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Sunny Jenkins

Sunny Jenkins; Daughter Of Apollo - Musical Genius

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a character in “Traitors of Olympus”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal



» Sunny Jenkins
» 17
» Apollo
» Archery, Healing, Shapeshifting (See Biography)
» Tattoo


When did you start working for Kronos?
"I.. I'm not.. I never.."

Have you given him any inside information?
"I wasn't even.. I don't know what-"

Stop making excuses; If you tell us now, your punishment won't be as severe. How did he get you to join his side?
"But I was never on 'his side!' Don't you understand?"

Who else was working for him?
Sunny sighed as the questions continued. "I don't know, okay? Because I wasn't! And I doubt anyone else was either."

Why did you betray the Olympians?
"But I never betrayed them! Why do you even think I-"

Were you forced to turn on us?
"This would be he part that, if I were guilty, I would say yes. But, I'm not guilty, so I don't have to lie about being blackmailed into anything! I have done nothing wrong!"

The alarm suddenly pierced her ears, and a red warning light flashed around them. The interrogator's eyes lit up in fear, as he realized one of the suspects was escaping. Sunny, noticing this, decided to use this to her advantage. She leaped out of the chair she was sitting in and rushed out of the room, hearing someone yell "Hey!" behind her, and the sound of heavy footsteps. She took heavy breaths as she ran, feeling her chest tightening as she struggled to get away from the guards hot on her tail. She was just glad it wasn't some almighty powerful Olympian that had been interrogating her. Then she'd be pretty much screwed.

She saw Erin up ahead, and went to call out to her, but the girl suddenly opened a door, revealing the exit. Sunny's eyes widened, though she didn't quit running, slightly skidding past it as she tried to grind to a halt. She stepped back a couple of feet and practically leaped out the door.


Sunny was born into a rough house. Her father being a God, he was of course never around, and her mother was a teen mom with absolutely no money. Her mother had been a gorgeous young girl when her and Apollo had met, but also heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol. It was for that reason that she was kicked out of her home by her own parents at sixteen, and to earn money she became a prostitute. It was in this profession that she met Apollo, a very excited and - at the moment - looking like a teenage boy. One night and badoom boom boom! Sunny was made. Apollo didn't even realize he had a daughter until, aged twelve, she was attacked by Cyclops's. After she found out, her mother sent her off to a camp where she was trained in fighting, as well as normal subjects, where she soon excelled at Archery. The only time she was not there was over the Summer and Christmas, as it was an overnight camp. It was later discovered, at age fourteen, that she also had adopted some more of her father's skill, aside from her singing voice, love of poetry and archery. She was able to perform healing abilities, though, three years later, and she still has yet to master this skill.

Aside from her life as a Demi-God, she had always been good at anything musical. Age seven and she came second in a school talent show for singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow, age nine and the same talent show, she entered singing Tomorrow with her piano and also came second, and aged eleven she entered for the final time with her own song, Falling, and on her guitar and came first. The next year she left for boarding school, but has still continued on this passion for music. After she figured out who her father was, she has yet to know if this love for music comes from her father, or is one of her own traits.

When she was sixteen, only a year ago, she found out that she can shape-shift. Well, not into anything. Apollo's 'symbol animals' so to speak, are raven, dolphin, wolf, swan and mouse. Out of these, Sunny can change to a mouse and raven. The only problem with this is, if she were to stay in this state for more than an hour, she will be stuck like this. It also tires her out greatly. She will possess, mostly, her own human thoughts, but some things, such as when a mouse, timid and gullible, and for a raven, suspicious and threatening, do slightly change in her personality.

As a child, Sunny had always had to fend for herself, and though this helped her to grow tougher, it also made her a very lonely child, none a the 'loner weirdo kid' to the majority of her classmates, with a few exceptions. This has given her a tendency to lack trust, mostly in adults. It has also made it very easy for her to read others emotions and comfort others, as she can just identify how she felt when she was younger, whether it be pressure, guilt, worry etc. Also, she is more powerful when the sun is up.

So begins...

Sunny Jenkins's Story


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Sunny felt her lungs gasping for breath as she ran, the five minutes of non-stop sprinting catching up on her. As she passed by the doors, she couldn't help but think that one of them was the exit, but if she was wrong and stopped to check, the guards would surely catch up to her, and she couldn't risk that. She knew she had to find the exit soon, though, as she could feel herself getting weary.

An image flashed in her head, blocking her sight for a moment and showing her a hill, which on further inspection seemed like there was a sort of cave there, too. It seemed like that moment of sight-loss was enough, though, as she ended up crashing into a door when she should have turned a corner. Which just so happened to be one of the only exits in the building.

Sunny stumbled out, thanking the goddess of fortune and luck for the coincidence. She felt something sharp pierce her arm, reminding her to slam the door shut behind her, and put a branch in the lock. True, it would only hold them off for about thirty seconds, but she would be long gone by then.

She plucked the arrow from her arm, wincing as she did so, and stuffed it in her belt, before racing off. She could see the hill in the distance, the one from her vision, where Erin and hopefully any other demi-gods that had found their way, would be waiting. Just as she heard the branch snap from behind her, Sunny was off, running past the trees and to her destination, somewhere where she would hopefully be safe for now.