Audrey Pierce

"Back in ten; I gotta have my smoke."

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| Audrey Lorraine Pierce | Just "Audrey" | 18 | Female |

Grade: Senior
Occupation: Student/None
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual (Although some believe her to be bisexual.)

Appearance: Everyone thinks that five foot six inches is the dream height but Audrey thinks otherwise as she rivals quite a few guys in height nowadays, and comes pretty close to the rest. Her body is slender and willowy, of perfect proportion with the exception of her long legs, with a slightly tanned skin tone. Think; originally light ivory tones that tan well. She has long dark brown, almost black, hair that is naturally straight and falls to her mid back. Pale blue eyes, plump lips and straight white teeth complete her naturally mature and sophisticated appearance.
Ah, genetics.

Personality: A relatively lively individual who is one of those people who happens to know everyone at school. Perhaps not everyone closely but she does, and they don't seem to mind her too often. She's very accepting, regardless of past, ethnicity, etc. She's trustworthy and will keep your secrets if you ask... most likely doing so even if you don't ask too. It's not her business, after all.

She's very intelligent and receives high marks, sometimes trying to harness her typical sarcasm to make others not feel stupid in comparison to her grades. Stubborn with a bad temper, two things that never match well. If you tick her off, well, I've warned you. Oh and I should add how much Audrey absolutely hates listening and obeying authoritative figures. Parents, teachers, police.. You name the type, she'll go against them. It's guaranteed.

  • Cigarettes
  • Parties and other such crowds
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Alcohol
  • Surprising people
  • Men, not to be confused with boys
  • Reality
  • Singing
  • History
  • Making mistakes (She actually enjoys the learning experience.)
  • Memories
  • Her step-brother, for one
  • ... Followed by both their parents
  • Romance Movies (They're not realistic...)
  • Boredom
  • Math
  • Energy Drinks
  • Authority
  • Having her past brought up
  • ... And having it rubbed in her face... Repeatedly.
  • Attending classes/school
  • Heights
  • Religion (She frequently jokes about it, don't be offended.)
  • Falling from high places
  • Complete Abandonment
  • To graduate high school with honours
  • Travel the world
Good Qualities: Audrey can get along with virtually anybody. She makes friends easily and accepts others for who they are, regardless of family, background, etc. She's trustworthy. She's got a "photographic" memory and receives high marks, shown in her GPA of 4.8 in her AP classes. She is rather stubborn.

Bad Qualities: She has a wicked temper. Audrey can tend to be sarcastic. She often talks back to authoritative figures, showing she dislikes authority. She is a stubborn young woman who likes to scare other people, even if it puts herself in harm's way. Might I also add she's a bit uncaring towards certain subjects as well? Mainly school and her family. She has OCD and, not that it's necessarily a bad quality but.., she will actually scream bloody murder at someone if they were to, say, come into her room and move everything out of place even by a millimetre. Okay, so maybe it is a bit bad.

  • Smoking
  • Partying
  • Reading the occasional book
  • Singing
  • Taps her fingers on objects, eg. her desk at school, her own lap, her cellphone, etc.
  • Playing around with her cigarette pack, shuffling it in her hands
  • Pulling her hair back into a ponytail then letting it lose; rinse and repeat

Background: Her mother and biological father split up when she was young, leaving her to move with her mom to a new town, new school, with new faces. Her mom started dating this guy and, VOILA, a few years later they got married. What'd Audrey get? A mom who pays more attention to her step-father and job, a step-father who only has time for his wife and job, and a step-brother whom she can barely stand to be around. Must be how he treats all those girls he likes to -- well, you get the idea! Anyway, they don't really get along and... the funny part is, her family are the only people she can't get along with and can't stand. Hmm, that works out interestingly enough.
That's life for you!

Theme Song: Die Young | Kesha

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