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Touch » Places

Places in Touch

This is a list of locations that can be found in Touch.

All Places


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"Where are you going now?" A soft voice called from behind and Boston paused, craning his head to and fro, struggling to pinpoint it's exact source.
"I would be lying if said I knew the complete direction." Boston partially confessed
But you swore blind knew the trail before, the voice began catching up. That's the problem. I swore blind.
"Is your vision or memory not yet a hundred percent?" Bostons companion questioned.
"That's not it," Boston lied, though in truth neither his vision nor memory had even trickled back to him. Before his return to America, nothing.
"Whatever is up then, fix it; the generator should be inside THAT building ahead," the voice exclaimed upon reaching him, "To think, just how far we've traveled."
"Yeah, let's not do that again."
"No promises!" The voice cheekily replied and began to move off. Boston could only notice a slight shade move and shuffled behind. Outstretching a hand as Boston moved adjacent he hooked his hand with his companions and the recipient stopped momentarily, then continued without a word, though now the grip returned was as strong as Bostons.

Footsteps began to clank against metal ground and around Boston could make out the whistling of pipes and machinery, Both Boston and his companion walked single file though Boston still held onto a hand. "You're a lot less chipper than usual, you know?" the voice commented idly whilst leading.
"Lower your voice,"Boston advised in a hushed tone, "We don't know who or what may be out there and we're not exactly armed and combat ready." Boston listened out but the machinery made it difficult to distinguish anything properly.
"You're right, sorry." They both descended down and onto a small causeway, the sound of water flowing helped Boston identify this.
"At the end here I see a right and left, both will lead around to the generator, I think we should split up." the voice ahead deliberated. Just what we don't need.
"Unless you don't think it best?" Boston hesitated, a sound to his left changed his response.
"Go right, I'll meet you around." Was all he gave, then slide past his companion, Should I feel bad I don't know her name? Boston thought creep against what he could only assume was some sort of metal wall. huh... Took me a while to figure her gender out, what IS my problem? Caressing the side Boston kept hunched, feeling with his hands pressed outwards against the metal, the sounds became distinct, Footsteps. But who they belonged eluded Boston, though it wasn't a difficult feat with Boston's visual impairment.

Wait for the footsteps to move away, then navigate behind. Boston planned waiting for the sentry's position to be given away. Boston heard a boot click, One... And another heel step away, Two, Thr... A shriek filled the air from far behind Boston and he turned, still pressed, his thoughts raced to, to... He didn't know who, but she was important and his mind raced to her none the less.
The sentry snapped past Boston without noticing him, speeding off towards the commotion however Boston picked up on the blur moving and stepped to move in sync before grabbing the sentry's arms, kicking the back of his knees so that he fell to them, then Boston extended his leg forcibly into the sentry's back whilst pulling on his arms, the sentry collapsed fully. Dead. Boston sifted through the dead mans pockets acquiring a switchblade,"That'll do," Boston clasped, moving forward and right, passing the causeway.

"Didn't I specifically tell you NOT to scream!?" A voice raged and Boston could hear a harsh physical altercation."Now," The voice began as he shuffled something between his hands, "Who are you? And why are you here? Simple questions." The voice grew impatient, "I tire of this, guards! Wait!" The voice paused bending down, "What have we here?" He began finding a briefcase discarded to her side.
"It's just my research, please." the woman begged.
"It is, is it? Miss... Tyler," Amelia. "...Dr Amelia Tyler, how quaint. Burn it. " He commanded, tossing the briefcase and the notes stuff crudely back in to another person.
"No!" Amelia pleaded and cried, shouting fruitlessly as two men held her still.
One guard knocked her head with a rifle butt; Amelia fell silent.

Boston had encountered a ladder and was firmly planted on what seemed to be the roof of flimsy metal building. Most of the figures had moved or been dragged inside. The remaining one moved towards a searing light emanating from a barrel. Boston stepped couching to the buildings edge but failed to find a ladder or step to descend down, laying out Boston began to lower himself but this left him hanging. Darn.
"Oi!"A voice shouted and Boston could hear a gun being cocked. He let go.
Landing quite forcefully on concrete Boston yelped and rolled up against what Boston assumed was cover."It's a grate mate, you're done." A voice mocked, radioing in that everything was under control outside; unfortunately for the guard, that was all Boston needed and the guard slumped down, a switchblade embedded deeply in the left side of his forehead.

Amelia. I'm coming.


The Outside

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William saw the girl run, then turned back to the man.
"I'm not a over reactor, but I'd appreciate it if you would stay away from me too, okay, mate?"
She told him, glancing at the corpses that were surrounding them. She stepped around him, looking around with a small curiosity. Her eyes wander to a notebook on the ground. She picks it up, and blows off all the specks of dust that were covering it. William flips some pages, and scowls.

The outside is practically just anywhere in the world outside of The Dome, although it will be mainly set in America. Here the Touch is still spreading, hundreds of people dying every day.

The Dome

The only safe place in the world from the fast spreading Touch, the Dome is a great, clean, and healthy place to live, or so most think. But, you have to pay a small fortune to get in, and once you're there you cannot leave unless you're an official.