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Mac Linder

"I'm going to be the best Cordinator ever!"

0 · 278 views · located in Kanto - Sinnoh

a character in “Trainers of the Pokemon world!”, originally authored by TCDinNYC, as played by RolePlayGateway


Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Linder


Age: 10 ’Yes, I am old enough for a trainer license, rude.

Gender: Female ’Yes, I am a girl, I know my hair is short!’

Height: 4’9” ’I’m still tall enough to beat you!’

Weight: 62lbs ’Why do you wish to know that!?’

Appearance: Mac is a rather normal girl for her age, in height and weight. She is mistaken for a boy sometimes, due to her rather unisex haircut and basic attitude. Her clothing chooses are ‘different’ as well for a girl. She hates dresses and make-up, and prefers to wear jeans, zip-up vests and hats. This does not help her problem with being mistaken for a boy, but she doesn’t really care. Her most common outfit is her red and white jacket and hat with a ribbon on it. ’Ok, that wasn’t too bad, I guess…’

Personality: Mac is a rather interesting kid. Firstly, you have her appearance, which seems odd, but also her somewhat split nature. She loves Pokémon and even likes battling, however her dream is to become a top coordinator. She isn’t really girly about anything, and prefers plain talk, and doesn’t understand why boys get a pass on that. She is rather laid back, except when it comes to training, where she is very intense in making sure that she and her Pokémon are the best. She loves her Pokémon and loves learning about others as well. ’Yea, that’s me. NO taking or leaving, you’re taking.’

History: Mac’s family is from Saffron city, a true city dweller. Her family have all loved Pokémon, with her father even taking on the Indigo league. Her mother was also a battler, as are her brothers. She has three older brothers, all three of them currently traveling in Kanto or Sinnoh. She has always wanted to own her own Pokémon, and was happy when she could. When she got her license, and she chose to go around Kanto, trying to find any Coordinator evens, but having little luck. She is currently is Vermillion City, hoping that she can find more information on when the next Coordinator completion is. ’Yea, that’s it. I don’t really think it is very special.

Pokémon: Image
Pokémon- Houndour
Moves- Bite, Ember, Howl, Smog
History- Houndour is Mac’s first Pokémon, it was a city Pokémon, and living on trash until Mac fed it some food. It follows her everywhere, usually stays out of its ball, and is protective of her, and loves her.

Pokémon- Shinx
Moves- Tackle, Spark, Ice Fang, Roar
History- Shinx was an egg that Mac got from a Pokémon center that someone had left. Mac carried the egg, until it hatched into Shinx. It looks to Mac as it’s mama, and sometimes gets into fights with Houndour on who will walk by her.

So begins...

Mac Linder's Story


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Mac was currently walking the streets of Vermillion City, with her Houndour in tow, walking with her head held high. It was dark, and they should probably find somewhere to rest, but being city people, both were used to the dark streets. They wer walking at a decent pace, with Mac petting Houndour's head and smiling at her Pokémon.

The streets of the city were illuminated by street lights, and Mac could see almost every building in the city, this being a much smaller city than the one she was used to. They were walking to a Pokémon center after training some, in which Mac got Houndour and Shinx to behave long enough to do a rather strong routine, if only they had a competition now.

The center was friendly, as usual, and the wall contained upcoming events, such as festivals, Competitions, and so on. Mac looked on the list fro a while, and finally found a Pokémon Coordinator competition that was being held in a couple of days. "Yes! Houndour, our first competition!" She shouted, causing some people to turn there heads.

She got the necessary into from Nurse Joy on where and how to enter, and after that, Mac decided to find a place to stay the night. Most of the hotels were completely booked, and this caused her to be sad. She could stay at the center, but a bed was nice to have.

This was until she came to one hotel that said it had one room left, and she paid. The room was nice, if a bit small, but she didn't mind that it was connected to a adjacent room. She took off her hat, and let her rather boyish hair move around some. She let Shinx out, told him of the competition and he let out a loud, "SHINX!"

Mac was going to flop on the bed, but then Houndour lifted her head and started smelling something. Mac didn't really mind it, until she came to the door between the rooms and began to scratch at it. She must be smelling food, Mac thought.

Then, out of old knowledge, Houndour got on her hind legs and used her paw to pull the handle down and open the door and entered sneakily.

"Houndour, get back here." Mac whispered/yelled at her misbehaving Pokémon, but she wouldn't listen. She ran into the room, to see her Pokémon eating some leftovers from a box of the desk. She was about to call her back into her ball, but then she tripped over something in the dark, yelped and fell very loudly.

"OW!" She said, feeling her knee hurt. "Houndour, return!" She said and called her back into her pokeball. Shinx was still on her bed, not really caring, and Mac had to explain to some random boy why she was in his room. "I'm so sorry, my Houndour smelled your food, and she got out of hand, i'm so sorry." She began to explain rather quickly.

