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Claire Aurora

Claire Aurora; Daughter of Poseidon. The Silver Trident.

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a character in “Traitors of Olympus”, as played by Angel's Whisper



Claire Aurora
Daughter of Poseidon

Anything spear-like "*cough*Trident*cough*" would suffice to the seventeen-year-old. It didn't take very long in the famous Calm Half-Blood to figure out that Claire had taken up her father's skills with long-poled weapons. Whether it be close combat with said weapons or long ranged spear-chucking, she could manage, she's also tolerable with arrows, her accuracy not being too bad, but she wouldn't be able to hand-to-hand combat herself out of a paper bag.


Hydrokinesis/Aerokinesis : Being the daughter of the God of the Seas, Claire inherited the ability to control water. She can manipulate any size of water within five times her body weight and is able to continue training to increase this limitation. However, this ability needs the utmost concentration, the liquid needs to be at least within a five meter radius of her, and a little less than often, fueled by emotion.
Poseidon was also known to have the power to create hurricanes. Claire, though through tons of difficulty, has the ability to create strong enough winds to be able to make her enemies lose balance and quickly take care of the temporary advantage.
Enhanced Underwater Breathing: After a rather strange situation when she was younger, Claire claimed that she was lured into the water and came back to her incredibly worried mother, who said she's been searching for her daughter for at five ten minutes, soaked head to toe, with a sparkling seashell in her hand. The 17-year-old can now hold her breath for nearly ten minutes and can see underwater as if her surroundings were just air.
Advanced Healing: Also found when she was a child, like any other kid, she accidentally cut herself when playing at the playground. When she approached her mother with large watery eyes, she was led to the nearest bathroom to cleanse the wound out. The peculiar thing about the incident was that when the cut was taken out of the flowing water, it seemed to have disappeared. As long as Claire is somewhat alive, she can fully heal herself, however, this also depends on the cleanliness of the water and takes some time to fully restore her body to new.




With her baby blues narrowed in slight irritation, the daughter of the God of the Seas still couldn't process how these authorities could even think that they committed treason.

"When did you start working for Kronos?" The room was claustrophobic enough without the man invading her personal space, but apparently, making the interrogated uncomfortable was on this guy's to-do list. At least they hadn't strapped me into this chair. Claire thought sarcastically to herself, eyeing the iron restraints pinching the skin of her wrists with mild disgust.

"I never have and I never will, none of us would. Can I go no-?"

"Were you forced to turn on us?" The female felt a headache slowly clawing its way up to her forehead, but forced herself to put on a bitter smile and look directly into the disturbingly bloodshot eyes of her interrogator.

"No. We didn't even turn on you in the first place." She hissed between clenched teeth. The moisture in the air stiffened at the sudden release of anger from the Demigod, but it didn't seem to faze the interrogator in the least.

The man made his way around the wooden table and towered over her, as if the closer perimeter would intimidate her into admitting they were what they clearly weren't. "The evidence states otherwise... Who else was working for him?"

Claire could've sworn she heard something snap inside of her as she stared up at the man with murderous eyes. "I wouldn't know. Because I didn't work for him!" She yelled, making the chair lift up from the ground for a couple inches before crashing back down.

The man opened his mouth to, most likely, ask another obnoxious question, but before he could a siren pierced their eardrums. Her interrogator glanced from the door to Claire and the restraints before quickly making his way to the doorway. As soon as the door closed, a small smirk formed on her face. Leaving a "suspect" in a room alone? Morons.

Not too long afterwards, Claire was found walking leisurely down the hall, an orb of water rotating over her hand.



As a child, it was hard to keep the secret of being the daughter of the God of the Seas from said girl when she found herself discovering more and more abilities each and every passing day. Not too long after she found herself being able to stop rain drops from touching her, her mother explained how Claire inherited her special powers. She was banned from participating in the swim team any longer, when Claire was accused of cheating when she resulted in an almost impossible time for a middle school student. There was also an incident with Claire simply swimming underwater for so long that her entire high school class was assigned to find her while they were on their end-of-the-year beach field trip. Half way through her junior year, her mother enrolled her into Camp Half-blood.

Practically dripping with confidence, Claire took up her father's love of a challenge. At Camp Half-blood, when playing the notorious 'Capture the Flag', she took up the last wall of defense, placing the flag right behind a stream of water and stood in plain sight to see who could propose a challenge in the opposing team. Not to mention, her slick skills with the trademark trident of her father. Extremely protective of her teammates, whether it be just a game or a deadly quest, she's earned the respect of numerous sons and daughters of several other Gods in the camp. She's known as the 'Ultimate Wall of Defense as long as she has water in her possession. She's also known for her symbol; the silver trident. During the battle between the Titans and the Gods, she created a massive trident shaped made purely of water, the light glistening off of the levitated liquid making it appear as if it had turned silver. From there on end, no one who saw this Silver Trident wouldn't be able to doubt that she was Poseidon's daughter.

So begins...

Claire Aurora's Story


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The aggravating ear pounding siren continued to blow out eardrums as Claire walked down the hallway, trying to look for any of the others who were also accused of treason. She clutched, in her hand, a half full water bottle she snatched off of a guard's desk she passed not too long before. She wouldn't drink it-of course-not knowing where the heck the thing's been, but it was useful to have water with her for obvious reasons. Opening the bottle with a couple twists of the wrist, she poured out the contents onto the floor nonchalantly. Letting out a soft breath, she made a few gentle arm motions and watched intently as the water slowly started to rise into a round dripping sphere of liquid, roughly the size of a baseball.

It was highly convenient that just then, a pair of guards walked around the corner, fully armed with a bow in hand and an arrow-filled quiver strapped to their backs. Not a minute later, arrows were heading towards her, light reflecting off of the polished steel heads. With swift movements of her hand, she managed to abruptly halt most of the arrows by making a thin wall of water. A couple arrows forced through, one nicking her cheek and the other cutting a strand of her hair in half. With a stinging hiss, she waited for a hesitation in the assault before sprinting heads on to them. Launching herself into the air, she lunged over the attackers, whipping them across the face with a sweeping motion of her hand. Forcing open the closest door, she found herself surrounded by a dense forest, the sun already starting to set in the horizon. "Oh great," she sighed, opting to find shelter before it grew completely dark.

Ten minutes later, and she found herself trekking in the violet haze of twilight. Running a hand through her brunette hair, she let out another sigh before looking around, hoping to find anyone who also managed to escape from the "imprisonment". As she continued to hike through the jungle, an intense headache washed over her before an image of a normal looking hill took over her vision then what appeared to be the same hill except hollowed out, looking more like a cave. The numbing pain went away as soon as it came, but she remembered it clearly. Continuing her trek, it wasn't long before she saw the same hill from the vision, not too far ahead of her. I hope Erin'll have some answers as to what the hell is going on...