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Joe Sargent

"This is just anger management with more crazies."

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a character in “Transformation”, as played by DJSmoothMoney




~Joe Sargent~



~Male 2~


Face Claim
Sora - No Game No Life

Positive traitsImage
~Intelligent - Despite missing classes, and Joe's 'modest' grades, he is very intelligent. When it comes to problem solving or technology Joe shines. As long as the task doesn't involve human influences.
~Protective - Almost as much of a disadvantage as it is an advantage, Joe's tendency to be protective is displayed often. If he does befriends someone he will stop anyone from harming them.
Negative traits
~Introverted - He often prefers the company of himself over being with others unless he is close to the person. This comes from his experiences with most people being negative towards him.
~Misjudgement - Joe sometimes misjudges people and mistakes there actions as hostile towards him. He often ends up doing this mostly because of his lack of social interaction.
~Bad People Skills - From accidentally offending people to generally not coming across as polite Joe often struggles in conversation with others.

Joe's early years were spent in a fairly standard family consisting of him, his mother, his father and later his sister. His parents were always supportive of him when they needed to be and him and Reina stuck together like two sides of Velcro. Joe grew up to admire his parents as they had worked hard to get where they were. He wanted to work hard to make his own future as fulfilling as theirs. Naturally he started with his school work, but it began to crumble apart as he reached his teens.

Bullies began to turn their attention towards Joe one by one, each of them bringing more hurt to Joe. He was almost always bullied for pathetic reasons but he gave the bullies the reaction that they wanted, so they continued. Only in his sister Reina, could Joe find an escape from the people that seemed to hate him so much with so little reason. It was around Joe's 14th birthday when he began to teach himself how to play a drum kit. Having this skill certainly helped his confidence but the other musician's of the school were to scared to befriend him (as the bullies may turn to them).Image

Between the ages of 15 and 16 Joe found himself a new way to occupy his time (occasionally instead of classes). He began to play video games a lot in his free time. This was often the blame for Joe's other new habit. He began to be violent towards those that bullied him, particularly when they targeted his possessions. Of course it was only now that the school became interested in the bullying that had occurred for the past 3 years. They got in contact with Joe's father, who was very helpful for him in dealing with this new-found anger. This helped seemed to only begin to kick in when his father met his end.

It took a fatal car crash to wake up Joe and make him realise that he couldn't just go around beating people up when they bullied him. Although it was a little late.

Now Joe hates himself every time he gets to angry at people and is reminded of his father's death that he irrationally blames on his own anger problems. He now hold Reina even closer for fear of bad things happening to her. Unlike many other troublemakers, Joe actually wants to change he just doesn't believe in the methods being used.

Talents And Skills
~Computing - Joe is very skilled with computers and other similar technologies. This knowledge comes from his numerous hours spent gaming and fiddling around on his computer at home.
~Drumming - Despite being out of practice Joe learned how to play a small drum kit when he was younger and could still perform some of the rhythms he has learned.
~Reaction Time - Through his time playing video games Joe has improved his reaction times and can now react quickly in situations such as a fight.
~Harm Coming to His Sister
~Going Mad and Seriously Harming Someone

Carley Sargent ~ 37
Ronald Sargent ~ 39 ~ Deceased
-Siblings if any-
Reina Sargent ~ 13

Family Description
The Sargent family live in a small house, situated in the center of town.
Joe is very close to his little Sister Reina and is protective of her by watching over her whenever he can. Her presence calms him down drastically and can even stop him from getting angry at times where he otherwise would start a fight.
Carley Sargent owns a small flower shop next to the family home to bring in the money but her business is hardly booming. While Joe's relationship with his mother is not quite as peachy, she has done everything she can to help her children.
Ronald Sargent died just one year ago in a car crash on his way to the offices he worked in. As he provided most of the income for the family the financial situation has been very reliant on the money that the flower shop brings in.

Reason For Getting ThereImage
For a long time other people have loved to anger Joe, which has cause many problems. Although Joe he is not usually seeking trouble his anger leads to many arguments and often even fights, that he didn't intend to begin. All of this conflict attracted the wrong kind of attention from the school and Joe began to skip classes that may cause him problems, as an improper way of avoiding expellment. However, this only brought more onto Joe and the school decided to send him to the summer program.

~Rock & Dubstep Music
~Video Games
~Hot Coco
~Pizza & Pasta
~Reina (His Sister)

~Bullies/Confrontational People
~People Touching His Belongings
~People Speaking Down to Him
~Having No Control Over His Actions

ImageHair colorEye color


Brief Appearance Description
Joe is fairly tall and slender in his build bit not much muscle or fat showing on his body. His hair is always spiked and holds a reddish colour that matches his red eyes very well. Joe doesn't put to much effort into his outfit and prefers to just wear a simple combination of t-shirt and jeans with the occasional hoodie or jacket. He often wears brighter colours but there is no particular reason behind the choice, other than him thinking the particular item looks 'all right'.


So begins...