The setting changes from Vermillion City to Kanto - Sinnoh


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Kent was having a strange dream. He was hiding in a trash can up a street following some unknown person. The person stopped and looked around. When he saw that nobody was there, he turned and went into some building being guarded by two men wearing huge red "R"'s on there shirts. One man reached up and scratched his head. It was a very loud scratching noise...Why was it so loud? Out of nowhere one of the guards yelped in pain. Why?

"OW! Houndour return!"

"WHAT THE!" Kent fell out of his bed and landed on the floor sprawled in a weird position. When he looked back up, he saw a boy in his room. He was about call for Stock when he noticed that Stock wasn't there. I forgot stock normally sleeps during the day. Sam, guess I'll have to use Star for this one. But then the boy started explaining himself. But he noticed the tone in her voice and realized that she was a girl. She was talking very fast...

"whoa whoa whoa whoa! Calm down! he said. Its my fault, I left food out for Stock! It's okay" he pointed at the food "Let your Houndour have some food" he held out a hand for the girl to shake "My name is Kent Jiro, and you are miss...?"


Meanwhile Stock was flying around Saffron City having the time of his life! He saw a flock of Pidgey in the air and was scaring it. The Pidgey's scattered. Stock was laughing when he saw a girl celebrating. Stock found this very amusing and went down to see if he could join in the fun


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Mac was still on the floor of the room when the boy that her Pokémon had brought her to woke up. She swallowed largely when he first woke up, 'Of course, he'll think I was trying to steal from him, some end.' She thought, and thought briefly if being accused of stealing could get her Trainer's License revoked. Her dreams of being the best Coordinator would be destroyed before she could begin.

She let this thought go as the guy got out of bed and starred towards her. He seemed nice, and didn't even have any Pokémon chase her own. Although what if this Stock had been there, by the sounds of it, it was a ghost type. She always worried about her Pokémon, and fighting without her around made her worry. Shinx, attracted to the sound, had jumped off the bed and went into the room. 'Great, now both of my Pokémon have broken into a strangers room.' She thought as he came closer.

When the boy offered his hand and his name, she was amazed how friendly he was. Back home in Saffron, people were tougher, and meaner, but not here apparently. She took his hand and shook rather hand for her, which wasn't too much honestly, and then let go after a few seconds.

"I'm Mac Linder." She started, and then said, seeing Shinx start to eat the food, "Oh Arceus, why?" She looked down, and let Houndour out of her ball, to which she rubbed herself against her leg before going to the food. "I am so sorry about their behavior, we've had a long day, and they just refuse to listen sometimes, but I swear they are great generally." She said and looked at her Pokémon, who had actually finished the food already.

"My two Snorlax's," She said slightly defeated, "I'm sorry about them eating all of it. I can pay you back if you want, but I should have some more money next week after the Coordinator Competition." She said, and then saw Houndour rub herself against the boy in a affectionate way before returning to her, while Shinx just returned to her bed.


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Kent felt something at his feet. he looked down and saw the Houndour rubbing against his legs affectionately. Weird. I thought scary looking Pokemon where mean...Then agains, I DO have Stock...But stocks an oddball
"Is your Houndour always this affectionat?" he asked Mac taking in for the first time the weirdness of the situation
He saw Mac smile as Houndour returned to her, not attacking Kent
"Not usually, she is very protective of me, but you technically gave her food, so you're on her good side."
He looked at Houndour again and thought, so mean looking Pokemon can be nice
"And what about that Shinx you had? It seems very pampered"
Mac chuckled slightly at his comment "Arceus only knows, he is a total drama Queen. He is sweet, but kinda blunt. Oh, and he is fighting Houndour to sleep beside me some nights." She smiled.
"I see" responded Kent "Well that's quite the family you have there. Listen, I don't want to be rude, but I am tired"
"Ok, i see. I did invade your room with my pokemon, so my bad. Sorry about that, come on Houndour." Houndour followed her, and she said at the door, "It was nice to meet you Kent."
"Nice to meet you too Mac" he responded and went back to sleep "I wonder where Stock is" he thought to himself before falling back asleep

Stock saw a Froslass appear from a Pokeball. It shot a bunch of Shadow Balls it him. But he dodged them all with ease. He was laughing in pure glee! There was another Ghost Pokemon in his midst! He saw the girl try to shoo him, but he didn't care. He shot down to the girl and laughed again
"Gastly! Gastly! Gastly!" It laughed. Then it looked at the Froslass and shot to her "Gastly!" it said. It appeared to be trying to make conversation with the Frosless but immediately got bored and started circling/dancing around the girl and her Pokemon for the fun of it. He didn't know why, but he liked this girl and her Froslass