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Alexander Tyr

Child of Athena; Architect of war; The Blade Trickster

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a character in “Traitors of Olympus”, originally authored by TemplarWarden, as played by RolePlayGateway


Character Name:
Alexander Tyr
Alex generally sticks to wearing smart-casual, trousers and shirts with no consideration as to whether they match or not although they're almost always neat. He doesn't wear a cap but often ties a red bandanna around his head to keep his reasonably long hair out of the way.

Alexander weapons are somewhat unique in that he designed them himself. He wields a pair of extendable arm blades mounted on leather gauntlets intended to provide him use of his hands otherwise. The blades are not long, they are primarily defensive or intended for him to get in close. Additionally he has two small single handed crossbows, each able to fire a pair of quarrels. Due to the size of the crossbows their range is limited and it is difficult to load the lower bolt.

Alex is pretty much master of all things mechanical, able to jury rig anything from whatever scraps he can find. He has quick reflects but his more brilliant moments require a period of contemplation. Give him an hour he can achieve pretty much any intellectual task, considering the bigger picture. He learns quickly and innovates by default.
He is a dead shot if given a little time, and in battle he is incredibly quick ans skilled. His strength somewhat lacks in comparison to the children of Ares but is still impressive.

Alex knows a lot about pretty much everything, probably more then would be possible for a normal mortal. He intrinsically understands the inner workings of mechanical devices as long as they follow a logical pattern. If things are overly complicated or there are far easier options that no one seems aware of Alexander becomes notable irritable. Both these are partly natural but certainly influenced by his heritage. The ability to speak with birds is rarely useful, considering most birds don't enjoy the company of humans. The common pigeon offers nothing in the terms of sense. Ravens and some other birds tend to be more intelligent.
He also can actually produce illusions, mostly restricted to himself and the small area around him. In combat these illusions are deceptive and often give him more then the upper hand.

In terms of magical items, no child of Athena would be without them. Since his eyesight isn't particularly good he has been given glasses that allow him to see through walls to a degree, this is something he can control. A small diamond stud in his right ear gives him enhanced hearing. The third and perhaps most useful is a small frosted glass chess piece, a knight to be precise. While it takes a lot of concentration this can provide him a vision of the nearby area from the sky.

Alex sat unmoving, even if he tried he probably wouldn't be able to escape his confinement. A figure was barely visible in the darkness beyond. It spoke, a slithering, probing voice. "How long have you been serving Kronos?"
The question while it surprised Alexander, didn't provoke any specific reaction other then his blue eyes attempting to follow the interrogator. In contrast he spoke calmly, weighing each word. "I do not serve Kronos." The answer seemed to elicit dissatisfaction and it questioned again with more intensity.
"What have you revealed?"
Again the young man's answer was leveled and controlled, he knew he was bound to infuriate the creature eventually. "I do not serve Kronos." This time there seemed to be no reaction, yet another question as the being has not and probably will never accepted the demigod's response.
"Perhaps I'm asking the wrong questions son of Athena. Have you in any way cooperated with Kronos or his agents to act against the Olympians?" The creature's attempts at out smarting Tyr fell flat, he was almost ready to laugh. Instead he repeated his single response. This time it hissed in frustration. "You haven't answered my question!" The creature snarled and rushed forward, grasping the boy's collar and lifting him against his bindings. This time he didn't say a word, he had seen worse and killed it. Eventually the creature released him and moved back into the darkness. Silence fell and it spoke no more.

Alex was never raised with the knowledge that he was descended from the ancient/not-so-ancient gods.. He thought he was just a somewhat normal boy with a single father. His dad, a rather cheerful and active software designer, only told him a specific story of his childhood. A drunken night with a wonderful woman, blankness and then a child roughly nine months later. More precisely a call from the hospital about a recently orphaned baby with a message asking for Keiran Tyr by name, phone number and address. Keiran said he couldn't recall much about the woman, even her name. Alex was close with his father and although there were so many holes in the story once Alexander searched, the boy didn't question.

Dyslexia and ADHD seemed at odds with his natural intelligence. He surpassed most everyone his age, a boy genius causing a lot of stir and a lot of abuse. However, the way he calmly and logically dealt with everything dissuaded attention and he more often enjoyed working or reading then to having company. The only person Alex was close to was his father. That is until his life was completely upturned. Strange events had been occurring all through his life and commonly he managed to avoid the misfortune. At the age of 12 he could not avoid it forever, although he was not the victim. Instead a 'freak accident' caused his father's car to overturn and detonate on the outskirts of Vancouver. The existence of monsters, the Greek gods and his true nature was revealed to him on the same day.

