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Trainers of the Pokemon world!

Vermillion City


a part of Trainers of the Pokemon world!, by Chaos0f7ife.

The Port City of Vermillion

Chaos0f7ife holds sovereignty over Vermillion City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Dozens of ferry ships stop here to bring trainers form other Countries, Regions, or Islands. If you are coming from another land, you will probably end up here eventually!
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Vermillion City

The Port City of Vermillion


Vermillion City is a part of Kanto - Sinnoh.


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Character Portrait: Kent Jiro
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"Hello, I'm here to check in" Kent was at the Hotel finally, It took him a while to get there, he wanted to get some food first and the only place in the area was a 24 hour dinner. The food sucked and the waiter was mean but he accepted both comfortably.
He was stretched out on his bed watching the news when his Gastly wondered into his room through a wall with a terrified scream coming from the other side . Kent sighed "I can't take you anywhere can I?" he asked Stock
"Gastly!" Stock replied cheerfully

"Breaking news!"
"huh?" Kent said looking at the TV
"There was a break in, in a storehouse earlier today in downtown Saffron City!!" said the reporter on the TV "the storehouse was collapsed and we found two men who appear to be Team Rocket!"

"Team....Rocket?" said slowly and ignorantly, Kent had never heard of them before and was just coming to the conclusion that they were evil when the news reporter continued

"We believe another suspect is involved in this latest break in! The men where escorted to the hospital but not before saying this"

The screen split views to a group of Grunts who appeared to be struggling against the doctors. Then, out of the blue, one of them shouted at a camera man "Ivy Carrow! Ivy Carrow! Its her fault! Giovanni we are sorry!" then the door to the ambulance truck shut and the news reporter came back into view "We have no idea who this Ivy Carrow is, but it appears she may be responsible for the other break-ins this year."

"Ivy Carrow?" said Kent looking at an empty Pokeball "Is she a good guy? Or is she a bad buy?"
"Gastly!" responded Stock
"Well, I guess there's no sense worrying about it. It has nothing to do with us...But it does sound like quite the adventure..." at that moment Kent fell asleep

"Gastly?" said gastly in a sad tone, then "Gastly!" it said and shot out of the room through the wall again in the direction of Saffron City...


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Character Portrait: Kent Jiro Character Portrait: Mac Linder
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Mac was currently walking the streets of Vermillion City, with her Houndour in tow, walking with her head held high. It was dark, and they should probably find somewhere to rest, but being city people, both were used to the dark streets. They wer walking at a decent pace, with Mac petting Houndour's head and smiling at her Pokémon.

The streets of the city were illuminated by street lights, and Mac could see almost every building in the city, this being a much smaller city than the one she was used to. They were walking to a Pokémon center after training some, in which Mac got Houndour and Shinx to behave long enough to do a rather strong routine, if only they had a competition now.

The center was friendly, as usual, and the wall contained upcoming events, such as festivals, Competitions, and so on. Mac looked on the list fro a while, and finally found a Pokémon Coordinator competition that was being held in a couple of days. "Yes! Houndour, our first competition!" She shouted, causing some people to turn there heads.

She got the necessary into from Nurse Joy on where and how to enter, and after that, Mac decided to find a place to stay the night. Most of the hotels were completely booked, and this caused her to be sad. She could stay at the center, but a bed was nice to have.

This was until she came to one hotel that said it had one room left, and she paid. The room was nice, if a bit small, but she didn't mind that it was connected to a adjacent room. She took off her hat, and let her rather boyish hair move around some. She let Shinx out, told him of the competition and he let out a loud, "SHINX!"

Mac was going to flop on the bed, but then Houndour lifted her head and started smelling something. Mac didn't really mind it, until she came to the door between the rooms and began to scratch at it. She must be smelling food, Mac thought.

Then, out of old knowledge, Houndour got on her hind legs and used her paw to pull the handle down and open the door and entered sneakily.

"Houndour, get back here." Mac whispered/yelled at her misbehaving Pokémon, but she wouldn't listen. She ran into the room, to see her Pokémon eating some leftovers from a box of the desk. She was about to call her back into her ball, but then she tripped over something in the dark, yelped and fell very loudly.

"OW!" She said, feeling her knee hurt. "Houndour, return!" She said and called her back into her pokeball. Shinx was still on her bed, not really caring, and Mac had to explain to some random boy why she was in his room. "I'm so sorry, my Houndour smelled your food, and she got out of hand, i'm so sorry." She began to explain rather quickly.