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Ivy Carrow

"I'm waging my own war against Team Rocket, so get out of the way."

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a character in “Trainers of the Pokemon world!”, as played by Rann


Ivy Carrow


"Old enough to know what's right!"
"What, I look like a guy to you?
"Sorry if I ain't tall enough for ya."

"Might as well be honest about it."
97 lbs

"Why not just get a picture? It lasts longer!"
Ivy's a pretty short and slight girl, not obviously a physical threat. Her hair is short and somewhere between blonde and orange, and it's usually buried in her black beanie hat. She likes wearing simple clothing that's easy to move in, like hoodies and sweaters that basically completely hide her figure. Her body is toned and lightly muscled, and she has the look of someone who's lived on the streets for a while, with a few scars and faded bruises marking her body. She carries herself with deceptive light-heartedness, and is much quicker on her feet than she looks.

"Kuh, what's the point of this question?"
Ivy's a girl with a strong sense justice and a moral code (albeit more twisted than the morals of most people, as she's not above using and manipulating people for her own goals.) She's strong-willed and stubborn as well, not willing to back down from anything she's started, including her one-man war on Team Rocket. She likes to fight and Pokebattle, and almost never backs down from that either. Ivy's sharp and sarcastic, and that makes it generally hard for people to get along with her, but once you can get past that, you'll have a loyal and skilled fighter protecting your back, and willing to sacrifice hers. Unfortunately, although Ivy's skilled, her bark is stronger than her bite, and often finds herself in more trouble than she can handle. She's also willful and arrogant, and when her mind is set on something, even an impossible goal, she won't give up on it easily. Ivy is a pretty lonely person, though, and really does want someone that she can protect and watch over.

"Why do you wanna know my life crap, anyways?"

Ivy was born to a relatively high ranking Rocket Grunt, who was pampered and loved by him, even though her birth killed her mother. She was pretty sheltered at first, as her father tried to keep her in the dark about Team Rocket as much as possible; wanting to keep her safe, and teach her the right things. It was pretty difficult though, when Ivy showed remarkable natural skill at Pokemon whenever she played with her father's Weezing and Scyther. So, she got the attention of some of the higher ups in Team Rocket, and was given her very own Snorunt, she was roped into becoming a new recruit at age ten.

At first, Ivy thought it was fun, joining a super secret society, and being able to train with her Pokemon anytime she wanted. She was stronger than most of the normal recruits, and was thought of to be one of the future Elite Rockets once she was even stronger and had more experience. In joining Team Rocket, though, it isolated her from people her age, leaving her with no real close friends around. And as she found out more and more of Team Rocket, Ivy slowly realized that she was on the evil side the whole time. And the last straw was when she figured out that Jace's daughter and wife were kidnapped, and decided to revolt against Team Rocket, evolving her Snorunt into a Froslass quickly and blasting her way out into freedom. Still secretly keeping correspondence with Jace in private, Ivy's waging her own war against Team Rocket, hoping to one day set right the wrongs of the world.


Froslass - Shira
Ivy's first and strongest Pokemon, and has been with her forever, basically. Froslass is her go-to Pokemon when Ivy feels threatened, and has hardly ever let her down, with strong offensive attacks, a self buff, and a way to keep her health up, just in case. Just like herself, the Froslass hits hard and fast, but is unfortunately fragile. She knows Ice Beam, Hail, Shadow Ball, and Pain Split.

Kirlia - Sekai
Ivy's second Pokemon, and a generally strong back-up. Ivy likes to use Kirlia in conjunction with her Mienshao. Kirlia is usually support, abusing teleport to no end for a quick escape to safety, or to get behind enemy lines and do a surprise attack. Kirlia also is almost a control center, being able to maintain a psychic link between Ivy and her other Pokemon. She knows Psyshock, Teleport, Heal Pulse, and Magical Leaf.

Mienshao - Setsuna
Ivy's third Pokemon, a strong and speedy physical fighter. Ivy likes to use Mienshao in conjunction with Kirlia. Mienshao is her heaviest hitter, but is also rather fragile compared to Froslass. It's good for doing one-hit attacks against enemies, either downing it completely, or at least delivering a large chunk of damage. She knows Hi Jump Kick, U-Turn, Fake Out, and Rock Slide.

So begins...

Ivy Carrow's Story


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Jace yawned massively as walked out of the Viridian Forest. He had just done almost a weeks worth of recon for the grunts in a little over six hours. That is why he was an Elite and they were still grunts. Both him and his Pokemon were exhausted. But unfortunately now wasn't the time to sleep, he still had his report to make. He still didn't know why Giovanni wanted him to map out the entire forest it wasn't like there was anything there. "Except for angry swarms of Beedrill." Jace thought as he rubbed the back of his left shoulder. A Beedrill had caught him with a Poison Sting, lucky shot but it still hurt.

It was one of the few times that he was grateful he joined Team Rocket. As an Elite he had been trained to become almost completely immune to Pokemon status effects, by being hit by them over and over and over again until he could withstand it. It was a painful method, but an effective one. Something rubbing up against his leg reminded his that he needed to be getting back to the hotel.

All of his own Pokemon were resting in their Pokeballs, but Cupcake, his daughter's Skitty was out walking beside him. She was such a smart Pokemon, she seemed to understand what was going on with the whole situation. She wasn't the strongest Pokemon around, how could she be, her trainer was a six year old, but she was supportive in other ways. Like knowing just when Jace needed to hug something.

A beep sounded from his pocket, his Team Rocket communicator was going off. Another good thing about being Elite, secure comms. Nobody, not even Rocket could trace their signal. It was a safe line for him and Ivy to talk on. He took his comm out of his pocket and looked at the screen. Sure enough it was from Ivy.

"Yo, Jace. How's it going inside? Find any clues about your family yet?"

Jace started walking again, with Cupcake at his heels. What a sight he must have been.

"Things are going good. Just finished a recon mission. Something big is happening soon. Giovanni won't even let his Elites know. Watch yourself, darling. I may have a lead on my family but its really vague. I'll tell you more when I have more details."

Big, huh? I'll keep an eye out on my end! So, let's get down to business. Any Rocket stuff 'round here for me to bust? I'm getting a bit rusty here, Jacey."

Jace checked his screen, she was in Saffron.

"Saffron right? One of the houses at the southern end. Rocket is selling illegal and dangerous Pokemon enhancing drugs there. There should be two low level grunts inside."

"Hah! I'll go wipe 'em out, shouldn't be a problem for me! One thing before I go- how's my dad? Does he realize that Rocket's the bad guys yet?"

Jace was so tired he actually shook his head, as if Ivy could see him.

"Afraid not. Giovanni's got the grunts brainwashed with promise of money and power. It'll take a lot to snap them out of it."

"Damnit. Well, whatever. Whish me luck, Jacey. I'm about to make some grunts cry!"

Jace chuckled, he also didn't doubt that she would. But he was worried. For all he knew the grunts could be using the drugs on their Pokemon. He considered Ivy his daughter, even though he would have been ten when she was born.

"Good luck, and BE CAREFUL. I don't want to lose you too."

"Come on! I never lost once, if you don't count that one time a few months ago. Don't forget who you'er talkin' to!"

That time a few months ago had been a big scare for Jace. As much as he trusted Ivy to handle this on her own. He was still ready to run to Saffron at a moments notice. And he literally meant run.