He took the news hard and his arrival at camp half-blood marked him apart from the other demi-gods, even the children of Athena. In time he managed to fit in with people somewhat similar to him. Yet he was still quiet and calm enough to be odd, although many didn't care. He proved to be impressive even among all his half-siblings. He showed a tactical and military mind to rival great generals and a technical aptitude that impressed the cabin of Hephaestus. In actual combat he gained a reputation for swiftness, unorthodox methods and skill. gaining the nickname 'The Blade Trickster'. Even in the eyes of the gods he gained the title of the 'Architect of War', having essentially planned and designed every small attribute the conflict.

So begins...

Alexander Tyr's Story


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Theodore walked calmly walked through the halls with his hands folded behind his back. It was all he could do to ignore the sirens blaring to every corner of the building. He hardly heard the frenzied footsteps of guards around the corner.
"Oh that won't do." he muttered before searching for a solution. To his right there was door and he quickly ran to it to try the handle. Locked, of course. At first touch Theo already understood it's locking mechanism and knelt down to crack it. He tried his best to ignore the blaring siren and approaching footsteps but he couldn't ignore what was inside his own head. Just then he felt the image of a cave impact his mind and jolting him from his work.
"Screw it. Too many distractions." he said exasperatedly getting up from the door. Taken a step back, he threw his foot forward against the door and watched as it snapped open. Hurriedly he stepped into the doorway and slammed it shut. None to soon as right afterwards he heard the guard's footsteps charge down the hall.

Theo breathed a sigh of relief before scanning the room around him. It was another interrogation room, and sitting towards the center was another half-blood. The blonde hair boy was no one he recognized but his struggle against the restraints caught his eye.
"Need any help with that?" he asked though he already intended on dismantling them. He quickly stepped his way around the unconscious interrogator to the boys side. Theo ignored how vulnerable kneeling beside this demigod made him and set to work. Without the pressure of approaching guards he had them open in a matter of seconds. "You'd think the gods could make better restraints." he mumbled before standing up.


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Phoenix Estrielle

If Phoenix wasn't already annoyed enough, this was more than sufficient to make her think of marching straight up to Zeus and pulverize him into a pile of godly poop.

"When did you start working for Kronos?" The raspy, cracked voice prompted her again. It was much too dark to see barely five feet ahead of her, except for pairs of blood-red eyes that glinted maliciously in the shadows. Phoenix was strapped tightly to a chair - not to mention that it was darn uncomfortable as well, in what she supposed would be the torture chamber of doom and gloom.

"Kronos? If by working for him, you mean stuff like beating his ass up right, putting him back in his place in that filthy abyss of the underworld, then yeah, I started my service last year," Phoenix spat out, her voice laced thickly with sarcasm.

"A stubborn one, aren't you sweetheart? Just like your daddy. Now tell me, why did you betray the Olympians? How did Kronos get you to join his side? Speak, Daughter of Hades!"

"Cookies," Phoenix hissed, her lips drawn into a tight smile. "Kronos bakes lovely cookies, didn't you know that? He has pretty unicorns and rainbow popcorn in his possession as well. That's how we were oh-so tempted to join his little army of mindless zombies," she paused for effect, staring hard at the unseen creatures with eyes that spoke of determination and fearlessness. "Fools," she finished, a coy smile on her face. Apparently, her interrogators didn't quite seem to take humor very well.

"Dispose of her, she is of no use to us. Let her rot in the Underworld for all eternity - that is the price for treason."

"Ah, hell," Phoenix muttered, as figures began advancing on her. Immediately, various sorts of escape plans came almost like a natural instinct and reflex to her, analyzing the situation in as many ways possible. However, it seemed that there was only one logical action to be taken at that moment: Beat the shit out of these guys. Or rather, eradicate them - send them straight to the dark abyss of Tartarus. Hmm, it sounded like a pretty good plan to her.