Joe Sargent's Story

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#, as written by Lyysa

Was everything in the bag now? It should be, she had checked it many times. There's going to be a washing machine there right? Yeah it probably will, if there isn't any she can just go down to the laundry room here and wash it. Or change clothes completely. Why are she even thinking about this?! So stupid.

Alex closed the bag one more time and sighed, so freaking stupid. Once again she picked up the letter from the bed, reading the words to see if she had missed something. Nope, nothing. She had to go there. Why bother? Why don't she just listen to her parents and move after them instead, it would been so much easier. While shaking her head she picked up the bag, no that would just mean she had lost the fight. She could do this. If she just tried a little bit more... Okay, a lot more. Maybe she should make the bed before leaving no that would be stupid no one is going to see this. Cleaning is something she can do after this was over.

After a long and hard struggle with herself Alex finally left the apartment and locked it. She didn't want to do this, it felt stupid. Like she needed something like this. She just needed to put more effort into studying! So irritating. Idiot school. Every step down the stairs felt like a deathblow, it still felt unpleasant to be outside. Even if she knew that not that many had seen it, like why would they have done that? But she knew that it existed and if it existed some people can find it. She didn't want anyone to find it, she didn't want it to exist. That stupid retard! She should have hit him harder or more. Something. She should have done something.

Once down on the street, she pulled up the hood over her face. It felt better that way. Like she was a little secure. It wasn't that many people out this time of the day either, well not in this part of the town. If she just had a little more she would move somewhere else probably, but for the time being she was satisfied. After a while she passed the school and something in her made her feel like destroying a window or something. Maybe set the whole school on fire? Maybe she will do that later today, right now she must be there in time so she won't be "expelled". Stupid. Oh no... Is there going to be people from her school there to? No... She doesn’t want that! NO. Just NO. Wasn't summer breaks for relaxing or something like that? So relaxing this is going to be. Maybe she will break down mentally or something by this stress? That wouldn't surprise her.

Kicking one of the rocks in front of her Alex noticed the camp site, so this was it. Well it didn't look as bad as she had thought it would, it actually looked kind of nice? Well more like welcoming. This wasn't her kind of place, it felt a little primitive. It felt a little lame. Like she was back in kindergarten or something, so humiliating. Unwilling she went inside and went to the bulletin board in the middle to find out which cottage she was supposed to stay in. She followed the names with her finger until she found it, "Number five? Okay I guess." She looked at the other names, there was people from her school, or maybe not? Why would she bother to learn all the names! And she saw it, another name in number five. Was she supposed to live with a stranger?! Wasn't it enough that she had to live here? Are they trying to kill her or something? It's just going to be strange... What if that person is a complete lunatic? Maybe she will get killed in her sleep?! What does she get if she get killed?! Wait what? If she's dead she can't get any compensation.

After examining the map and finding number five she went there, irritated by the fact that she could find someone there. It was one long minute she just stood in front of the door and sighed, slowly she put her hand on the door handle and turned it. Be empty, please be empty! It was empty. Happy again she put her bag on the bed closest to the window. Just to be sure, maybe she needed to escape a murderer or she just wanted to leave for the night? Now she didn't need to climb over someone else. Maybe she should unpack or something? Nah, to boring.

After a quick look in the mirror she went outside again. When was that first lesson? Oh that's right it wasn't called "lesson" here it was a "time to socialize". Like she needed to learn that. Maybe she should look at that bulletin board again to see if the times were written there? It sounded like a good idea, probably better then running away which what was she were doing at the moment. She should stop doing things like that while still thinking about the options. After slowing down she started to walk towards the bulletin board again. Maybe it would be a good summer either way if she just relaxed a little and went with it.

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Joe slowly approached the camp with his sister attached to his arm. "Please be careful J." Reina said softly as Joe stopped walking a couple of minutes away from the camp. Joe didn't want Reina to go to close to the camp and she had to make her own way back home, so he decided to say goodbye to her when they were getting close. "Yeah." Joe turned to face his sister and hugged her before continuing. "Don't worry about me. And look after mum while I am gone, okay?" Reina nodded her head and let out a small hum in reply as the two siblings finished hugging each other. With a smile Joe said his final words. "Don't get into trouble. See ya." He walked away slowly, fully aware of the irony of his statement and listening happily to Reina as she giggled.

It was not long before Joe was in sight of the camp gate. He didn't really have much of an opinion on his first glance. He noticed a few people already standing around, near some kind of bulletin board, so he assumed he should check there first for any information he needed. He timidly approached seeing some sheets of paper attached to the board behind the people. Once he stood before the people, he uttered. "Hi." He used this greeting to allow himself to push slightly past the short blonde so he could read the list of names. Joe scanned the page with great speed and located his name by the heading of cottage two. As he noticed another name by his a curious look came to his face. He was oddly not in objection to sharing a room with a stranger. After all, he had shared his room with his sister for several years and felt like he could use someone to get close to while he was here.