"Right. But still, humor me will you?

"Fine, whatever already. Try gettin' more guys on our side, more firepower'd be great."

Jace agreed, the two of them against an entire organization. The odds weren't good. But if it was for the sake of his family, and he included Ivy in that, he'd do anything.

"Thank you darling. I'll talk to people as much as I can without seeming traitorouos."

"Gotcha. I'll connect again once I can- Ivy's out! Peace!"

"Okay. Jace out."

Jace sighed, he still had his report to make. He had arrived at the hotel so he went inside and to his room. Once inside he let his Pokemon out of their Pokeballs so they could relax however they wanted. Then he called and made his report to Giovanni. The boss seemed happy but still wouldn't let him know what was going on.

After that he flopped down on the bed to relax for a little while. But he refused to sleep until he knew that Ivy was okay. Skitty hopped up on the bed and curled up next to him, making Jace smile.

The setting changes from Viridian City to Kanto - Sinnoh


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#, as written by Rann
Things were pretty boring, really. Ivy hadn’t got into a brawl in a while, and she pondered on the next move as she bit into her stolen apple. It was one of those rare moments where the girl had access to a terminal, having broken into a store while it was closed. Drastic measures are justified when fighting a losing war, right? And one had to do all they could. Well, first of all, Ivy needed some intel, so she rang up Jacey on the terminal, hoping he’d realize that the random call was hers. And sure enough, the man picked it up.

"Yo, Jace. How's it going inside? Find any clues about your family yet?"

Things were pretty casual between them, but underneath their act was a lot of tension. And Ivy desperately wanted Jace to figure out where his family was, especially that little girl, Millie. They didn’t deserve to be kidnapped, and knowing Team Rocket, they might be forced into selling themselves… in especially that way. And that’s unacceptable. Heck, Ivy’s turning rogue was because of the damn kidnap in the first place!

"Things are going good. Just finished a recon mission.” Jace said, his voice loud and clear. “Something big is happening soon, Giovanni won't even let his Elites know. Watch yourself, darling. I may have a lead on my family but it’s really vague. I'll tell you more when I have more details."

Ivy let out a sigh of exasperation. Vague, of course it was vague, it was always goddamn vague! Still, with the amount of info so far, it’s not as if they could really do anything about it yet. Their only option was to wait and hide for a good opportunity.

"Big, huh?” Ivy let out a little arrogant scoff. “I'll keep an eye out on my end! So, let's get to business. Any Rocket stuff 'round here for me to bust? I'm getting a bit rusty, Jacey."

"Saffron right?” Ivy hadn’t even told him where she was, but she figured that the man could trace the signal from the terminal. No biggie, in any case. “One of the houses at the southern end. Rocket is selling illegal and dangerous Pokemon enhancing drugs there. There should be two low level grunts inside."

Two low level grunts? Should be a piece of friggin cake, right?

Ivy let out another cheery laugh. “I'll go and wipe 'em out, shouldn't be a problem for me! One thing before I go- how's my dad? Does he realize that Rocket's the bad guys yet?"

There was a short pause before Jace continued relaying the info. Ivy felt a little excited, pumped to fight and get into the thick of things once again. Two versus a whole organization, and they were taking out spots one at a time, Ivy out in the open and Jace in the shadows!

"Afraid not. Giovanni's got the grunts brainwashed with promise of money and power. It'll take a lot to snap them out of it."

And there it was. The great mission. Ivy clenched her teeth and smirked to herself, blood pumping for battle. Her prized offensive trio of Pokemon, Froslass, Kirlia, and Mienshao could take out everything, except for that gigantic ambush a few months back. That was pretty damn terrifying, but they made it out alive, didn’t they?

"Damnit. Well, whatever. Wish me luck, Jacey, I'm about to make some grunts cry!"

"Good luck, and BE CAREFUL. I don't want to lose you too."

She felt a rush of warmth at that line. Jace really did care, huh? He really did look out for her whenever he could, although having some friends her age would be nice too. She decided to put on her bravado. Might as well try to alleviate Jace’s worries.

"Come on! I never lost once, if you don't count that one time a few months ago. Don't forget who you're talkin' to!"

"Right. But still, humor me will you?"

She assented, and then decided to address one of the most pressing issues. The fact that it was two, their team was a grand total of two, and that wasn’t likely to win in the long run.

"Fine, whatever already. Try gettin' more guys on our side, more firepower'd be great."

"Thank you darling. I'll talk to people as much as I can without seeming traitorous."

"Gotcha. I'll connect again once I can- Ivy's out! Peace!"

She disconnected before Jace could respond, and gleefully sprinted to the marked warehouse on her map. Drug bust, huh? Time to ruin some grunt’s days! She held two pokeballs, one in each hand, and kicked her way through the door, seeing two incredibly surprised rocket grunts.

“Shit.” One of the swore. “It’s her, it’s Carrow’s daughter!”

The first one looked right panicked, a fearful look on his face as he cowered in the pale light. The other one though, feeling ambitious, tugged at his Pokeball with anticipation. He obviously had more confidence in his skills.

“Man, c’mon. If we nab her, think of the promotion we’ll have!”

With a shout, “You’re all going down!” Ivy flicked her wrists, sending the two balls flying- Kirlia and Mienshao appearing from the bright light, ready for battle. She didn’t even have to tell them anything, the Kirlia relaying the information through a psychic link, and teleported behind the first grunt, stealing his pokeball from his hand before teleporting away. Mienshao herself took position and went catapulting towards the second grunt, foot out dangerously as the grunt released his Charmeleon just in time for it to get kicked hard in the base of the neck- something clearly going out of place as it went sprawling piteously.

“Go! Finish them, Froslass!”

Another ball flew through the air, and it was the awed Froslass, immediately unleashing a powerful ice beam all over the place, pretty much destroying the warehouse. Kirlia then teleported again, in front of the stash of drugs, and teleported back to Ivy who smirked triumphantly.

“Tell my father you failed!” She sneered, and before the warehouse could collapse on her, she returned Frosslass and Mienshao into their balls, and teleported away.

At a distance away from the wreckage, Ivy victoriously went back to her hideout, muching contently on a bag of barbeque chips, sending Jace an email telling her that the mission was a success. The pack of Pokemon-enhancing-drugs was safely tucked into her pocket.

The setting changes from Kanto - Sinnoh to Viridian City


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Jace's eyes snapped open at the sound of his comm beeping. As he untangled himself from the pile of his Pokemon, he rubbed his eyes. "Guess I fell asleep." He mumbled to himself. He didn't bother waking up his Pokemon, he'd just be going back to sleep in a minute anyway. He checked his comm and saw that it was an email from Ivy. It said everything was alright. Jace let out a breath of relief and on pure instinct decided to turn on the news. Just to make sure.

He groaned as he turned it on just in time to see the two grunts being dragged off and yelling Ivy's name. He swore and prayed that her father wasn't watching the news. Jace started rushing around the room and gathering his supplies. A sharp pain in his left shoulder reminded him that not only was he and his Pokemon exhausted, but he was also hurt. Immune to poison or not, being hit by a Pokemon attack hurt. It would be dangerous to travel to another town right now.