"Ciao, send me a postcard," Phoenix grinned as the ground below them rumbled and shook like an angry beast, smothering the shocked cries of her interrogators who flailed wildly about. The next few seconds seemed to pass by in a flash as a fissure appeared; a large, gaping mouth that mercilessly devoured every creature that once stood above it. Almost as soon as it happened, the ground sealed itself close, shutting whatever that fell through in its murky depths below. All that remained was deathly silence - and a very, very annoyed Phoenix still strapped onto her chair. She wondered if her power to summon underlings would still work, lest they should turn on her instead. Oh well, it was worth a try.

"Accursed souls of the Underworld, heed my words, for my desire is your command," Phoenix ordered. This time, there was a slight rumble before the mangled hand of a creature broke through the ground, fingers clawing the air. Another appeared, then another, until four ghastly, decayed figures could be seen pulling themselves up from the Underworld and into the realm of mortals. The skeletal creatures stood in a neat row before Phoenix, bowing slightly with fists on their chests - or rather, what used to be flesh was now reduced to tattered skin exposing dry, charred bones.

"How can we assist you, daughter of Hades?" They gurgled. Okay... so the summons did work; that was a relief. It wouldn't exactly be desirable if she were to be destroyed by her own underlings, now would it?

"Hmm," Phoenix frowned. "Why did I even summon four of you? Okay never mind, how about getting rid of these?" Phoenix nodded to the chains wrapped around her body. "Neither the living nor dead can break these, but you are the undead, after all." That was all it took to free her from her burdensome position - her underling had disintegrated the enchanted chains with just a mere touch.

"Why, thank you. You may go," Phoenix, likewise, placed a fist over her chest and bowed. It wasn't necessary since they were her underlings, but she made it a point to show her gratitude - undead or not. In an instant, they faded into the shadows, leaving an empty space where they stood. However, the fact that she was actually held captive and interrogated by subordinates of the Olympians had a highly disturbing quality to it, not to mention that she was pretty sure her own interrogators had been her father's. She hadn't the time to ponder over the situation, when sudden images flashed rapidly through her mind, leaving a lingering presence of someone's aura....

Of course. Erin May, daughter of Hecate. And, judging from the rising commotion coming from all sorts of directions, Phoenix assumed that the possibility of her being in her current predicament alone was little to none. Oh well, the more the merrier, that's what they always say. She found the exit of the room she was in rather quickly, proceeding to navigate through the confusing passages that split up in all sorts of directions. Not surprisingly, she met with few resistance - manpower must have been used up in chasing the other demigods around. Amusing. She had not even found the need to transform Stormbreaker, which still sat snugly on her index finger as an onyx-black ring.

Phoenix rounded yet another bend - this time, pausing momentarily. Oh, lookie. Familiar people. "I assume you got Erin's message?" one even said.

Wonderful. Civilization. Finally.

"Hello boys, glad to see you here. Now then, let's bust out of this place, shall we?" Phoenix gave them a coy smile. An entire force of Olympian subordinates, versus three of the best demigod elites around. What were the odds?


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"Do you know how many people are imprisoned here?" The boy asked. Theo kept his eye on him while he rose to his feet. He had trusted the boy when he came in because he was restrained but now he had second thoughts. Not everyone in here was falsely accused of betrayal. He stared at the boy until he recognized him as Alexander Tyr. He had been some talk among the Hephaestus campers but he wasn't surprised he didn't recognize him. He had stayed away from such gossip.

He cleared his throat to answer when another person came into the room. "Hello boys, glad to see you here. Now then, let's bust out of this place, shall we?" she said with a coy smile. Great he thought as he sized up the intruder. She looked as if she could have killed them upon entering so he decided to trust her for now. "Well I can't say I'm glad to see anyone here but yes we should escape now." He said returning her smile.
He started to walk towards her when his feet rattled one of Alex's chains. He leaned down and picked up the chain. Tossing it up and down in his hands he then grabbed Alex's manacle and attached them. He swung it in a circle beside him and smiled. For the circumstances it was a nice makeshift flail. He handed it over to Alex in satisfaction. He didn't know how well the child of Athena could handle himself without a weapon so he gladly relinquished it. He walked to the doorway while quickly rubbing his hands together. "After you." he said upon reaching the door. He had no weapon for himself but by this time his hands were heated to enough to at least burn anyone they touched.


