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Lance Zorrack

Leader of the Elite Four

0 · 234 views · located in Kanto - Sinnoh

a character in “Trainers of the Pokemon world!”, as played by Chaos0f7ife


Physical Description: Lance is relatively short, about 5'6" with long Blond Hair and Blue eyes. He normally wears blue jeans and a brown hoodie. He wheres a Green Poketch and a green backpack.

Personality: Lance is Honor driven. He can't help not helping people in need. Weather they fell down a well, got stuck up a tree, or simply need some training with there pokemon. But when evil is around, he will drop everything he has and stop the evil doer.

Pokemon Team: The Only Pokemon that Lance is known to have is Crobat, Sandslash, and a Pidgey that he never sends in battle but just sits on his shoulder or just flies around. His Pidgey is the only pokemon always seen when he is on TV

History: Not much is know about Lance. He just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and challenged the Elite Four. After taking out the Elite four, instead of becoming the Pokemon Champion, he became the leader of the Elite Four when the last leader decided he wanted to retire

Note: Until a Pokemon Champion is decided Lance will be "Considered" the Champion. Also, Lance is NOT the Lance from the Anime or Manga

So begins...

Lance Zorrack's Story