"Screw that." Jace went over to his Pokemon. "Sorry guys, we gotta go." his Pokemon reluctantly got up and returned to their Pokeballs, including Cupcake. He quickly sent Ivy an email. "Cover's blow, stay where you are. I'm coming to get you."

Right now Jace was almost in full blown panic mode, he was scared that Ivy was going to get hurt, or worse. He quickly checked out of his hotel room and literally took off in a run toward Saffron.

The setting changes from Viridian City to Kanto - Sinnoh


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#, as written by Rann
Ivy looked up as a crowd of Pidgey scattered above her, squealing and cawwing. She saw an odd sight- why the hell was a Gastly circling above her? The fighter girl took out her Froslass with a dark frown, yelling at her to unleash a torrent of shadow balls at the pesky ghost Pokemon.The white snowy Pokemon obeyed happily, twirling gracefully as it sent shadow ball after shadow ball at the Ghastly. It was probably a spy, in any case, right? From Team Rocket, it had to be a spy. Just in case the Ghastly was still hanging on, Ivy regarded it angrily, with a clenched fist.

"Tell the boss that I'm going after him." Ivy said clearly. "I'll take him out, no matter what it takes."

She then waved her hand in a shooing motion, hoping the damned ghost Pokemon got the idea. If it had any brains at all, it would have already fled back to whence it came. That was when the terminal in the store started acting up. Ivy glanced out the glass window carefully, checking to see if it's owner had returned yet, or if any Team Rocket was around to back up the ones she defeated easily.

"Cover's blown, stay where you are." Jace's worried voice. Ivy was puzzled for a second- did the goons somehow survive having a warehouse, as well as blocks of ice collapse on them? Ivy was kind of betting on the hope that they were dead, how could they have survived? In any case, this only spelt bad news, since now Team Rocket would certainly be homing in on their location. "I'm coming to get you."

Ivy didn't know what to do. What if her father had been watching? She heard the rumors, and she knew that that was one fight she definitely could not win. If someone as coldhearted and evil as Sean was sent to take her out, well, she wouldn't even be able to struggle. All that would happen would be Jace losing another person close to him, and being alone once again. And there's no way in hell she'd let that happen. Jace had already suffered enough, and the talented daughter of Silencio was definitely his best chance of getting his real family back. And when that happened, she knew she'd be kind of pushed to the side as Millie and Rose met the main man in their lives once again.

"Damnit." Ivy muttered to herself. "Got frickin' careless."


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Jace's lungs were burning by the time he got to the entrance of Diglett Cave. He had to stop and catch his breath. Then there was the whole problem of actually getting through the cave. While it was faster than running through the towns, Jace was severely claustrophobic. He let Grovyle out of his Pokeball. "Grovyle, Ivy's in trouble. We gotta get to Saffron and that means going through Diglett Cave. I need you to run behind me and make sure I don't stop. If I do, use Slam on me."

Grovyle nodded, as much as he didn't like hurting his partner, it needed to be done. Jace took a deep breath and ran into Diglett Cave.

Three hours, that's how long it took for him to get from Viridian to Saffron. That is the power of a stubborn man trying to protect his family. Granted he was about to pass out from lack of oxygen. But he was there. For a moment all he could do was stand by the entrance to the city and lean against a light post. He forced his body to move and made his way to where he knew Ivy's hideout was. He carefully avoided the southern end while he moved. Once there he knocked on the door. "Ivy you there, its me."

Jace was a mess at the moment. His hair stuck to his face because he was sweating, he was panting like a dog, and his shoulder burned like crazy. But right now none of that mattered. Protecting those he cared about was what mattered most. And if that meant dying, then so be it.


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Kent felt something at his feet. he looked down and saw the Houndour rubbing against his legs affectionately. Weird. I thought scary looking Pokemon where mean...Then agains, I DO have Stock...But stocks an oddball
"Is your Houndour always this affectionat?" he asked Mac taking in for the first time the weirdness of the situation
He saw Mac smile as Houndour returned to her, not attacking Kent
"Not usually, she is very protective of me, but you technically gave her food, so you're on her good side."
He looked at Houndour again and thought, so mean looking Pokemon can be nice
"And what about that Shinx you had? It seems very pampered"
Mac chuckled slightly at his comment "Arceus only knows, he is a total drama Queen. He is sweet, but kinda blunt. Oh, and he is fighting Houndour to sleep beside me some nights." She smiled.
"I see" responded Kent "Well that's quite the family you have there. Listen, I don't want to be rude, but I am tired"
"Ok, i see. I did invade your room with my pokemon, so my bad. Sorry about that, come on Houndour." Houndour followed her, and she said at the door, "It was nice to meet you Kent."
"Nice to meet you too Mac" he responded and went back to sleep "I wonder where Stock is" he thought to himself before falling back asleep

Stock saw a Froslass appear from a Pokeball. It shot a bunch of Shadow Balls it him. But he dodged them all with ease. He was laughing in pure glee! There was another Ghost Pokemon in his midst! He saw the girl try to shoo him, but he didn't care. He shot down to the girl and laughed again
"Gastly! Gastly! Gastly!" It laughed. Then it looked at the Froslass and shot to her "Gastly!" it said. It appeared to be trying to make conversation with the Frosless but immediately got bored and started circling/dancing around the girl and her Pokemon for the fun of it. He didn't know why, but he liked this girl and her Froslass


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#, as written by Rann
Things had gotten more than mildly intense. First, the random law enforcement around Saffron, Capital of the Kanto Region, were getting on a power trip in hunting her down. They had already knocked on pretty much every door of every place, looking for the apparent third culprit of Team Rocket's attack. The grunt bastards ruined everything by recognizing her, she figured. So, what was there to do? At least make a show of it! This was going to be a nice, large scale battle now, if she wanted to be safe. And Ivy grinned to herself. This was going to be damn exciting. While a rational person would use her Kirlia and just teleport far far away, Ivy had different plans. Using Mienshao, she burst through a wall on the side, grabbing the attention of the two officers at the door. Ivy stuck her tongue out.

"So she's alive?" One of the officers muttered. "Thought the girl was killed in that accident on Cycling Road..."

"Setsuna!" Ivy shouted fiercely to her loyal Mienshao. "Wipe them out!"

The furry fighting rabbit dog thing took a running leap, foot outstretched in a Hi Jump Kick, hitting one of the officers with an audible crack in the chest. Broken ribs were probable, maybe even a broken clavicle for that matter. The other officer quickly unleashed his Arcanine, who charged forward with a Flare Blitz, missing Setsuna by inches, and instead heading for the hoodied girl herself. Ivy laughed as the fire dog rushed her, side stepping just a little and delivering a series of quick kicks to the Arcanine, using the momentum to release her Kirlia and Froslass into the action.

Kirlia took hold of Froslass, and teleported them both to the officer, who got hit by an ice beam to the face, a block of ice for a head. The Arcanine countered Ivy's kicks with a fire fang, and the girl only just rolled out of the way, and thought in her head for Setsuna to use rock slide on the Arcanine once she felt the psychic link form between her and Sekai, the Kirlia. Kicking the ground to release chunks of the earth, Setsuna smacked them in a flurry towards the dog, who was quickly overwhelmed by the projectiles peppering it, and fainted.