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Phoenix Estrielle

Phoenix studied the two demigods momentarily. She knew them, of course, but whether they could say the same would be another matter entirely. Theodore looked wary of her, but it was of little concern to Phoenix. She was used to people giving her that particular look - she was after all, a child of Hades. In any case, Phoenix was pretty sure they could be trusted - no one walks around with chains and a wild look in their eyes, so differentiating friends from foes shouldn't be much of a problem. With that being said, she watched Theodore fiddle around with the metal things, and narrowed her eyes.

"What? That's unfair. Was I the only one who got strapped to a chair with enchanted chains? Those things can only be broken by the undead. Ridiculous," Phoenix muttered.

Just then, the sound of approaching footsteps could be heard down the hallway. The bad news: They could end up cornered and stuck in the room. The worse news: The footsteps sounded like they belonged to a quantity that the three demigods would be more than willing to avoid. This was a higher level of opposing forces than the ones Phoenix had encountered so far - not surprising actually, since meeting up with the other demigods running loose would only mean bumping into more pesky Olympian subordinates.

With a flick of her hand, Stormbreaker emerged; a deathly black longsword forged from Stygian iron at her disposal. It was a pretty weapon, and Phoenix took pride in it.

"Alrighty, time to move. Anyone knows where the exit is? Or should we just destroy the whole place? I wouldn't imagine Zeus would be particularly pleased about that," she cast a bemused look at them and shifted into an offensive stance, her fingers curled comfortably around the hilt of Stormbreaker. At the same time, her mind raced at an impossible speed, calculating the odds and the best strategy for survival. It wouldn't be wise to invest time and energy into trying to fight their way through the scores of enemies approaching, yet there was only one exit out of this room. Unless...

"Ahhhh, I have an idea," Phoenix grinned. "If that stupid door is the only exit out of this room, then we'll just make another. This building is filled with hallways and rooms, so we'll simply smash through this wall here," she nodded at the furthest wall. "We should be able to pop out somewhere eventually."

At that moment, the first wave of enemy forces had rounded the same bend Phoenix had took earlier - and of course, spotting the three wanted demigods. With a great roar, he bellowed, "THERE! THEY ARE OVER THERE!"

"Yes, yes, don't need to get all worked up," Phoenix muttered and rolled her eyes, then proceeded to buy some time for Theodore and Alex. Again, mangled creatures smelling of death and decay clawed up from the ground. This time, it was six skeletal figures dressed in armor and wielding swords. Fallen heroes, Phoenix presumed.

"Buy us time. Destroy them," Phoenix instructed. Her underlings bowed, then marched out of the room. More of this summoning crap, and she'll probably pass out in two hours or so.


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"Ahhhh, I have an idea," Phoenix grinned "If that stupid door is the only exit out of this room, then we'll just make another. This building is filled with hallways and rooms, so we'll simply smash through this wall here," she nodded at the furthest wall. "We should be able to pop out somewhere eventually.".
"Sounds like a plan." he said walking away from the door. He had almost been looking forward to bashing a few of the guards heads. It would serve them right for their blind loyalty to the Olympians. They had fought alongside them in the war and what the Olympians believed did nothing to change that.
When he reached the wall he placed a blazing hand on it. He watched as the patch around his hand sizzled and desolved. He pulled his hand away and shook it to cool it down. It was effective but not effective enough under the time limit. He took a step back and gestured for Alex to give it a try.

When his hands had considerably cooled down he brought one of them to his necklace. "Daedalus, awaken" he muttered under his breath. Under his hand he could feel the tiny automoton jerking it's way from crescent moon shape. When the motion stopped he brought his hand away to allow the mechanical satyr to stand in his palm. The automaton wasn't perfect, even now Theo was counting the imperfections, but for now it had what he needed. He interrupted the series of clicks (a morse code feature Theo was especially proud of) with his request. "Daedalus, hammer." he said bringing his other hand beside the other. Daedalus gave a single beep to acknowledge the request and then opened up his chest cavity. Beside the gears and electrical wires rested a minuscule bronze hammer about the size of Theo's thumbnail. Daedalus grabbed it's handle before turning to throw it into Theo's other hand. Theo had to move his hand over a few inches to catch it and knocked daedalus of his hooves while he was at it. Note to self: improve daedalus's depth perception. "Thank you Daedalus. Now sleep." he muttered bringing his back up to his neck. When he felt daedalus tug against the chain, he pulled his hand away to focus on the hammer. Upon receiving his attention the hammer started to grow until it took two hands to support it's weight. He softly tapped the base on the ground before walking over to the wall. He restrained from hitting it strait away and instead stopped to listen for anything on the other side. It would do them no good to break the wall only to run into more guards. Sadly, all he could hear was the sounds of battle coming from behind him. "Hear anything on the other side?" he asked turning to the child of Athena. Surely his senses were finer than Theo's after theo had spent the last two years listening to hammers strike anvils.