Joe moved his attention away from the bulletin board and looked over the people from a different view point, before quietly leaving to go to his cottage. He quickly opened the door to the room and to his surprise it was not locked at all. This didn't seem like a good idea knowing the nature of the camp but Joe ignored it. He looked out of the window opposite the door to see that is had a view of some trees behind the building. Not caring for the view he dropped his bag by the bed furthest away to allow his room mate to have the window bed. Joe lay back on the bed, not worried about going out to see the others as he was sure to have plenty of opportunity to do that. He did however keep an eye on the open door to make sure he could see if the others went somewhere.

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#, as written by Lyysa

”Two o'clock in the afternoon,” Alex raised an eyebrow as she read it out loud. ”I guess it wasn’t that urgent to come here after all?”

After studying the scheme one more time she took a step backwards just to see that there were people approaching the bulletin board and herself. Well looks like she isn’t the only one here anymore. She didn’t pay the guy much attention because behind him there was that girl she passed on her way up and she came out from Alex’s cabin. Or maybe she should call it their cabin now. So that was the one she had to live with? Well she didn’t look all that bad?

“Hi, my name is Yuno! I’ll be rooming with Alexandra. Nice to meet you too Aki! I’m not disturbing anything, am I?”

Alex smiled calmly at Yuno while tilting her head to the side, “No, what would you be disturbing? And by the way please call me Alex. I don’t like being called Alexandra.”

So the other one was called Aki? She studied them both from underneath the safety of her hood, why was everyone so damn tall?! Maybe she should start wearing platform shoes or something. That would make her look a little not so little? Does that makes sense? Wait why are she thinking about this? Stop thinking idiot.

“And nice to meet you Yuno. I hope we will get along since we are going to spend a lot of time together from now on.” After a while she grins and hums quietly, “And I’m counting on you to cover for me if they start checking the rooms in the evening.”

There wasn’t anything more Alex wanted to say to them at the moment so she was going to leave but some new dude pushed her aside as he quietly greeted them, it made her irritated to say the least. If he wanted to look so badly why didn’t he just ask if she could have stepped aside? Was it because she was short?! Did that make people think they could just push her around if they felt like it?! Fuming she stepped aside so everyone else could look if they now wanted it. Stupid people. So rude. Just ask if you want something.

Once again she kicked one of the stones before her as if that was going to make her less angry. It didn't really work. She was still muttering to herself about it, why couldn't she just let it go. It wasn't that bad. He had just pushed her a little to get to the board. Come on Alex, relax. Just put it aside and life goes on. "So idiotic." Did she say that out loud? Great job Alex, you did it again. Can't you just keep quiet for once?

Frustrated she pulled the bangs away from her face as she started to squirm. This was boring. To boring. Was they just supposed to stand around and wait for time to pass by? What a joke. A boring one however. B-o-r-i-n-g.

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#, as written by Quelle

Rez sighed. Once again. He wondered how often he sighed that day which just had begun for him two hours ago. Like every so often he woke up early, made himself a simple bread and coffee to go along with it and leaned on the opened window frame only to stare at the city's early scenery from high above. To be exact, from his apartment in the 17th floor. Actually the apartment that was meant for him was below on the 16th floor, but he kind of made things messy and as he did not see any sense for him to tidy up because he was going today anyways he left the mess like that and eventually slept in his sister's apartment. Not like she needed the space having her to be at her boyfriend's probably going at it everyday without their parents approval. Well whatever, did not seem his parents even cared if their daughter was pregnant though.

A bit irritated having to think of them, and not only that but having to accept that he was in a bit to go to some kind of weird camp, he carelessly threw the silverware he used into the sink for his household help to clean up later and took out a cigarette which he immediately lighted up. With displeasure he tried to draw in the smoke by inhaling and stared to the skies. A camp, huh. Perhaps it won't be a big deal, perhaps there will be some hot women there. Talking about women, those troublemakers were mostly the hottest ones, who did not give a damn about school because they knew better. With that, he settled his irritation down a bit. Mostly just trying to get it in his head that it won't be as terrible as he imagined. Hopefully.

Through what he brought along it was obvious that he suspected he'll be bored to death in there. He took both of his guitars with him, the electric and the classic, plus several iPods and hand phones scattered either in his pockets, jackets, or in the gym bag he carried with him. At least he had something he can pass his time with, and even when one of his gadgets gets confiscated, he'll have another one. Pretty easy logic, ain't it? He arrived at the camp site with a car. His step-sister's boyfriend being the driver and his step-sister being the annoying front-seat passenger or what she often referred to as 'co-driver' who from the beginning of the drive until the end tried to throw Rez many and many threats so that he won't ditch the camp. "If you get kicked out of school, who do you think gets the blame?!" She continuously said which Rez only answered with a dry yes while staring disinterested out of the car's window.

"Alright, little bro, listen. Don't go off and ditch this, understand? Think about our parents! At least you should finish school. Life is harder than you think!" With that she kissed Rez on the cheek and went off. Even if she was somehow trying to act like a good sister until the very end, Rez could see spitefulness displayed on her face. Well, she already went through such thing and got kicked out of school, now Rez had to go through the same but do it right. Somehow this wasn't really fair, yet Rez only brushed the thought off, took both of his guitars on the shoulder and his gym bag on his hand and a little bit listless he walked to where the crowd was. Arriving there he was actually surprised how many faces he could not recognize. Perhaps they ditched too much Rez never even had a chance meeting them? Although he was some sort of delinquent, he can’t deny that, and appeared to be only interested in women seeing his flirty individual, he is still counted to be one social butterfly who somehow succeeded to always have a chat with the most impossible people. That hobby kind of ended him up in the camp however, but not like he could change how his nature went.

