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Alin Valdmiras

"I sure hope I have nothing to do today."

0 · 215 views · located in Denkrin keep

a character in “Total War: Century X”, as played by BleedingCrimson


Name: Alin Valdmiras

Race: Draconian

Gender: Female

Age: around 22, not too sure though

Appearance: A small woman, only reaching about 5 foot two inches in height and weighing just over 100lbs with scaly skin on her forearms, calves, shins, and upper back (though it is barely noticeable unless felt) as well as her gleaming-gold snake-like eyes. With indistinct cheeckbones and large eyes she seems to be somewhat childish at first glance, not looking quite as old as she is often mistaken for a young child and just as often thought to look adorable when angered, both something she hates. She has black hair that is chopped off at her neck and spiked out in the back, leaving it exposed, and angled down from there so that the front locks end just below her chest. She does not have much of a figure, only furthuring the child idea, but likes to wear tight clothes (though not particularily short or low-cut) to show what she does have when she decides to take off the looser outer layers (vests, jackets, etc). Her wardrobe it strictly on the grayscale with only a few splashes of color that is limited to a red necklace, a light tan scarf (long enough to almost reach the ground after it has wrapped wround her neck once or twice) and an alazarin sash/belt she always wears hanging loosly on her hips under the outer garments (the knot rests on her hip and the excess fabric reaches just below her knees when tied only once around as usual).

Class: Assassin

Rank: Sergeant

- Can speak with animals like a beast-master (though tends not to other than for companionship).
- Archery (though preferring the more traditional longbow over a crossbow).
- Strategy, tactics and planning.
- Bs-ing, good at extemporaneous excuses and quick-witted.
- Predicting and interpreting omens (as she is somewhat supertitious and can 'predict the futre' for individuals via reading cracked bones, palms and cards [not tarrot])

Is very cynical and pessimistic (though she calls it realistic) and would rather look on the dark side of life than be overly happy for 'no reason.' She does her chores and anything else she must do meticulously and has an almost OCD-ness about her when it comes to her work. She enjoys reading, meditating in solitude (preferrably around a water-source or stream of some kind), playing and listening to music, eating, and lazing about once she is finished.
She is lazy, extremely lazy... as long as she has finished what needs to be done (and is loathe to take up someone else's slack if it is absolutely not necessary. Completely oblivious to any flirting directed towards her, otherwise sharp as a whip to pick up on most other things.
Alin also tends to zone out (or space), often forgetting to breathe or blink in these times, making her look dead. Sometimes though, she just forgets to breathe (or is perhaps too lazy to- no one has figured out which yet).

Biography: Alin grew up as a street rat in a small city area, a perticularily suspicious lot that was populated almost exclusively by humans. This allowed her stealth, speed, strategic, and 'BS-ing' skills to develop all her life. Forced to grow up at such a young age and quickly learn how to feed herself all the while keeping from being killed turned her into a hardened criminal, stealing to survive and 'disposing of' anyone would would see contrawise, especially because she had to hide her scaly sking that 'was a sure mark of a demon'. Some day a man had come into the city, wanting some supplies and planning to leave in the morning. He bared his 'scales' proudly and Alin was drawn to him, soon enough he caught her watching him and fed her some freshly baked (and bought) bread if only she would tell him how she came to be in thit place. Unable to resist the offer she did so and the man, impressed with her skills that he had seen over the course of that day and seeing great potential, offered to take her away and train her in his ways. She said yes, thinking anything was better, and followed him off the next day after sleeping in a barely-in-the-city inn for the night.
Travelling with her new companion she learned many new things and honed her already existing talents. The man became like a father, or elder brother, to her and they were close. Unfortunately he was killed one day when an overly large group of bandits and other sorts of rouges attacked one day, together they slaughtered most of them before he fell and in her rage she killed the last small group (3 or 4) on her own before she laid down and wept herself to sleep by his body, in the middle of the bloodly mess. For the next week or so she wallowed in her grief and didn't wash the blood off herself, but she was eventually found and (around age 17- because she had never kept track of her age) entered the armed forces, working her way up the ranks with no particular special speed, mostly due to her inherent laziness that she's had ever since she could remember- preferring to sit and stare or meditate to actively doing something, especially if it isn't needed.

Learning, books and knowledge.
Favorite drink is tea, closely followed by spiced cider.
Favorite food is pomegranate followed by plain rice with chopped or scrambled eggs.
Favorite color is alizarin.
Playing the flute.

Annoying people.
Optimists and overly happy people.
Lies or untruths.
Being thought of a a kid or otherwise incapable.

Always wears a black or red ribbon tied around her neck that is threaded through an amulet.
Has wings tattooed onto her back.

Faction: Denkrian Defense Company

Commander: BleedingCrimson

So begins...

Alin Valdmiras's Story