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i was in the darkness. so darkness i became.

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a character in “Towards The Sun”, as played by Scra




I was created to strip lungs of their breath, to destroy pretty little things and burn them to the ground. To bring the world to its knees and hear my name spoken only in fearful whispers.
I was created human, but I was made to be a monster.

|| Thirty Seconds to Mars ; Night of the Hunter ||

【яσƖє: Twin One | Queen's Knight ▮ яαcє Angel | Unknown

FC: Tsurumaru Kuninaga



Apollo; Queen's Knight; Head of Knights; White Crane


Unknown, however he appears to be in his early to mid twenties.

Aromantic ; Bisexual

Contentment ; Have you ever possessed happiness only to find that it was never enough? Only desiring more and more until it ate away at you; soon coming to realize that the feeling of emptiness keeps getting stronger.




XXXXXXX5'9"XXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxXXXXX151.3 lbs



Apollo has been given a svelte physique that has been noted to be rather feminine and described to surpass the features of a women even. It is more emphasize as he has long limbs to begin with. This gives him a more delicate and softer look than those men who have an average muscular build. Though not immediately noticeable, Apollo does indeed have his fair share of muscle, and probably shouldn't be underestimated if it came to a show of strength.

Standing at almost six feet, this man is considered of average height and has an athletic toned build, that still has this formal manifestation that gives off the feeling of distance and a dominating tendency. While not threatening, it is mostly respect that he pulls out of every essence catching a glimpse of his entity, approving of his charisma that flows within his veins.

Not only his slender physique has added to his feminine features, it is also the skin as soft as silk which is bestowed upon him with a somewhat pale complexion. It continues with his short white uneven spiky hair with silver shades, finalize the picture with his alluring golden eyes that through the plays of lights within may appear as an elegant diamond. Though it is the kind of elegance considered mysterious charming rather than beautiful attractive, wherein dark shades may complement its already cursed beauty.

Quite peculiar and not known by many, Apollo doesn't have the feather outline tracing his skin that represents the intake of the "Cure". The only ones who know of this are the Queen and his Sister other than them, one can and will only assume that he possess the mark of a feather. Though this doesn't mean he is blessed with flawless skin, on the contrary if looked upon closely Apollo's skin is marred with countless scars, from and how are unknown. Though he always states that each and everyone are his reason for living.

Apollo is choosy about his armours and weapons, where the solidity, safety and elegance should stand within the priorities the armour has to fulfill. He is not someone who is to care about others views and opinions surrounding his being yet to reach his objectives he'll prepare any means to achieve it, especially depicted by his choice of clothes everyday.


Endearing ✥ Sly ✥ Crafty ✥ Loyal ✥ Determined

Five layers make up this demon:

i. On the surface he comes across as friendly, presenting himself, as polite and charmingly sweet. He exhibits down-to-earth principles which endears him to those around him. In that regard, he is amicable and easily befriends others although, for him it is nothing too deep or too profound. He portrays himself with the tendency to be very self-sacrificing, willing to let his body take devastating blows for the sake of others. There is also his unassuming and borderline naive traits. Loyal and gallant he is the definition of a model knight. Oh, what a lie...

ii. Under the first layer, appears a sly devil with a carefree smile. Often giving the impression of absolute deceitfulness, and while he does have an untrustworthy feel to him, he's bound by the fact that he can only tell the truth. Though, somewhere down the line, he learned that if he spoke in enough contradictions, he was able to cause confusion and treat it as if he was lying or could. While he is not the poker face kind of guy, his smiles are hard to conceive, showing how much distance he puts between him and the next person. Of course after all, betrayal is nothing new to him and thus distrusting others is a logical consequence.

iii. Dig a little deeper and you will unravel a crafty individual. He thinks things through and uses his mind games to his advantage, he's incredibly sneaky and can seem perfectly innocent to the point you think he is a complete gentleman, until you discover his true intentions. His mind works faster than anyone could even comprehend and he shows no remorse using it against others.

iv. Despite the order of this list, his fourth layer seems quite out of place, but once taken into consideration its truthfully not. This cruel man plays a certain role, a role which he maintains very often and easily ties it in with his first layer. If given a proper term for this "role" it could honestly be called, False loyalty. Though honestly it is more like a facade. One of his many masks, if you will, which he wears to please others. You see, to accomplish his goals, he must do whatever it takes. He is the "Queen's Knight", and as a knight he must serve his master and protect her without complaint. If it isn't what the Queen wants, he must get rid of it. He must follow her commands. For this persona the Queen is just not someone who he must protect, no, she is a tool that if he lost everything would fall apart.

v. Honestly, this persona is probably the closest to his true self, if he even has one, then all the others. This man is a pragmatist. His motive for being or rather creating so many personas are to ensure the recognition and preservation of his own goals. For this reason, his morality is rather ambiguous. A man who will not hesitate to kill to accomplish his goals. He couldn't care less whether his victims has a family and what reasons made them fight for their nation - he only sees an enemy in them that he has to get rid of.

┍━━━X LOVEX ━━━┑

Ever since he was a child he has developed a fascination with birds, mostly Cranes. Wild yet graceful, as a child he would often find a high place to look down upon them as they would land on the snow covered ground, until they flew away disappearing into the sky. Now the child has grown into an adult filled with a lust for killing but that doesn't mean he has forsaken the lovely things. The beast inside him can be soothed by the voices of people talking, rather strange when one thinks about it but he can't help it. There is just something about listening to someone speak that attracts the unruly man's attention. Though this doesn't mean he will listen to just anyone's voice, he is very specific.


┍━━━X HATEX ━━━┑

Stuck in a cage for the earliest parts of his life, he has come to despise the deathing silence that comes with being left alone. Though maybe it was thanks to that silence that he developed an even greater hatred for himself and his own fears, the things that constantly interfere with his goals. He can still feel the small child inside of him screaming every time he is left alone in the greatest darkness there could ever be nightfall. It isn't that he fears the dark, but more the meaning of the Night. A time of endings, when even those who have yet to grasp immortality could lose their lives. A time when you realize nothing lasts forever.


So begins...

Apollonius's Story