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Aka Manto

Lives up to his reputation as the beautiful, stunning and charming lady's man, but with his newfound teenage freedom, he no longer wears a mask to conceal his beauty,

0 · 238 views · located in Japan

a character in “Toshi Densetsu High”, as played by Test Drive


In a long line of Mantos, Aka is the third to have his name. Aka Manto, his son Aoi, then Dai, then Aka Manto II, then Jiro, and our very own Aka Manto III. Aka's doing what he has to; find a wife and continue the line of extremely beautiful and slightly evil Mantos.
One problem.
He doesn't want to kill.

"Crap, man, I don't care if you pick red or blue. Pick purple for all I care."

So begins...

Aka Manto's Story


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Beep! Beep! Beep!

I roll out of bed, smacking my alarm clock. I groan, walking into the bathroom. My long black hair is in knots again, and I look just plain horrible. If girls saw me in the morning, I wouldn't have like, 2 girlfriends a week. I get ready as fast as I can and stare into the mirror one more time.

I don't look like I need breakfast this morning.

I look okay enough to go to school, so I run out the door, saying a quick 'bye' to my parents. My backpack hurts my shoulders like it usually does. I flip my hood up and hear the cheerleaders walking down to the bus stop.

I sigh, knowing they won't leave me alone. They've been asking me to join the football team. I don't really want to; sports aren't my thing. However, I let them walk up to me, and they all sit down with me, trying to get as close as they can. I try to move, but then realize it's useless. Girls won't leave me alone.

Maybe if I ate like the rest of my family they would. Maybe if I was just ugly and terrible they would. I know I'm not actually like that, but I actually have to make an effort to be beautiful. It's not very fun. I skip meals, spend 15 minutes in the bathroom every morning and brush my hair in the halls like, every day. Sometimes it makes me want to cry. Pain is beauty, right?

No it isn't. Beauty is pain. It actually hurts. I wish it wasn't like that. I wish I was like my parents. They eat all they want and still look like models. They wake up looking the way they do.

Sometimes I feel like donning my mask one more time.