Happy Noko: Unhappy Noko, 18, Female, Indifferent
The Dragon Lady, Mutant-Beastly,

Happy is an oddly thin girl. Although her dimensions suggest anorexia, her bone structure is, for all intents and purposes, "normal" in that it doesn't protrude or stick out under her skin abnormally. In fact, her limbs are rounded and smooth, rather than bony and hard. Her torso is surprisingly average length for the times (based on the average female height of around 5'2-5'4), but her legs make up the rest of her tall height, and are very much unnaturally long. They also taper near the end, giving her very skinny ankles and feet that are quite small for someone of 5'7. Her arms are longer than normal and taper as well, giving her small hands and fingers, and quite delicate wrists. Her neck is much longer than average (though not grotesquely so) and her face is small and thin, with the stereotypical Asian cheekbones. She has straight, pitch-black hair that is long enough for her to sit on, and often gets in her face, unnerving many people for the creepy appearance it gives her. Her hair grows quickly and, to her knowledge, has only been cut once. Its dark color contrasts dramatically with her alabaster skin, and both are without flaw, almost always smooth and shining. Perhaps the most memorable, and horrifying, part of her is her eyes. Exotic already for the Asian slant they take on, they are made even more unique by the amber iris and the narrowed pupil, as per her mutation. However, both features are dulled in comparison to the terrible scarring that covers them, the most prominent being two horizontal scars that slash through each eye, one of which actually cuts through the eyeball, while the other only affects the eyelid. Both eyes are covered with an array of small scars that are difficult to see at first, but are prominent enough that when you have spotted them, you will never not be able to pick them out. The rest of Happy's facial features are fairly normal. Her nose is thin and small but her lips are full, the upper part shaped into a dramatically curved and uplifting Cupid's Bow. Her ears are small, and her eyebrows are shaped so that they taper to nothing as they extend outwards.

Out of all the other acts, Happy's performance costume is probably one of the most elaborate. She alternates between layers of "authentic" traditional Chinese or Japanese costumes, a skin-tight and revealing bodysuit, and a simpler, but tight-fitting Chinese collared dress, with "genuine" hairstyles to match. When she isn't put on display, however, she dresses much more loosely (though probably just as risque, if not more so). Her average daily wear consists of a tunic dress (of whatever color) worn without the belt, and no shoes. Sometimes she will even walk around with simply an oversized shirt on, or intentionally "forget" to wear her undergarments. She often argues that her abnormally long legs makes it nearly impossible to find a skirt that hangs below her knees, therefore justifying her inappropriate choice of clothing, however most times she doesn't hear so much as a squeak from the predominantly male circus staff. She also wears her hair down , occasionally putting it up in a ponytail, depending on her mood.

Serpentes Mutation. As already detailed in her appearance, Happy has longer, thinner limbs than most people and a long neck. Her eyes, before they were scarred, also had the appearance of snake eyes with a narrowed pupil. In addition, a good portion of her body is covered in scales. The back and sides of her neck and ears, the lowermost edges of her jawbone, her spinal ridge, parts of her ribcage, her shoulders, shoulder blades, knees, elbows, almost all of her feet and the sides of her legs starting from the hip down are scaly. These scales range from olive to black in color, and are cold to the touch. They are also somewhat iridescent, and create an especially entrancing visual effect when she dances in correct lighting.

Before the damage to her eyes, Happy's vision was fairly blurry. The scarring took away her sight, but although she is blind, her senses more than make up for it. On either side of her nose, where one would typically have their sinuses, Happy instead has a small sensory infrared pit that functions in the exact same way of that belonging to a pit viper. She can "see" through heat, and can at times distinguish certain emotions based on a person's varying temperature. She also has an acute sense of smell and taste, and although she does not have a forked tongue, she does share the habit of flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth to "taste" the air. She is able to distinguish different people by their taste and smell before they even begin to talk to her, and she can also perceive how far away things are from her through the vibrations she feels through the sensitive scales on the bottom of her feet.

Happy does not have fangs. However, her saliva is venomous and prevents coagulation. It is none-corrosive, and will only affect someone if it is injected directly into the bloodstream (spitting, licking, kissing, and sharing drinks have no affect on the other person).

Other attributes she received from this mutation include extreme flexibility (to the point of contortion), somewhat irregular body temperature (particularly where her scales are), and slow metabolism.

Happy's act includes contortion and performing "miraculous" feats ranging from navigating through a fiery maze, selecting which metal box has food in it, picking out who the pregnant people are in the audience, and so forth, all while being blindfolded. Occasionally she is forced to snake-charm, despite her fear of them. Unlike most of the mutation acts, she does not have to spend parts of her days stuck inside a box to be gawked at. Instead, she performs in an after-hours line-up that involves provocative dancing, stripping, and contortion, also blindfolded. She actually brings in a lot of revenue, and because of the sexual nature of some of her acts, she is rarely punished physically, if at all.