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Phoenix Estrielle

Two of her skeletal warriors were down, only four left - traces of their existence disintegrated into smoky piles of grey ash. Phoenix had spent the past five minutes defending the entrance of the room, cutting down both demigods and creatures left and right. They all screamed bloody murder as they threw themselves relentlessly against the daughter of Hades; her unwavering determination fought back time and again. Her movements were swift, precise and accurate, conserving her energy for when it would be needed the most. Though of course, sheer willpower would soon be futile against hordes of enemies who were more than willing to capture and annihilate them. Taking a risk, Phoenix quickly glanced over her shoulder to check up on the boys. They darn well better not expect that her stamina was going to last forever.

"Earth to Alex and Theodore, are you guys done? I can't hold them back for the whole day you know," Phoenix said as she narrowly dodged a spear which embedded itself in the wall behind her, then deflected a sword with a flick of her wrist. Two more came down on her and she dodged them again, yet the third time wasn't as fortunate. A son of Ares had sliced her left arm, leaving a deep, bloody gash running all the way down to her wrist. With a cry, Phoenix staggered backwards, fury and pain blazing in her eyes as the blood dripped continuously on the cold marble floor. It was a burning pain that stunned her momentarily, weaving its way into her stomach as she tried to regain her balance. Uh oh. Not good.

"Defend," she ordered her underlings as she retreated back into the room, still clutching her wounded arm. The pain had slightly subsided now, leaving a lingering throbbing - but painful, nonetheless. Now the question was, to shadow-travel - or not? In her current state, the possibility of passing out for a few days after the usage of that particular ability of hers was ridiculously high. Not to mention, it would have to include Theodore and Alex as well, which only added to the strain. Yet, the hideout in which Erin had shown her was not very far. Not very far at all...

"How annoying," Phoenix muttered, narrowing her eyes in frustration. Her indecisiveness was driving her nuts, and she always had the same problem as to deciding whether to shadow-travel or not. That ability was useful, though its repercussions were not exactly desirable, to say the least. Unconsciousness, nausea, splitting headaches - what's there not to love?

"To hell with it," Phoenix marched straight up to Theodore, grabbed his wrist, then proceeded to do the same to Alex. "First-class ticket out of this shit hole, hold on to your faces, and you're welcome."

Phoenix tightened her grip around the two and closed her eyes, trying to breathe evenly. She imagined slipping into the shadows around them, feeling its embrace, engulfing them in a void of darkness. Then, she projected images of the hideout Erin had shown her, leaving not a single detail out, lest they should appear in an entirely different location than the desired one. The few seconds seemed to stretch into an eternity, then all of a sudden, the impression of being on a bullet train travelling at the speed of light could be felt - though much, much faster. They were going at such an impossible speed, that none could hardly keep their wits about. Instead, they let their bodies go limp to simply move forward with the flow. However, in the next instant, blinding light flashed in their eyes as they met with the sudden warmth and glare of the afternoon sun, the darkness slowly dissipating around them.

Upon arriving, Phoenix stumbled forward, gasping and spluttering. Her vision was hazy and blurred, and she could hardly see a few paces before her. Not to mention, her head was pounding with pain, which was only increased by the damage done to her arm. She could feel the strength slowly ebbing away from her limbs - and her entire body in general. It was not much of a surprise, really; Phoenix had braced herself for the impacts of shadow-travelling before actually executing it. Yet, feeling the actual thing was a different matter entirely.

Although in her weakened and utterly disorientated state, Phoenix could somehow make out the outline of a figure standing in front of the designated area for rendezvousing. He - she presumed, was... a few steps away? She could not tell. Putting one foot in front of the other, Phoenix stumbled her way forwards, squinting hard at the uncanny, familiar face of the person before her. A few seconds later, her mouth twitched into a weak grin.

"Thaddeus..." She breathed. "H-how about waking me up an hour or so?" With that, Phoenix collapsed right into the son of Thanatos.