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Cress Edwards

"You can clip the wings, and the bird cannot fly. But it can still dream of freedom."

0 · 266 views · located in Tower Prep Campus

a character in “Tower Prep: Finding Freedom”, as played by Ark Reahver



Name-Cress Edwards


Age- 17

Gender- Male

Ability- His mind and body can work at incredibly fast speeds for short periods of time. He can react very quickly to the world around him, and his mind interprets it.
He cannot keep the elevated speed for longer than a few seconds, he then has to return to regular speed for a few moments (About 30 seconds). His ability has an incredible range of uses, from running at outstanding speeds, to avoiding his thought from being read by speeding up his thought process.
At times of extreme stress he speeds up so fast it feels like the world is in slow motion. When he tries to go longer than his limit he becomes lightheaded and dizzy, on rare occasions even blacking out.

Sexuality- Straight

Personality- Creative, Fun loving, Active, Competitive, he is someone who is intellectually curious and appreciative of what he considers beautiful, no matter what others think. He might say that his imagination is vivid and makes him more creative than many others. He is someone who is impulsive and whimsical, and fine with it. He sometimes needs to make descisions quickly, and makes them quicker than most due to his abilities. He is bright, colourful, and just generally great fun to be with... as long as someone isn't relying on him to get some work done. His nonchalant attitude get's in the way of his work often. It's not that he's dumb, he's simply lazy and doesn't like to over exert himself. People can find difficult to get along with him when they first meet, because he is somewhat of a dreamer.
Many of his friends are not very close, but he doesn't mind it. Although deep down he would love to have a best friend, and maybe even date. He has never had a "real" relationship with anyone because he tends to find most people boring.

Likes-Music, Guitar, Buffer, Girls, Coffee.
Cress is a big fan of art and music, his artistic skills were very lacking but he found solace in his music. He learned to play multiple instruments but his best and favorite is the acoustic guitar. He has tried to sing but is very self conscious about it and doesn't do it in public. Not like the school would allow it anyways.

Dislikes-Sweets, laziness, smoking.
Cress is somewhat of a health nut, going out of his way on many occasions to stick to his diet, and daily exercise quota. He is somewhat OCD, and dislike dis organization.

Hobbies- Buffer, Acoustic Guitar, Hacky sack.
He's played Buffer since he first arrived at Tower, but has denied the position of captain multiple times, he doesn't like the responsibility.
When he play's guitar he's forced to play in his room, because of school policies. But he carries it nearly everywhere because he dislikes his current roommates.

Equipment- Hacky sack, laptop, ipod, Guitar.

Crush-He's been paying attention to a particular girl lately.

Enemy/Enemies- Roommates, Red buffer team.

History- Doesn't remember anything before Tower prep. All of his memories are from the tower, and no matter how hard he tries he can't remember much. Random flashes of his life before tower come to him in his dreams, but they never make sense. One particular memory stands out above all the other's, he see's himself in a laboratory, confused, and strapped to a bed. Some one in the room is talking but he can't make out what they're saying. Suddenly a sharp noise fills the room and everything goes black.

His history in the school is very big. He tried to escape the first year with a group of friends, but they were all taken to the west campus.
Since then he has avoided confrontation with anyone, in fear that he will be sent there as well. His second year had been the most eventful so far. Sometime in the first semester he was recruited into the rooks, a student organization living in the shadows of the school. They promised to help him control his ability, but he became tired of the constant worry and left. The rooks tried to get him expelled or sent to the west campus, but Cress's quick thinking saved him. Later that year he discovered a secret passageway in his room. Afraid to explore it he simply pushed it into the back of his mind. He was alway's curious about it. This year, he want's to escape. He's afraid of all the secrets the school holds, he wants to learn about his previous life, his life outside of tower prep.

So begins...

Cress Edwards's Story