Despite her name, Happy is not a happy person. At least not perpetually so. Accustomed to discrimination her entire life (though for more reasons than just her mutation), Happy has discovered that one of the only ways to avoid the blunt of it is to just go with it. However, although her behavior might seem submissive, Happy is highly manipulative, and when survival isn't at stake, she most certainly has an ulterior motive to her actions. She is patient and bides her time, choosing to act later if feels a better opportunity will arise. She is a smooth liar and an equally convincing actress. If you volunteer to help her across the street, she won't brush you off with cries of independence, and will let you indulge in your act of kindness. However, be prepared to have your wallet stolen when she seemingly "trips" over the sidewalk. Within the circus community, she is seen as a bit of a kiss-ass to Mr. Torture, always doing what he wants and rarely getting in trouble. Happy is also relatively friendly with the audience when she performs, playing up her character for all she is worth and really working the reaction. Although some mutants might feel their pride is hurt by doing this, Happy, who is secretly quite prideful, feels that this is the only way for her to continue surviving (not to mention that she is waiting for the right time to escape). She knows her situation is bad, but she figures that moping about it and acting out obnoxiously only to get yourself punished doesn't help anything. For the most part, she has freer range on her actions within the circus because she behaves. She has never been chained, never been put in a box on display, and has only been "starved" a handful of times (although her slow metabolism made the punishment much less harsh).

Happy carries herself with dignity, always with perfect posture and a light, graceful step. She is selfish in that she always acts for herself, even when she appears kind. Don't expect her to take a hit for you out of the goodness of her own heart. If her survival is also at stake, she will save herself. She doesn't care so much about her appearance, already hearing from enough people that, "were it not for those damned scales" she'd be quite attractive indeed. Although she strives for immediate comfort, she knows that delayed comfort is ten times as sweet.

Happy isn't exactly talkative, but she isn't quiet either. Naturally, she has a mild Asian accent, but she typically speaks with a heavier one, depending on the situation. She doesn't take others around her too seriously, and isn't genuinely close with anyone. It takes a lot to get her angry. Occasionally, she will fake anger (again, depending on the situation), and will act violently. However, if she is actually angry, she doesn't do anything and just ignores the person entirely. Speaking of violence, Happy is not above it. She will do whatever she needs to get her way, whether it be passive, aggressive, peaceful or violent. She never trusts anyone, and frankly would advise against trusting her, if she decided to be honest for once. Although she may act friendly, be wary of her true intentions. Romance is another thing she will play up, but never actually feels. Nothing is ever an accident or coincidence with Happy.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Hot beverages Snow x
o Summer The cold in general x
o Chocolate High Places x
o Swimming People x
o Riddles Snakes x
o Dancing Humiliation x

{Quirks} {Fears}
% Is a big fan of Irving Berlin and knows all his songs by heart Falling @
% Follows people around when she's bored, just to see what how they react Snakes @
% Tends to eat without chewing

# Bi-lingual
# Extremely flexible. It's difficult to lock her down in one position, and as such she is a quite capable escape artist, and could be a wonderful wrestler if she put her mind to it.
# Light touch (good for pickpocketing)
# Fast reflexes
# Very good liar

Happy was born in Japan to Chinese parents. They went into hysterics at the sight of her, and immediately attempted to gouge her eyes out, screaming that she had devil eyes even after the knives were taken away from them by frantic neighbors. She was promptly abandoned at a Shinto temple, where the monks took care of her. They hated her because she was Chinese, and were mean to her because of her appearance. She was called Oni Hebi no Ko (Demon Snake Child), and was ignored by everyone in the village. It was then that she decided she had to take care of herself and only herself. She lived near the coast, and when she was 10 she managed to get onto an immigration boat to the US. They landed in Angel Island, but when the immigration officer asked for her name, she was confused and replied in a soft voice " Hebi no Ko." The officer misunderstood, and after a bit of a quarrel, wrote down her name as "Happy Noko" in a fit of frustration and spite. She lived on the streets for about a year before the Torture Circus came around. She saw strange people, some even stranger than her, and was lured into the circus life by Mr. Torture. She quickly realized it was not what she expected, but by then it was too late. She has been with the circus ever since.[/center]

(Your relationship with the other main characters. Remember, the human mains have known each just, just like how the mutant mains have. Can be anything from friends to enemies, etc. May be edited later)[/center]

So begins...

Happy Noko's Story

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#, as written by slcam
Ester began to answer Evie's question, but she was suddenly interrupted by the voice of a man. Evie whirled on him, an almost dangerous look in her eye, though in reality, it was more comical than dangerous. Her face, not to mention her personality, was not suited to show any sort of truly threatening expression. The odd look on her face quickly faded when she realized it was another mutant, accompanied by Ava. Evie gave them a short smile, her thoughts quickly moving on to their escape route. Her mind inevitably came again to the thought of being caught, but this only made Evie more ready to get out of the circus grounds.