The crowd was pretty nasty, honestly. Pushing, screaming, shouting, there was even little arguments here and there. Rez did not have a chance to glance to the board everyone was looking at and even if he tried and pushed, it won't do. Not with his precious guitars on the shoulder. Guess nothing can do, he had to wait, unfortunately. A sigh escaped his lips as he glanced around, checking for any teacher. Kind of assured that he seen none, he took out his cigarette and intended to light it up, but someone from the front carelessly bumped him to the back, where he kind of crashed backwards to someone at the back. "Sorry." He briefly said without even checking the person behind him as found back his balance but instead, his different coloured eyes were only meant for the guitars which he worriedly checked for any damage.

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#, as written by Sigma

Noda woke up to the sound of his alarm going off. Despite being on vacation, he still had to wake up early to go to some sort of summer camp for remedial lessons or something like that; it was either attend or be expelled so there really wasn't much of a choice. With a yawn, he got up and went about his usual routine. The house was quiet as usual, aside from the sound of sizzling eggs that would soon be Noda's breakfast. Since he lived alone, Noda learned to do things for himself, be it laundry, cooking or buying groceries. He became quite adept at chores.

As he ate, he double-checked his belongings to ensure that he didn't forget anything. He also made sure to double check the location of the campgrounds to make sure that he knew which bus to take. Putting his dishes in the sink, he changed into more suitable attire and quickly brushed his hair to the side and tied the remainder in a little tail at the back of his head. Many people questioned him about why he presented himself in such a feminine way, but his only answer would be that he felt like it. He picked up his bags and left the apartment for the bus stop.

Halfway to the bus stop, Noda realized he almost forgot something. "Shit!" He muttered to himself as he made a mad dash back to his apartment complex. He let out a slight sigh as he picked up his forgotten item, his guitar, and slung it over his back. He glanced at the clock in his room and nearly screamed in frustration as he realized that the bus would arrive in less than 5 minutes. Sprinting, he managed to arrive just as the bus was about to leave. Paying his fare, he took a seat on the nearly empty bus and put in his ear buds that played music from his phone. It was much too early to be out and about, but the paper said he had to be at the site early.

He looked over the notice paper again. He was being sent to some camp for delinquents. Even if it is for remedial purposes, summer camp is summer camp. He was planning to enjoy himself as much as he could. To the best of his knowledge, no one from his school was told to come, so it would be full of new faces. Maybe I could mess around with some of them... He thought to himself with a grin.

After to about hour on the bus, Noda had arrived at the campgrounds. Putting his phone away, he began to leisurely skip towards the site with a smile on his face. It wasn't too bad. There was a bed to sleep in with a roof over his head, it was the bare necessities, exactly in his element. After a bit of wandering around, he realized that he had no idea where he was. He looked around, but couldn't see anyone. "Well... I'm at the site so if I walk around, I'll run into someone eventually, right?" He said, keeping his smile on his face.

After about half an hour of cluelessly walking around, he found a group of people gathered around what appeared to be some sort of bulletin board. Instinctively, he hid behind a building a peek around the corner. He took this time to size them up from afar. He couldn't help but feel a little intimidated since most, if not all, of them appeared to be much taller than him. Several of them were talking and arguing. Not being able to do much scouting, Noda figured he may as well approach them. Of course, to approach them normally was out of the question. He was going to see how many of them he could get to believe he was a girl before he broke the news to them. After a small snicker, he proceeded to skip off in the direction of the group, making sure he had his best smile on. This would be fun.

"Excuse me! This is the site for the summer camp right?"

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#, as written by Naught
"This isn't going to work... Your only wasting your time."

Being the morning bird that he is, he was dressed and reading a book in the kitchen while sitting on top of the kitchen counter. Though, his mother didn't like when he sat on the kitchen counter, she knew not to start an argument with Omar. Because, he would win. Rolling his eyes at the sound of movement, he knew that his parents were finally up and getting ready to drop Omar off at this camp. He didn't want to work on anything, he believed that all he was doing was being himself. Well, he didn't see that being himself was the problem. Shrugging his shoulders, he continued to read until his parents were ready to go.

"Honey are you-," His mother's sentence was interrupted by a firm,

With that being said she sighed and went outside to warm up the car. "Son, I want to say this and I want you to listen," Damn, here it comes. Another one of fathers morning talks. Omar put his book down, and looked over towards where his father was standing. "If this doesn't work Omar you know where you are going? You have to finish this camp Omar, if not for me or your mother. Do it for yourself. Search deep inside yourself for the strength to finish this program. I want to see you graduate son. I want to see you live your life without the problems that you are facing inside that head of yours. I want you to take it seriously! No screwing around. Do you understand?"