Ivy pumped her fist in victory, adrenaline pumping, and saw in the corner of her eye a Xatu. Was it Team Rocket? Most likely, and Froslass shot it down with a shadow ball before the psychic bird could relay her location to any of Rocket's men.

She then heard a knock on the other side, the front of her little hideout. More officers? Time to take them out, then, wasn't it? Her three Pokemon took position carefully, ready to attack at any time as Ivy cautiously opened the door and saw... a man, clutching his shoulder in fatigue, covered in sweat; panting. Who else could it be but Jace? She also saw that the Gastly was back, and wondered exactly how a weak looking Gastly could dodge Froslass's attacks, unless the snow maiden went easy on it.

"Jesus, what the hell, Jace?" Ivy asked incredulously. "You know I can handle myself just fine, and you... ugh."

Shrugging with a little 'whatever', she mentally commanded her Kirlia to use Heal Pulse on Jace, hoping that'd help whatever it is that's ailing him. Ivy gestured with her hand the two unconscious officers in the back alleys with a bit of a chuckle. "Idiots. They didn't stand a chance."

"What if you're seen, Jace?" She asked, a thought suddenly appearing in her head. "Team Rocket's closing in, you know. If they see you with me, here..."

A little shudder.

"Not good, man."


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Stock noticed the intensity of the situation and immediately stopped laughing. There where weird people in block uniforms with an R on them and they attacked the girl. She took them out with amazing ease. Stock wondered how a girl who looked about Kent's age could be so strong. He was about to laugh again at the thought of her taking out Kent. when a man appeared to his left. He looked at the man and saw sweat running down his face and he was clutching his shoulder. Then the girl gave him a "Why are you still here?" look and Stock's face went into a sad frown.

When the girl pointed at the Rockets and called them "Idiots" Stock laughed again "Gastly! Gast!" it shouted and started circling the girl again, this time he circled the man as well "Gastly! Gastly! Gastly! Gastly!" it appeared to be singing. Suddenly it had an idea and for the fun of it, it started Mimicking the man. Responding to his every sentance with a small, barely audible "Gastly!" For some reason, Stock knew the move Mimic

Up in the sky, there was a Crobat in the air, looking at the bizarre situation with the girl, the guy, and the Gastly. It screeched something to itself and shot away like a lightning bolt. It was being followed by a very strained looking Pidgey that could not keep up with it. The Crobat stopped and waited for the Pidgey to catch up, but it couldn't, so the Crobat went back to it and the Pidgey landed on its back and the Crobat shot away again, this time with the Pidgey on its back, in the direction of Celadon City


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A few moments later the door was opened and Jace let out a relieved breath. "Jesus, what the hell, Jace? You know I can handle myself just fine, and you... ugh."

Jace had to remember to be patient with Ivy, she was young, barely just a teenager, and cocky. She thought she could handle far more than she really could. That'd be worked out with time and battle experience, but for now, it was a pain in the ass. "I told you that I was coming for you." He said breathlessly.

Seconds later Ivy's Kirlia used her healing move on Jace. He could literally feel his shoulder healing, it was both pleasant and disturbing at the same time. Though unlike when used on another Pokemon, it could do nothing to heal fatigue for a human.

Ivy gestured to two unconscious Team Rocket grunts. "Idiots. They didn't stand a chance."

Jace shook his head, cockiness would be her downfall. And Jace intended to work it out before it killed her.

"What if you're seen, Jace? Team Rocket's closing in, you know. If they see you with me, here... Not good, man."

Jace shrugged off a Gastly that seemed to be circling him and Ivy. From the way it acted it wasn't a spy of any kind, Jace had seen plently of spy Pokemon. They all had this attitude to them, one that the Gastly didn't have. It was just some trainer's Pokemon out for a stroll. "It doesn't matter right now. Your father could have seen the news, we need to get you out of here right now. You know you aren't strong enough to handle an Elite yet, our experience alone will make it impossible. Jace paused, realizing how harsh he sounded. So he softened his tone. "Please don't take it the wrong way. I'm trying to protect you. Let's head to Lavender, Rocket's been staying away from there lately."

Knowing she would try to protest, he then added. "Darling, not only did I run here in three hours, but I took Diglett's Cave. THAT is how important it is to get you out of here.

Okay maybe it wasn't quite that important, but it was to Jace. He just had to make her believe that it was.


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#, as written by Rann
For some reason, Jace really didn't seem impressed at all. It was more of the usual after all, Ivy's trademark style of playing quick and dirty and going directly for the Pokemon trainers instead of just the Pokemon themselves. Most weren't prepared for this tactic, and she reveled in it immensely. Still, Ivy put Mienshao and Froslass back into their balls, only leaving Sekai out, on her shoulder, with a well-timed teleport just in case things went bad, as they were apt to. And the hell is that Gastly even doing? What a damn irresponsible trainer, seriously, if that's what it was. Ivy still had her suspicions that it was a spy. Jace was looking at it too, but it seemed that Jace didn't consider the damned ghost a threat at all.

"It doesn't matter right now." Jace said urgently, completely ignoring that he himself was at a pretty damn heavy risk right now. IF Jace were ever to be found out, they'd lose the inside man, as well as Millie and Rose most likely being executed. Definitely not a part of the ideal situation, for sure, and Ivy wanted to avoid that possibility as much as possible. "Your father could have seen the news we need to get you out of here right now."

She opened her mouth to speak, but shut it again. As much as she wanted to hear her father try to explain the whole Team Rocket deal, she knew there's no way she'd understand his reasoning. He's immoral... he's just an enemy, an eventual obstacle in the war on Team Rocket. She missed him a lot, but right now, the closest one she had to a dad was Jace. And Ivy just wanted to give up on the small hope of reuniting with her real father one day... knowing that that hope was probably long gone. Heck, if he one day caught up to her, he'd kill her easily, without a second thought. A harsh, but painfully utterly real reality. She didn't want to think about it anymore, and just looked away from Jace as he continued to speak, this time in a harsh tone.

"You know you aren't strong enough to handle an Elite yet, our experience alone will make it impossible."

"The hell..." Ivy murmured to herself, kicking a stone in frustration. How weak did Jace think she was? Sure, she wasn't on par with the Elites yet, but she was a cut above pretty much all the grunt, was she not? And you wouldn't expect a young girl, a fighter for justice to fight dirtier than some Rocket grunts even dare to, right? And she's handled herself well enough for the past year, hopefully making at least a dent in Team Rocket overall.

"Please don't take it the wrong way." Jace said, in a softer voice. Ivy's flash of anger subsided a bit, and she narrowed her eyes a bit. How did he want her to take it then? He didn't think she could handle being directly hunted by Team Rocket, and this was the closest they were to taking her out for a while, since they know exactly where she is. But she wanted to deal with it on her own- Jace didn't have to put himself at risk. "I'm trying to protect you. Let's head to Lavender, Rocket's been staying away from there lately."

Before she could even think of a retort, Jace talked over her. "Darling, not only did I run here in three hours, but I took Diglett's Cave. THAT is how important it is to get you out of here."

"Arceus, you're so pushy." Ivy said with a sardonic smirk. "You don't gotta worry 'bout me so much, seriously!"

Still, Ivy made use of Kirlia one last time, and teleported the pair just outside of Saffron City, on Route 7. It looked different, almost warped and twisted under the moonlight and sounds of Kricketunes singing and making mating calls shrill in the air.