The new mutant who Ava had brought, however, seemed to have one more priority before they left. Evie noticed him approaching the bound mutant from behind. She raised a hand to her mouth, concerned and uncertain as to what he would do, but since Ester made no move to stop him, Evie decided to stay still. With a sudden movement, the chain was unlocked. The mutant's reaction was almost instant, as he fell to his knees with a horribly pained expression.

Evie let out a near silent gasp, pressing both hands hard to her mouth in an attempt to stifle it. As the poor man writhed on the ground, debris from the ground rising around him, Evie quickly realized that his pain was probably caused by the new mutant's sudden proximity, though the why entirely escaped her. She had done something similar without this extreme of a reaction. She could not figure out why it was different this time.

Slowly, her eyes filled with tears until she could hardly see the man. He was in such apparent pain, and so obviously struggling against it as the quavering pebbles around them seemed to indicate, that Evie could not help but feel for him and wish for any way to help him, any way at all. Finally, a single, large tear fell, releasing the dam until tears fell silently down her cheeks.

Finally, the worst seemed to be over, and Evie composed herself a bit better, stifling an urgent desire to gather the man into her arms and comfort him. What if something was different from before and she caused another horrible reaction? She could not risk that. Suddenly, he sneezed, giving Evie a start and jarring her from her thoughts. He slowly rose, giving a shaky smile to Ester. Perhaps he was alright for the moment?

Taking this as a cue that it was time to leave, Ava began to set off, calling softly back to them. Evie fave a resolute nod back to her friend and followed after. There was no time to lose, morning would come swiftly and they had to be far away by then.

The group quickly hustled to the edge of the grounds, a few close encounters, but nothing terribly risky, though Evie managed to fall a couple more times. Finally, they reached the edge of the grounds, and Evie peered out into the night. Her heart jolted when she saw the large, mostly open ground they would have to cover. She quickly spotted a large thicket of trees not too far from where they stood, which would be a good place to hide for a moment and regroup. She pointed and whispered softly, "There!" She scanned around the group, making sure everyone had seen the area she was indicating.

Hoping they would all follow, and make it, Evie set off first. She carefully scanned the circus tents for any watchful eyes as she hustled, but it was too late into the night for that. All the time they took gathering the various mutants seemed to have placed them at the time when the 'watch' was sleepiest, though it was purely by luck rather than planning.

Finally, Evie made it, quickly turning and counting to herself as the others entered the thicket.





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Ezekiel Felton
22:10 P.M

There was nothing he could do but stare as Mark reacted, seized by the tortures effects of his powers, and though his stomach twisted in guilt the boy with wings kept his visage steady, void of all emotions aside for the transitory expression of surprise. He should have been more careful, but they needed to go, and the others seemed to be on the same page as him, feeling that danger was nipping at their ankles. “Let’s blow this joint already, good riddance.” He replied, following where one of Ava’s friends had pointed to, smartly into the walls of plants that would gladly conceal them. However, his wings twitched, as if possessing a mind of their own that resisted being trapped in such cramp places, but he silently told them how useless they were and forced the feathered limbs to fold, lest he injure them further.

They complied into a state of inertia as he walked into the branches, the only sounds being inhales, exhales and cracking branches, leafs that crunched underneath their footfalls. Ezekiel almost wanted to hold his breath, fearing that if he made a single noise that was too loud it would travel, shatter their bad luck in a single act of respiration. His fingernails dug into his palms, and he pictured the edge of the circus. All they had to do was continue to head south, past there was what he perceived to be a quiet part of the city, and in it was a train station. They were getting closer to freedom, only feet away, and he made crescent indents in his skin.

Then his nightmare thoughts came true in the form of dogs barking, and the signals echoed into the night, shaking it and sending ice cold water through his blood.

“Shit.” He swore in a hushed hiss, his mind paralyzed for a second before his spine shot up straight, the adrenaline digging claws into his bones, fittingly triggering a reaction of flight. Nevertheless, his true instinct wasn’t selfish, and his first priority was to turn his head to the others, and of those that hadn’t made it to the thicket, with his eyes wild and fierce, more awake than they have been in his entire existence. “We have to run, now.” For some reason, perhaps he felt responsible or was simply indebted, Ezekiel reached for Avalin and grabbed her wrist, stepping out of their cover and into the camp, which wouldn’t be empty for long. “Run south and don’t stop running.” This was all he could manage, unable to add where they should meet if they were to become separated in the rush. It was all happening too fast, and with his heart pounding he looked towards Ava, seconds from running for his life, and hoping that they wouldn’t be caught, or worse, killed.