Omar looked away, rolling his eyes in the process. "Omar!"
"Fine, fine. I'll try my best. Damn." He snatched the book and got off the kitchen counter.
"What did-," His father was making his way towards him, before being interrupted.
"Mothers warming the car up, let's go."

After that, they both knew that the conversation was over. They all got in the car and awaited for what seemed like a long drive to the camp. "Remember if you screw this up, it's over." He got it the first time. It didn't mean he'd actually listen. Who'd want to sit down with other people and, dare he say it. Communicate. He barely communicated with them and now they want him to talk to complete strangers? That was what pissed him off most of the time. Why did they care so damn much? It annoyed him quite a bit.

Getting out of the car when it finally stopped, he grabbed his bag out of the trunk and watched as his parents drove away. Turning around, he looked over at the people gathering around a bulletin board. "Great. Just fucking great. This isn't real right now." He rolled his eyes -being beyond annoyed- and began to walk away, he could communicate but decided not to. Nothing interested him at all, so he decided to sit along side a tree and enjoyed the little alone time he would get. "I don't want to be here." This was only for the summer, this was what he had to remind himself. "This will be over before I know it."

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Image It was sort of early morning and already people were showing up. It pleased Karuko in a way, because in a way, these students wanted to atleast try to better themselves, even if it was forced upon them. He wanted to help them in any way he could, even if they hated him in the end. It was worth it, if it only meant it helped them.

He couldn't help but chuckle the moment he saw students look for the teachers and didn't realized that he was one himself. This only pleased him, it had meant that he looked just as young as most of them did. But there was a little something that didn't please him, the sight of a little white cigarette. Of course he saw this, it was something he was looking for, one of many things.

"If you'll excuse me, gentlemen." Karuko's voice was soft and sweet. His smile was a little loving in some ways as he reached over to grab the cigarettes from behind Rezo. "I believe the signs say, no smoking." Pushing his way past and in between them he turned to face them head on, while smashing the cigarettes; he chuckled. "Please do follow the rules, trust me on this, you don't want to anger the Disciplinary teacher. I hear he has a very bad temper that doesn't end well with hugs and treats."

"Right so as that being said, if you'll handsome gentlemen would excuse me for just a moment." Karuko walked off before the two could have a chance of doing or saying anything. and just in those seconds Karuko pulled out his mini blow horn, letting it squeal very loudly to catch others attention.

"Good morning everyone. You all may call me Karu or Karuko. I am one of many teachers here. But you see, I will be the ONLY teacher that you'll ever meet. The others are hiding about amongst you. To make sure that you will not break rules and get away with it. If a teacher uncovers him/her self to you, that means you are expelled, it also means that your career life is over, no matter how rich you are or what business you must go into. We have spoken to those who some of you work with and your families for most of you. Trust me when I say, this is your last hope, so use it wisely."

He paused for a brief moment, rubbing the bandages on his head as he looked through a clipboard that he carried in his side pack. "Oh and the rules are signs boards all about this area, so you have no excuse to not know them, we even have them listed in every rooming bunk. When it comes to meals, they are at certain times, if you miss them, that is not my problem. You are allowed to have snacks in your room, but label them, if they are not labeled and someone takes them, we will not do a thing about it. Your stuff is your own responsibility, if you fight about it, you are gone." He looked through his clipboard again. "The Disciplinary Class will start at Noon Today. So be there on time, if any of you are late, you will be expelled. Apart from today, Everyday at 10am class will start and it will end at 5pm. Weekends are yours. The last and final rule is never leave campus, if you want anything come to me and I will order it for you." Putting the clipboard away he smiled softly. "Look I don't want you all to feel like this is hell, it's not, we give you at least 3 strikes before expelling you. So please, be careful. That's all, I'll go to your Room Bunks and check you all in, in about an hour. So settle in and chat around."

He put the microphone away and pointed at Rezo and Kojou, walking up to them. "I wont count this as your first strike out, so in the future please be more aware of your surroundings." He softly patted their arms.

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#, as written by Sigma

Was he planning on getting mistaken for a girl? Yes. Was he mistaken for a girl? Yes. Was he expecting what happened? No.

Making an attempt to join some of the conversation was more or less a failure because either no one could hear his question over all the ruckus or he couldn't hear a reply for the same reason. With a dejected sigh he just took a few steps off to the side. With that plan seemingly a failure, there wasn't much he could do. Especially since they were all giants in comparison to himself, he wasn't able to see the bulletin board and find what room he was in. The idea of asking them to move was obsurd since no one could hear over each other.

Noda was about to just stand off to the side, play some guitar probably, while he waited for everyone to start to settle down when he suddenly felt something touch his cheek. He turned to side and was met with a very close-up face. It took a few seconds to register what had happened and in those few seconds the other person, another male, had grabbed his ass and said
"Hello, cutie~!" and was just as quickly gone. Noda felt his face contort into that of an obviously disturbed person. He though about following the other male and explaining that he was also a guy, but figured it be best to tell him at a different time, for the sake of both their prides.