"This isn't a very dramatic escape." She sighed and stretched her arms, returning Kirlia back to the ball. "C'mon, Jace, wanna battle, make things a bit more exciting around here? Wanna know how I match up against an Elite."


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Naku walked along in the dark. Her hands were in her pockets and her head low. Her footsteps made no sound as she trod among the trees. She had just come from Celadon City and was on her way to Saffron to challenge the gym leader. After almost two years Naku was ready to go back and once again defeat the gym leader.

But before entering the city, Naku wanted to get in a bit of training. Padding next to her was Shockstep, who didn’t seem very happy about not being able to sleep. Though he never protested, Naku could sense his agitation.

“If you want to be strong, then you have to be able to fight any time of the day.” Shockstep tensed up as he heard Naku’s words. “Plus you haven’t been out of your pokeball all day, so you must want to stretch your muscles a bit right?” Shockstep just grunted in response and they kept walking through the trees in silence.

It was then the Manectric’s ears perked and twitched. The two froze mid-step and Naku looked around. Through some bushes, she could see a large group of Mankey. There must have been at least six. Naku reached behind her to take out Inferno to help Shockstep, but the Manectric growled. Naku nodded and knew that Shockstep wanted to handle this all by himself. He wanted to prove himself. Maybe Naku would let him sleep then.

“Shockstep, use Thunder!”

As Naku and Shockstep burst through the bushes, a large bolt of yellow lightning coursed through the air and struck the group of Mankey. Half of the group dropped to the ground unconscious, but the rest slowly got back to their feet. Naku knew that Mankey were easily agitated pokemon, so this should be an interesting battle. The Mankey who remained recovered quickly and assumed an angry battle stance. They all charged at once, ready to strike a triple Karate Chop.

“Finish this with Spark!”

Before the Mankey could even reach Shockstep, he had darted toward them, his body covered in a layer of electricity. The wild pokemon soared in all directions from the momentum of the attack and slammed into trees, making them shake. A loud Murrr… could be heard as multiple dark masses rose from the trees. Dozens of Murkrow flew around the clearing that contained Naku and her pokemon. Naku’s eyes widened and she cursed herself for being so careless. Shockstep was powerful alright, but taking on fifty Murkrow at the same time?

“Back away very slowly…” Naku hissed, and the two took a tentative step backwards. The Murkrow sensed their slight movement. They all let out a deafening cry and what seemed like hundreds or dark beams flew through the air and struck Shockstep. The attack was Nightshade, and Naku knew it. Shockstep howled in pain and tried to escape, but they were surrounded. As the attack let up, Shockstep collapsed unconscious. Naku gasped and quickly returned Shockstep to his pokeball before the attacking pokemon could deal another blow. But now, Naku was alone with fifty or more angry Murkrow.

Turning on one foot, she sprinted in the other direction, towards the main route to the city. She needed more space to work with. The group of pokemon pursued her, and were gaining as well. Naku took out another pokeball, jumped into the air and threw it.

Naku landed on Inferno’s back with a grunt. The Arcanine was obviously confused. He then heard the angry pokemon cries. “Go ‘ferno!” Naku shouted and gasped as a blast of Nightshades landed next to them. Inferno was off like a rocket. Naku gripped his mane as he picked up speed. As soon as they broke the clearing she would attack. They needed to hurry up. “’ferno! Extremespeed!” Soon, everything around them became a blur as they went amazingly fast. The Murkrow was amazingly fast as well, but they fell behind a bit as Inferno now went double his last speed.

It would not last very long, and Naku knew it. It was then they leapt into the clearing. To Naku’s left, she could see the lights of Saffron City, and to her right, she could see two people, a young girl and a man in a familiar dark outfit. Gritting her teeth, Naku reminded herself of her current problem. She would deal with them later.

Inferno skidded to a halt and Naku hopped off, landing on two feet. As she stood up straight and tall, she grabbed her remaining pokeballs and hurled them into the air. Out came Draco, Shade, and Blade. The Murkrow soon came back into sight, the whole mass of them hovering above the clearing. You could cut the tension with a knife. All of them were glaring at each other, daring them to attack. Naku couldn’t take any more of it.

“Shade! Echoed Voice!”

A loud, eardrum-shattering sound could be heard, and all of the Murkrows began writhing in the air and flying around in panic. This was Naku’s chance.

“Draco, Draco Meteor! ‘ferno, Flamethrower! Blade, Scald!” Her pokemon immediately listened to her words; even Blade, which was a delightful surprise. As the Murkrow recovered from the Echoed Voice, they were rained on by meteors, blasted with fire, and burned with boiling water. Letting out pitiful cries, they began flying away as quickly as possible.

“Thought you’d get off easy!?” Naku shouted, now angry. “Shade use Shadow Ball! Rapid fire!” Shade did just that, and dozens of balls of shadows picked off stragglers as the bunch of them disappeared into the dark night.

Naku felt a fluttering feeling in her chest. Pride.

“Alright you guys!” An angry grunt came from Shade. “And girl.” Naku chuckled. Draco came up from behind Naku and wrapped his arms around her, squishing her into a head lock. “D-Draco! Stop! You’re suffocating me!” As Draco let go of her with a laugh, Naku pretended she was gasping for air. Inferno let out a bellowing howl and leapt over to Naku, licking her face and nuzzling up against her, making her fall onto her bum. Blade stood back, his arms crossed, scowling. Shade leapt onto Naku’s chest and sat there in mock triumph.

“Alright alright! Get off me you big lug!” Naku giggled and pushed Shade off of her. She stood back up and dusted herself off. “You guys were great!” Naku beamed and gave them a double thumbs up. “Tomorrow we’ll all get ice cream or something, I promise. Now all of you could use a good night’s sleep.” She returned all of them to their pokeballs and sighed in exhaustion. That had been tiring. She had completely forgotten about the other people in the clearing for the time being.

The setting changes from Kanto - Sinnoh to Saffron City


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Silencio sat in a quiet café, quietly sipping away at his coffee. Aside from the black clothing, he didn't really draw any attention. As he sat there, he contemplated his next course of actions. He knew Ivy would be smart enough to get out of Saffron City, and the Grunts he sent to look for her there would make that a near certainty, so he needed to predict her next destination. Lavender seemed very likely, as it was a small and isolated town, but that also made it easy to find her. Celadon was large and busy, but was somewhat infamous for past Rocket activity.

That left Cerulean and Vermillion. Best case scenario, she headed to Vermilion, likely to run through the Diglett Cave, where she would think that she was safe in Pewter City, where there was an operation already going on, run by another Elite at that. She'd fall right into their hands. It was a big 'what if', but Silencio considered all scenarios. Therefore, he needed to contact Evans.

Finishing up his coffee, he left the café ever so quietly, before reaching for his Team Rocket communicator.

Jace was grateful that Ivy was willing to go with him. She was as, or even more, stubborn than he was. Trying to get her to agree to something was no easy task. She even used her Kirlia to teleport them to route 7. "Thank you, darling." He said to her with a smile. Before they began the trek to Lavender, Jace took a look around, making sure that the road was clear. As he did, his comm went off, causing him to jump.

