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Kraus Bodenstein

how can such darkness and sorrow lie within a young man's heart?

0 · 226 views · located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925

a character in “Torture Circus”, as played by Yumishi


Full Name: Kraus von Bodenstein

Optional Nickname: Advent

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation:..He’s not sure..(you’ll see why..)

Stage Name: None

Species: Dæmon

Role: Main

Image: Image
(ignore the sword and armor :] )

Appearance: Kraus is 5’9, deathly pale and that thin that you can easly see his ribs, his body is scarred and burned. He looks girly and has long blond-almost white hair and piecing blue eyes. He wears a threadbare shirt that’s to big for him, it hangs off his shoulders and he has a pair of threadbare pants which stop at his knees. He doesn’t have any shoes or socks.

Mutation: He has the power to channel electricity into things-but he can’t control it and sometimes shocks himself.

Act: None.

Personality:Kraus is a shy young man that doesn't make friends very easy, due to the way he was treated by his father he has self confidence issues and feels unworthy of friends. He can be very cold at times, especially when people try to talk to him about his past. Due to his lack of trust in people he likes to be alone because it makes him feel safe. He’s very rebellious, and will try to escape no matter what happens to him afterwards. He cowers whenever older men are around and nearly faints if they even poke him a little.

Likes:Bibles, crosses, trains..nightime, wolves, day dreaming, rain, quiet..

Dislikes:Hearing loud noises, people saying the bible is a lie, daytime, feeling helpless.

Quirks:Kraus is very religious, he will make small crosses out of anything he can get his hands on. He also has a good operatic singing voice.

Fears:Being touched, nudity, older men, all females, romantic actions..

Skills:Kraus is very good at finding out information..

Biography:Kraus was brought up by his adopted father until he was five years old; the first five years of Kraus’s life were happy ones. He was brought up in a very strict religious background and one that prided it’s self on morality and goodwill. He can look back on those memories with pure happiness, which he often does when feeling totally depressed. Then when he was five his foster father passed away and Kraus-ironically was taken in by his real father. The rest of Kraus’s years up until he was fifteen would be sheer hell, Kraus would endure things that no child would have to and it would scar mentally and physically for the rest of his life. He will not talk about his past to anyone because it fills him with shame and humiliation just to think about it, if anyone so much as touches him he nearly faints. It is unknown to all but Kraus when he found out he had a Freak gene and nearly killed his father by pure accident by sending volts though him, and despite everything he did to Kraus..Kraus felt guilty for accidentally doing so, even though it wasn’t his fault. Kraus’s father wasted no time in teaching his son a lesson, he gave Kraus to the Torture circus. Kraus has tried to escape so many times from the circus since, he doesn’t care about the consiqunces he just needs to try and get away from there as fast as he can..which is hard with the limp in his left leg that really slows him down..

Relationships: he’s not sure, he’s not good at judging people..

So begins...

Kraus Bodenstein's Story

Characters Present

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Ezekiel Felton
21:50 P.M

The girl's face was drowned in crimson color, and he had to admit that it was a nice shade against her slightly tanned skin. For a reason unknown to him, his own blood vessels broke under his cheeks, tinting them rose and causing a wave of confusion at the butterflies that tried to fly up his throat. Ezekiel glanced away, shut his eyes and furrowed his brow, cursing his teenage hormones or whatever people called them. So what if she was pretty? Who cares if she was vaguely interesting, she was a regular, human girl and well he, he was deformed, in all honesty.

His gaze switched back to a glare, though this time it was directed at himself. He didn't have time for feelings that were fitting of a school boy, romance was for the week and he wouldn't let fleeting attraction turn him into a flustered fool. Ezekiel looked back down at her as she cleared her throat, his eyebrows rising as the lock clicked and the door opened, no muscle headed boys walking in to give him a good beating. His mouth opened, wanted to ask her another question, wanted to know why she was risking her skin to play around with circus freaks, but then she answered him before he could make a peep.

"I’m trying to get you out of this joint.

For a second he was sure his heart ceased to function, that the air from his lungs escaped through his skin and left him but a hollow shell without thought or comprehension. He could feel himself blinking, lost, surprised, perplexed. His lips pressed together and he examined her, looking for any reason not to trust her, to tell her to get lost and never bother him again. Yet, he found nothing, just a naive, benevolent girl who had just given him what could be an opportunity at a better life. A life without the beatings, or scraping up cigarette butts, or walking across a tightrope several feet in the air as people secretly wished for him to fall, splatter onto the ground below.

He inhaled, reminded himself of all those times he tried to escape and failed. Without his permission one of his hands rose, his fingers traced over his shoulder, brushing against material that hid scars to prove it. Ezekiel's mouth turned into a frown, fighting off an inner debate between trying once again, or avoiding failure. New hope kindled inside of him, but if it was stomped out for the hundredth time he wasn't sure how able he would be to get back up again. Despite every thought that told him this was stupid, a pointless, useless attempt at freedom, he smirked and nodded.

"Well aren't you a bearcat?" The winged boy teased, but it was lighthearted, almost admiring. He stood from his spot and climbed out of the cage, touched solid ground, and fixed a few of the buttons on his short sleeve, white button up. If you can't beat them, join them. If they were going to go down, they would do so together, only she would be driven away in a cop car and he would have to face the wrath of leather. That was fine by him, it wasn't anything he couldn't handle, nothing he wasn't used to. As long as he could get a taste of adrenaline, a piece of the outside world, then he would learn to live with the result given to them.

Ezekiel walked towards an opening in the tent and glanced back at her, expecting her to follow. "There are some other people I'm going to try and get out here." He said, not a request but a fact. He felt like he owed it to them. Sam, who was miserable here and remained closed off, and Kraus who was new here and had a chance to get away from Hell before he descended into the deepest layers. He might not be able to trust this girl yet, but he could at least try and get along, she did just break him out of what might as well be a prison.

"I'm Ezekiel." He decided on giving her his name, at least it would prevent them from awkwardly wondering what to call each other. Carefully he stepped out of the tent, glancing down the empty pathways before he reached out, grabbed onto the girl's wrist and pulled her along. Ezekiel didn't let go of her until they were outside of a small sized trailer, standing on the top of his toes he peaked over, looked between the bars of the window and whispered, harsh and demanding. "Sam, Kraus." He hissed, sounding angry even though it was only the nerves that was twisting his spine. "I'm getting out of here. Meet me in at the south end near the oak tree, if either of you don't make it in time I'll leave the both of ya'." He warned, paused before speaking again. "I'm unlocking your cage but we're splitting up, it's too dangerous to sneak around here with these goons hangin' around."

Suddenly he reached towards the girl, snatched the master key from her hands and shuffled towards the door, making sure no one was around before he unlocked it. "Don't be stupid." He muttered, hoping that the two wouldn't manage to blow this for him, and snuck back towards his savoir. "You're not a first time caper, are you?" Ezekiel questioned, wondering how she got a hold of the key in the first place, but didn't properly ask. "Lets keep moving." With those hushed words being spoken they were headed past tents and small trailers that held sleeping misfits and supplies alike. It was all going well, and he had the feeling that it was too good to be true. That it was, because the closer they got to another that group that planned their escape, they closer they got to Mr.Torture, who was looking for some skin to break.

Ezekiel looked back to her, a smile on his lips, and completely unaware that behind the upcoming corner was the devil himself.