Momentarily banishing his concerns, Noda heard a voice speak through a blow horn and instinctively turned towards it. The voice belonged to a male who was supposedly a teacher, and quite possibly the only one they'd see, so he claimed. He also claimed that some of the other teacher's are hiding amongst the group, which could cause some problems. After the teacher had finished speaking, it didn't seem like anyone was inclined to go anywhere, aside for a few who seemed to be off to their lodgings. There were still some other loitering about the bulletin board, so taking a peek at the list seemed near impossible with Noda's short height. With a sigh he put his bags down off to the side and took his acoustic guitar out of its case. Sitting on the ground, he began to absent-mindedly pluck at the strings. Still plucking the strings, he looked at the somewhat cloudy sky.

"Things could be worse I guess."

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#, as written by DarkOne

Fay had woken up hours ago to get ready and eat. Her bags were near her door while she lay in bed with an icepack over her eyes. She wanted to make sure her eyes did not look puffy from spending most of the night crying. I can’t believe I really have to go to some camp filled with delinquents because I missed a few months of school…besides that I am a prefect student. I never started any trouble. I even made up the work I missed. If I don’t go I will end up getting expelled and my grandparents threaten to make me move in with my parents if I don’t finish the camp. I hate them all, none of them care about or really love me.

As she heard a knock on the door she took the icepack off and placed it in the freezer of the small fridge in her room. She sat up and smooth out her clothes. She looked in the mirror to make sure her hair wasn't out of place. She ran her long fingers slowly through her hair to fix a strain that was out of place. Perfect, now time to pretend to be happy. She put a smiled on her face as she opened her bedroom door.

“Hello Grandmother,” she greeted in a sweet happy voice.

“Are you ready to go? Did you eat already?” her grandmother questioned. Fay ignored the look of "worry" on her face. Whenever she had left her room Fay pretended she never had stayed in her room for months and missed school.

“Yes, I will get my bags and meet you and grandfather downstairs,” Fay replied. Her grandmother simply nodded before leaving. Fay looked at herself in the mirror once more. She wore a white long sleeve button down dress shirt with black buttons, a black skirt that stopped two inches after the mid of her thigh, and plain black leather boots with no heel. Fay had two large suite cases, a large sports book bag, two large duffle bag, and a medium size suite case. She had to make two trips to the car before they could go. The car was silent as her grandparents drove her to the camp.

When she exited the car she glanced at some guy sitting near a tree. She gave him a friendly smile before she looked at the camp. People were already there. Fay grabbed some of her stuff before she headed to the bulletin board where the people were. Honestly, she paid the people there no mind for now. She actually stayed as far as possible from everyone while she looked at the board.

Why is my full name on there? Did my grandparents not inform the teacher about just putting my last name? Can no one do anything right? She took in a deep breath. Anyways I am in cottage number four…wait I have a roommate? Reiko Kuroki? Is she already here? Why do I have to have a roommate? Am I already not suffering enough?

Her expressionless eyes looked at the board once more before she headed off to her cottage. When she entered she froze, bags were on the floor near the furthest bed from the window. Her roommate was already here. Fay walked over to the other bed and placed her bags against it. She walked back out to get the rest of her things. With a quick wave bye to her grandparents she headed back to her cottage. She only glanced at the person who was playing a guitar on the ground. The music sounded nice. Fay placed the rest of her bags against the bed as she looked around the room. It’s just for the summer…I can do this. With that thought Fay decided to stay in her room as Fay didn't want to pretend to be happy again for a while more. She really did not want to be here or socialize with people. Fay had been fine being in her room talking to no one. It took a few minutes, but she stopped her thoughts as they made her mood worst and she began to unpack her clothes.

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#, as written by Lyysa

Alex walked out from her room because the first class... thingy was going to start soon. She didn't want to participate because it felt ridiculous but still what could you do. As she closed the door and turned around she saw him again, just standing outside his cottage. Annoyed she walked right past him as fast as she could without running. She didn't feel like being close to him, she didn't even want to look at him, "Disgusting."

She entered what seemed to be a sport field indoors, which was surprising. She didn't think they would have that much things here, she had imagined it only being something like a school but in the woods. But apparently it wasn't. She looked around confused by what she saw, what was they supposed to do? Gymnastics? That was... odd. She looked around as the others started to gather in the hall, well she did remember seeing their faces around the bulletin board. But some was still new, she guessed that they had come sometime after her - or just stayed away from the groups of people. She was just about to start talking to the one next to her when Karuko showed up and once again an annoyed wrinkle showed up on her forehead. She was still annoyed at him for discussing the things she had in her bag.

"Good afternoon, I'm glad that everyone seems to have showed up. That's a good start." Karuko smiled slightly as he walked up to the things he had prepared before. "Now to the first class of the summer, it's going to focus on the physical. As you can see we have prepared boxing bags, mats and trampolines. Today’s class is mostly going to focus on trusting yourself and your balance - you are going to have to make a back flip on the trampolines. You aren't allowed to leave before you have succeeded with doing that."