Slowly he took it out of his pocket, praying to whatever gods were listening that it wasn't who he thought it was. He swore when he saw the screen, it was Silencio, Ivy's father. He put a finger to his lips, signaling Ivy to be quiet. Then pressed the button that would allow them to talk. "Can I help you, Sean?"

Shit, Ivy thought when she heard Jace answer the comm, and said the dreaded name, Sean. Rarely for her, she obediently stayed silent, but ready to run, just in case Team Rocket was closing even closer to them. If it was Silencio, there was no way she stood a chance to win in a direct fight. What kind of father would attack their own daughter, though? She clicked her tongue angrily, trying to hear her father's voice on the other end of the line.

"I'm assuming your latest assignment places you in Pewter City, or nearby, am I correct?" His voice was stern as it usually was. Silencio preferred to keep any sort of distance communication brief, as he rarely trusted even the most secure of phone lines.

Jace hestitated before answering. "Actually sir, I'm near Saffron. I heard about the drug bust and thought I should investigate before the criminal got away. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck yet." As he spoke a single thought was repeating over and over in his head. We're screwed. Jace only ever called another Elite sir if he was in trouble. Usually he just referred to them by their first names. Jace hoped that Sean just thought it was about him not being where he was suppose to be.

Silencio pursed his lips. "Well then, considering you are already on the case, I'm assuming that I can trust you to assist me in this task, the Boss wants this to be over with quickly."

"I want you to search the Cerulean City area for the culprit, as she is likely to escape someplace such as there. I will be looking elsewhere. I want you to contact me in the next 24 hours. Understood?" Silencio never really acknowledged Jace as an Elite to be on par with him, however, Jace was also quite the victim of circumstance, which Silencio often used to his advantage. He was well aware of the means he worked for as part of Team Rocket, so by constantly using him as his errandboy, then he could constantly enforce the fact that there was a penalty for betrayal. Silencio used fear as much as he used Pokémon to enforce his job, even on his own group.

"Consider it done, sir." Jace paused before continuing. "One question, if your daughter was still alive, would you give up everything for her? Even if she didn't have the same morals as you?" Jace thought now was as good a time as any to try and convince Sean that Team Rocket was evil. If they were face to face things would be different. This way Jace didn't risk getting nailed in the face or anything.

And it even made sense to say something now, what with the rumors that it was Ivy who destroyed the safehouse. It seemed like a normal question. At least, Jace hoped it did. But just to make sure he added, "I mean, I know I would for my own daughter. I just wanted to know if it was just me, or a father thing." Jace was a relatively new father, so it also made sense asking someone with more experience for advice.

Ivy made a rueful smile at Jace when he asked his question. She really wanted to hear her father's response to the question, because she obviously was still alive. It wasn't his style to talk about emotional things like that though, especially to another elite. Wasn't professional, or any of that crap. It was honestly kind of weird that the man she figured was such a great and doting father turned out to be her enemy in this war, but she supposed it was kind of poetic. As long as she won, whatever the cost.

Silencio took a long pause, and then turned his communicator off without a word. He wasn't going to answer some random question like that, he had work to do. However, he did consider it, he definitely did. Sure, he absolutely hated when anybody brought the topic of his daughter up, but he didn't even have the right shovel for the ground he wanted to bury this memory in. And to loose, from what Sean knew, loss is not something to be caused by the self, but is the effect of what is taken. He took things all the time, so he would know.

Shaking the thought, he took a Pokeball from his coat, and tossed it on the ground. Emerging from the flash was a large bird Pokémon, sporting a fedora-like down on it's head. It spread it's wings and crowed it's name, 'Honchkrow!', puffing up it's chest to look important.

"Virginia," Silencio commanded the raven Pokémon, "You are to search the townships of Lavender and Celadon for a girl, Ivy. I want her location reported by the end of today, understood?" Immediately, the tracking bird took to the skies and headed East, toward the mountains. Silencio himself, however, had his on things to do.


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The conversation ended as quick as it began, and Jace looked pretty damn tense to Ivy. Since she heard the click from her father's end, she knew he'd rather dodge the question rather than try to justify himself. Ivy stretched her arms above her head casually, looking at the older man, still sporting a smile to mask the tumoultuous feelings inside.

"So?" She asked him. "Anything special? Should we be freaking out right now?"

Jace slipped his comm back in his pocket and was silent for a moment. Then he said a long string of curse words in another language, so Ivy didn't understand them. "Yes, yes we should be. Your father has in fact heard about what you did in Saffron and he's investigating nearby. He told me to search Cerulean City so I guess we're going there for now." Jace grumbled something under his breath after that, something that sounded like a complaint of overwork.

Ivy scoffed at the man. 'We'? Ivy could handle herself just fine in mouldy old Lavender town! Chances are her father would be looking at Fuschia City, she figured. It'd be nice if she understood the random mutterings of Jac though, it was either really fast so she missed it, or a different language entirely. Can't be important, in any case, and she kicked a pebble along the side of the route, fishing into her belt for her Pokéballs.

"Quick match before you go to Cerulean?" She said you specifically, making sure Jace got the message that she didn't want to go all the way out to Cerulean. And Lavender was close enough to Saffron that she could go back once things died down and take out the Gym Leader there. "There's some crap I wanna get down at Lavender anyways, new shoes to support my feet better to kick with, and stuff."

Jace knew he needed to stop treating Ivy like a little girl. She wasn't really his daughter, but it felt like she was. "I promise I'll battle you later, but not right now. My Pokemon, and myself, are still worn out after our recon. Not to the mention the whole running from Viridian thing." He hestitated before continuing. "Call me if you run into trouble. I know you can handle yourself in a fight, I just have a hard time remembering it. Its my overprotective fatherness I guess."

"Right now would be my best chance to beat you, though." She flashed a quick grin, but left the balls in her belt. Jace clearly didn't want to fight at the moment, but she'd find a way to challenge him later. Could he handle her if she decided to double up against him, like she usually did against any random people she battled? Possibly, but he might end up looking down on her after that. The victory'd be much sweeter if won fairly, after all. "I can just have Kirlia teleport me down to Cerulean if an Elite came- I can handle the rest of 'em easily, y'know."

"And about your daughter, hurry up and find out where she is already." She stressed this specifically. "All I gotta do then is teleport in, take Millie, and teleport back out, maybe go to Johto for a while or some crap."

"I'm trying, you know I am. You'll be the first person I tell when I find her and Rose." Jace yawned and stretched his aching muscles. "I gotta get to Cerulean before Sean thinks I'm a traitor. Because you know, I'm totally not." Jace smiled at his horrible attempt at humor.

Just then, something fell out of the sky, crashing into Jace's head. "What the hell!" Jace looked down at the ground to see what hit him. It was an unconscious Pidgey. Jace repeated his previous statement, but in more of a confused tone that an angry one. He knelt down beside it and examined it. "You got any Potion on you darling?"

With a flash of light, Kirlia was released in an instant, but not before Ivy snatched up the piece of paper tied to it's talon. The Kirlia knew what to do pretty easily, and used Heal Pulse in the Pidgey. "Good girl. Ivy said quietly, petting her beloved psychic Pokémon on the head before returning her into the ball. Ivy then unraveled the paper, revealing some kind of... coded note of some kind. She couldn't read it, that's for sure, but she knew it was important somehow. Her first thought was to give it to Jace and let him use Team Rocket's resources on it, but what if it revealed the location of a weapon, or something? She shook her head, frustrated, and turned to Jace questionably.

