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Esther Daniels

Depression isn't a sign of weakness; it's a sign that you've been strong for too long.

0 · 317 views · located in Tower Prep Campus

a character in “Tower Prep: Finding Freedom”, as played by Stellabellum


Esther Daniels

With natural light blonde hair and a set of stunning blue eyes, she's beautiful but strong all at once. She lets her colors fly depending on her mood, so you can usually see what she's feeling just by the way she wears her hair or the color of her nails. She stands at 5'5'' and is 105 pounds, fairly skinny but slender for her age.
Coach, Danny
Esther can feel pulses through the ground to analyse someone's movements so she can evade and take them down without a second thought, so it'd hard to battle her without getting your butt kicked. The pulses can tell her which muscles are tense, and so she can know when you're hurt, or if you're about to strike. This also lets her know where someone is, and who that person happens to be, but only if she's been able to memorize their pulse when in the same room. If she can feel their pulses through the ground, she can identify is they are calm, stressed, angry, etc.
You won't ever find Esther in a bad situation. She is very optimistic and it almost seems to be contagious, for if you're around her for too long you become gleeful as well. Everyone seems to like her and everyone wants to be her. Along with this ''perfection'', she doesn't let things bother her easily. Even your hardest persistence and agonizing annoyance will leave her oddly patient. When it comes to relationships, she holds her friends closer than anyone else. Esther puts a lot of trust in people, and once that trust is formed it's hard to ever want to break it. Though she is very headstrong and stubborn, under her shell she is very insecure and unsure of the world around her. She hates it when people try to rush her, and her cool cover is just at the breaking point where she can stand it until you leave, when she'll collapse in the mental strain. Romance was always a hard problem with her. She loves romantic occasions and all, but she's stubborn when it comes to, per say, keeping clean.
Esther is a fan of anything that involves sports. Despite her nice-girl appearance, when it comes to sports she can be extremely pressing and loud. She enjoys running and helping the buffer teams. When she isn’t captivated by sports or her school work she listens to music and sometimes sings along with an amazing voice she tries to hide.
Anyone who has a rude personality is on Esther’s bad list. She dislikes it when people yell or get angry easily, and hates it when silence is broken. Rushing into things isn’t her forte either, so she tends to get annoyed when people don’t think things through quickly. She also doesn’t like the stereotyping that all buffer players are guys, since she herself could be a part of the team if girls were allowed.
Aforementioned, most of her time is filled with sports and buffer. Though when Esther has other free time she tends to listen to music and, despite the rules, tries to break into Whisper’s database to send an email to Ethan. She is actually very talented in drawing things since the pulses allow her to understand how something can work.
Esther usually doesn’t carry much around. Her ipod is almost always with her, since it was given to her when she joined the school. Other than this, she usually just carries her books or her sketchbook and pencil.
There are two guys she has in mind...
Headmaster, Gnomes
In the fall of 1994, Esther was born to her parents, Michael and Rachel Daniels. She was the youngest of three, and the only girl of them. This might explain her obsession with sports. She had lots of friends in elementary and middle school, but when she hit high-school, things turned downhill. Two weeks before her first day as a freshman, both her parents were killed in a car accident. She and her brother Brian turned to Ethan, the only of the three who was in college. He took them with haste. Esther was transferred to another school in a different district and the first weeks of school weren’t the best. Throughout freshman year she was hated by the girls and savoured by the boys. A couple days after Christmas, Brian went missing. It wasn’t until the first of January did they discover he hadn’t made it from the kidnapping; murdered and buried by his ex-girlfriend.

Esther didn’t return to school after that since the day after Brian was discovered, she was sent to Tower Prep. At first she was depressed and distant, and the teachers allowed her to recover before making her take the classes. Immediately they were impressed by her intelligence, and she became a likable student by the teachers. Soon enough, students were referring to her for help with work, and soon those students became her friends. Only when she began to help the buffer team, though, did she gain fame throughout the school. She’s been at the school for a year now, but is dreaming of escape.

So begins...

Esther Daniels's Story