Alex looked at the trampolines, a back flip? Are they being serious? Some of the people here doesn’t look like they have been doing anything more than sitting in their chairs for the last couple of years. How the heck are they supposed to do a back flip? She laughed slightly at the thought, she needed to see that it was going to be hilarious!

"If you see someone who needs help feel free to help that person, I'm going to help those who need extra attention since we don't want anyone getting hurt here at camp. When it comes to the boxing bags you can use them whenever you feel like you need to calm your nerves, they are going to be here all the time. And for the mats, you can fight there for this time. Let out all that you have left in you. That's it, no more fighting after this, these skills are here to balance yourselves and let everything out. After today the real lessons start."

Alex scratched her cheek and looked at the things, well yes she was angry at some people right now... but did she feel like fighting? No not really. She didn't even fight that much, well she did hit people sometimes... And kick them. But she never fought, at least she didn't think she did. So the boxing bags and the mats didn't feel that alluring, she didn't feel like getting beaten down at the moment. So naturally she went to the trampolines instead, it didn't seem that hard. If she was able to go down in bridge position she should be able to do a back flip on a trampoline right? She started jumping a little just to feel how it felt and prepared to do what they were assigned to do. But she didn't land on her feet’s, nor did she sit down on the ground after turning around in the air. Nope, she found herself lying down on her back on the trampoline just staring up at the ceiling. Well... this was harder than she had thought.

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Image Putting two fingers inside his mouth, he let out a loud whistle. "Alright class listen up. You must at least attempt a backflip right now. So gather around the Six Spaced Trampoline. Only six at a time. And also. I changed my mind. None of you may leave until Everyone has made at least one back flip. So learn to work together and help each other out."

After saying that he smiled at everyone, holding his clipboard right in front of him. With a soft chuckle he walked over to the front doors and locked it with a huge thick pad lock that hung from one side of the door. The back door was also the same. "Bathrooms are to your right and snacks are to your left."

Image The day was still long and it was no where near night just yet. But already Karuko was tired and wanted to go to bed. Softly be mumbled to himself and headed back to the trampolines, sitting down on a chair that was their for just himself.

Quietly he went through his clipboard, softly rubbing his lips as he thought while he read. He was studying up on the list of peoples fears that are here before him. It always helped him with ideas and ways to help them, but other times it will turn for the worst. So think of ways that could help them, who knows. He though, has yet to fail to help someone, even if they didn't want help, he still did it.

Sliding his fingers from his lips he rubbed his jaw while glancing over his students. They really weren't bad kids. they were just kids who didn't know where to go in life. Kids who didn't have anyone to trust or fall on when they needed it. So the only thing was to rely on was this. Which was sad, but atleast they had a place to be.

Looking down his cleared his throat softly, touching his chin with his other arm crossed under and over his chest. His one leg crossed over the other and held the clipboard in his lap. "If any of you ever needed someone or something. You can talk to me or ask me, when ever you like, anytime of the day or night. Please don't any of you forget that. I understand that I am just a teacher, but I too was once where all of you are today. I at least understand this much. But if not me, talk to each other. Open up, this may very well be your only chance to let everything out."

With that he fell into silence, eyes closed and arms crossed over his chest. Slowly he looked up at everyone with his deep sky blue eyes, almost the color of a white blue. They were soft and caring, so they would understand that what he says is the truth and no lies within.

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#, as written by Lyysa
[Lyysa's last post]


It was over, she had tried but it didn't work. All the efforts she needed to succeed, all the pressure on her that she needed to succeed. The expectations she wasn't able to reach. People disappearing, dropping out of the camp like flies. And now it was her turn. Perhaps it was her time to give up now, yeah she had already given up. When she skipped the class she knew she had given up already. It could had been so easy, just get over there and do the stupid assignment that the teacher wanted them to do. But she didn't. Instead she skipped it. Playing around. Doing nothing at all. At that moment she knew she had given up.

And now there was nothing more she could do. It was over. She stood there by the front gate to the camp with her bags packed and knew she had to head out once more. Knew that she had screwed up. That her future in this country was over. Now she had no reason to stay here anymore, or she couldn't. She had failed her classes, she had failed the camp. Now the only thing she could do was to return to her parents with her tail between her legs and ask them to let her follow them to wherever they wanted to go next. Where she could start anew.

She didn't know where it would be. But it wouldn't be like this. But she would miss this place, the people she had met here. The conversations she had with them, their way of thinking and acting. It was a funny bunch. But no one was there to wish her goodbye, why would they wish her goodbye? She was just someone they had met and spent some time with. They had laughed, argued, tried so hard together. But no one was there to tell her goodbye.

Did she think someone of them would be able to finish the camp and succeed? No. She thought that every one of them would one by one drop out. Leave the others behind, standing here where she stood now and look at the camp ground. Wondering where everyone was. Why no one came to give them one last hug goodbye. She knew that everyone would fail, even if they tried their hardest nothing would work because that was who they were. People that gave up to easily, that was how they ended up in here in the first place. And no one would be able to do anything about that.