"Dude, can you read this?"

Jace took the note with one hand and rubbed the top of his head with the other. Even something as small and light as a Pidgey hurt when gravity was involved. "No I've never seen this type of code before. Sorry."

Jace pulled out his comm and looked up a list of codes Team Rocket used, in the off chance that it was one he hadn't learned yet. "Not here either."

Ivy grabbed the note then, from Jace's hand and pocketed it neatly. "In that case, I'll keep it, maybe see if anyone can read it while I'm in Lavender." She stuck her tongue out at Jace playfully. "Sorry, but I don't want Team Rocket getting their grubby claws on this!"

"Its quite all right. I was thinking the same thing." Jace said with a smile. "Though if it turns out to be a weapon, I'm less scared of Team Rocket having it than of you having it."

That stung a little, but she figured Jace was just joking around in his awkward little way. It'd be totally awesome if it was a weapon though, Ivy was almost salivating of the power she'd have, of how much she could hurt Team Rocket with it. "I could like, point it at 'em, and force 'em to hand over every last bit they got! We'd save Millie and Rose too, Jace, this is gonna be awesome!"

She mimed aiming a huge gun at Jace, winking at him. "I'd make 'em beg for mercy! And after taking everything from the bastards, I'd shoot it anyways!"

Jace knew she was just excited about the thought of beating Team Rocket, but her talk of killing them made Jace cringe a little. He had done some awful things for Team Rocket, killing included. It wasn't something he wanted to do again. "Don't get your hopes up." he said softly, "For all we know it could be something completely useless. Like the secret to immortality, or a Poffin recipe, or a love letter from Giovanni to Professor Oak." Jace shuddered at the thought of the last example.

Ivy let out a cheerful giggle, and patted the man on the back. She didn't know who this Oak was, but on the off chance that the love letter thing was true, Oak would make for pretty good leverage, wouldn't he, against Giovanni? And the thought of the poffin recipe was ridiculous. However, how much could she sell immortality for? Maybe enough to hire people strong enough to join her and Jace in the war? Well anyways, they'd better wrap this up before Silencio decided to go on the prowl, so she started walking towards Lavender, but turned back to Jace.

"We'll win against Team Rocket." She promised. "And once we do, we'll get revenge for everything they've ever done, right? I'll send you a comm once I find a hidey hole in Lavender!"

Jace sighed, she was enjoying the secret note a little too much. He almost called after her to be careful, but didn't, this time. Instead he said, "You better! Running from city to city watching your ass is exhausting!"

"Got a nice ass, I bet." She snickered. "Creeper." Ivy then broke into a full sprint, wanting to get there before dawn came. She needed to sleep, after all.

Jace made a small noise, realizing that he had just been outwitted by a fourteen year old. Then he shrugged and took off toward Cerulean. "I swear, Sean and Giovanni are going to run me ragged. Oh wait, its Ivy that's going to be the death of me." He muttered to himself.

The setting changes from Saffron City to Kanto - Sinnoh


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#, as written by Rann
Before she could really do much else, though, she heard a girl's voice behind her, shouting for her to watch out. Did she bump into her by accident, who knows? But the girl looked confident, pretty powerful, and Ivy really wanted to sink her teeth into a nice good fight before resting up in Lavender Town. So, to match with the Arcanine, she tossed out Kirlia and Mienshao at once, with a dark grin on her face.

"What's your name?" She called out, cockily. "Wanna go at it?"

In response to the girl's dark facial expression, Naku cast her an annoyed scowl. "Call me Naku." Her glare was hard and she was clearly annoyed as she tugged another pokeball from her belt. "I'm willing if you are."

"I'm Ivy!" She cackled, feeling the little mental nudge of Kirlia's psychic link. They were all set. "Prepare to lose!"

In an instant, Kirlia teleported the Mienshao directly behind the flaming dog, prepared to smash into the ground and summon rocks. Kirlia herself cast psyshock on the Pokéball, trying to sabotage Naku before the enemy could even begin. Ivy herself held a cocky grin as she ran directly at Naku, ready to back Kirlia up with a well-aimed kick. Things were heating up. And she wanted to win this.

Inferno was unprepared for Mienshao's attack. He was smashed into the ground, his limbs sprawled in all directions. Though he attempted to recover quickly by scrambling to his feet, growling.

As Kirlia knocked Naku's pokeball away, Naku darted to the side, avoiding a kick to the face from the girl named Ivy. She cast a glance to the side and saw Inferno wasn't doing too hot. "Hit it with Extremespeed!" Extremespeed was a move that always attacked first, so Naku hoped that would help. "Hey Draco! I could use your help!" She called out to the pokeball on the ground, which had just been sitting there while Naku dodged any impending attacks from Ivy. In a flash of white and orange, out came Naku's Dragonite, raring to go.

The Extremespeed hit Setsuna hard, knocking the martial arts fox backwards. While Ivy kept the heat off of Kirlia, grabbing at Naku's wrist with a grin, before delivering a sharp knee to the gut, Kirlia took the opportunity to cast Heal Pulse on her ally, bringing Mienshao back up to full health, enough to catapult herself towards the fox, with a Hi Jump Kick. Kirlia then released the snowy maiden from it's ball, blending into the flash of white light, and instantly cast hail, tiny ice shards falling from the sky.

Naku couldn't help but gasp as a knee slammed into her stomach. Practically doubling over, she let out a few dry coughs before regaining herself. Quick as lightning, she tossed out another pokeball. Shade was standing before her weakened trainer, looking rather confused about the whole situation. "We need to get rid of that Kirlia! Faint Attack, go!" She pointed in Kirlia's direction before surveying the whole Meinshao-Inferno scene. The High Jump Kick hit Inferno hard, sending him backwards. He landed awkwardly, once again scrambling to his feet, but a bit slower this time. Naku gritted her teeth as she came up with a game plan.

"Draco, get rid of Meinshao. Thunderpunch, go!" Draco immediately responded and leapt to action. "'ferno! Extremespeed Firefang combo on Froslass!"

In the split second the orders were yelled out, Kirlia relayed the information to the whole team, and teleported behind Mienshao, who took the brunt of the Umbreon's faint attack. After that was the Arcanine, and Ivy jabbed Naku in the throat right as it connected into the snowy maiden. The Extremespeed did nothing, of course, but the fire did significant damage. Kirlia reacted perfectly in time, though, with another heal pulse. Froslass drove hail shards into the masive gargantuan Dragonite's eyes, hoping that would blind it enough for Mienshao to dodge and deal the finishing blow to the fire dog. And in the midst of it all, Ivy was having the time of her life, shielding her eyes from the hailstorm pouring down on them.

Naku's knees buckled and she dropped when the blow landed on her windpipe. She gasped and coughed painfully, barely able to focus on anything. But her vision cleared, and saw Inferno down, Draco scratching at his face and Shade waiting for orders. Letting out a sort of growl-like sound, Naku rolled away from Ivy and leapt to her feet. She almost fell over again, but stated up only because she willed herself to. She managed to return Inferno to his pokeball, but every order she tried to give came out raspy and quiet. Naku quickly tossed out Shockstep. Now that Inferno was down for the count, she would need some more power. Naku sent a commanding look in Shockstep's direction, and pointed to Kirlia and Meinshao. "Either one." She managed to say.

