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Transformers 2050

Earth in the year 2050


a part of Transformers 2050, by Ahala_Saas.

Earth in the year 1994 (I just saw the new transformers movie, go see it. Its good)

Ahala_Saas holds sovereignty over Earth in the year 2050, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Earth in the year 2050

Earth in the year 1994 (I just saw the new transformers movie, go see it. Its good)


Earth in the year 2050 is a part of Transformers 2050.

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Rae Wolfe [0] Learning to live in a world where you can get crushed if your not looking by a giant robot

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Rae Lived in downtown New York. She was hustling from a job she just did for fixing someones car and just got paid. She had a knack for it. She grew up around them with her parents, they were never home but sent her money every month to pay bills and get things for her. She passed by Noah a boy she knew from school and stopped to say hi "Hey wolf" Kris his younger brother said "Well hey there tails" she said bending down to him. "where you two going?" she asked standing back up. "Job interview" Noah said and Rae nodded "I can watch kris if you need me to noah" she said looking at him and ruffled Kris's hair. "Sure you can come with us" Kris said. So she went with them, litte did she know her life was going to change in a giant way