They were quitters, every single one of them. Even if they tried it was in their DNA. She knew that now because she had fallen down the rabbit hole herself. Even if she had hoped she wouldn't but it was over, gone, nothing left she could do. At some point the only thing you could do was admit defeat and that was what she did now.

So with her hands outstretched into the air she waved goodbye to the camp and the people inside of it, grinning wildly to hide the sadness within, "Bye! I will not miss you guys! Or I will probably miss you! Alright I admit it, I will miss you guys soo much! You were awesome! So stay awesome!" In the end she didn't know what more she could say so she just go quiet and stood there for a while, waiting to see if someone would come and give her a hug now. But in the end she just shrugged and walked out through the gate.

Once outside she glanced back towards the campground, her earlier grin completely gone. What was left was nothing but a sad look in her eyes, she knew she would miss this place. But she walked away from it, not glancing behind her once more, no more longing looks for what once was. Now she could only focus on what was in front of her instead. Probably something that was just as fun but not nearly as troublesome.

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Kamiko Inokira
The times she had there had been the shortest. She honestly didn't know what to do, and even despite everything she still had no one. She sighed to herself quietly holding her cat and her backpack walking towards the front gate. Everything seemed to just vanish and she closed her eyes trying her best not to cry about it all. She came here a fireball just waiting to get extinguished and pushed everyone away from her. She wished she hadn't made those mistakes and actually has someone she would consider to be a friend.

A small smile was on her face as she saw the girl leaving, she wished that she could be that happy about things, b it would never work out that way for her. She ran up and grabbed onto the girls shirt holding her there. "There isn't anymore? I was put here to make friends, but it was a horrible mistake. I didn't make any and I haven't gotten any better." She huffed out. looking at the sky not really knowing what to say. "I don't want to go home... They don't want me home either." Her final words slipped out and all she did was slip into the forest. She wouldn't be going home anytime soon. That would best thing she could have wanted, but everything ends up like this and there was no helping it despite what she could have ever wanted.

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#, as written by CJL1290


A dull "thud" echoed throughout the gym as Lynda sunk her fist into a punching bag over and over. Her luggage sat against the wall nearby and the gym was devoid of life except for her. The camp has been almost cleared out by now.

It had failed. Too many people disappeared or were kicked out for breaking the rules. This camp was everyone's last chance; a chance to turn their lives around, for a better future. But it failed, coming to a screeching halt, crashing and burning taking everyone on board with it. Including her.

Gritting her teeth, Lynda let another right connect with the bag, rocking on it's suspended chain as the force near tore it off completely. Her knuckles were going numb. It felt like she was here for hours, doing nothing but hitting this bag. At first, it was to give her something to do until her parents arrived to pick her up, then it turned into full blown venting. Wiping sweat from her brow, she clenched her fist and winded up. The last one she would ever get. All of her frustrations were stored inside her fist in an attempt to let out all of it.

As hard as she could, she threw her fist at a dizzying speed topped with a cry of anger and frustration from Lynda herself, slamming into the already well used bag. The echo easily surpassed the volume of the other punches, and the poor bag bent to the shape of her the impact before it flew backwards and crashed against the wall, snapping the chain that supported it.

For a moment, all that could be heard was Lynda's panting as she observed her accidental vandalism. For once she didn't care; Not about the rules, not about the property, and surely not about a camp that wasted her time and screwed her over along with the others.

Slinging her bag over her shoulder and grabbing her other one, she pushed out of the gym's front door and headed to the front gate, where her undoubtedly irate parents were waiting for her. It didn't matter if Lynda had done anything wrong herself; her parents would take this as a failure under her account, and punish her as such. Fun.

She near dragged her feet as the gate got closer. Where did it all go wrong? Fay, Kojou, everyone else... she had a feeling that this summer could've been better, maybe even great, but not now. Now everyone's summer, and possibly even their futures, were ruined. It wasn't fair. This camp was all they had left, and it couldn't even hold itself together.

"Damn it..." She cursed under her breath. She couldn't even say bye to her own roommate who had left before she had a chance to see her.

Arriving at the gate, she heard a voice, surprised that there was still anyone here. Her parents had just arrived and pulled up next to her, but that isn't where it came from.

"Bye! I will not miss you guys! Or I will probably miss you! Alright I admit it, I will miss you guys soo much! You were awesome! So stay awesome!"

"Alex?!" She's still here?"

There she was, walking away from the camp while that new girl who attacked that other one caught up to her, saying something that she was too far out of earshot to hear. She wanted to call out to them, finally say her goodbyes. Her father had other plans.

"Lynda Romaine! In the car! Now!"

Lynda's attention turned towards her parents car once more, as her father opened the backdoor and pointed inside. His face showed utter disappointment and frustration, her mother's almost the same. Nodding in obedience, she stepped inside as her father put her luggage in the trunk and damn near slammed it closed, causing her to wince at the sound. As he drove off, Lynda looked out the window one last time, and saw the camp getting smaller and smaller into the distance, Alex and the other girl looked no bigger than a dot before disappearing.

With a small sigh she sunk into her seat, preparing for the biggest lecture she had ever received from her parents when she got home.