Shockstep nodded and darted forward, sending a large arc of lightning from his body as he barked in the directions of Shade and Draco, as if to tell them to get going and fight.

It was innately satisfying, seeing the immense fire dog finally fall to Setsuna's might. Ivy felt a sick, almost perverse sort of glee as it was returned to it's ball, and the Dragonite's attack averted. And Naku was right in her sights, prepared to rush forward for another assault. Froslass started shooting a torrent of Ice Beams at the dragon, while the Mienshao charged at the Umbreon, leaving Kirlia safely in back, ready to heal anyone whoo needed, and teleport in to protect someone, just in case things got bad.

"I'm winning." Ivy sneered, looking at her enemy. "Wanna give up, and start cryin' yet? Cuz this ain't over til you're begging on the ground!"

She rushed Naku again, this time aiming a fist to the gut.

"Never!" Naku hissed. Waiting until the last second, she sidestepped Ivy and stuck her leg out in hopes of tripping her. She looked back at the battling pokemon. She had swallowed hard plenty of times, but her voice was still raspy and it hurt to talk. "Shade!" She called out. Shade turned to look at Naku, who pointed her thumb in the direction of the ground. Shade then dove into the dirt, creating a small tunnel entrance behind her, much too small for Meinshao. Shade then burst from the ground behind Meinshao.

Meinshao's attacking left Kirlia wide open, to which Shockstep took advantage of. Before even letting the pokemon know he was approaching it, he attacked from afar, another arc of yellow lightning streaking through the air. Draco was having some problems however. The Ice Beams were dealing a solid amount of damage. He needed an end move. Frostlass was weak from Inferno's previous attack. Naku whistled, now realizing it hurt less to whistle then talk. Draco turned and understood what Naku meant just by the look in her eyes. A small ball of light formed in Draco's tummy, and the ball grew larger until it rose from Draco and into the air. It soared upwards and exploded, causing hundreds of glowing rocks to rain from the sky, falling in all directions.

Mienshao reacted a little too late to the Umbreon digging underneath her. It let out a sharp cry as it crashed into the ground, almsot crippling it with the momentum she was flying at. Looking almost dizzy from the pain, the Mienshao blindly tackled at the Umbreon, and used the momentum from the impact to bounce just out of reach, but at this point, the fox was too far out from Kirlia to receive a Heal Pulse, and the psychic was already dealing with her own battle now, having just barely dodged an electric attack, thanks to the hail obscuring her. And above was Froslass against massive dragon, dodging most of the exploding rocks, but still took damage from others. It stumbled a bit in the air, and decided to link it's pain with the Manetric, attempting to split health. The Manetric also had to deal with a psyshock, and then Kirlia teleported to deliver one to the Dragonite as well.

Meanwhile Ivy tripped over the well placed foot, but luckily had her arm outstretched, bringing Naku down with her. Straddling the girl fiercefully, Ivy figured out the best way to end the battle. Naku's team couldn't win if she couldn't give orders, right? So the smaller girl aimed another punch before starting to wrap her hands around her throat.

Before Frostlass could split health, Draco came soaring towards her, an arm cocked back for a Thunderpunch. Shockstep, unaware of how much pain Draco had prevented, chased after Kirlia, bending his lightning to follow her until it hit. Shade landed on her feet just out of Meinshao's reach, and let out an eardrum-shattering cry, which made Draco and Shockstep cringe as they heard her Echoed Voice attack.

Naku growled as Ivy hit her with another punch. She was unprepared to have Ivy's hands wrapped firmly around her throat. Naku gasped as spots began dancing across her vision.

It was a split second sort of thing, but when she heard the pathetic mewl of Mienshao, finally defeated by the shriek of the Echoed Voice, Ivy's hands loosened. Was she really about to kill someone that had nothing to do with Team Rocket? Sure, the girl was an enemy, but this was meant to be a match for fun, not a desperate struggle to survive like she was used to. Ivy muttered softly, "you did good, guys." to her team before putting them back into their homes, safely in the red and white domes at her waist before getting off of Naku. She left Kirlia out though, enjoying at least a little bit the calming effect the green creature had on her. This was a little awkward, and she scratched at her neck uncomfortably before offering a hand to the girl to let her up.

"Sorry." She murmured, not looking the taller girl in the eye. "Lost myself. Used to trying to kill Team Rocket, forgot you weren't one of them. My bad."

Naku did not take the girl's hand. She dragged herself back to her feet, trying not to gasp like a fish out of water. Her pokemon had realized that the battle was over, and they scampered back to Naku's side. Shade and Draco looked a bit concerned, but Shockstep just sat there, waiting to be returned to his pokeball. She returned Shade and Shockstep, but let Draco stay out, mostly becaus he refused to go back. Naku just grumbed quietly and looked at Ivy. She couldn't help but mutter, "Sorry doesn't make it go away..." Naku sighed, and actually sat back down and began rummaging through her bag. "You should really learn how to control yourself."

The socially awkward girl looked at the alraedy forming bruises on her enemy, and was glad that at least the hailstorm had died down. Kirlia spun around for a quick Heal Pulse on the girl, and Ivy rubbed the green Pokémon again on the head, a little proudly. "Whaddya want, then?" Ivy asked the girl, the former enemy. "This is, well, awkward, okay?"

Naku felt a bit better all of a sudden. She cast a sarcastic glance in Ivy's direction. "Well, no shit. You almost just choked me to death." Naku then pulled her hand out of her bag. In her palm were a few small peppermint candies. She popped a few in her mouth and tossed a few to Draco, who ate the graciously. "Want one?" Naku asked, holding her hand out.

Ivy gratefully took it. More than just free food, the candy was a sign that maybe the girl was warming up to her- and random enemies alongside her war on Team Rocket was definitely not something she wanted. So she ate it, and saw the sun rising in the sky, dyeing the sky a deep, beautiful red, signaling a new day. And it was already pretty late to find a good hideout in Lavender Town and rest up, she had to stay on her toes. Chances are, the battle delay would make Jace worry the heck out, because she hadn't messaged him like she had promised. "Thanks." She sucked on the peppermint, the taste stimulating her tongue quickly. "Um. I'm headed to Lavender... I'll get us a place to stay, too. Explain myself, and all that..."

Ivy looked nervously back at the girl, uncharacteristic of herself. "I can teleport us into Lavender right now, if you wanted. Save time and energy, right?"

Above both girls, and unbeknownst to them, a Honchkrow scanned them as it flew by, almost invisible against the still dark sky.


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"Um. I'm headed to Lavender... I'll get us a place to stay, too. Explain myself, and all that..."

Naku blinked slowly, staring at the girl for a long time. Was she serious? Draco narrowed his eyes, and looked at Naku very questioningly. Closing her eyes and contemplating, Naku nodded and once again brought her stormy gaze back upon Ivy. “Alright.” Draco just let his jaw drop. He made some aggravated whimpers and grunts as if arguing with Naku’s decision.

“Don’t worry Draco.” Naku rubbed his big belly. “I’ll be alright, I promise.” Naku flashed a reassuring smile and poked Draco’s stomach. Draco sighed as Naku returned him to his red and white home.

Naku turned back to Ivy. “I’m ready to go.”